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Still Confused How to Set The Lighting in a Japandi Home Design? Here are Tips and Tricks That Will Help You – Set the lighting in a Japandi home design is the most important part. This design is indeed more of a cleaner concept, functionality, and also a thick natural feel. To create a character like this, natural lighting plays a very important role.

It may seem simple and easy, but presenting natural lighting for the Japanese style should not be arbitrary. There are several things that must be considered in order to create the original character of Japandi Design.

Without further ado, in this article, we have provided the best tips and tricks that will help you to set the lighting in a Japandi home design. So, let’s check it out!

Maximizing The Natural Lighting by Choosing The Glass Door

Being an important part of Japandi Design, natural lighting must be considered as well as possible so that the house can be a comfortable place to live. It would be better to make natural lighting becomes the main lighting of the room. Besides making the room look more alive, this will also help you save on your electricity budget.

One of the tips and tricks that you can follow to set the lighting in a Japandi home design, you can replace the wooden door with a glass door.

japandi home design lighting
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Also, pay attention to the type of door used. Because Japandi is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles, it is highly recommended to prefer glass sliding doors. It is great to emphasize the Japanese look in your interior.

Using a glass sliding door is also very helpful to save space in the room. So, for those of you who have a narrow house, this tip and trick will be more suitable for you.

The use of glass doors is indeed more disturbing the privacy. However, you do not need to worry because you can use the curtain to close the glass door at night. So, you can still get maximum natural lighting in the morning until noon.

glass door curtain
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The selection of curtains must also be considered. Do not use curtains with quirky and contrasting colors. Try to choose curtains in neutral colors, such as white or ivory. It will be much better in making a Japandi home design look bright and alive.

Prioritize Choosing The Large Windows

In bringing natural lighting into the room, windows are the most reliable item. The larger the size of the window used, the more natural light enters the room. Therefore, to maximize lighting in a Japandi home design, it is highly recommended to choose large windows.

There are many types of windows that you can choose from. However, among the many types of windows, it is highly recommended to choose a window without grilles. This will really help emphasize the minimalist look which is one of the concepts from Japandi Design.

japandi window types
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The selection of window frames must also be considered. Use large windows with wooden frames that are not polished with any paint. With this, the natural color of the wood will appear real in the room and make the natural feel more pronounced and look clearer.

If you want a room that looks more minimalist, the large window without frames can also be used as an option. This will be very helpful to eliminate the lines in the room so that the appearance of the room will look more simple.

japandi lighting
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Just like glass doors, windows are also items that will interfere with your privacy in the house. Therefore, use curtains to close the windows at night. You can choose the same curtains as the glass door for a more harmonious appearance of the room.

Apply The Open-Plan Concept to Your Rooms

Besides using glass doors and large windows, there are other tips and tricks in setting the lighting in a Japandi home design. One of them is applying the open-plan concept to the rooms.

The open-plan concept is a great way to make natural lighting that enters through the windows and glass doors evenly spread throughout the room. With this, there are no more dark and bright spots, because all spots in the room will get the same lighting.

open-plant concept
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In addition, the open-plan concept is also a way to get rid of stuffiness at home, especially for small houses. No more dividing walls so the room will feel more spacious.

You can unite two rooms or even more into one, such as uniting the living room, dining room, and kitchen. This method is also one of the best ways to make the house feel comfortable. And for the bedroom, you can combine it with a home office or walk-in closet. That way the bedroom will feel more spacious and you will feel more comfortable and calm there.

japandi home decors
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To let you know that there are different room functions in one room, you can make use of a carpet. For example, you use a medium-sized carpet and place it right under the living room sofa and coffee table to create how wide the living room is in the room. Or you can also use a different pendant lamp.

Make The Room Look Bright by Applying Bright Hues

In the appearance of a bright room, white may immediately come to mind. Yes, white is indeed an alternative color that can make a room look naturally bright. However, letting the walls look plain with white sometimes looks boring.

Actually, it is okay to add some colors to the room in order to make it look more adorable. You can add a little touch of pastel colors. It is great to give a little colorful look to the room and also make the room look more alive without disturbing the minimalist look of the Japandi design.

pink japandi home design
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As in the interesting living room in the picture above, the pastel pink sofa looks stand out and makes the room that looked stiff before looks fresher and more alive. Coupled with natural lighting that makes the pink color show the sweet and feminine side. The color combination of wood and white makes the pink color look very beautiful in the room.

For a more minimalist and elegant look, a pastel blue sofa can also be used as another option to make the Japandi interior design look more attractive. The white sheepskin rug used to decorate the floor of the room helps the pastel blue color look more outstanding in the Japandi in the room design.

japandi lighting
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It is okay to add the other colors to the room as long as it is soft and bright. So that, besides making the room look attractive and more adorable, it also makes the room look bright. The bright colors are a great choice for making natural lighting that enters the room work well.

Boost The Lighting of The Room with Artificial Lighting

In making the room look bright, natural lighting is not the only thing that can be relied on. You can also add additional lights that can provide more light into the room.

It is highly recommended to use lamps with warm lighting. With this, the room not only looks brighter, but the atmosphere of the room will also feel warmer and calmer. This is the best way to make the room feel comfortable.

japandi artificial lighting
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There are several lights that can be used, such as string lights and LED lights. This lamp cannot be used as the main light to make the room look bright at night. However, these lamps are great for providing additional lighting and also for making the room look more aesthetic.

You can apply this lamp on the edges of furniture in the room or on the walls. Giving more light to the walls can make the walls of the room look more attractive. Especially if there are some interesting wall displays hanging there. Make it look more standout in the room.

beautiful japandi bedroom decors
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In the application of LED light, it would be better to apply it to the edges of the furniture. For example, you stick it on each edge of your bed frame. This is great for giving a more dramatic effect to the bedroom, especially at night.

Final Words

Japandi design is really hyping these days. Even though it was present at the beginning of 2017, however, the minimalist, functional, and warm concept make this design very easy to enter the hearts of its fans. The natural hues, natural elements, and natural lighting are an important part of Japandi design.

In presenting natural lighting may seem easy and simple. However, there are several things that must be considered so that the Japandi concept does not disappear from the room. And the points listed above are Tips and Tricks That Will Help You to Set The Lighting in A Japan in Home Design.

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