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Have A Narrow Bedroom with Spacious and Cozy Look

The bedroom is the most important room in the house. This room is often the main destination to rest and unwind. Therefore, making this room feel comfortable is a must. A comfortable bedroom will improve the quality of your sleep. That way, you will wake up refreshed in the morning.

Having a spacious bedroom might be the jackpot. You can decorate it any way you want. However, not with narrow bedrooms. In a narrow bathroom, you have to be careful in decorating and designing the bedroom. The decoration mistake can make the bedroom uncomfortable.

So, for those of you who want to have a beautiful and comfortable narrow bedroom, here we have provided effective tips for you who want to have a narrow bedroom with a spacious and cozy look. So, let’s check it out!

Make White as Base Color of Narrow Bedroom

In decorating a narrow bedroom so that it feels spacious and cozy, you have to make the narrow bedroom look bright. And white is an alternative color that you can choose from.

white small room
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white tiny room decors
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Making white as the basic color of the room is the right way. The white color will give a bright effect to the room. That way, the narrow bedroom will be far from feeling cramped and stuffy. Not only that, choosing white for the basic color of a small bedroom can also give the illusion of space to the room. The white color will fade the appearance of the corners of the room.

Add Natural Elements to The Narrow Bedroom

After determining the basic color for the narrow bedroom, it’s time to decorate the walls, floor, and ceiling of the bedroom.

cozy narrow bedroom ideas
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In making a narrow bedroom feel cozy, you can create a soothing atmosphere in the room. In this tip, you can add natural elements to the narrow bedroom.

There are several natural elements that can be applied to the bedroom:

Wooden Elements

warm small rooms ideas
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The wood element is the most frequently chosen natural element. The presence of wooden elements in the room can bring a soothing and calm atmosphere to the bedroom. By adding the wooden elements, the narrow bedroom will feel so cozy.

Wooden elements are usually applied to the bedroom floor. Using vinyl is much easier and more practical. The costs incurred are also more affordable than using hardwood flooring for the bedroom.

A wooden beam can also be applied to the ceiling of the bedroom. This will make the bedroom look like a quiet warm Italian bedroom.


exposed brick wall for small room
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Next, there are bricks. This one element is usually applied to industrial-style bedrooms. With an exposed brick wall, the bedroom will look more attractive. The natural color of the brick gives a natural impression to the bedroom. You will feel the impression of comfort and calm so clearly.


rattan bedroom decorations
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Next, there is the rattan. Its flexible and easily shaped texture makes rattan often used as furniture to fill a room, such as chairs, attractive table-sides, baskets, some displays, and so on. The presence of rattan elements in the bedroom will give a warm and calm impression. The color of the wood is indeed the best for brightening the appearance of the room.

Natural Stone

natural stones wall ideas
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Natural stone is one of the natural elements that is also chosen for small bedrooms. Usually applied to walls to produce an artistic and attractive appearance. The color of natural stone gives a thick natural impression to the bedroom. In addition, natural stones also give a cool feel. So that a small bedroom will not feel stuffy.

Fill The Narrow Bedroom with Only Furniture Needed

The important thing that must be considered is the use of furniture for the bedroom.

One of the shortcomings of humans is not able to hold back in decorating their bedroom. Some of them even buy so much furniture that they feel attractive. In fact, too much furniture in a narrow bedroom can make it look even narrower. If you have this, the bedroom will certainly be uncomfortable.

beautiful narrow bedroom furniture
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So, to make your narrow bedroom feel spacious and cozy, you can use furniture that is only used. Besides the bedroom feels more spacious, this can also save more on your expenses.

Here is the furniture that must be in the bedroom:


small bed
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Being the main item of the bedroom, the bed is a must-have item. There are so many types of bed that you can choose. For the small bedroom, you can choose the right bed. For those of you who are still sleeping alone, single beds can be used as an option.

Small Table

narrow bedroom decor ideas
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Because the bedroom is often used as a place to study or work, it is very important to create a comfortable workspace in a small bedroom. Instead of using a big table, you can use a small table to fill your narrow bedroom. It would be better if you can double up this table as a tableside. You can place it beside the bed.

Cupboard / Open Wardrobe

open wardrobe ideas
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In a small bedroom, it is better if there is no storage for clothes. You can make one room as a walk-in closet. That way, the bedroom will be free from additional furniture.

It’s just that, not all houses have a walk-in closet. Therefore, whether you want it or not, a cupboard must be used. If this is the case, the cupboard is an important piece of furniture for the bedroom.

To create a bedroom that looks spacious, choose a white cupboard. So that the cupboard color resembles a wall. Or, you can also choose an open wardrobe. The walls in the bedroom will still be visible. That way the bedroom can look wider.

You can also make an open wardrobe as a decoration for the bedroom. Here, you can choose several clothes with attractive colors. And make sure you hang it neatly for a comfortable and pretty bedroom.

Make Narrow Bedroom Look Bright by Maximizing Natural Lighting

Small spaces are so easy to feel cramped and stuffy. This has become a disease that is often present in small rooms. However, you don’t need to worry because you can get rid of the cramped and stuffy taste.

The next tip you can follow to have a narrow bedroom with a spacious and cozy look is to maximize the natural lighting. Because it can easily feel cramped and stuffy, small spaces really need more lighting.

bright tiny bedroom
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In this tip, you can apply large windows to the bedroom. Or, if your bedroom has a balcony, you can replace the wooden door with a glass door. Skylight windows are also an interesting idea to implement. The use of skylight windows will provide maximum lighting, which can illuminate the corners of the bedroom.

bright small bedroom
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So that natural lighting can enter the bedroom freely, make sure you don’t decorate the windows. You can open the curtains in the morning. That way, light can enter and illuminate the bedroom properly.

Purge All Clutter in Narrow Bedroom

In the bedroom, there are often small items, which makes a narrow bedroom seem messy and dirty. Although negligible, these small items greatly affect the comfort of the narrow bedroom.

minimalist small bedroom
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minimalist tiny bedroom
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So, the next tip you can follow to have a cozy bedroom, you have to purge all clutter in the room. Place small items in the drawer. This is the most effective way to make a small bedroom look clean and tidy.

Decorate The Narrow Bedroom with Small Plants

Next, we move on to the stage of decorating the bedroom.

Even though it is narrow, decorations are still needed to make the narrow bedroom look attractive. The absence of decoration at all will actually make the bedroom look stiff and unattractive.

So, in this tip, you are required to decorate the bedroom so that this room feels comfortable. It’s not that difficult to decorate. As long as you do not use decorations that have a large size.

fresh small bedroom
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small plants bedroom decors
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One of the most appropriate decorations for a narrow bedroom is greenery. Select small plants and put in on the table or the floating wall shelf. The use of small plants will not take up a space in the narrow bedroom. So that this small room will look spacious.

The fresh green color of the plant is great for bedroom comfort. The existence of plants can provide a relaxing sensation for you. That way, the bedroom is very fitting to serve as the main goal to unwind.

Add Carpet as The Finishing Touch for Narrow Bedroom

This is the last stage you can apply to your bedroom, that is to add the carpet.

Carpet use is often used an optional. However, the existence of a carpet greatly affects the appearance of a narrow room drastically. Decorating a narrow bedroom with a small carpet will give you a broad effect. Therefore, the use of a carpet is very important for a small bedroom.

cozy small bedroom tips
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narrow bedroom decor
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In this tip, make sure you don’t use rugs with intricate motifs. Because this only makes the bedroom look full. It would be better to choose rugs in neutral colors, such as white, beige, or gray.

If you want to give a more attractive appearance, you can use carpets with simple motifs, such as stripes, squares, diamonds, and so on.


Having a large bedroom is indeed a bonus. Because you can decorate and use the items you want without worrying about making the bedroom feel cramped. In contrast to the narrow bedroom. You have to be careful in decorating this room. Because the decoration mistake can make the bedroom uncomfortable and even look unattractive. Therefore, this article is made for those of you who want to Have A Narrow Bedroom with a Spacious and Cozy Look. So, happy trying all!

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