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Wanna Have Dark and Cozy Bedroom, Let’s Take a Peek at These Enticing Industrial Bedroom Ideas – Do you want to have a shady and cozy bedroom? Industrial design is the right interior design to apply. The appearance of a dark industrial design that tends to be cold will give a different atmosphere to the bedroom. No need to worry about the bedroom looking masculine and stiff. Because there are many industrial bedroom ideas that you can choose according to your wishes.

Industrial design is often the interior design for restaurants, cafes, and offices. However, applying industry to home interiors is equally interesting.

Initially, industrial design first appeared in parts of Europe. The European community uses used factories as their place of residence. And they give the factory look a natural look, like exposed brick walls, pipes, and window factory. Even though it looks strange, this is what makes industrial design an attractive interior design. Applying industrial design to the bedroom not only gives a shady and cozy effect, but the appearance of the bedroom will also look different.

So, for those of you who want to have an industrial bedroom that feels cozy, here we have provided Enticing Industrial Bedroom Ideas that can be your references. Let’s check it out!

Bright Industrial Bedroom

Want to have an industrial bedroom but are worried that the bedroom will look dark? In fact, there are lots of interesting ideas from industrial bedrooms that you don’t know yet. And one of them is a bright industrial bedroom.

Industrial bedrooms do not just look dark, cool, and masculine. For those of you who prefer a bright look, you can still have it.

bright industrial bedroom ideas

The window frames and bedroom walls are painted white so that they look together. Even though only one side is painted white, the industrial bedroom can look bright. Coupled with the ceiling which is also painted white.

White can reflect light. So, when sunlight enters the bedroom through the window, the light will hit the ceiling and bounce back into the bedroom. This is what makes the industrial bedroom look bright even though the floors and walls are made of cement.

industrial bedroom ideas


One of the characteristics of industrial design is that it uses natural elements, one of which is wood. Wooden furniture is perfect for balancing the wall impression in an industrial bedroom. Small workspace by relying only on wooden planks placed in the corner of the bedroom so that it does not block the incoming light.


To complete the look, a cactus plant is used. The green color of the cactus plants makes the white and gray colors in the bedroom look balance. The cactus plant itself has several benefits such as making the air in the bedroom clean and fresh, making you feel more relaxed, and so on.

fresh and bright industrial bedroom

Beautiful Industrial Bedroom That Looks Little Feminine

The industrial appearance that seems masculine makes this design rarely used by women. In fact, an industrial design can also be made to look a little more feminine. By making white the base color, you can eliminate the masculine and cold side inherent in industrial design.

Even though the bedroom walls are painted in white, the industrial appearance can still be seen clearly. Exposed brick walls and wooden floors are the characteristics of industrial design. Coupled with furniture made of iron and aluminum emphasize the industrial look in the bedroom.

feminine industrial bedroom

Masculine Industrial Bedroom

The next idea of industrial bedroom ideas is a masculine bedroom. Brown and gray are the perfect combination to give the bedroom a masculine side. A simple and minimalist concept also affects the appearance of the bedroom. As we know that men prefer things that are simple and minimalist. So, a bed and a sliding wardrobe are very suitable to be applied to this one idea.

To overcome the appearance that tends to be stiff, bricks are applied creatively. The texture and pattern of the bricks make the industrial masculine bedroom look attractive.

masculine industrial bedroom

Minimalist and Classy Industrial Bedroom

For those of you who prefer a minimalist-looking bedroom look, you can make this idea an option.

The exposed brick wall, which is a characteristic of industrial design, greatly emphasizes the industrial look of the bedroom. The texture of the exposed brick wall makes a minimalist industrial look so enticing. The minimalist view can also be seen clearly from the furniture that is only used as it is.

The wall of the bedroom is decorated with a large abstract painting, which makes the exposed brick wall look more out of place. For lighting, warm lighting is preferred to give a classy look to the bedroom. The warm lighting on the exposed brick wall made it look so calm and shady.

minimalist industrial bedroom ideas

Cute Industrial Bedroom for Your Kid

As parents, pleasing children is the main thing. To make your child feel good, try to make their bedroom as good as possible. This idea is the next industrial bedroom ideas you can follow and apply to your kids bedroom.

The wooden ceiling makes an industrial bedroom look calmer and softer, which is so fit for children. The exposed pipes make the cement wall look attractive even without any decorations. The cute appearance comes from the pink color used in the bedroom: some pink children’s toys that are placed in a small pink cabinet. Even so, the industrial side can still be seen clearly with gray as the basic color of the room.

kid industrial bedroom ideas

Black and White Industrial Bedroom

The combination of black and white is very interesting to apply to an industrial bedroom. This modern bedroom looks bright but still bold with the presence of black on some spots. The exposed brick wall in gray also works well in giving a bedroom a real industrial side.

The exposed pipes repainted in black make it stand out in the white industrial bedroom. It is the same with the long canvas which is given a black frame. For floors, granite is an option for this bedroom. The glow will make the granite sparkle and make the bedroom look very attractive.

black and white industrial bedroom

Minimalist Modern Industrial Bedroom

The industrial design does not always use neutral and dark colors. You can also use other colors to make the industrial bedroom look interesting and different. Like hanging a purple painting on a concrete wall. Or use a maroon-colored egg chair as a cozy spot in the bedroom. The blue-colored rug is equally attractive in making the minimalist modern industrial bedroom look interesting and different. This is becoming one of the industrial bedroom ideas that are so interesting to be applied.

minimalist modern industrial bedroom

Industrial Bedroom with Little Quirky Looks

Do you want to have an industrial bedroom that looks a little quirky? Starting from the decorations used to decorate the walls. The image of the moon filled with oranges made it look so strange. However, this actually makes the bedroom look different and anti-mainstream. And also two additional lamps, one hanging and the other hanging and the other attached to the wall. The white and orange bed, it gives a very artistic impression.

artistic industrial bedroom ideas

Small Industrial Bedroom

Industrial design is rarely applied to small bedrooms. A dark appearance is thought to make a small bedroom feel even narrower. In fact, the cozy and shady impression of industrial can actually make the bedroom the most comfortable room to rest.

Low-profile shelf cabinets that serve as room dividers between the bed spot and the workspace can be used as a multipurpose table-side. A typographic masterpiece is a decoration that makes this bedroom look attractive. The white and gray bedding makes the room feel a little more spacious. Coupled with floorboards that give a long effect to the small industrial bedroom.

cozy small room ideas

Industrial Bedroom and Mini Library Inside

For those of you who like to read books, this one idea can really inspire you. The bedroom is not only used as a room to rest and sleep but is also often used as a room for various activities. So, industrial bedroom and mini-library inside are the next industrial bedroom ideas you can follow.

The bookshelf can be used to fill the bedroom wall so that it only leaves the window alone. This is an interesting idea to make the bedroom feel less cramped. At the top of the bookshelf cabinet can also be used as a table to store multiple displays or your stuff.

Sliding skylights in the mini library can be used as air vents. That way the air circulation will run well. The light that enters through the skylights is also more optimal in making the bedroom look bright. The black color that is exposed to the sun will make it look calm.

creative mini library

White Industrial Bedroom

The next of industrial bedroom ideas is a white industrial bedroom. This is perfect for those of you who want to have a bedroom that is bright but looks different.

A wall that is painted white may remove the industrial side of the bedroom. However, with the exposed brick wall, the industrial design can still be seen clearly in the bedroom. Coupled with the iron and wood elements used in the bedroom. Brown and green are also neutral colors that are still part of industrial design.

beautiful white room decor

Industrial Bedroom with Warm Nuances

Industrial bedrooms don’t just feel walls and are firm. Like this one idea, the industrial bedroom has warm and soft nuances.

The wall on the headboard is made of wood, which makes it stand out more in the bedroom. Although the ceiling and other walls are made of concrete. Also, wooden bed frames and wooden wardrobes make the wood appear more dominant in the bedroom.

For lighting, this bedroom uses natural light as the main lighting. The natural light that enters the bedroom will directly hit the wood surface so that the bedroom feels more alive. That way, the feel of the bedroom will feel warm, soothing and cozy.

cozy and warm nuances room

Fresh and Clean Industrial Bedroom

Do you want to have a fresh and clean industrial bedroom? Let natural light enter the bedroom freely. Natural light will illuminate spots that cannot be reached by dark light. That way, the room will feel fresher. Not only that, the blue color that is applied to several spots in the bedroom also makes this room fresh and calm.

The use of minimalist design furniture that is placed on the side of the bedroom makes this room look clean. The bedroom also looks tidier. The window is opened so that air circulation can run properly. That way, the air in the bedroom will feel so fresh.

fresh and clean room idea

Industrial Bedroom with Classic Elements

This is the last of industrial bedroom ideas. Why not have an industrial bedroom with classy elements?

Natural lighting, which is the main lighting in the bedroom, makes the bedroom look bright. Natural light enters the bedroom through Venetian wood. A modern look can also be seen from some Scandinavian furniture, modern workspace items, and shiny floors. Meanwhile, the industrial design can be seen from the exposed pipes on the ceiling, concrete walls, telescope, and wooden furniture.

classic elements


The shady look of industrial design makes it feel so serene. No need to worry about applying industrial design as a bedroom interior design. Because in this article we have provided Enticing Industrial Bedroom Ideas that can inspire you. Choose an idea that you like and that reflects who you are. So, happy trying!

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