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11 Inspiring Ways to Have Your Dreams Bedroom – As a room for sleeping and also resting, people will always provide the best decoration to make their bedroom feel comfortable and soothing. However, bedroom comfort is not the only thing that needs attention. The bedroom will be much better if it is made attractive too. A beautiful appearance will certainly make the bedroom not boring.

A comfortable and attractive bedroom is a people’s dream bedroom. However, there are still many who do not know how to harmonize the comfort and beauty of the bedroom. Indeed there are plenty of ways that you can apply. And, in this article, we have summarized it in 15 Inspiring Ways in Having Your Dreams Bedroom that you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

Decorate Your Dreams Small Bedroom with Floating Desk

A small room may look easier to decorate, only needing to use a minimum of furniture is enough to make a small room feel comfortable. However, using the furniture that is only needed will not make a small room look attractive. Precisely, if you make a mistake in decorating, the small room will feel cramped and unattractive.

small spaces bedroom decor
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So, for those of you who want to have a dreams small bedroom, you can choose a floating desk. By using this item, the bedroom will not feel cramped. Besides that, the floating desk is also very multifunctional. You can make it as a table for work, study, or a makeup dressing table.

Create Your Dreams Bedroom with Monochrome Theme

The minimalist appearance of the room is indeed being craved by many people. They think that a minimalist room looks more spacious and more comfortable. If you are one of them, these ways will really inspire you in having your dreams bedroom.

Apart from only using makeshift furniture, a room with a minimalist concept also does not use too many colors. Two colors are enough to make a room look attractive. Black and white are the perfect combinations to be applied to the bedroom.

monochrome bedroom
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A black and white bedroom, or it can also be said as a bedroom with a monochrome theme, will be felt so calm. Making white the main color makes the bedroom appear bright naturally. And the black bedroom decor gives a bold effect that makes this room look perfect.

Under Mini Wardrobe as A Hiding Place

Sometimes there are some items in the bedroom that you do not want. If seen, of course, it will be very disturbing the appearance and also the comfort of the bedroom.

So, in realizing your dreams bedroom, try to present a hiding place as a place to store unwanted items.

dreams bedroom attractive ways
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You can choose a mini cupboard which an under of this furniture can be used as storage for your shoes and sandals. You can also put some cardboard which is will disturb the appearance of your bedroom.

String Light will Materialize Your Dreams Bedroom

Nowadays, there are many types of lamps that can be used, thus making the function of lamps not only to illuminate the room but also to decorate the room in making the room appear more aesthetic. One of them is a string light.

string light for dreams bedroom
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If you only use string light as the main bedroom lighting, of course, the bedroom will not look bright at night. Therefore, string lights can only be used as additional lights.

The warm lighting for the string light will really change your bedroom dramatically. A simple bedroom will look beautiful. Also, string light with warm lighting will bring a warm atmosphere to the bedroom so that the bedroom will feel very comfortable. By only using one item, it will materialize your dreams bedroom.

Dreams Bedroom with The Coziest Corner

The corner of the bedroom is often left empty. Whereas, if given the right decoration, the corner of the room will look so beautiful.

cozy coner bedroom
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Try placing the armchair in the corner of the room. You can also decorate it with a coffee table or some interesting plants. Do not forget to put a pillow on the armchair to make it feel more comfortable. With this decoration, the coziest corner will be created in your dreams bedroom.

Full-Length Mirror in The Corner of The Room

The mirror is an item that must be in the bedroom. The use of a mirror in this room is to help you see the outfit that you will wear or make up for yourself. However, mirrors can also be used as room decorations to make them appear more charming.

bright look decor tips
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Like a full-length mirror placed in the corner of the room. You don’t need to hang the mirror on the wall because the two sides of the wall can hold the mirror well. Also, add a soft rug for the mirror base so that it is not slippery.

The existence of a mirror in the bedroom will make the bedroom feel more spacious. Not only that, natural lighting that enters the bedroom and hits the mirror surface will reflect back into the room. With this, your dreams bedroom will look brighter.

Have A Dreams Bedroom with Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs are usually used on the exterior of a home, such as to comfort a backyard, patio, or garden. However, there is nothing wrong with using a hanging chair in the bedroom.

cozy corner decors
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Decorating a bedroom with a hanging chair will make the bedroom feel so comfortable. Not only that, but the bedroom appearance will also look more attractive and different.

Using a hanging chair in the bedroom will make you realize your dreams bedroom. You can add a bench cushion and a pillow on the hanging chair. Also, add a wool blanket to make it feel warm.

Fur Rug on The Chair As Your Pet Bed

It feels incomplete if the bedroom is only made comfortable for us. For those of you who have pets, try to make the bedroom a comfortable room for your pet.

You can use a soft stool as a pet bed and also putting a fur rug on the bench will make this place feel warm. In this way, your pet also feels the comfort of your bedroom.

comfortable bedroom
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Since it allows the hair to stick to the rug and chair, make sure you vacuum it regularly. Also, choose a bright color for the rug and chair so that the attached pets hair is not visible and disturbs the appearance of the bedroom

Simple Dreams Bedroom with Garment Rack

For small bedrooms, it is strictly forbidden to use cupboards. Because this can make the bedroom feel cramped and uncomfortable. It would be better to use an exposed wardrobe or garment rack.

minimalist bedroom
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For having a simple dreams bedroom, it is highly recommended to choose a garment rack. Here, you can only put on a few clothes that you will wear for a week, so the room will not look full. Or, you can also use it to make the bedroom look attractive by choosing clothes with matching colors.

To make it appear more aesthetic, pair it with a floor lamp. And give the fur rug a bright color as a garment rack lining.

Wooden Ladder Makes Your Dreams Bedroom Look Unique and Attractive

It might feel strange to use a wooden ladder in the bedroom. However, it turned out that the wooden ladder can not only be used to reach something high. This one item can be used as an attractive hanger in the bedroom. In this item, you can hang clothes after wear, bags, scarves, jackets, and so on.

beautiful and fresh decoration
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A wooden ladder wrapped with artificial vines / synthetic vines is a decoration that can make your dreams bedroom look unique and more attractive.

Wall Wire Grid for Neat Work Space

The bedroom is not only a room for sleeping and resting. Some people make their bedroom a place to work and study by creating a workspace in the corner of the room.

workspace decor
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In the workspace, there are usually small notes which make this spot a mess. This will certainly disturb you in having a dreams bedroom. So, in setting up the workspace in the bedroom, use a wire wall grid to hang your notes.


The bedroom must be made comfortable. However convenience is not the only thing to be aware of. To create a dream bedroom, the beauty of the bedroom must also be considered. And in this article, we have provided 11 Inspiring Ways to Have Your Dreams Bedroom.

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