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12 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Feel Fresh and Move Alive – Tak dipungkiri kamar mandi memang kerap menjadi ruangan yang paling kecil di rumah. Meskipun begitu, ruangan satu ini menjadi ruangan yang paling sering digunakan. Maka dari itu kamar mandi perlu dibuat senyaman mungkin.

Cukup mudah sebenarnya dalam membuat kamar mandi menjadi ruangan yang nyaman. Kamu hanya perlu membuatnya feel fresh. And through this article, we will help you. Here, we provide 12 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Feel Fresh and Move Alive. So, let’s check it out!

1. Install the Exhaust Fan

exhaust fan
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The air in the bathroom tends to be humid and often smells of mold. And, if you want to make your bathroom feel fresh, make sure that the air in the bathroom is not too humid. Here, you can install an exhaust fan in the bathroom. This one item will be very helpful in maintaining air circulation in the bathroom. And also, the presence of an exhaust fan will make bad smells disappear.

2. Open The Window in Your Bathroom Regularly

bathroom window
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Exhaust fans are indeed very helpful to reduce bad odors and maintain good air circulation in the bathroom. However, one of the drawbacks of using an exhaust fan is that this one item uses electrical energy to work. So that it can increase your bills.

To save on electricity expenses, you can use the traditional method. If your bathroom has a window, you can open it regularly. Morning is the best time to open windows. The morning air is much cleaner and fresher to replace the dirty and damp air in the bathroom.

However, the existence of a window in the bathroom often disturbs privacy. Therefore, a decoration is needed in the form of a curtain that can cover the window. So you will feel more comfortable in using the bathroom.

3. Make Sure You Wash The Towels, Curtains, and Rugs Regularl

clean bathroom tips
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Pay attention to the items in the bathroom, especially items made of cloth such as towels, curtains, and rugs. Dust often sticks there and makes it dirty. Usually, when dirty, the color will appear faded. And this is certainly very disturbing appearance and freshness of the bathroom.

So, to maintain the freshness of the bathroom, make sure you wans the towels, curtains and rugs regularly. While waiting for these items to be used, you can replace them with new ones first.

4. Keep The Shower Drain Clean

clean bathroom tips
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When taking a shower, there will be residual dirt that sticks to the drain, and most often it is hair. These impurities not only disturb the beauty and cleanliness of the bathroom but also disturb the comfort of the room. So, the next tip of 12 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Feel Fresh and Move Alive is to keep the shower drain clean.

You can clean the drain every 3 days. However, also adjust to conditions. If on one day hair has accumulated in the shower drain, then this is the right time to clean it and make the drain free of debris.

5. Wipe The Bottles and Jars on the Countertop or Shower Stall

bottles and jars
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When washing your hands, the bottles on the countertop are exposed to water and when it dries it will cause spots which really disturb the beauty and also the freshness of the bathroom. Not only bottles on the vanities. The jars or bottles on the shower stall too.

To maintain the freshness in the bathroom, make sure that the bottles and jars there are always clean. You can wipe it and make sure that the bottles and jars are dry.

If indeed there are spots left on the bottles and jars, you can clean them by brushing them. Isn’t it very simple, right?

6. Clean The Toilet Regularly

fresh bathroom
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Clean the toilet regularly if you want to keep it fresh. There are several things you can do when cleaning the toilet:

  • Brushing The Bathroom Floor

The bathroom floor will get dirty with moss over time. As a result, the floor becomes slippery and can make you slip. So, with this explanation, dirty floors not only cause disturbance to the freshness of the bathroom but can also make you injured. Therefore, brushing the bathroom floor at least once a week. Always make sure that the bathroom floor is always free of moss.

  • Cleaning The Toilet

The toilet area is the main spot that you should often pay attention to. This one area is very easy to get dirty and creates a lot of bacteria.

In cleaning the toilet, you can use bathroom cleaner liquid. Wear gloves as the chemicals are too harsh and can irritate the skin. If possible, also use a mask. Or, you can open the bathroom door when cleaning the toilet with the liquid.

  • Wipe The Vanities After Used

Water in vanities that is allowed to dry will cause spots that are very disturbing to the view and freshness in the bathroom. So, make sure you wipe the vanities after used. You can also clean it with soap and brush it regularly so it does not cause moss there.

  • Brushing The Tiles Wall

For the bathroom area, the wall area is often installed with tiles. This is because water can make the paint color fade and the walls become mossy. And, the tiles wall is also an area that you should pay attention to cleanliness. You can brush the dirt on the wall area until it’s clean. You can brush it at least once a week.

7. Add Aromatherapy Candles There

Aromatherapy Candles
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The next of 12 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Feel Fresh and Move Alive is to add aromatherapy candles. Turning on aromatherapy will make the air in the room smell good. Aromatherapy is also very helpful in making you feel calmer.

You can put it on the small table near the bathtub, the shower stall, the bathroom rack or shelves, or on the vanities. But, if you use the bath, you can place the aromatherapy candles there.

Use two to three aromatherapy candles and place them in different spots. The light of candle is also a decoration that adds to the aesthetic value and beauty of the bathroom.

8. Place The Diffuser on The Countertop

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Selain aromaterapi candles kamu juga dapat menggunakan diffuser untuk memberikan keharuman dan juga ketenangan. Tuangkan dua hingga tiga tetes the essential oil yang kamu sukai.

Disamping membuat ruangan menjadi harum dan penuh ketenangan, ada beberapa manfaat dari menggunakan diffuser for the bathroom:

  • The bathroom freeh of mosquitoes and other insects
  • Helps improve breathing, so it is perfect for those of you who have respiratory problems.
  • Can relieve stress
  • Can bosst your mood, and
  • Keep the air humidity in the bathroom

9. Decorate The Bathroom with Green Plants or Flowers

fresh bathroom tips
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The simplest and most effective way to make a bathroom feel fresh is to decorate it with green plants or flowers. The green color of the most powerful plants in making the bathroom fresh. And, if you want to bring a fragrance to the bathroom, you can use flowers. Besides that, the use of flowers also gives color to the bathroom which creates a pleasant atmosphere there.

There are several plants that you can use to decorate the bathroom:

  • Small Plants

The small size makes small plants need to be placed in places that are visible to the eye, such as vanities, racks, shelves, small tables, and so on. If you really don’t have space to put the small plants, you can tie them with a rope (hanging plants) and hang them in the right place.

  • Medium Plants

The larger size allows you to place the medium-plants next to the vanities or near the shower or bathtub. One of the medium-plants that you can use for the bathroom is cactus.

The cactus plants are indoor plants so they do not need sunlight to keep growing. Also, there are many benefits that you can get from decorating a bathroom with cactus plants such as making the air clean because these plants can absorb harmful substances in the bathroom.

  • Large Plants

Its large size makes this plant unable to be placed in any area you want. The most appropriate spot to place the large plants is the corner of the room. Choose a spot that is exposed to sunlight because remembering that plants still need sunlight for them to grow.

10. Light Up Your Bathroom with Natural Lighting

skylight window
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Lighting is an important factor that affects the comfort and freshness of the bathroom. For those of you who want to make your bathroom feel fresh, you can light up the bathroom with natural lighting.

Install windows to allow sunlight to enter the bathroom. Or, if windows interfere with your privacy, you can install skylights. Besides maintaining your privacy, lighting from above is much better at illuminating the bathroom.

11. Make Sure The Bathroom is Free of Clutter

clean room tips
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To make sure the bathroom is free of clutter is the next of 12 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Feel Fresh and Move Alive. Try to keep the minimalist concept in the bathroom. Use bathroom storages to put things in the bathroom.

Considering that the bathroom is a small room, make sure you use the right bathroom storage. For example, for the tiny bathroom, it would be better to make the wall as a storage instead of using a rack that takes up the space in the bathroom and makes it feel smaller.

12. Install A Mirror in The Bathroom

bathroom mirror
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The last of 12 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Feel Fresh and Move Alive is to install a mirror in the bathroom. Indeed, a mirror is a mandatory item in the bathroom. This one item will be very helpful in facilitating activities such as washing your face and brushing your teeth.

However, the mirror function does not stop there. Mirrors can also make a small bathroom feel more spacious. And also, mirrors can make a room brighter. Natural light entering through a window or skylight will hit the mirror surface and bounce back into the room.

Final Words

Even though it is the smallest room in the house, the bathroom is the room that is used most often. By keeping fresh, the bathroom will feel more comfortable. And the points above are 12 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Feel Fresh and Move Alive that you can choose from. So, happy trying all!

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