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Inspiration and Tips Creating An Adorable Interior with Nordic Design – You might think that Nordic Design is Scandinavian Design. In fact, these two designs are very different. Scandinavian is part of the Nordic region. So, it’s no wonder that Scandinavian Design at a glance is almost similar to Nordic.

The nordic itself has existed since the era of World War II. What distinguishes this design from Scandinavian Design is the feel of the room that is created. In Scandinavian Design, you will feel a warm and calming nuance. However, in the Nordic, it is quite the opposite. This design creates a cool atmosphere, but can still make you feel calm to the maximum.

So, for those of you who are interested and want to know more about Nordic Style, in this article, we have provided some best of the best Inspirations and Tips for Creating An Adorable Interior with Nordic Design. So, let’s check it out!

1. Choosing The Cool Hues

nordic design ideas
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Color selection is very important. Each design has its own color. So, to create the perfect nordic interior, you can’t choose colors haphazardly.

Previously it was also explained that Scandinavian and Nordic are very different. In Scandinavian, the colors used are earthy tones such as beige, brown, and green. So that the room will feel soft and warm. Meanwhile, the colors in Nordic are white, gray, black, and blue. If you want to make the room look more attractive, yellow and brown can be chosen as additional colors.

2. Monochrome Striped Motifs

beautiful nordic design
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The neutral colors used in the Nordic style allow the room to appear stiff. So, to overcome this, this design presents simple motifs, such as striped motifs.

The colors used in this motif are also not arbitrary. Usually, there will be two colors that make it look simple but beautiful. White and black are becoming a very popular color combination.

The presence of a touch of monochrome color is indeed very good for making the room seem minimalist but beautiful. The combination of two colors will make the interior of the house more futuristic. It would be very suitable to be applied to your bedroom and living room.

3. Minimalist-Designed Furniture

minimalist nordic design
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In creating a cool nuance to the interior, Nordic will make the room feel more spacious. Therefore, in this design, you will feel the presence of a minimalist concept.

Minimalist-designed furniture with simple cutting is the key to this design. Combining it with monochrome striped motifs makes the furniture in the room look stand out and adorable. So, you don’t have to worry. Even though it looks very minimalist and simple, the room with a Nordic design is also pleasing to the eye.

4. Maximizing The Natural Lighting

bright interior ideas
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The combination of the natural hues and minimalist concept makes Nordic Design need more lighting to make the interior feel alive. This design is more concerned with natural lighting than artificial lighting.

In maximizing the natural lighting to the Nordic interior design, the room will be installed with large windows. The use of this window is also very good to give the illusion of height on the wall.

White, which is the basic color of the interior, will really help natural lighting in optimizing the room. White has the ability to reflect light. So, when light enters through the window and hits the whitewashed wall, the light will bounce back into the room and make the room appear brighter.

This tip is very important for creating a comfortable and soothing atmosphere in the room. So, make sure you don’t miss it.

5. There Are Several Different Materials in One Room

nordic design room decors
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The interesting thing about Nordic Design is that this design will present several materials into one room. This design will combine wood, metal, iron, glass, and fur rugs. Sometimes natural materials are also often added. A little touch of natural stone to the room will give a thick cold effect.

With white as the base color, the materials combined by this design will be seen more clearly in the room. And this is what makes Nordic Design look more attractive than others.

6. Marble is Often Installed in The Nordic Bathroom

marble bathroom decors
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In creating the perfect cool nuance for the bathroom, Nordic will choose marble as additional material. The presence of marble in the bathroom will make this small room look so attractive. With the help of lighting from the lamps, the marble can provide an elegant and luxurious look to the room.

The motif from the marble is also great in making the look of this damp room look more adorable. So, even though there is only bathroom furniture, believe me, this room will look very beautiful and far from being stiff.

7. Dominant Wood Element

nordic design tips
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Do you know what makes Nordic design similar to Scandinavian? The white room is equipped with wooden elements that are more dominant. This is what makes the room feel warmer. However, because the colors used in Nordic are more of a cold nuance, so Nordic and Scandinavian designs collide.

In decorating Nordic interior design, indeed there are some materials used. However, among all materials, make sure that the wood material is dominant.

Maybe you can choose furniture made of wood. To make the wood element look more stand out in the room, a wooden floor is a great option. You can also add a wooden wall accent as a great decoration to make the room look more attractive.

8. Plant Becomes An Optional Decoration

nordic design decorations
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At Scandinavian, the plant is the most important decoration to make this room feel fresh and more alive. The green color from plants that combines with the earth-tone colors will create a warm atmosphere that is more perfect for the room.

However, in the Nordic Design, a plant is not a decoration that must be used. In this design, plants become optional decorations. So, if you want to make your room feel fresh, you can add small plants to the room.

In decorating the Nordic interior design, make sure you do not use too many plants. Because it only interferes with the minimalist concept that is in the room.

9. Going Against the Vivid Colors That Can Make The Room Look Striking

nordic interior decoration
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And what’s more important than decorating Nordic interior design is to keep it away from the vivid colors that can make the room look striking.

In having a perfect Nordic room, you have to make sure the minimalist concept is applied perfectly. And the use of sharp colors can only interfere with this concept.

Not only that, but the vivid colors will also interfere with the colors of the Nordic Design. Even though there are only little vivid colors in the room, for example red, the nordic colors will be invisible. The focus will only be on red.

So, if you want to make the room look attractive, make sure you only decorate the room with the colors mentioned in point one. For those of you who want to give a touch of another color, you can choose yellow and brown. But of course in a small amount.


Nordic Design is often equated with Scandinavian. However, if you have read the points above, of course, you will understand very well that Scandinavian and Nordic collide. From the points above you also get the best Inspiration and Tips for Creating An Adorable Interior with Nordic Design.

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