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9 Types of Window and Pros & Cons You Have to Know – The window is one of the home items that are definitely there and used in the home. The use of windows is not only for home decoration. But, more than that. Because there are plenty of types of window, so many people think that window is only to beautify the home appearance.

And in this article, you will know more about the window, such as some benefits you will get and also the types of window that you can use for your house.

Definition of Window

Almost everyone has known what is the window. So, a window is a closed hole. Often applied to rooms that lack light and air. Usually, windows are applied to the walls of the house.

Benefits You Will Get by Applying Window to Your House

Every item certainly has its own benefits. As well as the window. There are some benefits you will get by applying the window to your house:

1. Providing natural lighting into the room

Natural lighting, of course, is needed at the house. One of the ways to provide natural lighting into the room is by using the window. The bigger the window used, the more light will enter the room.

2. Make the room feel cozy

Did you know that a room that lacks light will be uncomfortable? Whether it is a large or small room. Both of these rooms need natural lighting. A large room needs natural lighting to make it feel not empty. And for a small room, because it feels cramped and stuffy easily, so natural lighting is very important. So, with natural lighting in the room, large and small rooms will feel very comfortable.

3. Can make the small room feel bigger

Natural lighting can illuminate the room better than lamp lighting. Natural lighting can illuminate the room so great. Even, the corner of the room can be well lit. In addition, the natural lighting also can remove the shadow of the furniture in the room. Therefore, the small room will feel bigger.

4. Make the room feel alive

Because natural lighting illuminates the room well, the colors in the room can be seen perfectly. These beautiful colors make the room look more alive. In addition, the look of the room also looks more attractive.

5. Provide a beautiful view from inside the house

As a link between outside and inside the house, of course, the window can show what is outside the house. For those of you who have a beautiful view outside your house, it would be a pity if you wasted it. Because a beautiful view can improve the beauty of your house.

By using a window, you can see the beautiful view from inside. You can also place the cozy sofa to sit and enjoy your hot tea while seeing the beautiful scenery. It will make you feel so relax and calm.

6. Make the air circulation work well

It is the main benefit of using the window. People also used it to make the air circulation in their rooms work well. You can open the window in the morning because the air is so fresh. And the dirty air in the room will be replaced by clean and fresh air.

Types of Windows

Besides providing the natural lighting and beautiful view to the room, window is also used as a decoration. Plenty of types of the window make people use it to beautify the house appearance. And here are the types of window you can use:

1. Double-Hung Window and Single-Hung Window

best types of window

There are two types of this window: the bottom and top can be opened (double-hung window), or the bottom part can be opened while the top part is permanently silent (single-hung-window). This window has a sash. So, it can be opened and still in the frame. So, it will not disturb outside and inside the house. The use of this window will not disturb the exterior and interior of the house.

  • Advantages:

Because the bottom and top can be opened so that air circulation can run properly. In addition, the use of this type of window will not interfere with the exterior and interior of the house. So, the use of this window is often used as an additional value for the appearance of the house.

  • Disadvantages:

If left untreated, the windows will become slightly jammed. If you have this, the window is very difficult to open. If you don’t have full strength and have a back problem, this will be an obstacle.

2. Casement Window

casement window design

This type of window has a hinge on one side of the window, the right side or the left side. So, you can open it outside.

  • Advantages:

This window is easier to use than the single or double-hung window. Anyone with back problems or fixed strength can open this window easily. In addition, these windows also provide a wider opening through which air can enter freely into the room.

  • Disadvantages:

For display problems, casement windows are fairly ordinary. Not as crisp as single or double-hung windows.

3. Awning Window

awning window

The awning window has a hinge at the top. So you can open it and let air in from the left, right, and bottom sides of the window. There are two sizes of window awnings: large and small. For a small size, you can apply it with other windows. You can install this window at the top, bottom, or side of the stationary window.

  • Advantages:

The operation of the awning window is straightforward. This window is accessible to everyone. This is one of types of window that is perfect to use during the rainy season. You can open it a little to let fresh air into the room. Due to the upward-opening, rainwater will not easily enter and wet the floor.

  • Disadvantages:

Having a rectangular shape makes window awnings seem ordinary.

4. Picture Window

bright room decors

The picture window is a type of large window. So, the use of this window will provide maximum natural lighting and views.

  • Advantages:

No operations can be performed on this window. The picture window is a type of window that cannot be opened and closed. So, no maintenance is required from using a picture window on your house. And of course, this will greatly save on maintenance costs on the house. The picture window also comes in various shapes and sizes so you can adjust it to your home design. Its large size is also very good for providing maximum natural lighting for the room.

  • Disadvantages:

The use of a picture window is good for maximum lighting. However, during the day you will feel a scorching heat in the room. Therefore, these windows require coatings to reduce solar heat from outside the house. On the other hand, because it cannot be opened, this window cannot be used as an air vent.

5. Transom Window

transom window

A transom window is a type of window that is often applied to the top of the door. However, also is often applied on top of other windows. Its function is of course to provide more lighting into the room.

  • Advantages:

Has various forms. Some of them were even given a motive. Thus, using a transom window can give the beauty value to your house. Some of these windows are also made like there are holes as air vents. The use of this window is great for maximizing natural lighting into the room.

  • Disadvantages:

Because it requires more space above the window or door, the walls of the house must be made higher. Besides, due to its location at the top of the wall, it made the transom window difficult to clean.

6. Slider Windows

minimalist home design

This window can be opened horizontally. One side of the window can pass through the other side of the window. The slider window has a minimalist and simple appearance. So, this type of window is most often installed in modern and contemporary style homes.

  • Advantages:

This window can be opened and closed easily if it is given proper and proper maintenance. Its minimalist style can increase the value of your modern or minimalist house.

  • Disadvantages:

Even though it looks easier to operate than the double and single-hung windows, in fact, the slider windows still require more effort to open. Especially if this window is not given good maintenance. Besides that, the appearance of the slider window is less attractive to be applied to upscale homes or houses with a luxurious and classy look.

7. Fixed Window (Stationary Window)

modern home design

As the name suggests, a fixed window is a type of non-operable window. You cannot open or close this window. So that this window only functions as a provider of natural lighting in the room. Even so, you can adjust the standard window at any angle or shape you want.

  • Advantages:

You will not find the gaps in this window. So it is very suitable to be used for those of you who live in cold weather. Its more modern appearance means that fixed windows are often installed in contemporary and modern homes.

  • Disadvantages:

No operations can be performed on the fixed window. So that this window cannot be used as an air vent. Besides that, cleaning this window is also quite difficult. You have to leave the house to clean the outside of the window.

8. Bay or Bow Window

bay or bow window

This type of window has a shape that protrudes outside the house. So using this window will provide more space in the room.

  • Advantages:

This window can provide more space to the room even though it does not provide square footage to the home’s footprint. The bay and bow window can also be combined. You can combine it with the window that can be operated and the fixed window.

  • Disadvantages:

If not installed properly and correctly, the bay and bow window will greatly interfere with the appearance and structure of the house.

9. Skylight Window

skylight window

Skylight is a type of window that is applied to the home ceiling. Because of its location at the top, natural lighting can freely enter the room. So, this is a solution if light cannot enter through the window on the wall because it is blocked by another building or another. Besides that, the use of window skylights is also suitable for any room.

  • Advantages:

Skylight is a types of window that is experiencing development. Today there are remote-controlled skylights. You can open it easily. In addition, today’s skylights are also coated with a heat-resistant coating. So that the use of skylights will not make your room a very hot oven. Skylights are a type of window that can light up a room so well and perfectly.

  • Disadvantages:

Its location above makes the skylight window very vulnerable to damage. Especially damage caused by nature, such as hail, debris when a storm occurs, and so on. Besides that, the treatment of skylight is also difficult. Skylights that are worn-out must be replaced with new ones so as not to cause leaks.

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