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10 Fresh Kitchen Tips: Simple Ways Bringing Freshness to Your Favorite Room – For those of you who like to cook, the kitchen is certainly a part of you. The kitchen becomes the first of your favorite room in the house. And also, a room where you spend most of your free time. Therefore, so that you can cook more comfortably, do not only pay attention to the beauty of the kitchen but also pay attention to its comfort. Make the kitchen fresher. And here, you indeed need some fresh kitchen tips as your guide.

Knowing the tips before decorating or remodeling is very important. By knowing a few simple tips, you can decorate your kitchen better. The possibility of making mistakes in decorating can be minimized.

In this article, we will help you who want to bring freshness to your favorite room. Here, we provide 10 Fresh Kitchen Tips you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Use Neutral Colors

The selection of colors is the first step in decorating a room. The color you choose will determine the look and ambiance of the room. Therefore, make sure you are choosing the right color for your favorite room.

fresh kitchen tips
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In making your kitchen feel fresh, we recommend you to use neutral colors. This is the safest color group for you to use. Using neutral colors can avoid clashes in colors that can interfere with the beauty and comfort of the kitchen. Not only that, but neutral colors will also bring shades of nature, tranquility, as well as freshness to the room. So, it becomes the first of 10 Fresh Kitchen Tips you can follow.

These are the neutral colors that you can use for your favorite kitchen:

  • White

white fresh kitchen tips
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White is no longer in doubt. This is the safest color as well as an alternative color that you can make as the basic color of your kitchen.

The white color gives a bright effect to the kitchen look. Not only that but the dark corners of the room will also be disguised so that the kitchen will feel more spacious. This is why white is often used in small kitchens.

Making white the main color of the kitchen can make it easier for you to decorate. This is because white makes the appearance becomes neutral so that other colors in the room will be seen more clearly.

  • Beige

beige kitchen
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The beige color has a softer appearance. So, if you want to make your kitchen feel fresh with a softer look, then beige is the color you can choose. You can make this color as the main color or just a decoration in the kitchen.

The combination of beige and white can give a calm effect to the look of the kitchen. The atmosphere will also feel more calming. And with this, the kitchen will feel comfortable.

  • Black

monochrome fresh kitchen tips
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Never hesitate to bring black into your room. You can make black as a decoration for the kitchen. The presence of black will give a firm effect on the appearance and also calm to the ambiance.

Apply black to something small in the kitchen like a sink, cabinet, oven, and so on. Or you can also apply it to one side of the wall in the kitchen. Try not to make it dominant so that the kitchen does not look dark.

  • Navy

navy kitchen
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Just like black, this color also becomes dark colors. So, this color will be very useful to give a firmer and cooler effect to the visual of the kitchen.

You can apply the navy color to the kitchen cabinet. Make the surface of the cabinet dove to eliminate the excessive sleek impression when exposed to light reflections.

  • Grey

grey fresh kitchen tips
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Gray is the most suitable color for you to apply with white. When sunlight enters the room, the gray color can slightly reduce the effect of glare in the kitchen. The use of gray will make the room a little shady. The presence of gray in the kitchen will change the atmosphere to be cooler but still calm.

  • Brown

brown fresh kitchen tips
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If you want to bring freshness yet serenity to the kitchen, then brown is the most appropriate color for you to choose. Try combining brown with white. This is an effective way to make the atmosphere in the room calm, full of warmth, and also fresh.

2. Combine with Pastel Colors to Bring A Little Cloudless Ambiance (Optional)

Using neutral colors is more calm and natural for the appearance and ambiance of the room. However, some people will feel bored with a kitchen that is so neutral. Therefore, to make the ambiance a little cloudless, bring some color into it. However, not all colors can be presented here. To make the kitchen feel fresh, you can rely on fresh kitchen tips.

pastel fresh kitchen tips
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fresh kitchen
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You can choose two to three pastel colors for the kitchen. It will make the appearance of the kitchen a little bit colorful so that atmosphere will be turned cheerful and far from boring.

Even though the atmosphere turns cloudless, you will still feel calm nuances in the kitchen. The soft look of pastel colors will not take away the calm feel. On the contrary, it makes the calm nuances more concentrated.

3. Light Up The Kitchen with Natural Lighting

If you want to make the kitchen feel fresh, try to bring natural elements into it, such as natural lighting. Natural light will really help the room bright but not hurt the eyes. In addition, natural light also makes the feel of the room more lively. With this, the kitchen will become a comfortable room at home.

natural lighting
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Besides comfort, natural light also has an impact on the beauty of the kitchen. Natural light can make the colors in the kitchen display their original colors, aka the colors look more alive.

There are three items that you can use to maximize the natural lighting in your kitchen:

  • Glass Door

glass door
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Some houses have a garden beside or behind their kitchen. So, if you are still using a wooden door between the kitchen and the garden, it would be nice from now on to replace your wooden door with a glass door. That way, natural light can enter the kitchen better.

In addition to lighting up the kitchen, glass doors can also make the kitchen more beautiful and comfortable. Your garden which is full of greenery can be seen clearly through the glass door and add a fresh atmosphere to the kitchen. A beautiful garden will make the appearance of the kitchen beautiful too.

  • Large Window

large window
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The bigger the window you use, the more light that enters the room. So, if you want to maximize the natural lighting in the kitchen, then use a large window there too.

Try not to provide decorations that can block the entry of light into the kitchen such as curtains and so on. However, if you want to use the curtain to maintain your privacy in the house, then the net curtain is the solution.

  • Skylight Window

skylight window
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The direction of light is coming from above. So, if you use a skylight window in the kitchen, the room will be better lit. Lighting from above will be maximized in making the kitchen bright naturally.

The use of skylight windows will also display beautiful blue clouds during the day or sparkling stars at night. So with this, you will get a different comfort and atmosphere while cooking during the day and at night.

4. Present Natural Materials

It has been explained in the previous point that in making the kitchen feel fresh, it would be better to rely on natural elements. Therefore, presenting natural materials is the next of 10 Fresh Kitchen Tips you can follow.

There are several natural materials that you can use to make your kitchen feel fresh:

  • Wood

wooden fresh kitchen tips
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Wood is a natural material that is most often used for home interiors, both for buildings, decorations, and furniture. The presence of wood in the room will bring a fresh and warm natural atmosphere.

For the kitchen, you can use wood for kitchen cabinets, flooring, beams, bar chairs, and so on. You can also use timber to give an interesting accent to a wall or table island. Do not cover the wood surface with paint so that the texture and color of the wood can show its natural side in the kitchen.

  • Stone

natural stone
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The stone itself consists of various types, such as granite, marble, sandstone, etc. These three types of stone are the most often used for home interiors, one of which is the kitchen.

Granite and marble have a hard structure and beautiful abstract motifs. The presence of these two stones in the kitchen will give an elegant effect to the appearance. Usually, granite and marble are used for countertops and backsplashes.

Sandstone is usually applied to the wall to form an interesting accent on the texture and color of the stone itself.

  • Bricks

exposed bricks
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Who is not familiar with this one material? Bricks are materials that are often used for buildings. Usually, the bricks will be covered again with cement and form a smooth wall that you can coat with paint.

However, it does not matter if you do not want to coat the bricks with anything. These are called exposed brick walls. The results given will be much more natural. The natural red/orange color not only gives freshness to the ambiance of the kitchen but also adds beauty value of this room.

  • Native Metal (Copper, Iron, Gold, Silver)

fresh kitchen tips
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Copper, iron, gold, silver, etc. is a native metals. Among them, the most often used to decorate the kitchen is iron. However, it is not uncommon for some people to give an expensive effect to the appearance of the kitchen by coating some items there with gold.

For the iron itself, of course, many kitchen items are made from this material, such as a kitchen pendant light, sink, bar chairs, and so on. Usually, items made of iron will be coated with a special paint to avoid the rusting process.

5. Some Plants for Greening The Kitchen

The thing that adds to the freshness of the room is of course the plants. Therefore, Some Plants for Greening The Kitchen is the next of 10 Fresh Kitchen Tips.

natural fresh kitchen tips
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The natural green color of plants is indeed the best in making the kitchen look fresh. However, it does not stop there. Some plants also have the ability to absorb harmful substances in the room. So, the freshness and cleanliness of the air in the room will be well maintained.

There are several plants that you can present in making your kitchen a fresh room at home:

  • Large-size Plants

large plants
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The corner of the room is an area that is often left empty. Instead of being left empty and filled with unused items, it would be better to make the corner of the room a refreshing spot in the kitchen. You can put a large-size plant there.

Because plants are living things that need sunlight to grow, try to choose a corner of the room that is exposed to direct sunlight. That way, the freshness of the plant will be well maintained. Remember! Fresh plants will also give freshness to your home!

  • Medium-size Plants

medium plants
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It is not possible to bring large plants to the side of the table island or other central areas in the kitchen. Placing large plants in the center of the kitchen will only interfere with appearance and comfort. Therefore, here, you need medium-size plants.

Indeed, what is needed in making the room fresh is the natural green color of the plants. However, there is nothing wrong with making plants as decorations or interesting displays in the kitchen. So, try to use pots with interesting designs and motifs.

  • Small-size Plants

small plants
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Tiny kitchens or small kitchens are an exception to decorating with large-size plants or medium-size plants. Using these two plants will only take up space and make the kitchen feel cramped. Therefore, in making the kitchen feel fresh, you can simply decorate the kitchen with small-size plants.

Because of its small shape, you can place it in the table island area or in other kitchen areas. Above the refrigerator is also a spot where you can put these small-size plants.

However, if you no longer have space to put small-size plants, you do not have to worry. Here, you can hang plants (hanging plants) on the ceiling.

6. Make Sure The Air Circulation is Well

Making sure the air circulation is well is the next of 10 Fresh Kitchen Tips. Dirty air trapped in a room will only make it feel uncomfortable. Even, this is not good for people with respiratory disease.

best fresh kitchen tips
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Make the air circulation in the kitchen goes well. Dirty air circulation with clean will make the kitchen feel fresher and more comfortable.

Here, you can open the window in the morning. Choose a window that overlooks the garden. The morning air in your garden will be much fresher. And, if you have a skylight window that can be opened and closed, open the skylight window too. Do the same thing on the glass door.

cozy and fresh kitchen tips
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We also recommend you to install a ceiling fan in the kitchen. This item is very good at running air circulation. In addition, the ceiling fan can also make the air in the kitchen cooler. Suitable for use in summer.

7. Apply Minimalist Concept

A clean and tidy kitchen is a comfortable kitchen. Cleanliness and tidiness of the kitchen also have an impact on freshness. You will feel fresher in a minimal kitchen. Therefore, applying the minimalist concept becomes the next of 10 Fresh Kitchen Tips.

Considering the kitchen is a room that has so many items, then applying the minimalist concept is the most appropriate. All items in the kitchen will be stored properly in the drawer. There are only a few decorations or displays that are visible to make the kitchen look more attractive.

minimalist fresh kitchen tips
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clean fresh kitchen tips
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However, the drawback of the minimalist concept is that it makes the kitchen seem mediocre and boring. Therefore, you need to play on the texture. You can apply exposed brick for the backsplash area. Or, you can also install terrazzo on the floor, countertop, or kitchen wall area. The abstract and colorful motifs on the terrazzo will enhance the appearance but not eliminate the minimalist impression. Instead, the colors of the terrazzo bring a cloudless ambiance and freshness to the kitchen.

8. Add Aromatherapy Candles There

Some plants such as flowers can indeed carry a calming fragrance. However, there is nothing wrong if you want to add fragrance to the kitchen. A fragrant kitchen will not only feel comfortable but also feel fresher. Therefore, the next of 10 Fresh Kitchen Tips is adding aromatherapy candles to the kitchen.

aromatherapy candles
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You can use one or even three more aromatherapy candles. Turn it on when you are cooking or cleaning your kitchen. The freshness of aromatherapy candles will make you more relaxed there.

Besides convenience, you can also use aromatherapy candles as decoration to add to the beauty of the kitchen. You just need to put all your candles on the floating wall shelves. Arrange neatly for a clean kitchen look. And done! Pretty simple isn’t it?

9. Organize Your Things on Floating Shelves

There are many bottles of condiments in the kitchen area. Putting it on the table of course only makes the kitchen seem messy. If you have this, the impact is on the freshness and beauty of the kitchen. Therefore, you need to organize your kitchen things properly.

floating wall shelves
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If there is no more space to put the cabinet, you can use the wall area. Install floating wall shelves there and organize your things there.

Choose interesting bottles for you to place on the floating wall shelves. You can also decorate this spot by putting some mugs and plates with unique and beautiful motifs and designs. So, besides being clean and fresh, the kitchen also looks beautiful and adorable.

10. Decorate It with The Kitchen Rug

The last of 10 Fresh Kitchen Tips is to decorate the room with the kitchen rug. Indeed, this seems trivial. However, the effect given is quite large for the comfort and beauty of the kitchen.

kitchen rug
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Decorating the kitchen with a rug will give a wider effect. So, this one tip is perfect for small kitchens. Using a rug will make the kitchen more comfortable. The broad effect that is given will eliminate the cramped and stuffy taste and make it feel fresher.

Use a rug to add to the beauty of the room. Choose a rug with calm colors and simple motifs. That way the calm impression of a beautiful kitchen is well maintained.

great fresh kitchen tips
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Another benefit of using a rug is as a visual barrier for the dining-kitchen. The open-plan concept is indeed the best way to make a room feel more spacious. However, the loss of walls in the open-plan concept makes the two functions of the room become one. And, with a rug, the room will still feel spacious and well separated.

Final Words

The kitchen is the most important room in the house, especially for those of you who like to cook. Here, “beauty” is not the only point you focus on. There are also “conveniences” that you need to take care of. In making the kitchen feel comfortable, you can bring a fresh atmosphere into it. And, to help you have the kitchen you want, the points above are 10 Fresh Kitchen Tips. These are the simple ways you can follow in bringing freshness to your home. So, happy trying all!

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