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17 Syngonium Plants: Interesting Indoor Plants with Various Colors – Of the many decorations to beautify the appearance of the room, indoor plants are the best. The presence of indoor plants makes the room feel fresher. In addition, indoor plants can also bring a natural feel which is very effective in providing peace. That way, the room will feel comfortable.

The Syngonium plant is one type of indoor plant that you can choose for the rooms in your home. This plant has a variety of beautiful colors that can add color to the room and also make it feel fun.

So, here are 17 Syngonium Plants that you can choose for your home interior. Let’s check it out!

1. Syngonium Holly

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Some gardeners like to start to grow an easy-growing plant. Here, we will show the easy-growing plant from the Syngonium variety. It is Syngonium Holly. This variety has white leaves. It is easy to grow indoors. Syngonium Holly needs regular watering. Thus, you need to check the soil if you grow this plant. It loves medium to bright indirect sunlight. Syngonium Holly can tolerate shady places but will be hard to grow in a dark place.

Syngonium Holly likes to grow in well-draining soil. This plant can grow up to 6 feet tall in a good environment. Syngonium Holly does not need much fertilizer. Thus, you can feed this plant once during the growing season. Besides, this plant can grow like a small bush. Then, it will need propagation or repotting. Then, you can prepare a new pot to grow this plant.

2. Syngonium Pixie

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Most Syngonium plants are simple. It has an average appearance but is attractive enough to grow indoors. Thus, you can pick this Syngonium variety. It is Syngonium Pixie. This variety is also known as Syngonium podophyllum or the Goosefoot Plant. Syngonium Pixie can grow like a compact bushy. When it grows massively, this plant will produce long stems like a vining plant. Then, it will need propagation.

Syngonium Pixie is a low-maintenance plant. You can grow this indoors with minimal care. Besides, always check the topsoil to make sure it gets humid soil. Also, do not let them live in soggy or dry soil. The common problem to grow this plant is watering. Some people may overwater or underwater this plant. The main indicator of this issue is when the leaves turn yellow. Also, their bottom stem may feel soggy.

3. Syngonium Emerald Gem

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Many green plants have attractive variety. It is a Syngonium variety. This plant is Syngonium Emerald Gem. Like the name, this plant has emerald leaves. The combination of white and green colors is stunning. It can decorate your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Syngonium Emerald Gem is easy to care for. It needs bright indirect sunlight. Thus, you need to avoid direct sunlight to avoid burning leaves.

Syngonium Emerald Gem needs adequate water. Also, you need to let the soil absorbs the water thoroughly between the watering. Syngonium Emerald Gem loves the warm place. Thus, the sunny window and warm window sill can be your choice. In addition, you can add fertilizer to a mature plant. Feed Syngonium Emerald Gem once during the growing season and growth phase.

4. Syngonium Trileaf Wonder

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Most Syngonium plants have triangle leaves. Some of the Syngonium varieties have three-shaped leaves. It is Syngonium Trileaf Wonder. This ornamental plant is a sun lover, but it only lives well under bright indirect light. Syngonium Trileaf Wonder is a super rare variety. So, if you have this plant, then you are lucky. This plant can transform the impression in your room with its shady appearance.

Moreover, Syngonium Trileaf Wonder can grow bigger than the first time you grow it. Then, it is a nice choice if you want to grow a bush plant indoors. Syngonium Trileaf Wonder has an attractive color. The green foliages with white shades are stunning to refresh your living room. Thus, you can use an interesting pot to grow this plant. Then, put this plant in the right spot, such as the window sill, on the side table, or on the standing planter.

5. Syngonium Maria Allusion

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Do you want to see an interesting plant? Here, the Syngonium Maria Allusion is one of the interesting houseplants. It can live indoors and outdoors. This plant is easy to grow. Thus, you can grow it indoors with no worry. Syngonium Maria Allusion grows well in a healthy medium. The combination of potting determines their growth. There is a mixture of perlite, peat dan potting soil.

Moreover, Syngonium Maria Allusion needs medium to bright indirect sunlight. Besides, Syngonium Maria Allusion is sensitive to overwater. Thus, don’t water this plant in the cold season. It prefers to get water during the dry season, like the Spring or Summer season. When it gets balanced water, Syngonium Maria Allusion will grow healthy. If you want to fertilize this plant, you can use liquid water.

6. Syngonium Chiapense

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Green plant like Syngonium is interesting to grow indoors. It has various colors based on the variety. If you want to see the green Syngonium, the Chiapense variety is the most interesting one. Syngonium Chiapense is a rare variety of Syngonium plants. It has unique leaves with large shapes. This plant is attractive to be your indoor plant. Thus, you can grow this plant to get a natural green accent.

Syngonium Chiapense needs bright indirect sunlight but can tolerate much lower light conditions. This plant loves humidity. Thus, make sure that the top 3 to 5 cm of soil is dry before watering this plant again.  If it gets good maintenance, Syngonium Chiapense will produce more leaves. Also, their leaves are bigger massively.

7. Syngonium Painted Arrow

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Most Syngonium plants have an arrowhead. Thus, some people call it an arrowhead plant. Let’s see the variety of Syngonium at this point. It is Syngonium Painted Arrow. The beautiful leaves are colorful. The white artery on the leaves is stunning. It is a natural pattern that looks interesting to decorate a room. Moreover, this plant only needs minimal treatment.

Syngonium Painted Arrow needs medium to bright sunlight, but it tolerates low light. This plant will die if you grow it under intense and direct sunlight. As an indoor plant, it prefers high humidity. Thus,  you can put pebbles on the topsoil to keep the humidity. Moreover, this plant requires propagation when its leaves are growing bigger.

8. Syngonium Bold Allusion

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The Syngonium plant has some varieties. You may ever see this one. It is Syngonium Bold Allusion. Their leaves are light green. There are purple lines on the middle side of the leaves. This Syngonium is stunning to grow as an indoor plant. Also, Syngonium Bold Allusion can grow easily. You need to put it under bright indirect sunlight. Then, water it regularly when the soil is dry.

Syngonium Bold Allusion will grow the best in a warm place. Thus, it is sensitive to overwatering. Thus, do not let this plant stand in wet soil. Meanwhile, fertilizer is not a must thing. Even, you can feed this plant once during the growing season. When you care for this plant perfectly, it will grow more striking leaves in your room.

9. Syngonium Strawberry Cream

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It is another colorful Syngonium plant. Let’s see the Syngonium Strawberry Cream. This variety has pink leaves It almost looks like a faded pink color. This Syngonium Strawberry Cream has an interesting appearance. Some people put this plant in a room to add a natural accent. Moreover, Syngonium Strawberry Cream will grow green leaves. The young leaves are green. When it grows mature, the leaves turn pink.

Syngonium Strawberry Cream is easy to care for. It tolerates low light but prefers medium to bright indirect sunlight. Besides, it could not live under direct sunlight. Intense exposure to sunlight can scorch their leaves. Syngonium Strawberry Cream requires adequate water to hydrate its roots. Thus, you must check the topsoil before watering.

10. Syngonium Green Gold

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Some Syngonium plants are stunning with their colorful leaves. Syngonium Green Gold is one of the colorful varieties. It has green leaves with yellow shades. This plant is low-light tolerant but prefers bright indirect sunlight. Syngonium Green Gold loves humidity in the soil. So, you can water this plant when the soil is dry. Also, you need to mist the plant to hydrate this plant in the afternoon.

Syngonium Green Gold can grow by cutting stems. This plant is easy to grow. Even, you can plant the cutting stem directly in the soil. Then water this stem every morning. The humid soil will stimulate this plant to grow its roots. In addition, you can pour some liquid fertilizer to feed this plant. Adequate nutrients are important for their growth.

11. Syngonium Pink Allusion

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The colorful plant can attract attention. This colorful plant also has a beautiful appearance. It is Syngonium Pink Allusion. This tropical plant has pink foliage. Syngonium Pink Allusion is look like a Syngonium Strawberry Cream. Besides, you will see some differences. The Syngonium Pink Allusion has pink leaves, including young and mature leaves. Meanwhile, the Syngonium Strawberry Cream has young green leaves that will turn grey.

Syngonium Pink Allusion loves bright indirect or filtered light. However, it can survive in low light. This plant will grow well on your window sill, where it gets enough sunlight. Besides, it requires enough water to hydrate their roots in the dry season. You can water it 2-3 times a week. Then, let the soil absorbs the water thoroughly before pouring it again.

12. Syngonium Berry Allusion

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Syngonium plant has many allusion varieties. This is Syngonium Berry Allusion. It is also known as Arrowhead Vine Berry Allusion. It likes partial shade. This plant loves humidity but thrives well under medium indirect sunlight. Besides, Syngonium Berry Allusion only needs little water. You don’t need to water it every day. Watering this plant twice a week is enough to grow them.

Furthermore, Syngonium Berry Allusion can’t tolerate a cold climate. This plant is not frost-hardy. It prefers a warm environment with well-draining soil. Thus, you need to prepare a medium with good drainage. Syngonium Berry Allusion will grow like a bush if it gets adequate water, sunlight, and soil nutrients.

13. Syngonium Albo Variegata

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The white and green shades of Syngonium are interesting. This Syngonium Albo Variegata has a beautiful combination of white-green foliage. This plant is attractive to grow as an indoor plant. Thus, you can pick this plant in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. This variety almost looks like another Syngonium variety, but it has intense white accents.

Moreover, Syngonium Albo Variegata requires moist soil. Thus, you can water it three times a week. In addition, this plant can’t stand in soggy or wet soil. Then, make sure that this plant gets good drainage, well-draining soil, and enough water. In addition, put this plant on your window sill. It is a potential place to get adequate sunlight

14. Syngonium Silver Pearl

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Growing an indoor plant is not difficult. We give an idea of the Syngonium Silver Pearl plant. It is an easy-growing plant with minimal maintenance. This plant can live in a shady place like indoors. Also, it only needs bright indirect sunlight to stimulate its growth. Besides, Syngonium Silver Pearl prefers free-draining soil or a good quality potting mix.

This plant needs regular watering during early growth. It loves humidity. So, it is better to always check the soil before watering this plant. Syngonium Silver Pearl requires fertilizer when you see it is a slow grower. Use the liquid fertilizer to stimulate the roots. Also, check the new leaves to know how fast it grows. This plant will grow healthy and produce more leaves.

15. Syngonium Wendlandii

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Syngonium Wendlandii is a low-maintenance plant. This plant will grow well in a warm place. Besides, it prefers little water. Even, you can water it once a week. For your note, you need to manage the amount of water to keep the soil moist. Some gardeners put perlite or pebbles on the topsoil. It can keep the soil moist and hydrated. Thus, always check the soil before pouring the water.

Besides, Syngonium Wendlandii needs an organic fertilizer. You can feed this plant every two weeks in the summer season. Meanwhile, it is enough to feed it once in the Winter season. In addition, you can update the soil nutrients by adding potting mix or organic mixtures. Syngonium Wendlandii will grow well in good maintenance.

16. Syngonium Rayii

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Do you want to upgrade your living room? Growing an indoor plant can be a nice option for you. Let’s see this recommendation. It is Syngonium Rayii. This plant has a beautiful appearance. You can put it in the corner of your living room. Also, it looks attractive to decorate your window sill. This tropical plant is easy to grow indoors.

Syngonium Rayii is a low-maintenance plant. It loves bright indirect sunlight. Thus, make sure that it gets a warm temperature during early growth. You need to water it once a week in winter and twice a week in summer. This plant loves well-draining soil. Thus, the potting mix is the best soil mixture for Syngonium Rayii. In addition, this plant has a common issue with burning leaves or dropping leaves from underwatering.

17. Mojito Syngonium

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Some green Syngonium varieties are stunning. The green foliages are fresh and natural. This Mojito Syngoniumcan be your option. It is an attractive Syngonium plant to grow indoors. The light green leaves are stunning. It is a rare houseplant, but worth it to grow indoors. The key to growing Mojito Syngonium is the environment and soil nutrients.

Thus, you can water this plant when the soil is dry. It loves well-draining soil. Also, it will grow healthy when it gets enough soil nutrients. You can add an organic mixture or liquid fertilizer to this plant. This plant will grow the best in moderate indirect sunlight. If it thrives well, Mojito Syngonium will grow up to 6 feet tall indoors.

Final Words

Mojito Syngonium is the last variety of Syngonium plants in this article. Syngonium is an easy grower. Thus, it is one of the best plants for a beginner. Syngonium will decorate your room with its attractive leaves. Some Syngonium plants are colorful. It also has a unique appearance. The important things to grow this plant are water, soil nutrients, and sunlight. However, some Syngonium has different needs. Hopefully, this article will help you to understand Syngonium better. Also, we hope you will find the right Syngonium variety to grow indoors. Happy gardening!

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