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15 Modern Rustic Bedroom Design Inspirations & Ideas

Olidhomes.comModern rustic design is indeed very suitable for those of you who like a calm and comfortable atmosphere. By relying on neutral elements and earth-tone colors, a natural atmosphere that is so relaxed will make the bedroom a favorite place.

As a room to rest, the comfort and beauty of the bedroom must be considered. A rustic design that is rich in natural nuances and serenity, can make a bedroom feel very comfortable. It’s just that, the rustic look does look more outdated. Therefore, by presenting a modern concept, the beauty and comfort of the bedroom are unmatched.

So, if you are interested in a comfortable room wrapped in modern nuances, here, we have provided 15 Modern Rustic Bedroom Design Inspiration & Ideas. So, let’s check it out!

Invest in Additional Warm Lighting

modern rustic bedroom ideas
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In rustic design, it makes more use of natural elements, including lighting. However, natural lighting cannot illuminate the house 24 hours a day. Therefore, additional lighting is needed so that the house can be bright at night.

Bringing some warm lighting into the bedroom is a great modern rustic bedroom idea.

Table Lamp

There are a few types of lamps that can be selected to provide additional lighting to the interior, one of which is the table lamp. The use of this lamp is great for illuminating some of the spots you want in the bedroom. Besides providing additional light, table lamps are also a decoration that can enhance the beauty of the room.


This one can indeed be categorized as traditional lighting. Even so, the presence of candles makes the bedroom look very attractive. The light from the candles gives the maximum warm and calm feel.

In using candles as additional light, aromatherapy candles are highly recommended. Besides providing warm light, aromatherapy candles can make your bedroom feel soothing. The rural atmosphere is wrapped in a modern, up-to-date concept coupled with a soothing bedroom aroma. The perfect comfort.

Fur Blanket on The Bed

masculine warm bedroom
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The bed is the main item in the bedroom. So that it plays an important role in the appearance and comfort of the room. And decorating the bed with a fur blanket is the right idea. This item will give the perfect warmth to the bed. Besides, the bed will be much softer.

The soft texture of the fur blanket works well to make a bedroom feel very comfortable. With this, you will feel at home lying down and lazing on the bed.

In choosing a fur blanket, it would be better if you choose a neutral color, such as brown. That way, the color of the fur blanket will blend with the colors of the wood in the bedroom and the room will look matching also attractive.

Oak Beam Bed and Cozy Bed

modern rustic bedroom design
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In a modern concept, the room will be kept to a minimum. However, still pay attention to the values of the beauty of the room itself.

And on this one idea, because there aren’t so many items in the bedroom, the modern rustic bedroom is decorated with oak beams. A size that is larger than the bedframe will fill more empty space in the bedroom. That way, the bedroom doesn’t look stiff.

The oak beam used is made of wood which is allowed to show off its original shape and texture. Gives a naturally rustic feel to the room. On it is placed a thick, soft mattress. Covered with fur bedding so it feels more comfortable and warmer.

Skylight window for Attic Modern Rustic Bedroom

cozy attic room
Cc: Pinterest

The attic is often a den for rats and other animals. Therefore, people prefer to use this room as a bedroom. Its location at the top will present a much more beautiful view.

Being at the top, making Attic must be given maximum natural lighting. That way, this room won’t feel cramped and stuffy. And installing the skylight window is a great attic modern rustic bedroom idea. Skylight windows will illuminate the room from above and make the attic bedroom bright to the maximum.

Minimalist Furniture and Natural Stones is A Great Combination

natural elements
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Using furniture that is only needed is indeed the best way to present a modern concept to a room. However, this is not the only one. You also have to choose minimalist design bedroom furniture. It would be even better if the furniture you choose has natural colors, such as brown, black, white, etc.

If we look at the picture above, minimalist design furniture really emphasizes the modern side of the room. And the combination of natural stone on the walls represents a rustic design well.

In this modern rustic bedroom ideas, modern and rustic nothing is more dominant. Both do well in providing comfort and natural warmth with a modern feel.

Canopy Bed Makes It Look Attractive

canopy bed
Cc: Pinterest

There are many styles of bed that you can choose from. And all you have to do is choose the right bed for your bedroom.

It is okay to make the bed look more dominant than the other furniture. Because the bed is the main item that plays an important role in the appearance and comfort of this room.

Using a canopy bed is an interesting idea to apply to a modern rustic bedroom idea. The colors on rustic tend to be softer, so they often give a boring side. And the black canopy bed gives a bold and clear effect to the room. It is indeed the perfect combination for rustic.

High Wall Upgrade The Comfy of Small Modern Rustic Bedroom

modern rustic bedroom inspiration
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Have a small bedroom but want it to be spacious? Making the walls of the room higher is the best solution. The high walls also reflect a firm modern concept in the room.

It is better to apply white paint to the walls. That way, the walls will look taller and the room feels more spacious. It’s just that, for a rustic bedroom, white is rarely used. White does not lend a warm, serene feel to the room.

So, to upgrade the comfy of the modern rustic bedroom, you can choose neutral colors that tend to be dark, like brown or gray.

Maximizing Natural Lighting for Bright and Nature Feel

cozy nature feel
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The rustic design is so thick with a soothing taste of nature. Besides materials and colors, rustic designs also prefer natural lighting as the main lighting of the room.

There are several types of windows that can be installed in the bedroom. However, for a modern rustic bedroom, it would be better to choose a window frame. Or you can also install a glass facade for maximum natural lighting.

It is better to use windows that do not open. That way there are no gaps that cause cool air to enter the room. So that besides the room looks naturally bright, you can also feel the warmth that is so comfortable.

Concrete Wall and Smooth Wooden Ceiling are Perfect Combinations

concrete wall
Cc: Pinterest

Because modern concept bedrooms tend to look minimalist, therefore we have to give a sleek look. That way, the interior will not look stiff.

In this idea, a concrete wall and smooth wooden ceiling are the perfect combination for a modern rustic bedroom. A concrete wall creates a sleek appearance on the wall. So you no longer need wall decorations to make it look attractive. And the wooden ceiling is perfect to bring the warm and calm to the bedroom.

Because it is sleek, the light hitting the concrete wall will make the wall look so beautiful. Therefore, make sure you apply the sleek wall facing the window or glass door.

Monochrome Modern Rustic Bedroom

monochrome modern rustic bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The modern concept is indeed popular for its attractive appearance with a few colors. As in this one idea. Only rely on two colors, black and white.

The monochrome theme is indeed very suitable to be applied to a modern rustic bedroom. Because white and black are still part of the natural color group.

To make the bedroom look bright, white is chosen as the dominant color. The bedroom will look more attractive with black on one side of the wall only. Here, you can give some wall decorations to make it look bolder.

Raw Rustic Design with Rough Wood

cozy rustic bedroom design
Cc: Pinterest

The existence of a modern concept does not mean eliminating the outdated look that is characteristic of rustic design. As in this one idea, pure rustic design can still be seen clearly.

As the main focal point for the interior, installing a rough wood ceiling is the right idea. Wooden walls will be the main thing that catches our eye. You can also choose a similar wood for the bedroom mirror.

No need to worry about the bedroom looking outdated. Because the use of minimalist design furniture displays a clear modern side to the room. Plus some black color makes the roar appear more emphatic.

Minimalist Modern Rustic Bedroom

minimalist modern rustic bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

If we look at this one picture, the bedroom looks so simple. There is only a King-size bed with a beautiful pendant lamp hanging right beside it. The use of makeshift furniture creates more space so that the bedroom feels wider.

On the wall, we can see the natural gray color of the concrete. The walls are deliberately not given any decorations to make the concrete wall look real in the room. Besides that, for the minimalist concept, tends to eliminate decorations.

The outdated appearance can also be seen clearly from the use of wood on the floor, headboard and bed frame.

Calm Modern Rustic Bedroom

modern rustic design
Cc: Pinterest

From the ideas above, it tends to look more masculine and dark. So, if you are someone who likes a softer and calmer look, this one idea will be perfect for you.

The colors used in the room have a big impact on the appearance of the room. White and gray are the right color combination to make a modern rustic bedroom look bright and soft.

A calmer appearance is also present from the wooden elements that are presented in the bedroom, such as a wooden bench, a wooden ladder as a hanger, and so on.

Warmth Wrapped in Minimalist Look

minimalist bedroom design
Cc: Pinterest

For the sake of creating the perfect warmth in the bedroom, the bedroom is often decorated with wool blankets, fur blankets, rugs, and other items of fabric. Even though it feels warm, the room will appear more filled. In fact, you can also enjoy comfortable warmth with a minimalist concept.

In this idea, the modern rustic bedroom relies on wood elements to provide warmth that is so comfortable. Wood is also allowed to show its original shape and color. Make a rustic design clearly displayed.

And to bring a more modern side to the bedroom, the bedroom is made so minimalist. With white bedding and some brown pillows, it is enough to make the bedroom look attractive. Additional decorations such as simple wall decorations, table lamps, and flowers are the perfect complement.

Get Ready in Autumn

autumn bedroom decors
Cc: Pinterest

In the autumn it was getting cold. And if the bedroom is not decorated properly, the bedroom will feel cold and uncomfortable.

Here, you can add some items that can make you warm. And of course, you shouldn’t deviate from the rustic concept.

In this idea, a wool blanket is used to warm the bed and also make the bed look more attractive. And for the bench, a sheepskin rug is also given plus a soft pillow on it.

Fresh Modern Rustic Bedroom

fresh interior decors
Cc: Pinterest

The look of a modern rustic bedroom is not only firm, masculine, and calm. You can also create a fresh look by relying on nude greens and some plants. Warmth is also evident from the presence of several rattan items in the bedroom. Big carpet is also deliberately used to make the floor feel warm. With this, the modern rustic bedroom will be a comfortable room to relax and rest.

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