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9 Great Tips to Present Natural Atmosphere at Home – Not only beauty, home comfort is also a pillar that you should not miss. A comfortable home will certainly make you feel calmer. Besides that, a sense of comfort can also eliminate the feeling of boredom that bothers you all the time. And, present natural atmosphere is the most powerful way to create comfort in your home.

The natural atmosphere will make your home feel calm, fresh, and warm. However, of course, presenting a natural atmosphere at home is not easy. There are several things that you need to pay close attention to, starting from the selection of interior design, colors, lighting, and much more.

So, for those of you who are ready to make your home feel comfortable, here we have provided 9 Great Tips to Present Natural Atmosphere at Home. Let’s check it out!

1. Make Sunlight as The Main Lighting of The Room

Room lighting is the most important point that you must pay close attention to. Lack of light will certainly greatly interfere with the beauty and comfort of the room.

There are two lightings that you must present in the room:

  1. Natural Lighting, and
  2. Artificial lighting
present natural atmosphere
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If you want to make your home feel comfortable by presenting a natural atmosphere, then make natural lighting the main lighting for the room. There are several ways that you can apply to make your room look bright naturally:

  • Install Large Windows

present natural atmosphere at home
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We can say the window is an item that is definitely in the house. So, take advantage of this to make your room a natural light. You can choose large windows for your home. The bigger the window, the more light that enters the room. Or, you can also install windows in large numbers. However, also pay attention to the aesthetic value of the house. Do not install an excessive number of windows.

  • Change The Wooden Door with Glass Door

present natural atmosphere tips
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Who here still uses wooden doors? If you are one of them, then it is time to replace the door in your home.

Try to replace wooden doors with glass doors. That way, sunlight can enter more freely into the room.

The room right next to the garden is the most appropriate for installing glass doors. Besides making the room naturally brighter, a refreshing green garden will also add to the natural atmosphere of the room.

  • Install Skylight Window

skylight window
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Actually, this is an option you can choose from or not. However, installing skylight windows will really help to make the lighting in the room even better. Its location at the top will allow sunlight to make the room perfectly bright. No dark corners and distracting shadows.

2. Choose White as The Main Color of The Room

Applying whiter to the room is an alternative way to make the room look naturally bright. Besides that, the white color will also make the other colors more visible and stand out in the room, which of course will make the room look even more attractive. Not only that, making white as the main color will also really help to make the small room feel wider. And these are the reasons why the white color is so popular.

present natural atmosphere at white room
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For those of you who want to present a natural atmosphere in your house, of course, white is the color you must choose as the main color of the room. Sunlight entering through windows, glass doors, or skylights will make white colors appear brighter and more alive. For the results given, of course, white will look more natural than other colors.

For the atmosphere, the white color also has a big influence. A white room will feel fresher and calmer. And if you can decorate it well, the room will feel warmer and more comfortable.

3. Fill The Room with Earth-Tone Colors

White is not the only color you can use to decorate the rooms in your home. Only relying on one color is certainly not good for the beauty of the room. It will make the room tend to be bored and unattractive.

So, to make the interior of your house look great, it is important to bring other colors into it. And of course, the color chosen is not arbitrary. To present the natural atmosphere well, earth-tone colors are the only option you should choose.

present natural atmosphere with earth-tones
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There are three colors that you can choose to fill the interior of the house, those are brown, green, and gray. The many shades of these three colors allow you to choose which shade is suitable for the interior of your home. You can choose light, soft, and dark shades.

4. Presenting Natural Materials into The Room

The materials that you present in the room also affect the atmosphere of your room. If you want a cooler atmosphere, then you can rely on aluminum, iron, and metal materials. However, if you want a more natural, calm, and warm atmosphere, then bring natural materials into your room.

tips to present natural atmosphere
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Here are natural materials that you can choose for your home:

  • Wood

wood material
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The first material you can use is wood. The natural brown texture and color of the wood will create a room with a warm and serene ambiance.

You can apply wood materials to the ceiling, walls, and floors. You can also choose furniture made of wood to decorate the rooms in the house.

If you want an older look and a 70s feel, then choose wood with a rougher texture. But, if you want to make the interior more modern and minimalist, you can make wood with a smooth and sleek texture as an option.

  • Rattan

rattan material
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Next, there is a rattan material. Because it is easy to shape, you can find some interesting decorations that are made from rattan. Usually, displays made of rattan have an ethnic look that can make the room look unique.

Some furniture can also be made of rattan, such as benches, tables, carpets, and so on. And furniture like this you can choose to fill the rooms in your home.

  • Bamboo

bamboo furniture
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The bamboo is the next material that you can bring into your home. Bamboo is usually made into furniture such as benches and coffee tables. Shapes, textures, and colors, furniture made of bamboo will give a traditional look to your home interior. And this is certainly very suitable for traditional and ethnic-style houses.

  • Natural Stone

natural stone
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Natural stone is usually applied to the floor and walls of the house. Rustic design houses that most often make natural stone as a mandatory material to make a natural atmosphere thicker.

The gray color will give a cool effect to the appearance of the room. However, the atmosphere will feel more calm and natural. Besides that, another use of natural stone walls is to make the house stronger and more manly.

  • Bricks

exposed brick walls
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The last of natural material you can present to your house interior is bricks. This material is usually applied to walls, or what is often called exposed brick walls.

The orange or red color of the bricks will make the room look even more attractive. A slightly more cheerful atmosphere was also present. So, in addition to making the room beautiful, exposed brick walls also make the room feel more comfortable.

5. Keep The Interior Simple

The number of furniture or other items in the room will greatly disturb the tranquility of the room itself. So, to make the natural atmosphere present properly in the room, it is better to keep the interior simple. Here, you can apply a little minimalist concept in it.

simple interior
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There are several ways to make the interior look simple, such as using items that are only needed and do not decorate the room too much. One or two wall decorations are enough to make the room look attractive.

If you want to give a more interesting effect to the room, you can add simple motifs to it. We highly recommend flowers and leaves motifs. Because these two motifs can make the natural atmosphere feel even thicker in the room and also provide a fresh effect that can add comfort.

6. Decorate The Room with Plants

Keeping the room simple does not mean not providing decorations at all. A room without decorations will feel empty and boring. In fact, this will also make the room look unattractive.

So, decorating a room is a mandatory and important thing that you must do. Because our goal is to make the natural atmosphere present well in the room, then choose decorations that are also related to nature, such as plants.

easy tips to present natural atmosphere
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If you prefer to choose artificial plants/fake plants, it is actually fine. The green color of the plants will still give a fresh effect to the room. However, it would be much better to choose native plants. Some native plants not only affect the visuals of the room but can also clean the air in the room. With this, the room will feel fresher and more comfortable.

7. Choose Interior Design That is Related to Nature

Langkah awal dalam mendekorasi ruangan adalah memilih interior design yang tepat. Point satu ini cocok untuk kamu yang ingin merenovasi interior rumahmu secara keseluruhan, mulai dari pengecatan dinding, pemilihan ulang furniture, hingga dekorasi yang berbeda dari sebelumnya.

If you want to bring natural atmosphere to interior rumahmu, maka pilih interior design yang berhubungan dengan alam, seperti rustic design, Scandinavian design, and Japanese design.

natural interior design
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  • Rustic Design

rustic design
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Rustic design does focus on the look and atmosphere of nature. Therefore, this design usually uses natural materials for the foundation of the house, starting from the ceiling, walls, and floor. Not only that, for room decoration, this design also chooses natural items, such as a carpet or blanket made of sheepskin and others.

  • Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Design
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The Scandinavian design does look more contemporary. The furniture used is also more minimalist in nature and uses fabric as the main material. However, some aspects of this design are related to nature, such as the use of neutral colors, presenting wood elements, using natural lighting as the main lighting, and also plants as mandatory decorations for the room.

  • Japanese Design

Japanese Design
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Actually, this design is no longer in doubt. Japanese design has maximum serenity by utilizing the natural atmosphere. Japanese-style houses usually feel warm because wood is the main material in this design. Besides that, the serenity of the Japanese design comes from the splash of water from a small pool at home. And final, the plants that are used as decorations make a Japanese-designed room feel fresh and natural.

If you want the room to look more attractive and contemporary but still have a strong natural atmosphere, you can choose Japandi design for your home interior. It is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian designs. If you want to know more about Japandi Design, you can click here!

8. Make The Room Free of Clutter

The natural atmosphere is identic with maximum serenity. And, the clutter in your rooms is not only visually distracting but also atmospheric. So, if you want to feel the natural atmosphere clearly, make sure the rooms in the house are free of clutter.

Usually, there will be cables that will greatly interfere with the appearance of the room. So, the trick is that you can hide these cables by placing a picture-framed in front of them. Or, you can also buy a cable organizer box at the online store.

free of clutter
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Other things that make a room look chaotic are small items that are placed in visible spots. An example is the TV remote on the table. All these little things make sure you keep them in a closed place. That way, the room will appear cleaner and neater.

9. Choose Warm Lighting for The Afternoon

Sunlight cannot overcome your house 24 hours, therefore you need to keep the house bright in the day by relying on lights. Currently, there are various designs and colors of lights that you can choose from. However, if you want to bring a natural atmosphere to your room, try choosing warm lighting.

warm atmosphere
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Because warm lighting is not too bright, you need to present it in a slightly larger amount, especially for a large room. Therefore, we recommend choosing recessed lighting. This will make the room look evenly bright and also look attractive.

If you want to use lights to add to the aesthetic value of the room, that is fine. Choose a pendant light with a simple and attractive design. Hang a chandelier right in the middle of the room.

Final Words

The beauty of the room is important, but comfort is no less important. It would be better to put these two in sync. To make the room feel comfortable, you can bring a thick natural atmosphere into the room. This is an alternative fail-safe way that you can try. The points above are 9 Great Tips to Present Natural Atmosphere at Home that you can follow. So, happy trying!

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