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15 Natural Materials Ideas: Make The Feel of Nature in Your Home Thicker – The natural atmosphere is a mainstay to make the house feel fresh and comfortable. Besides that, bringing a natural atmosphere into the house can also provide tranquility which makes the comfort of the home increase rapidly. And of course, to make the natural atmosphere at home feel clear, you need to bring natural materials here. With this, it is important to know which natural materials ideas are suitable for your home.

There are several natural materials that will be discussed in this article:

  • Natural Stone,
  • Bricks,
  • Wood,
  • Rattan, and
  • Bamboo

Here are 15 Natural Materials Ideas for those of you who want to Make The Feel of Nature in Your Home Thicker. So, let’s check it out!

1. Serenity Outdoor Bathroom

natural materials ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The outdoor bathroom is indeed identic with a thick natural atmosphere. Usually, plants are the main decoration for an outdoor bathroom. Therefore, the atmosphere in the outdoor bathroom is much fresher than in the indoor bathroom.

However, plants are not the only thing you should present here. You also need to give a natural touch like natural materials.

Wooden is the most appropriate natural material for you to choose. The texture and color of the wood will make the outdoor bathroom feel warm and serene.

Because the bathroom is a wet area, the wood you should use is waterproof wood. With this, the wood will not be easily brittle when exposed to water continuously.

2. Natural Stone Wall for Your Exterior

natural stone wall
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The outdoor area is often used as an area to relax. So it is very important to make the outdoors in your home feel comfortable.

No need for difficult and troublesome decorations to make the outdoor feel comfortable. You only need to build a wall of natural stone. A natural stone wall will give a dashing effect to your home. Not only that, but natural stone walls will also make your house exterior look attractive with a more natural appearance.

Because of its location outside, during the rainy season, moss often grows on the rock area. So, to maintain the beauty and comfort of the outdoor area, you can clean it regularly during the rainy season.

3. Exposed Wooden Ceiling

Exposed Wooden Ceiling
Cc: Pinterest

There are several ways to make the room feel more spacious, one of which is by applying an exposed ceiling. However, there are a few things you need to pay attention to so that the ceiling does not just show arranged rooftiles. And, giving natural material there is the right idea.

You can choose wood as the main material for the ceiling. The natural brown color of the wood will make the atmosphere in the room feel warm. Besides that, the texture of the wood also contributes to making the room look attractive.

4. Calm Kitchen with Beams

Calm Kitchen with Beams
Cc: Pinterest

This idea is inspired by a rustic design. The wooden surface on the ceiling is left rough to give the kitchen more texture. So that the kitchen will look more attractive and far from being boring.

Applying beams on the ceiling is perfect for a rustic design kitchen. This one idea is also suitable for a modern minimalist kitchen. The texture of the wood will make it look attractive even though the kitchen is made so simple and minimalist.

The color of the wood will look more stand out if the room is made in white shades. So, it is the right choice to make white as the main color for the kitchen. And final, maximize natural light to make the wood look more alive in the room.

5. Simple Natural Stone Walls for Kitchen

simple natural materials
Cc: Pinterest

You can apply natural stone walls not only to the house exterior. You can also bring it into the kitchen.

Applying natural stone walls in the kitchen is the most appropriate idea. A natural stone wall will give a brighter and cooler effect. Tranquility also increased greatly in this room.

There is no need to overdo it. You can choose the smallest part of the wall for you to apply natural stone. Because what you need here is only the texture and color of the natural stone wall itself. So, even if it is a little, the important thing is there.

6. Scandinavian Living Room Design with Wooden Wall

nordic living room design
Cc: Pinterest

Scandinavian design displays more of a warm feel. Therefore, this design often uses wood as the main material. Wood is the best material to change the atmosphere to be warm and full of tranquility.

If we look at the picture above, the Scandinavian living room is made simple. Indeed, this one design tends to look minimalist. And with wood, even though the living room is minimal in decoration, the color and texture of the wood are enough to make this room look attractive.

The addition of maximized sunlight makes the color and texture of the wood more obvious. And of course, this makes the Scandinavian living room look even more beautiful and comfortable.

7. Warm Modern House Design

natural materials ideas for modern design
Cc: Pinterest

Modern designs can also look beautiful and attractive by using wood materials. Instead, the presence of wood material will work with the minimalist concept in making the room feel much calmer. And of course, wood also makes the atmosphere in the room warmer. And, this is that makes the room feel much more comfortable.

You can make a natural atmosphere here thicker. If we look at the picture above, the room is made naturally bright by making sunlight as the main lighting. Large windows are installed on each wall of the room. Right on the table, you can also see small plants that make the room feel fresher.

8. Wood for Wall and Ceiling Make It Look Harmonious

wood materials ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Applying wood on the walls and ceiling is an interesting idea that you can try. Wooden walls and ceiling will make the room look more harmonious and simple. This is because the color in the room is much less.

You can maximize sunlight to make the colors and textures of the wood more visible in the room. Install large windows and replace the wooden door with a glass door. Also, avoid decorations such as curtains that can block light from entering the room.

For those of you who are crazy about a minimalist style house, you can choose this one idea. Because the texture and color of wood can make a room look attractive even though the decorations and colors in the room are very simple.

9. Natural Stone Fireplace

Natural Stone Fireplace
Cc: Pinterest

The cold air in autumn and winter will greatly disturb your comfort at home. Therefore, making a fireplace is very important to keep the air in the house warm.

In the living room, the fireplace is the main focal point. So, making it look different from other spots will make the living room look more attractive. Here, you can apply natural stone only to the fireplace area. Make natural stone from the floor to the ceiling.

The natural gray color of the natural stone might make the atmosphere a little cooler. However, the maximum serenity of this natural material will make the room feel much more comfortable.

10. Beautiful Timber Partitions

timber partitions
Cc: Pinterest

You can apply natural materials not only to house buildings such as floors, walls, and ceilings. You can also present natural materials in other ways, such as using furniture from wood or partitions from timber like this idea.

Timber partitions are very suitable to be used for open-plan concepts. In this concept, the wall is indeed removed for the purpose of a wider room. However, between the functions of the room you still need to provide a barrier. And, making partitions between rooms is the right choice.

Timber partitions will provide a cavity that will allow you to still see the rest of the room. Thus, this will not cover the entire room and interfere with the open-plan concept itself. The color and appearance of the timber also make the room look more beautiful.

The modern and minimalist design will be very suitable for you to apply timber partitions. However, timber partitions will look much more perfect for a Japanese or Japandi room design.

11. Bamboo Beach House Design

bamboo beach house design
Cc: Pinterest

A bamboo beach house design is the next of 15 Natural Materials Ideas. As we know, the atmosphere on the beach is much fresher and warmer. So, to strengthen this atmosphere at home is the right choice.

Bamboo is the natural material chosen for this idea. At first glance, the color of bamboo is almost similar to wood. However, in terms of appearance and texture are very different. Buildings made of bamboo have a more complex texture than wood.

If you want to make this bamboo house look harmonious and warm, in addition to choosing neutral colors, you can also use furniture made of wood or of bamboo as well. Make the interior feel fresher by presenting flowers or leaves motifs.

12. Modern Balinese Villa with Rattan and Wood

Modern Balinese Villa
Cc: Pinterest

Balinese villa is indeed famous for its thick natural atmosphere. Green plants and frangipani trees are the main things that give a fresh and calm effect. Not only that, Balinese villas also tend to use natural materials, be it for buildings or furniture.

If we look at the picture above, the wall area is made plain with white paint. However, the brown color of the wooden ceiling provides warmth to this villa. Not only that, but some pieces of furniture made of rattan also make the atmosphere feel warmer and livelier.

13. Outstanding Boho Chic Living Room

natural materials ideas tips
Cc: Pinterest

Boho chic design has a very attractive and unique appearance. Boho design with a thick cloudless atmosphere combined with a chic design that has a sweet appearance of flowers.

What is interesting about this boho chic living room is the look that is warm but still sweet, soft, and cloudless. The warmth you can feel here comes from the exposed brick wall, beams ceiling, as well as rattan items in the room.

Some hanging plants and also pink flowers are not only decorations that make the room look attractive. These decorations also give a fresh impression that makes the room feel more comfortable.

14. Plaster Brick Wall for Modern Industrial Design

industrial design
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 15 Natural Materials Ideas is a plaster brick wall for modern industrial design. Plaster brick wall slightly shows the outdated side in a modern style room which makes it look attractive and unique.

The selection of the corner of the room for plaster brick wall is very appropriate. Sunlight that enters through the window will directly hit the plaster brick wall and make the color and texture look more vivid in the room.

You can also create a 70s atmosphere for a corner of the room by placing a vintage chair design there. Decorate with a floor lamp to make it look prettier. You can also install a warm LED light on the wall area to make the plaster brick wall look more stand out.

15. Modern Interior Design with Natural Stone

modern interior design
Cc: Pinterest

Modern interior design with natural stone is the last of 15 Natural Materials Ideas. The modern look with a minimalist concept does feel calmer. Which, you can make it a place to relax and calm your mind.

There is nothing wrong with bringing a calmer and warmer atmosphere here. Instead, it will add to the comfort of this place.

You can apply natural stone walls on several walls. However, not for the entire wall in the room. Apply a natural stone wall from the center of the wall to the bottom so that it makes the display look more attractive.

Final Words

Natural materials can be your mainstay to make the natural atmosphere at home feel thicker. The natural atmosphere will provide freshness, warmth, and tranquility which will make the house feel more comfortable. And, the points above are 15 Natural Materials Ideas that we deliberately provide for those of you who want to Make The Feel of Nature in Your Home Thicker. Make sure you choose natural materials that match the interior design of your home and the atmosphere of the room you want. So, good luck guys!

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