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Modern Rustic Design Decors: Feeling Woodsy Todays

Olidhomes.comRustic design is already very familiar. The outdated look with natural nuances is the hallmark of this design. Wooden elements are the main material to provide a warm and calm atmosphere into the interior of the house. However, what about modern rustic design?

As the times’ progress, rustic has also experienced developments. The thick natural atmosphere of rustic combined with modern concepts becomes a very interesting combination.

Modern concept housing has indeed been hit lately. By prioritizing functional, minimalist, neat and clean rooms, make it favored by many people.

So, have you imagined the interior with a modern rustic design? Here, we help you perfect your imagination by providing some Modern Rustic Design Decors that will make you Feeling Woodsy Todays. So, let’s check it out!

1. Electric Fire Place Become A Mainstay

The rustic design was first present to European people living in the highlands. So, the fireplace is the most important thing that must be in the house, even in every room.

The traditional fireplace is a mainstay for rustic designs. However, this is certainly different from modern rustic design. Wood is no longer the material used to make up the fire.

modern rustic living room design
Cc: Pinterest

If we look at the picture above, we can see the electric fireplace in the living room. The black color makes this fireplace look so clear and firm in the room.

The rustic atmosphere can also be felt clearly from the application of natural stone to the walls of the living room. So, a rustic feel wrapped in an interesting modern concept, right?

2. Smooth Surface Wooden Beam Warm The Room Up

Do you know why the rustic design looks outdated? This is because natural materials are used without any touch. Like wood allowed to show up the rough surface.

warm dining room ideas
Cc: Pinterest

However, in modern rustic design, there are changes. Wood elements are still used to warm the room up. It is just that, the wood used has a smooth surface, even glossy.

The smooth surface wooden beam is perfect for making a modern rustic living room look so soft. The glossy finish of the wood gives a dramatic effect to the room.

3. Less The Items in The Room

Usually, if we look at a rustic interior design, there will be various kinds of items used in the room. Like wool blankets on the sofa, some pillows, sheepskin rug, rattan basket, and so on. This is certainly the opposite of modern concepts.

The modern concept prioritizes the minimalist, clean and neat appearance of the room. Therefore, usually in a modern concept room not too many items are used. There are only a few items that are needed. Same as the image below.

modern living room design
Cc: Pinterest

The appearance of the room is so simple with a minimalist-designed sofa accompanied by two single chairs with wooden frames. Neutral colors are chosen to give a natural look to the room. Gray for mature and cool nuances and black to make it look firm and strike.

The presence of wooden elements in the room really helps to remove the stiff impression from the simple appearance of the room. The color of the wood has a positive impact and makes the room feel warm and calm.

4. Feel Soothing with Black Touches

Neutral colors are the mainstay of modern concepts. Therefore, the modern room design will look softer and calmer.

If you prefer the appearance of a room that is more masculine, cold, and mature, black can be a mainstay color. The black color can indeed make the room appear more assertive. However, the room can be a little darker. But you do not have to worry, because it can be overcome by maximizing natural lighting in the room.

masculine modern rustic design
Cc: Pinterest

The use of black wood is the right decoration for a modern rustic design. The black color of the wood provides a calm natural atmosphere while making the room look more assertive. Combined with brown wood that brings the woodsy feeling to the room perfectly.

5. White for Having A Bright Modern Rustic Design

If we look at the points above, we will find a room with a bold and more masculine appearance. And this is very contradictory for those of you who prefer a bright room appearance.

Modern rustic design does not only come in black and brown. In fact, white (still part of the group of neutral colors) can also be relied upon. The white concept room does look brighter. This is because white has the property of reflecting light.

white rustic kitchen design
Cc: Pinterest

Even though the wood used in the modern rustic kitchen is painted with white paint, the wood texture still appears clearly and makes the white kitchen look attractive. A few brown decorations in the kitchen also look clearer and more lively.

6. Simple Coffee Table Design

It feels incomplete if there is no coffee table in the living room. Apart from providing a minimum for guests, this item can also be utilized to make the room look more attractive.

In a rustic design, the coffee table used is often iron-legged. However, this one table model is certainly very outdated. Does not reflect a modern concept.

minimalist round coffee table
Cc: Pinterest

In this decoration, a full round coffee table is chosen for a modern rustic living room. This table design indeed looks simple. However, the glossy wood surface gives a classy look to the room.

To make the room look prettier, you can put small plant on the table. Or book for those of you who have a hobby of reading.

7. Simple Pendant Lamp

To give the perfect natural feel to the room, rustic design chooses natural lighting as the main lighting. Likewise, modern designs use natural light to make the room look naturally bright.

From this similarity, the modern rustic design will choose to use large windows and glass doors to maximize lighting. However, natural lighting cannot illuminate the room for 24 hours. Therefore, you need to use lights so that the room can be bright at night.

beautiful modern rustic interior design
Cc: Pinterest

To emphasize the modern concept in rustic room design, try to decorate the room with simple pendant lamps. The warm lighting will work together with the wood in presenting the soothing and warm atmosphere into the room. In addition, the warm lighting also makes the wood look more vibrant.

8. Navy Blue Give A Different Look

Black, white, brown are popular colors and were chosen for this design. So, do not be surprised if you feel a little bored.

And for those of you who want a different look, try to give a decoration that is a little off the mark. Like adding a navy blue touch to the modern rustic kitchen.

navy blue kitchen cabinet
Cc: Pinterest

The kitchen cabinet and island table in navy blue look very attractive and make the kitchen more aesthetic. It is much more eye-catching with its white surface which makes it appear bright. A little black touch is still chosen to give a bold effect to the kitchen.

The combination of these colors is very integrated with the wood elements which are the main material of the house. The kitchen looks attractive with modern furniture wrapped in wooden walls and ceiling.

9. A Little Classy in Modern Rustic Bedroom with Glossy Concrete Wall

In order to create a neat and clean appearance, modern design bravely reduces or even eliminates the use of wall decoration. As the main focal point of the room, of course, this is not a good thing. However, you can still overcome it by giving interesting touches to the walls. One of them is a glossy concrete wall.

Giving a glossy look is an alternative way to make walls look quirky and attractive without having to give some displays.

modern rustic bedroom design
Cc: Pinterest

Minimalist look in the bedroom, combined with one side of the glossy wall, makes the modern rustic bedroom look a little more classy. Coupled with the ceiling that is made soaring, makes the room look bigger.

The concrete wall is deliberately directed towards the window. That way, the sunlight will be directly on the wall surface easily. So that the concrete wall will look even more glossy. And the bedroom looks even more beautiful.

10. Recessed Lighting Presenting Warm Atmosphere Perfectly

There are some types of lamps that can be used. So, pendant lamps are not the only lights that can be used as room decorations.

As with this one decoration. Recessed lighting is preferred as room lighting at night.

warm living room decors
Cc: Pinterest

Compared to pendant lamps, recessed lighting is much better. Because it is applied more than one, these lamps can illuminate the room as a whole. And the effect, of course, the room looks brighter.

The use of recessed lighting is also very helpful for you to make your modern rustic room look more luxurious and classy. The warm lighting from the lamps makes the room look more soothing and warm. Besides that, the wood in the room also looks more alive.


Rustic designs are rarely applied to homes today. This is because the appearance of this design looks outdated and old. However, if you like the rustic design because it carries the theme of nature and tranquility, you can choose it as a design for your home interior. It’s just that, to make it look more attractive, combine it with modern concepts. And in this article, we have provided Modern Rustic Design Decors for those of you who want to Feeling Woodsy Todays.

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