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17 Pathway Ideas: Create An Interesting Way to Your Home – Not only the interior, but the exterior of the house is also a part that you should pay attention to. One way is to create an interesting pathway. This can give a prettier effect outdoors.

The use of pathways is often underestimated. Even though the effect it has on the exterior appearance of the house is enormous. Therefore, it is important to know some pathway ideas. And here, we have provided 17 Pathway Ideas for those of you who want to Create An Interesting Way to Your Home. So, let’s check it out!

1. New brick pathway with herringbone pattern

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The brick material is useful for any home design. You can use this material to decorate the indoor design. It has a natural impression. Moreover, the brick material is interesting to be your pathway. It creates an attractive sidewalk as well.

Besides, the brick wall has various colors. You can pick the most attractive color to design your pathway. Maybe the red brick materials will create a natural pathway for your front house. Also, you can design it with herringbone patterns. The zig-zag pattern will be a focal point on the sidewalk.

2. White pathway with small pebbles

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The natural pathway is interesting. You can use natural materials such as stone and wood. Here, you will see the beautiful white pebbles for the pathway design. This pathway uses the smallest pebbles that almost look like sand. Moreover, these pebbles are useful to grow some plants.

These white pebbles are interesting to be your garden pathway. Besides, you can use white stone or porcelain as the stepping pathway. It will help to walk on the pathway without cluttering the white pebbles. Thus, you need to install the stepping stone first before adding the white pebbles.

3. The stone tiles for your modern pathway

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Stone tiles are useful for home design. It looks stunning to decorate the indoor and outdoor floors. Even, the stone tiles are perfect to be your pathway. This element creates a modern impression. Also, the flat surface will create a clean design.

Moreover, you can design creatively. Thus, arrange the stone tiles in a geometric line in your garden. You can design it like this idea. There is a stone pathway in the middle. Meanwhile, there is a garden area with green plants, near the pathway.

4. The white pebbles with the concrete tiles

Cc: Pinterest

The white pebbles are a useful element. Some home designers use this element to create a natural impression. It is useful to decorate a bathroom with a cottage vibe. Even, you can use it to decorate the exterior. For example, it is functional to be your pathway.

The pebbles are useful to reduce the slippery walk. Also, it looks attractive to decorate the pathway with a white scheme. Moreover, you can match it with stone tiles or concrete steppings. The big pebbles can fill the blank area in the pathway. Then, plant some beautiful flowers along the pathway. It creates stunning landscaping for your home exterior.

5. Garden stone pathway for a clean impression

Cc: Pinterest

The exterior of a house is important. It creates a certain impression on people out there. Thus, you can design the home landscaping by adding the pathway. It is a small way to step safely. You can start with the stone pathway in the garden. The stone tiles are attractive to create a clean impression.

It has various colors to represent nature. For example, the grey color and red color are interesting to bring a cottage home impression. Moreover, this garden pathway looks more attractive with the grass yard. You can plant more green plants in the garden. It will help you to get beautiful landscaping.

6. Wooden pathway with pebbles

Cc: Pinterest

Wood is a natural element in home design. It has myriad functions. It can be the furniture, flooring, and even the pathway. The wooden stepping way is interesting to create natural landscaping. Thus, you can use this idea to create a pathway.

Furthermore, it is stunning to match with other materials. In addition, add pebbles and small rocks to fill the pathway area. It will keep the wooden steps in their place. Then, grow more houseplants to produce beautiful flowers. Even, the green plants will help you to get a fresh landscape.

7. Stepping stone pathway for the front landscaping

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The stepping way is an important area to create landscaping. This is a small way to reach the house. Thus, you need an interesting design to create stunning landscaping. Maybe you can take the stone pathway idea to add a small sidewalk to your front garden. It will cut the beautiful grass yard with a natural design.

The stone pathway is suitable for any front yard. Besides, you can add rocks to complete the pathway. Moreover, add some big rocks along the pathway. It is more stunning if you can grow some green plants in the pathway. This pathway is interesting with an S landscaping shape.

8. Gorgeous pathway with glossy stone tiles

Cc: Pinterest

The pathway in the backyard can bring a different nuance. Maybe you have a cozy patio in the backyard and need a beautiful pathway. Thus, apply the glossy stone tiles for a new dimension in the backyard. Also, the glossy stone can will create a natural impression on the backyard patio.

You can match it with the small rocks around the way. The rocks are attractive to add a natural accent. Then, grow some green plants in the backyard and along the pathway. It will create a garden-like impression. Even though you have a small backyard, this pathway will decorate it perfectly.

9. Concrete material with a fraction of pebbles

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The concrete material is one of Industrial accent. It is attractive to be your pathway. First, you can use the concrete dough to create a pathway. Then, add small rocks to it. Otherwise, you can use stone tiles with rock patterns. This pathway will bring a clear pathway for your home.

Moreover, the concrete pathway is stunning to create an indoor area. If you have a small corridor near the garden, you can apply the pathway to create interesting landscaping. It will strengthen the outdoor impression with some green plants along the pathway. You can add some spotlights in the garden.

10. Greystone pathway for the outdoor design

Cc: Pinterest

The stone tiles are simple to create natural landscaping. This element has a natural grey color. You can use this idea to add a pathway to your garden. The grey color will bring scenic landscaping to your home. It is a dazzling sidewalk for an outdoor patio or outdoor living room.

Besides, the stone tiles are clean. It will retain a neat impression for your home landscaping. Moreover, this pathway will keep your shoes clean when stepping home during the winter. With a little creativity, you can grow some green plants along this pathway. Maybe the small spider plants and some trees are interesting for this landscaping.

11. The brick pathway for garden landscaping

Cc: Pinterest

The clean-line landscaping is interesting. You can use the pathway to create a clean line in the front yard. It will help you to arrange the garden design and home façade. You can apply the brick pathway. Look at this idea. It is a brick pathway with a geometrical line.

The arrangement of the brick elements is neat. It will reduce the clutter impression in the front yard. Then, you can grow interesting plants in the garden area. After that, take care of the plants to get stunning landscaping. Maybe you can grow the grass in another area.

12. The concrete pathway with warm lighting

Cc: Pinterest

The concrete element is functional. You can create many designs from this material. For example, the concrete pathway is a nice idea to explore your creativity. You can draw any patterns on it. Then, you will get an interesting pathway.

This pathway is a simple idea if you can design it by yourself. Then, add some garden lighting along the pathway. It will add a warm impression to this sidewalk. Moreover, this concrete pathway is more stunning if you have a fresh front yard. Thus, you need to take care of the grass and outdoor plants.

13. Luxurious stone pathway

Cc: Pinterest

The luxurious house has a stunning pathway. It always is the focal point when stepping into the house. Maybe you want to adopt this luxurious pathway for your front yard. It will create a new dimension to your home façade. The square stepping area is luxurious.

Also, it has small lighting on every step. It creates a beautiful dim impression. Besides, the grass in this yard is really helpful to strengthen the exterior. Thus, it looks neat and stunning. Even though it has few plants, the pathway design is enough to enliven the luxurious impression.

14. Natural stone pathway with rough surfaces

Cc: Pinterest

Natural materials are useful to decorate the house. You can take the advantage of this material for the interior and exterior. For the exterior, it is interesting to be your pathway. The natural stone pathway will enliven the cottage impression. This element has real textures that bring a natural impression.

Besides, natural stone has rough surfaces. Even, you can arrange the stepping stones without any concrete. Then, let the stone creates its natural impression for your home. Also, it is more stunning to match it with green grass. On another side, it looks stunning to grow some green plants.

15. The artistic rock pathway for your garden

Cc: Pinterest

The rock is another natural element that will change the nuance. It has rough surfaces and dark grey color. Even, you can use this element to create a pathway for your home exterior. These rocks have a natural impression on the garden landscaping. Moreover, the small rocks around the path are useful to support the natural accent.

Even, you can grow more green plants along this pathway. It will help you to create a colorful landscape. Moreover, the green plants will grow well under the warm sunlight and get adequate water. Keep them healthy to get a green accent. Thus, this artistic pathway will be more stunning.

16. Wooden stepping pathway on the grassy yard

Cc: Pinterest

The wooden materials are interesting to any home design. Here, you will see the natural pathway from wood. There are some wooden planks on the ground. It creates a natural pathway that matches the grass yard. Thus, you can walk on the steps safely during the winter and rainy days.

Moreover, the wood surfaces are useful to reduce slippery way in the cool climate. Even, you can decorate this pathway with some green plants. Meanwhile, this pathway is simple. Also, you can save on your money and use wooden planks, rather than stone tiles.

17. Random stone for stepping pathway

Cc: Pinterest

The stepping stone is identical to the cottage area. It is a natural design to create an interesting pathway. The stepping stone is easy to arrange. You do not need to add concrete dough to connect the stone. Besides, you can let it stuck on the ground naturally.

Then, grow the grass in the garden. Let the grass fill the blank area between the stones. It is a natural idea to create an interesting pathway. Then, you can grow more green plants in this garden. Let them grow massively and create a beautiful landscape.

Final Words

Creating a pathway to your exterior house is an interesting way to make your home exterior look more beautiful. There are many ideas of pathways that you can apply to your home. And we have summarized them in “17 Pathway Ideas: Create An Interesting Way to Your Home”. So, choose a pathway that fits your exterior design. Also, pay attention to the material and colors of the pathway that we will choose. So, happy trying!

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