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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Skylight Window – Skylight windows are often chosen to make the room look naturally bright. Or, some people also make skylight windows an option to make a frigid room feel warmer. Whatever the reason, of course, all have advantages and disadvantages. By knowing all this, you can consider whether skylight windows are the right choice for you to make as an investment. And to help you make your choice, in this article we have provided Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Skylight Window. So, let’s check it out!

The Advantages of Using Skylight Window

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This article moot about Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Skylight Window. And the first we want to tell you is the advantages of the skylight windows.

There are several benefits that you can get by installing skylight windows in your room. Here are the advantages you will get:

  • Maximizing Natural Lighting That Will Make The Room Look Bright Naturally

You can rely on large windows to make your house look bright. However, sometimes there are some sides that do not get sunlight and make it look darker. This is because the earth revolves around the sun and prevents some sides of your house from getting good sunlight.

With this, the use of skylight windows is the right choice. Sunlight coming from above will directly enter the room freely. So, the use of skylight windows will make all sides of the room well lit.

Besides making the room brighter naturally, this also really helps you to save on electricity bills. Because you no longer need lights to make the room look bright during the day.

  • Make Your Spaces Warmer

For those of you who live in the highlands, or are in a country with long winters, the use of skylight windows is a very appropriate option. The sunlight that enters through the skylight window not only makes the room look bright but also feels warm.

Relying on sunlight to warm the room might be considered a traditional and natural way (environmentally friendly). By using skylight windows, you no longer need a heater to warm the room. So the cost of electricity will be much more efficient.

  • Make The Room Feel Alive and Comfy

Skylight windows will allow sunlight to enter the room to the maximum. So that makes the room look so bright naturally. And the third advantage of using a skylight window is making the room feel alive and comfy.

Sunlight that enters through the skylight will make the colors in the room look clearer. And this is what will make the room look more alive.

Not only that, a room that has a skylight window will feel much more comfortable and warm. With this, using skylight windows will greatly affect the comfort of the room.

  • Can Make The Air Circulation Well Maintain

There are many designs and models of skylight windows that you can choose from. Some are permanent, which cannot be opened, and some can be opened. Among these designs, it would be better to choose a skylight window that can be opened.

Just like windows in general, you can open the skylight window in the morning to exchange dirty air with fresh new air. However, the air from above will be much cooler and fresher.

Fresh air entering through the skylight window will make the room fresher. It will also be very helpful to get rid of the stuffy feeling in the room so that the room will feel more comfortable. Not only that, but you also do not need to turn on the air conditioner which will make your electricity bill expensive.

  • The Room Feel More Spacious

Maximizing natural lighting by using skylight windows is a very appropriate choice. Natural light will make the side of the room get good lighting. So, the corners that often look dark will disappear. The shadows from the furniture in the room will also disappear. And with this, the room will feel more spacious.

For those of you who want to make a small and minimalist house feel wider and more comfortable, you can use skylight windows as an option. Not only that, but you can also use skylight windows for large houses. This will really help to make the house look more spacious and far from feeling stuffy or stuffy.

  • Geeting Beautiful View at Night or Day

For those of you who have an attic bedroom, using the skylight window is the right choice. Here, you can place the bed right under the skylight window.

Skylight windows will show a beautiful view of the sky. When in the daytime, you can see a bright blue sky. And at night, you can enjoy the night sky with beautiful stars. This will really help you to make you feel more comfortable in your bedroom. Not only that but seeing the beautiful sky will also make your body and mind more calm and relaxed.

  • Savings A Lot of Energy Costs

As explained in the previous points, the use of skylight windows will make the room look bright during the day. Therefore, you no longer need a lamp to illuminate the room. It doesn’t stop here, the sunlight that enters through the skylights brings warmth to the room. This will really help to make the room feel warmer. So that the air conditioner or heater is no longer needed. With this, your electricity costs will be much more efficient.

The Disadvantages of Using Skylight Window

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Skylight Window

This article discusses the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Skylight Window. So, we will not only give you the benefits of using skylight windows. Here are some disadvantages of using skylight window to home:

  • Skylight Window with Good Quality has A More Expensive Price

The use of skylights is different from the windows that are often mounted on the wall. Skylights are located above so you need to make sure that the skylights you choose are of good quality.

Usually, skylights with good quality will have a higher price. So, this will greatly erode your wallet in the beginning. Therefore, it is better to save in advance to get skylights with the good quality compared to buying skylight windows with normal quality or tend to be poor.

  • Consult to The Expert First before Installing The Skylight Window

It has been explained earlier that skylights are very different from windows in general. Skylight installation needs to be accompanied by an expert. And this expert will determine which type of skylight is suitable for your home. And is your ceiling strong enough to install skylights?

Never take the initiative to install skylight windows without consulting or being accompanied by experts. Because this will be fatal.

And for consultation with the experts will certainly cost more. Moreover, the added cost of installation. Therefore, you need to prepare more budget if you want to have skylights in your home.

  • Will Make the Room Feel Hot, Especially in Summer

Sunlight has natural heating. So that when sunlight enters through the skylights, the room will feel warm. This might be great for those of you who live in the highlands or in areas with long cold climates. However, the sunlight that enters through the skylight window will really make the room feel hot, especially in summer.

This is one of the reasons why you need to consult an expert before installing skylights. Experts can know which locations are suitable for installing skylights. So that the benefits of using skylights will not be excessive and out of normal limits.

  • You Have to Hiring Professional with Great Experience

This one is very important to do when you want to install skylights at home. The professional with great experience will understand much more calmly installing skylights. This will greatly reduce the possibility of unwanted. And again, hiring a professional with great experience requires more budget.

  • Can’t Do It Alone

Do not even think about installing skylight windows by yourself. Because this will be very fatal and dangerous. It could be that the skylight window is not installed properly and actually causes things that are not desirable.

Not only that but the selection of skylight windows with good materials and quality can only be done by experts or professionals. So, never be tempted or provoked by DIYs that you find on the internet.

  • Cost of Repair and Replace is Much More Expensive

There will always be times when you have to repair your skylight windows or maybe replace them with new ones. And both of these will really eat up more budget. Because you can’t do it alone, you need to call a professional to replace or repair the skylight window.

  • Difficult to Clean

Because of its location at the top, it is very difficult to clean the skylight window. Indeed, this time you can do it alone. It is just that, you certainly have to give more effort. And this will be very tiring.

Usually, people will call skylight window service. It will not make you tire out and eat up your time. However, this will make you spend more on home maintenance.

  • It is Very Important to Install Laminated Glass

We never know what extreme weather will come. It could be, a big storm coming and making the tree or branches damage or maybe making the skylight window break. Broken glass that falls will be very dangerous for safety. Therefore, it is very important to install laminated glass.

The laminated glass is coated with a thin film that can withstand glass shattering due to fallen trees or twigs hitting the skylight. So you do not have to worry about the safety of your family at home.

Final Words

Those are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Skylight Window. By knowing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Skylight Window, you can understand all this before buying and installing skylight windows in your home. From knowing this, you can determine whether skylight windows would be the right investment. So, whatever your choice, make sure you figure it out well.

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