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Playroom Tips: Effective Ways to Make The Playroom Feel Fun and Cozy for Your Kids – Playroom is indeed a room whose function is often sidelined. This is because some people think that the playroom is not an important room. However, in fact, the playroom is the most liked room by children. Therefore, if you want to make your child feel happy and comfortable at home, make sure you provide one room for you to make as their playroom. And here we have summarized a few best tips for the playroom. So, here are Effective Ways to Make The Playroom Feel Fun and Cozy for Your Kids. Let’s check it out!

1. Make The Room Look Bright

playroom tips
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Do you know that a bright room has a more cloudless atmosphere? This is why playrooms are often designed with bright colors.

In making the playroom feel fun for your children, you can make white the main color of this room. Besides making the room look brighter, white can also make the room feel more spacious. That way, even though the playroom is small, it will still feel comfortable.

2. Colorful Nuance is The Key

best playroom tips
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The next of playroom tips is to make the playroom look colorful. This is the main key to creating a pleasant atmosphere. The presence of a variety of bright colors will excite them. They will be more active in playing, learning, or expressing their creativity.

3. Maximizing Natural Lighting

bright playroom
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In making the playroom feel fun and comfortable, you have to make the room look bright. Instead of using lamp lighting, it would be better to take advantage of natural lighting.

You can leave the window exposed without any decorations. That way, natural lighting can enter freely into the playroom.

There are several benefits that you can get from maximizing natural lighting:

  1. The room will look brighter naturally,
  2. The atmosphere of the room will feel much more comfortable,
  3. Good for children’s eyesight
  4. Makes the room feel fresh
  5. Make the colors in the room feel more alive,
  6. The room looks more attractive, and
  7. Make a small room feel more spacious.

4. Add Mattress to Make It Feel Cozy

playroom decors
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The safest floor for a playroom is wooden flooring and carpet flooring. However, the application of this flooring is not enough to make the playroom feel comfortable.

You need to add a rug. Choose a rug with a soft texture. That way, children can play and learn comfortably there.

For the color, you can choose rugs with soft and bright colors. So that the pleasant atmosphere will be maintained properly.

5. Use Lower Wooden Rack Shelf

playroom cubbies
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For the sake of a comfortable playroom, the neatness of the playroom is the main thing that you need to take care of. So, you should make sure the kid toys are neatly arranged.

There are several toys that you can use as displays as well as decorations for the playroom. So, with this, the playroom will look more beautiful and attractive.

You can use a wooden rack shelf to put your kid’s toys. Choose a lower rack shelf. So that your children can pick up the toys they want easily.

6. Boxes to Purge Clutter in The Playroom

neat playroom tips
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There will be lots of small toys in the playroom. And for those of you who want to keep the playroom neat and clean, use a few boxes to put these toys.

Place the boxes on the bottom of the cubbies. With this, children will feel comfortable picking up and putting their toys.

7. Make The Wall Look Interesting

cozy playroom tips
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The next of playroom tips is to make the wall look interesting. Beautiful walls will also make the room look more attractive.

You can choose a mural wall to make the wall look fuller. The colors of the mural wall will also evoke a cloudless atmosphere in the room.

Or you can also decorate the walls with the results of children’s creativity, such as the paintings they make, the pictures they make, and much more. To make it look attractive and neater when hung on the wall, you can give a frame to each of their work.

8. Create Comfy Reading Nook

cozy reading nook
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As parents, we must familiarize our children with reading. To encourage their desire to read, create a comfortable reading nook.

You can use a mattress or soft cushion as a comfortable place for children to read. Also, give some pillows to make this spot feel cozier.

To get your child to love reading, use colors that they like. For example pink for girls.

9. Choose Lower Bookshelf

lower bookshelf
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Never pile up children’s reading books. Because children will find it more difficult to choose the books they want to read. Therefore, it is better to use a bookshelf. Make sure you choose a lower bookshelf to make it easier for children to pick up the books they want.

If using a bookshelf can take up space in the small playroom, you can also use the wall as a bookshelf. You can use small floating shelves and arrange them vertically. Then, put the reading books neatly there.

10. Kid’s Rest Place

cozy rest place
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Children really like to play. However, they also get tired very easily. Therefore, make sure you make a comfortable resting place for them. You can add a small bed in the playroom. Or, you can also make a comfortable resting place for them.

Try to rely on the corner of the room. You can decorate the corner of the room with a soft round cushion. Then give some pillows or stuffed animals to make it look attractive and feel comfortable.

11. Chalkboard on The Wall

chalkboard on the wall
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The children’s habit is to draw on the walls. Although this is an annoying thing, never stop children from expressing their creativity.

Instead of repainting the walls, you can use a chalkboard. You can put a chalkboard on the wall. Then, guide your child to express their creativity there. With this, you no longer need cans of paint to cover the stains on the walls.

12. Presenting Kid’s Study

kid's study
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We never know what children want. Children’s moods are easy to change. So, when they play, a few seconds later they will learn or express their creativity. Therefore, make sure the playroom is featured with a children’s learning area.

Choose a study table and chair that is the right size for children. So they will be more comfortable in learning or pouring their creativity there.

13. Add Safe Kid’s Playground

kid's playground
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To support their sense of courage and creativity, try to equip the playroom with playgrounds. Choose safe rides to avoid things that are not desirable. For example, choosing wood material with a smoother surface.

To maintain the safety of children, make the toy rides as low as possible. As in the picture above where the ladder on the wall is made lower. So, the child will not be seriously injured when falling.

14. Small Table and Chair in The Middle of The Room

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Children love to play house, especially girls. They seem to be entertaining guests with a super delicious cup of tea. So, the next pf playroom tips is to add a small table and chairs in the middle of the room.

Add the rug under the table and chairs. This can create boundaries or areas for children to play. In addition, the use of rugs can also give the illusion of being wide for a small playroom. The addition of texture in the room can increase the warm ambiance which can make the room feel more comfortable and calm.

Final Words

A play area is a place that can support children’s creativity or activities. Although the playroom is not a mandatory room in the house, the existence of this room is important. Especially for those of you who want to make children feel comfortable and happy at home. So, for those of you who want to make a playroom that is fun and comfortable, the points above are playroom tips to make your kids feel fun and cozy.

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