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22 Aesthetic Korean Apartment Design Ideas That Will Attract You – Things about Korea are really booming lately, starting from drama series, music, to interiors for residential. And in this article, we will discuss about Korean apartment design that is full of comfort and warmth.

Korean design tends to use bright and soft colors. This is the key to the calm and warm atmosphere that you will feel in Korean design.

Here, we have provided 22 Aesthetic Korean Apartment Design Ideas That Will Attract You. So, let’s check it out!

1. Fresh Green Korean Apartment Design

green korean apartment
Cc: Pinterest

White is often the main color for Korean-style interiors. Next, the interior will be decorated with other neutral colors, such as brown, gray, or beige. Even so, it doesn’t matter if you want to add another color to your apartment.

You can present a soft green color like in this idea. The presence of green in the apartment will give a more fresh effect and feel. And of course, this will add to the comfort of the room.

To give an aesthetic result, try to paint half the wall with soft green paint like in the picture above. And for the other parts, let it be painted white to make the apartment still bright naturally.

2. Feel Cozy and Warm at Once

korean apartment decor
Cc: Pinterest

Besides prioritizing tranquility, Korean design also prioritizes freshness. Usually, in this case, the plant is most often relied on. Green plants or flowers, both are equally good for making the interior feel fresh.

If we look at the picture above, there is a large green plant in the corner of the room. This is an alternative that you can apply to make the room feel fresh and at the same time make the corner of the room look attractive. Furthermore, the apartment is decorated with several small green plants placed in different spots.

There are also flowers in a clear vase on the dining table. The beautiful yellow color of the flowers makes the Korean apartment design look sweeter.

3. Elegant Korean Apartment

elegant korean apartment design
Cc: Pinterest

Korean design does not always look calm. You can also make Korean apartment designs look elegant like the picture above.

Soft white is the main color. And, maximum natural lighting makes the apartment look bright. The soft green sofa gives a slightly fresher impression and makes the atmosphere more lively.

Even though the furniture has a minimalist design, a touch of gold on the wall decor gives the apartment a more expensive and elegant effect. Not only that, if we turn our eyes to the ceiling, we can find elegant pendant lights that look so simple but attractive.

4. Simple and Fresh Korean Apartment

fresh korean apartment design
Cc: Pinterest

The presence of plants really changes the look of the apartment. The simple concept applied to Korean apartment design makes it seem ordinary and even tends to be boring if not decorated properly. And the presence of plants is very helpful in making the room look more attractive and more alive.

Indeed, the number of plants used tends to be small. There is only one medium-sized plant in the corner and a small plant on the dining table. However, the impact given is quite large in making small apartments look more aesthetic.

5. Korean Apartment in Scandinavian Design

scandinavian design
Cc: Pinterest

Who doesn’t know Scandinavian Design? This design that prioritizes comfort is so popular in all circles.

In this idea, Scandinavian design is made differently. However, comfort remains the main priority. Here, Scandinavian Design is made in a little Korean style. Such as the use of minimalist furniture with bright colors, white as the main color, as well as some simple but cute decorations.

In terms of color, white is the main color for these two designs. However, you can also apply other colors such as soft black to give a more assertive side to Scandinavian Design. The black color exposed to sunlight will create a calm that makes the apartment feel comfortable.

6. Cute and Warm Bedroom

cute bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

This cute and warm bedroom is perfect for teenage girls. The combination of white and beige makes the apartment look very soft. Here, you can emphasize the soft look with minimalist design furniture.

Add decorations in the form of yellow lighting to make the apartment look brighter. Yellow lighting can also make the atmosphere in the apartment feel warmer and calmer.

To add warmth to the apartment, you can add fabric material. We recommend that you do layered bedding and use a rug on the floor.

7. Comfortable Studio Apartment

korean apartment decor
Cc: Pinterest

Korean design is indeed the most appropriate to be applied to studio apartments. The use of furniture that is only needed and a minimalist design will provide more space that can make a studio apartment feel more spacious.

The use of soft bright colors really helps to get rid of the cramped and stuffy feeling that often interferes with studio apartments. Natural lighting also makes the apartment look naturally bright.

Wood and fabric materials make the apartment feel warmer and calmer. In this way, you will feel comfortable in your small apartment.

8. Make It Simple and Pretty with Pallet Bed

pallet bed
Cc: Pinterest

Decorations that are too simple are indeed very risky. It is feared that a simple concept can make the interior look stiff and boring. However, you can overcome this by making white the main color and making the wood material more dominant. So that the results that will be given are more calm and warm.

If we look at the picture above, the pallet bed was chosen to decorate the apartment. The large size will make the wood material look bulkier. Here, you can use bedding with neutral colors like gray to make it look aesthetic and natural.

9. Artsy Korean Apartment Bedroom

artsy interior
Cc: Pinterest

Have you watched the Korean drama Nevertheless? In the drama, Yu Na-Bi’s bedroom looks so aesthetic with decorations that have artistic value. And the idea this time was inspired by Yu Na-Bi’s bedroom. It’s just that, this Korean apartment bedroom is made simpler.

The walls are decorated with two beautiful flower paintings. There is also a painting leaning against the wall which increases the aesthetic value of the apartment bedroom. Bedside tables and floating shelves are also not left empty. There are some interesting decorations on it. Small plants are also present there to give a slightly more fresh impression.

10. Korean Apartment in Monochrome Concept

monochrome korean apartment
Cc: Pinterest

Color selection is an important step that will determine the appearance of the interior of the apartment. In making the Korean apartment design look simple, try to apply the two-color concept, or what is known as the monochrome concept.

Combine soft white with black. The white color will make the interior look bright. And the black color gives a more assertive and calm side to the apartment.

Apply black randomly and evenly. This will really help to remove the stiff impression of a white room.

11. Fresh and Cute Look

fresh interior decor
Cc: Pinterest

Next to the window is the right place for you to put plants. Spots exposed to sunlight will really help plants to grow well.

Plants are mandatory decorations for Korean apartments. The presence of plants is very helpful in changing the feel and appearance of the apartment. The natural green color of the plants makes the apartment much fresher and more aesthetic.

You can decorate white apartment nuances with some pink decorations that look cute. Pink throw pillows, pink dolls, and pink and white rugs drastically change the interior of the apartment.

12. Minimalist Small Korean Apartment

minimalist korean apartment
Cc: Pinterest

Applying a minimalist concept to a small apartment is the right choice. The minimalist concept will create more free space which can make it feel wider.

The minimal decor makes the apartment atmosphere much more relaxing. The perfect serenity also comes from the dominant soft white color and natural lighting that enters through the windows.

To remove the stiff impression of the minimalist concept, the apartment is decorated with small plants. This is very helpful to give a little fresh feeling that can make a minimalist small Korean apartment design feel comfortable.

13. Cozy Corner Spot

cozy corner spot
Cc: Pinterest

Creating a cozy spot is one way for you to feel comfortable in the apartment. You can use a bed, sofa, or even a rug.

And the idea this time is choosing a bed to make a cozy spot in the apartment. The bed was deliberately placed next to the window. The height of the bed adjusts to the height of the window. So you can see the beautiful scenery outside from your apartment.

This idea is perfect for those who like to relax. Seeing the scenery will really help to relax yourself and your mind. This is also a surefire way to get rid of boredom in the apartment.

14. Comfortable Minimalist Korean Apartment

minimalist korean apartment design
Cc: Pinterest

As previously explained, Korean-style interiors often apply a minimalist design. So there will be more space that can make the apartment far from cramped and stuffy.

Soft neutral colors are perfect for a minimalist concept. This will make the atmosphere in the apartment feel more calming. Moreover, there is natural lighting and fresh plants that make the natural atmosphere in the apartment feel thicker.

The apartment feels more comfortable by using furniture made of wood and carpet flooring. The combination of wood and fabric creates a warm ambiance that will make you feel at home there for a long time.

15. Feel More Spacious with Loft Idea

loft ideas
Cc: Pinterest

A loft is one way to add space to the apartment. As we know, the space in the apartment is very limited. So, it often becomes a problem in the arrangement.

You can turn the loft into an area to sleep like the picture above. Making the loft as a bed will make your privacy more awake.

And for the lower area, you can make it a living area, dining area, and kitchen. Apply an open-plan concept to make the apartment feel and look more spacious.

16. Playing in Soft-Tones

soft tones interior
Cc: Pinterest

Playing in soft tones is one of the characteristics of Korean design. Bright colors will make the room feel calm and cool at the same time. In addition, the room will also feel fresh and more comfortable.

You can make soft white color as the main color for Korean apartment design. Then present other soft colors such as soft gray and soft beige. Add yellow lighting for decoration. The yellow light will make the atmosphere in the apartment feel calmer and warmer.

17. All Go White

white interior decor
Cc: Pinterest

The selection of the main color is a very important first step. The color you choose will determine the atmosphere and appearance of the interior. And if you want to make the interior of the apartment feel comfortable and fresh, you can choose white as the main color.

Do not hesitate to apply white to the entire interior of the apartment. With this, the apartment will look bright evenly.

If you are worried that the interior will look stiff, you can play with the decorations. Choose wall decorations with soft colors. You can also add some small plants that can make the apartment feel fresher.

18. A Little Touch of Yellow and Orange

beautiful korean apartment design
Cc: Pinterest

The use of pastel colors is enough to make the room look soft and calm. If you want a more lively and cloudless atmosphere, you can give a touch of bright color there.

The idea this time is to choose yellow and orange colors to decorate the interior of the apartment. Small rugs with sunflowers make the floor area look more attractive. Some egg-shaped dolls and also sunflowers give a more aesthetic impression to the Korean apartment. You can use this decoration to decorate a couch or sofa in the apartment.

19. Look Beautiful with Pastel Colors

pastel korean apartment
Cc: Pinterest

The apartment looks so smooth and calm with the pastel colors that adorn it. In this idea, white remains the main color for the apartment. Natural lighting is also maximized to make the white color look brighter.

In the living area, you can see some soft pastel colors. There are pink, orange, and yellow colors that decorate the floor. The avocado-shaped doll gives a more attractive appearance to the living room.

If we go to the back of the living area, we can find an aesthetic mirror leaning against the wall. The soft yellow color that is exposed to sunlight makes it stand out.

20. Comfortable Korean Apartment Living Room

comfortable living room
Cc: Pinterest

It is very important to create a cozy spot in the apartment. And the idea this time is to choose the living area as a place to relax. A small comfortable sofa is placed in the corner of the room. The net curtain makes the sofa area shady during the day. So you can relax more comfortably there.

This living area is also decorated with a rug that has simple and aesthetic motifs. The presence of a rug there makes this area feel warmer and more comfortable. You can also decorate this area with some flower-shaped dolls. This will make it look more interesting and less boring.

21. Aesthetic Workspace

aesthetic workspace
Cc: Pinterest

A workspace is a place that must be present in an apartment. This is where you will work or do assignments. So that your study or work activities can run well, make sure you make the workspace feel comfortable.

One powerful way for you to feel comfortable in your workspace is to make it look attractive and aesthetic. You can choose a minimalist design work desk and bench to make it look simple. Then decoration with some displays that can provide aesthetic value, such as mugs, flowers, magazines, and so on.

Maximize natural lighting to make the workspace more comfortable. It will also be very good for eye health.

22. Aesthetic, Calm, and Fresh Korean Apartment

calm korean apartment
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 22 Aesthetic Korean Apartment Design Ideas That Will Attract You is an aesthetic, calm, and fresh Korean apartment. In this last idea, white is the main color to make the interior look naturally bright. The room is also illuminated with natural light which makes the atmosphere more lively and calm.

This Korean apartment design idea applies minimal decoration to maintain a calm and simple impression. Even so, the apartment is far from being stiff and boring. The pastel blue checkered bedding is quite pleasing to the eye. In the table cabinet area, there are also black and white displays which make it look attractive.

Green plants and flowers are also decorations that decorate this Korean apartment bedroom. The presence of plants and flowers is very helpful in making the interior feel more fresh and alive.

Final Words

The soft and calm appearance of Korean design makes it very popular with many people, especially teenagers. Besides that, a simple concept will be very helpful in making the apartment feel more spacious and comfortable. And in this article, we have provided 22 Aesthetic Korean Apartment Design Ideas That Will Attract You. You can choose the interior appearance that suits your characteristics. So, make sure you choose the right one among the 22 ideas above.

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