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Make Your Apartment Become The Cozy Place for Resting – Cozy apartment, who doesn’t want it. Having a comfortable place to live is certainly the dream of many people. Because it is on the top and also in the building, it is easier for an apartment to feel cramped and stuffy. This is why many people are looking for ways to make this dwelling feel comfortable.

Actually, an apartment is a residence that comes from the thought of architecture. Getting here, the population is increasing. And the vacant land has started to decrease. So, the architects were looking for ways how to make one piece of land a place for many people to live.

As a place for home and rest, people certainly want to make this dwelling feel cozy and relaxed. And if you one of them, you are so lucky because here we have provided the best tips to Make Your Apartment Become The Cozy Place for Resting. So, let’s check it out!

1. Placing The Bed Next to The Window

This tip may seem simple. But believe me, by placing the bed next to the window, you can feel a different atmosphere.

cozy apartment tips
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Being in the building makes it easy for us to feel bored. Want to get out but are lazy to just leave the room and go to the elevator or stairs. So, this tip is the best strategy to get rid of the boredom that is present.

You can rest and look at the scenery outside. It will be a lot more fun. The city view at night will look very beautiful. Also, you will feel more relaxed and calm.

2. Layered Bedding

Still about the bed. As the main item, the bed is of course very important. This one item must be made as comfortable as possible. One way is with layered bedding.

cozy apartment decors
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With these tips, your bed will definitely be much softer and more comfortable. Not only that, but layered bedding is also very suitable to be applied during winter. Cold air entering from the cracks of the window will not be felt because of the warmth of the blankets and bedding used on the bed.

korean bedroom
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For the beauty side, layered bedding also matters. Maybe in this tip, you can take a peek at Korean bedrooms that look pretty and cute. The pastel colors used make it look so calm and soft. Besides that, simple motifs such as lines or boxes make the apartment look more minimalist.

3. Add Blanket to The Sofa

It’s time to move on to another spot that is often used as a place to relax and rest, that is a sofa.

cozy apartment spots
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The sofa used in the apartment may be relatively small. This is because the apartment space is limited. However, even so, you can still make this one item the most comfortable spot in the apartment.

By relying on blankets, the sofa will be the main goal for you to relax. You can put the blanket on the sofa. The thick blanket will make the sofa feel more soft, cozy, and warm. In addition, it also makes your sofa spot look more aesthetic.

blanket apartment decor ideas
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If you think the blanket on the sofa makes your apartment seem messy. You can make a blanket as a display to add the beauty value of this dwelling. You can hang it on the shelf, or put it on the rattan basket.

4. Turn Your Balcony into an Enticing Place for Resting

The next tip you can steal in having a cozy apartment is to utilize the balcony. You can turn it into an enticing place for resting.

boho balcony design
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The balcony is usually used as a green spot to make the apartment look fresh and alive. Unfortunately, the function of the balcony is not only that. You can make it the most in your apartment.

By placing the couch there and decorate it with some pillows and blankets will is enough to make the balcony feel cozy. Because of the presence of a table and couch, you can also make the balcony an enjoyable outdoor dining area. Here you can eat your food by enjoying the natural wind.

cozy apartment balcony
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You can also make it look more adorable by adding some displays on the wall or decorate it with some lighting. Perhaps you can take a peek at the boho design. There are so many decorations and items used in this design. Which is able to provide comfort and beauty as well as to your apartment.

5. Hang The Ceiling Fan

In cold weather, a blanket and electric heater are enough to keep the apartment warm. However, to have a cozy apartment in summer, you have to make this dwelling feel cool.

Opening a window is certainly not enough. Especially if hit by extremely hot weather. Therefore, you need other tools that can help to remove hot air in the apartment.

cozy apartment ideas
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There are two options you can choose from: air conditioner and fan.

Using the air conditioner in the apartment can indeed make it feel cold. However, the electricity costs incurred are also greater. Besides that, AC is also not good for the earth.

cool and cozy apartment
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So, a fan is a perfect tool to use to help you have a cozy apartment. You also do not need to worry about electricity costs because the fan is energy efficient.

6. Install Loft to Having Some Cozy Spots in Apartment

Limited space is the most common constraint that is often experienced by people who live in apartments. To make it feel cozy, you certainly have to make it feel more spacious.

cozy loft apartment
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For studio apartments that only have one room, it might be difficult to have a few comfortable rooms we want. So, the next tip to have a cozy apartment is you can install a loft in your apartment. This is a great way to create additional space in a studio apartment.

For the top, you can make it as a cozy spot for resting and sleeping. And at the bottom, you can make it an enjoyable place to spend your free and spare time.

7. Improve The Soothing Ambiance with Warm Lighting

Actually, having a cozy apartment is not too difficult. It depends on you and how you decorate your apartment.

The easy one to make the apartment feel cozy and relax is to add or improve the soothing ambiance there. Probably, you can apply only the natural hues, combine them with wood material, or playing with the lighting of the apartment.

soothing apartment tips
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Talking about apartment lighting, because the spacers are narrow, it is better to maximize natural lighting. However, because natural lighting cannot illuminate the apartment for 24 hours, you have to use lights. Choosing warm lighting is the best way.

warm apartment tips
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In presenting the warm lighting to the apartment, there are two decorations that you can apply to:

  • Decorate the apartment with string light

The first decoration that will help you in having a cozy apartment is to use the string light. You can apply string lights to the important spots, such as bedrooms, living rooms, and balconies. The warm lighting from the string light will give the warm and soothing ambiance at once. In addition, the appearance of the apartment also looks more aesthetic.

string light apartment decors
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  • Warm lighting from candles

Lighting a room with the help of candlelight might be said to be the traditional way. However, believe me, nothing could be greater than this. The warm lighting from the candles not only bringing a soothing ambiance but also makes the apartment feel so romantic.

Currently, there are so many aromatherapy candles which better to use. Besides the warm lighting, it also can make your apartment smell good and relax.

comfortable apartment
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8. Greenery The Rooms

It feels like something is missing if there is no fresh green color from the plant. So, if you wanna have a cozy apartment, make sure you decorate your apartment with some healthy and fresh plants.

fresh and cozy apartment tips
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There are some plants that will improve the comfy of your place:

  • Mosquito Repellent Plants

The presence of mosquitoes in the apartment is very annoying. Feelings of wanting to relax become obstructed. Mosquito bites that make the skin itchy make us feel uncomfortable in this place of residence. Therefore, to make a cozy apartment, you have to get rid of the annoying mosquitoes. One of them is by adding mosquito repellent plants into the apartment.

So, using these plants is not only to present beautiful natural colors to the apartment but also to make it feel cozier.

best cozy apartment
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  • Bedroom Plants

The next plants you can use are bedroom plants. This plant can not only bring a fresh green color to the apartment. Some of the bedroom plants have great abilities, such as absorbing harmful substances in the room and also making the room smell good. Using the bedroom plants is also the best way to improve your resting quality.

fresh apartment tips
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  • Indoor Hanging Plants

Due to the limited space, sometimes it is not possible to add more decorations to the apartment, including plants. If you have this, indoor hanging plants are the only solution for greenery your apartment.

You can hang some plants in the corner of the room or beside the bed. This way, the presence of hanging plants will not interfere with your movements.

greenery the apartment
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There is one thing you need to pay attention to when creating a cozy apartment with plants decor: When choosing plants, you must know very well whether the plants need direct natural lighting or not. Whether the plant can survive in wet or moist soil. And many more. The goal is to make the plants do not wither and last a long time in your apartment.


In having a cozy apartment is actually not difficult, as long as you know the tips and tricks that can make this dwelling feel comfy. Due to limited space, sometimes it becomes an obstacle in decorating the apartment. The intention is to make the apartment look attractive with some interesting stuff, instead it makes the apartment seem messy and unorganized. Therefore, if you wanna have a perfect comfortable apartment, in this article, we have provided the best tips to Make Your Apartment Become The Cozy Place for Resting. You can steal all of the tips or choose one or more as you want. So, happy trying all!

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