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Relaxing & Soothing Bathroom: 8 Nature Bathroom Inspiration Ideas You Will Love¬†–¬†Having a nature bathroom is a great idea for having a relaxing place at home. Sometimes, strenuous activity strains the muscles and nerves. To get rid of all this, soaking in warm water is the solution. And you will feel more relaxed if the bathroom atmosphere supports.

Natural nuances are indeed very good for making you fresh again. Natural elements and plants will provide a calm atmosphere. With this, the bathroom will be the most comfortable room.

So, for those of you who are interested in having a Relaxing & Soothing Bathroom, here are 15 Nature Bathroom Inspiration Ideas You will Love. Let’s check it out!

Fresh Nature Bathroom with Plants Decoration

Just like other rooms, bathrooms also need decoration. Decorating a bathroom will increase the beauty value of the bathroom itself.

In creating a nature bathroom that feels soothing and relaxing, the decorations used for the bathroom are certainly not careless. The decorations used must have a relationship with nature. One of them is plants.

Green plants placed in the bathroom will give a fresh and calm impression to the bathroom. There are several ideas that you can apply to your bathroom by using plants as decorations:

fresh nature bathroom plants decor

  • Floating Shelves for Small Plants

There are various sizes of plants, ranging from large to small. Unlike large plants, small plants need space to make them stand out in the bathroom. And using floating shelves is a great idea. You can hang floating shelves on the bathroom wall and put some small plants that can make the bathroom feel fresh and cozy.

  • Pole on The Ceiling to Hang The Plants

Too much use of plants can indeed take up space in the bathroom. Therefore, to make your bathroom feel fresh, you can take advantage of hanging plants. Ceiling-hung poles are an interesting idea so you can hang a few plants in the bathroom.

  • Fruit Basket Box to Make The Plants Look Standout

Have an idle fruit basket at home? Instead of being a useless item, fruit baskets can also be used as bathroom decorations. To make the small plants look standout in the bathroom, you can put the plants in the fruit basket.

Natural Lighting for a Bright and Soothing Bathroom

Instead of using lamp, using natural light as the main lighting for the bathroom is much better. A natural sunny bathroom will feel more comfortable and soothing.

In this idea, the skylight window is the most suitable window type to use. Using skylight windows in the bathroom will not disturb your privacy. Besides that, the use of skylight windows is also great for maximizing natural lighting in the bathroom. The light will enter freely and shine on the bathroom.

skylight window bathroom design

Applying skylight windows to the bathroom will give a beautiful cloud view. The shower that is hung right in the middle of the skylight window will make you immediately see the beautiful clouds when you showering. This will really help you calm your mind and relieve fatigue and stress due to busy activities.

Cozy Small Nature Bathroom with White Nuances

Creating a relaxing and soothing bathroom does not just apply to a large bathroom. For those of you who have a small bathroom, you can also make your bathroom feel comfortable.

White is the right color to make a bathroom look naturally bright. Besides that, making white as the base color will give the illusion of a large area to a small bathroom. That way, the small bathroom will feel comfortable.

white nature bathroom

Natural lighting is also presented to make the white look more vibrant. The windows in the bathroom are decorated with shutters so that your privacy can be maintained properly.

Plants are hung on the ceiling and some are placed near the bathtub to give a fresh natural feel to the main spots. The green color of the plants will blend with the white in the bathroom. In this way, a small bathroom will feel soothing and cozy.

Minimalist Japandi Bathroom

Japandi is a design that combines Scandinavian style and Japanese style. The minimalist and bright look of Scandinavian combined with the calm and warm atmosphere of the Japanese style gives a perfectly natural feel.

Applying Japandi as a bathroom interior design is a right idea to create a nature bathroom that feels soothing and relaxing. In the bathtub section, timber is applied vertically to the floor, walls, and ceiling. This shows that it is the main spot in the bathroom.

japandi bathroom design

To make the bathroom look naturally bright, windows are installed on the right and left sides of the bathtub. The view from the gry garden will give the bathroom a natural green color. In this idea, you no longer need plants as a bathroom decoration.

A minimalist look from Scandinavian comes through white tiles wall. A little glossy appearance makes the bathroom look more attractive.

Elegant Nature Bathroom with Dark Concept

Nature bathroom does not always look old. You can also create a nature bathroom with an elegant appearance. With a dark concept, a bathroom with natural nuances will feel calm and relaxed.

As the main focal point of the room, the walls are used to create a natural atmosphere in the bathroom. The wooden elements applied to the walls give a thick natural feel that makes the bathroom calm and calm.

elegant bathroom design

The floor, some of the furniture, and the ceiling are black to create a dark concept. The black color on the ceiling looks soothing with the installation of LED lighting on the side of the ceiling. Warm lighting provides a warm atmosphere that is so comfortable in the bathroom.

The elegant appearance comes from the presence of marble which is applied to part of the bathroom floor wall to the bathtub spot. Plus there is a large painting with green plants which makes it appear more classy.

Masculine Nature Bathroom

Men usually want a room with a masculine and cool look. If you are one of them, this idea is perfect for you to apply to your bathroom.

To create a masculine look, black was chosen as the main color. The natural impression comes from the wall plants on one side of the bathroom wall. Wall plants are applied from the ground up to the ceiling for a high effect on the walls. That way, the bathroom will feel wider.

masculine room ideas

Applying black as the main color sometimes makes a room feel cramped and stuffy. Therefore, to avoid something like this from happening, the bathroom is given maximum natural lighting.

Bulb pendant lamps are used as lighting at night and also as decorations to make the bathroom look perfect.

Outdoor Nature Bathroom

Have more land behind the house? Usually, the land behind the house is often transformed into a comfortable backyard for gathering and also relaxing. However, what if the back land in your house is used as a comfortable outdoor bathroom?

The outdoor nature bathroom is intended for those of you who want to clean yourself while enjoying the thick natural nuances. That way, you will feel the maximum natural serenity.

nature outdoor bathroom design ideas

The walls are made high to protect your privacy. On the side of the wall were planted several large plants that did not show the meeting between the wall and the floor. That way, this place will feel wider and less stiff. The green colors of the plants will give you a natural feel that is so fresh.

In this one idea, natural elements are used to make the bathroom look attractive with fused nature. Natural stone is applied to the wall. And wooden elements for the bathroom floor. The floor is also given a touch of green with fresh grass randomly planted.

Modern Bathroom with Soothing Nature Nuances

Now a room with a modern concept is indeed more attractive. A clean, minimalist appearance and a combination of neutral colors have made the modern concept popular.

For those of you who want to have a modern bathroom with soothing nature nuances, this one idea is perfect for you to make as an option. The wood element is the main element in this one idea. The dark wood color gives a more elegant impression to the bathroom.

modern room decor ideas

Several types of lamps are used to make a more attractive modern bathroom look. The warm lighting from the lights makes the wood look more alive. Wood works well in creating a warm ambiance in a bathroom.

A touch of black emphasizes the room. Give a modern look to the bathroom. Do not forget the natural nuances you can also feel very clearly from the wall plants that are applied to the bathroom walls.

Choose a bathroom mirror that is large without a frame to give a clean and minimalist impression on a modern bathroom. The large mirror makes the bathroom look brighter. The lights hitting the mirror surface give a sparkling look that makes a modern bathroom look so awesome.


Having a soothing and relaxing bathroom is certainly the desire of many people. Not only the bedroom can be used as a place to rest, but the bathroom can too. Soaking in warm water while enjoying the calm bathroom atmosphere will make you feel refreshed. Immediately the negative thoughts disappeared. Therefore, bringing natural nuances into the bathroom is very important. And in this workshop, we have provided 8 Nature Bathroom Inspiration Ideas You Will Love.

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