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Wanna Have A Simple Room But Look Beautiful? Here Are Some Easy Tips That Will Help You – The number of items in the room, sometimes makes the room feel cramped and stuffy. So, more people turn to simple rooms. However, because the appearance is simple or too minimalist, the room actually looks boring and unattractive. Therefore, knowing the simple room tips is so important.

Decorating a simple room may seem easy. However, it was not as easy as imagined. Here, you cannot use items or decorations carelessly. You have to pay attention to the aesthetic value and also the comfort of the room.

So, instead of continuing to be confused, we created this article to help you. Here, we have provided various tips that can make a simple room look beautiful. So, let’s check it out!

1. Apply Neutral Colors to The Room

In making the simple room look beautiful, you have to pay attention to the colors that will be applied. This is a very important first point. Colors have a considerable influence on the appearance of the room.

A simple room is better to make it appear softer and calmer. Therefore, the most suitable colors to use are neutral colors.

simple room design
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It is highly recommended to make white the basic color of the room. Then, you can choose other colors you want, such as mocha, beige, brown, navy, or other neutral colors.

In this tip, you can use other colors to define a focal point in a room. For example, painting the walls of the heading board with mocha color. Then hang some minimalist wall displays that still look beautiful. With this, the side of the wall will look more dominant.

2. Only Use The Furniture Needed

In making the room look beautiful, you don’t need to present interesting items. Because by only relying on the furniture that is needed, the room can look stunning.

simple room tips decor
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If you want to highlight a simple look in the room, it is highly recommended to use furniture that is only needed. This is also a powerful way to save your budget.

3. Play on The Texture and Motif

Because there are few items in the room, it is not surprising that the room looks monotonous and stiff. However, there is no need to worry. Because there are other ways to solve this problem.

To make a simple room look pretty and far from monotonous, you can play on the texture and motifs in the room. The choice of motifs is also not arbitrary. Make sure the motif you choose still looks minimalist and suitable for your simple room.

white simple bedroom nuances
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As in the picture above, the room utilizes wood textures to give an attractive appearance. The wood motif used also looks beautiful in a simple room. The color of the wood is also very fitting with the room. This white bedroom looks so minimalist, beautiful, soft, and calm.

4. Make The Room Look Plain

In decorating a simple room, you must remain consistent. Because out there, there are lots of beautiful decorations that attract attention. However, it must be remembered that a simple room cannot be decorated. Because this will only interfere with the appearance of yet the room atmosphere.

beautiful white interior
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So the next of simple room tips is to keep the room look plain. Do not give any decoration to the room. To get rid of the stiff impression a little, you can take advantage of the items you need. Such as pillows on the bench, plant pots, and also rugs. And the colors chosen for these items cannot be arbitrary. Make sure you choose neutral colors. And ivory and gray are our recommendations.

5. Make Plant As A Room Decoration

A plain room when white is applied will look clean and tidy. This is why white is an alternative color for a simple room or minimalist room. And to maintain the simple look, it is highly recommended not to use decorations on the walls. However, this method actually makes the room look unattractive.

simple room tips
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Actually, there are many decorations to choose from to decorate the room. So, wall decoration is not the only thing that can be used.

Very suitable decoration for a simple room is a plant. The green color of the plants will give a fresh effect to the interior of your home. In addition, white and green are the perfect combination in creating a thicker natural atmosphere in the room. With this, the interior of the house will feel very calming.

Making plants as room decorations will also not make a simple room look full. As we can see in the picture above, where the cactus plant is planted on the edge of the room wall. The appearance of the cactus is also very simple, so it matches the room with a simple or minimalist concept.

6. Rely on Natural Lighting

Set the natural lighting is a very important point for a simple room. A room that is too simple is easier to look stiff. In fact, it seems unattractive. So, what is needed in a simple room is natural nuances that can make the room seem sweet. The natural nuance is also very able to make this one room feel calm and soothing.

bright simple room tips
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Besides plants, simple rooms also need natural light. It is highly recommended to use natural light as the main lighting. And much better if you can maximize the lighting on this one. And this is the next of simple room tips that you can follow to make this room look more adorable.

There are many ways that you can follow in making natural light freely enter the interior of the house, such as:

  • Using The Glass Facade

glass facade
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Glass facades are usually applied to tall buildings. Used to maximize natural lighting to eliminate the cramped and stuffy feeling in the building. However, now the glass facade has penetrated into modern-style houses, where the concept of the room is made very simple and minimalist. So, by applying a glass facade, it is guaranteed that the interior of the house will get better natural lighting.

  • Applying Large Window

simple room windows
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There are many types of windows to choose from. However, besides that, make sure that you choose a window of large size. With this, the light that enters the room will be more.

Unlike the glass facade, windows are not only used to provide natural lighting for the room. This one item can also be used to make air circulation in the room run well. You can open the window in the morning to replace the humid air with fresh, healthier air.

  • Change The Wooden Door with Glass Door

sliding glass door
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For a room with a simple concept, it’s no longer the time to use a wooden door. It would be better to choose a glass door as a liaison between the interior and exterior of the house. The use of glass doors will further maximize the natural lighting that enters the room. That way, the simple room will look brighter and more charming.

Final Words

A simple room may seem easy to decorate. Just need to remove some of the decorations or displays in the room. However, in reality, it is not that easy. Out there you will find some very interesting room decorations or displays. And the hardest part is not to buy these items. In addition, a room that is too simple also seems stiff. In fact, it can make a room look unattractive and boring. Therefore, there are plenty of tips and tricks in decorating the small room. Make this room look beautiful without eliminating the simple room look. And in this article, we have provided 6 Simple Room Tips that you can follow to Make Your Simple Rooms Look Beautiful.

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