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Great 10 Luxury Home Office Design Ideas – The room to work in the office sometimes seems mundane and boring. Therefore, create a luxury home office in your home. The different atmosphere and appearance will make you work happily. Not only that, but the luxury home office is also far from being boring.

Since the existence of Corona, all activities are carried out in the house. Work From Home (WFH) is a new life that is very popular today. That way, you can take advantage of this situation to create your personal home office that is different from the office.

For those of you who want a luxury home office that is comfortable and looks attractive, here we have provided Great 10 Luxury Home Office Design Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Luxury Home Office with Dark and Bright Concept

This one idea is perfect for those of you who want to have a bright room but with a dark concept. The combination of dark and bright creates a very attractive home office. Not only that, bright can make the home office feel so comfortable and not cramped. And for a dark look take control of the serenity of the home office.

Natural lighting is used as the main lighting of the room. Make the room look naturally bright. Black color that is exposed to sunlight will look so soft and calm. The wood elements on the walls, the black floor carpet, and the white painted ceiling will look harmonious when exposed to the sunlight coming from the large windows in the home office.

The curtain was deliberately hung close to the ceiling to give the illusion of a high wall for the home office. The window is also decorated with a net curtain, which can allow sunlight to enter freely into the home office and also keep you private.

comfortable home office

Cozy and Soothing with Gray Nuances

There is nothing more pleasant than a room that looks pretty and feels soothing. As a place to work, creating a serene home office atmosphere is a must. That way, you can concentrate well while working.

In creating a cozy and soothing atmosphere, luxury home office with gray nuances is an interesting idea to be used as an option.

The combination of gray and white gives a cool side to the room. However, you can still feel a warm atmosphere clearly from the warm lighting used. Beautiful gold chandeliers make the home office look very expensive. The granite floor was chosen so that the lights from the chandeliers could reflect back and cast a shimmering shadow in the room.

soothing and cozy room

Luxury Home Office with Pink and Green Shades

For ladies, it will be less attractive if the home office doesn’t look feminine. At least there is a touch of pink in the home office to make it appear a little more girly.

Applying pink color to the home office is an interesting idea in creating an attractive luxury home office. Pink velvet chair makes the luxury home office look expensive but still soft. You can also get another expensive impression from the gold-colored chair frame.

The pink velvet chair combined with the green table makes the expensive and feminine look a little fresher. This one idea is perfect for those of you who want a luxury home office with a fresh and soft appearance.

feminine and fresh luxury home office

Large Art Decoration Give Artsy Look to Minimalist Room

Appearing luxury does not have to be glamorous, the room is surrounded by expensive things. In fact, too many items in the home office will only disturb the calm atmosphere in the room. Therefore, the home office is better for a mini-minimalist.

The few items that are used sometimes make the room look stiff. Moreover, the minimalist concept which only uses neutral colors. Therefore, the decoration is needed.

Large painting or photos is a great wall decoration that will make the minimalist home office look beautiful. In addition, the use of large paintings on one wall of the home office will also give the room an expensive impression. The addition of recessed lighting fixtures with warm lighting makes it appear more perfect.

large art wall decors

Warm Luxury Home Office

Do you want to have a comfortable and relaxing room? Actually, it is not difficult to create this atmosphere in the room. You can rely on the elements of nature. One of them is wood.

The use of wood is more efficient and can make a room appear more different. Timber arranged vertically on the wall can be an interesting idea in creating a warm and beautiful home office. Dark wood gives a bold and dark impression to the home office.

The table legs and gold pendant lamps hanging on the table give a vertical and luxurious impression. With this, the room looks more organized and neat.

warm luxury home office

Wall Mural for Simple and Luxury Home Office

To make a room appear significantly different, the application of a wall mural is an alternative way to choose from. One side of the wall that is drawn will make the room appear so different. It is suitable to be applied in a simple room

The gray-painted home office wall looks more alive with the flower wall mural. The blue, red, and green colors on the walls create a more attractive appearance without disturbing the simple concept of the home office.

And for an expensive look you can see clearly from the marble elements used in the floating table. The use of floating tables is also great for making this small home office look bigger. The blue stool with gold legs complements the expensive look of the home office with the wall mural.

home office wall mural

Luxury Home Office with Red Accents

Look sexy with this one idea. The luxury home office with red accents is perfect for creating a more mature atmosphere. The book wall shelf in black gives a bold edge to the home office. However, so that the room doesn’t look too dark, white is applied to the ceiling. At the bottom of the room, the gray floor carpet gives the impression of a wall to the room.

The red color is applied to the main items which are the focal point of the home office, namely the work desk. Behind the work desk is a red wall art shining on both sides of the lamp. Make it appear more iconic at the home office. The lamp used to illuminate the art wall is also red. Applying red accents on one side is indeed the right way to keep the room looking organized and not cluttered.

sexy look interior with red accents

Navy Luxury Home Office

Navy color is perfect for those of you who are interested in having a home office with a dark, firm, fresh, and calm concept. Making navy blue as the base color for your home office can make the room appear more mature. The firm impression given from the navy is not as strong as black. Therefore, navy luxury home office is the right idea to apply to your home.

A navy home office decorated in gray and white will make the navy look more attractive. In addition, the home office also looks more lively. And most importantly, navy blue is very suitable to be combined with gold. The combination of navy and gold makes the home office look classy, fresh, calm, luxury, and beautiful. The perfect colors combination.

navy luxury home office

Glass Faced Makes It Bright Naturally

There is no better lighting than natural lighting. There are many benefits of presenting natural lighting into the room:

  1. the room looks brighter naturally,
  2. the room will feel warm and comfortable,
  3. make the small room look spacious,
  4. make the room look more alive, and so on.

So that sunlight can enter the room optimally, glass faced is the right idea to apply. Home office with glass faced is an idea applied to a minimalist modern house or large apartment.

The gold frame on the walls, glass faced, and ceiling gives the room an overall luxury look. A little classic touch with classic painting hanging on the wall makes it look more attractive. Feels like a European aristocrat. The work table is chosen in black to give a firm side to the room. That way, the room will not look stiff.

classic luxury home office

Luxury and Modern Home Office

This last idea is more out standing and very interesting. Luxury and modern home office will give a different atmosphere to your home. The home office feels firmer but calmer with black as the basic color of the room. The room looks attractive with ivory white carpet with black accents. The abstract motif on the carpet shows a modern side to the home office.

If we look at the top, we will be amazed by the existence of such a beautiful chandelier. The crystals from the chandeliers make it appear sparkling in the black concept room. The top of the home office looks limitless through the sky with a beautiful and charming urora.

modern luxury home office


Working from home is very popular nowadays. Since the pandemic, all activities are carried out from home, such as working. So, in order that working at home can be a fun activity, make sure you create a workspace that is comfortable and different from your office. Create a luxury home office in your house. And in this article, we have provided Great 10 Luxury Home Office Design Ideas that can be your references.

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