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Easy Tips and Decors in Having Comfy Bedroom for Welcoming Summer 2021 – Create a comfy bedroom for welcoming summer is very important. Because every season has different vibes. The temperature varies from season to season. Therefore, the bedroom needs to be decorated according to the current season.

As a room to release fatigue due to daily activities, the bedroom must be made comfortable. Not only that, but the appearance of this room must also be attractive. That way, you will wake up in a great mood.

For those of you who are still confused about how to make a bedroom feel comfortable and also look attractive in the summer, here we have provided Easy Tips and Decors in Having a Comfy Bedroom for Welcoming Summer 2021. So, let’s check it out!

Paint The Entire Bedroom Walls with White

It is time to change the appearance of the bedroom to make it feel more cheerful. You can start on the wall first.

As the main focal point of a room, the wall has complete control over the appearance and atmosphere of the room. And, in having a comfy bedroom for welcoming summer, you can paint the entire wall of your bedroom with white paint.

whie bedroom for summer
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In summer, the sun’s light will continue to shine on it. The whitewashed bedroom walls will make the bedroom look bright in this season. In this way, the bedroom will feel more lively and fun.

Install The Fan Ceiling

The air in summer is very hot. Some people might use the air conditioner to keep their room cool. However, the use of AC is not very good for the earth. Besides that, AC will also make your electricity bill swell.

Compared to the air conditioner, a fan is much better to use. You can install the ceiling fan in your bedroom. It would be better if the ceiling fan is hung just above the bed. This will make you sleep soundly in the summer.

ceiling fan
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If you feel that using a ceiling fan only disturbs the light, you can use a ceiling fan with a lamp. Currently, there are many types of lamps that are presented. You can choose according to your needs.

Add A Touch of Blue to The Bedroom

Spring identic to the sea. People will make the sea a tourist destination to pamper their skin. The sunshine, the roar of the waves, the calm blue hues the vibes of summer.

Maybe you can take a little beach atmosphere in your bedroom. That way, the bedroom atmosphere will feel fresh and calm.

fresh summer bedroom
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Add a touch of blue to the bedroom: sea painting on the wall, blue pillowcases on the chair, blue blankets on the bed, and so on. This is the easy tip and d├ęcor having a comfy bedroom for welcoming summer 2021. In this decor, the bedroom will look so pretty and cozy.

Decorate The Bedroom with Fresh Plants

It feels incomplete if the summer bedroom is not attended by fresh green colors. Try replacing some of the decorations used in the bedroom with plants.

There are two plants to choose from to make the summer bedroom feel fresh: native plants and artificial plants.

Although their function is the same, which is to bring a fresh green color to the bedroom, these two plants have different benefits. Such as native plants, which can make the air in the bedroom fresh and healthy. However, maintenance is a little troublesome. And for artificial plants, are only used as room decorations.

summer bedroom plants decors
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Many ornamental plants that you can use to decorate your bedroom, such as cactus plants. There are many benefits that you will get from using cactus plants in the bedroom:

  • The room will look fresh
  • The interior of the bedroom looks beautiful with attractive cactus colors
  • The air in the bedroom will be healthy
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Relieve stress on the mind
  • Make the bedroom comfortable

Pretty Summer Bedroom with Beautiful Flowers in the Vase

Almost all women like flowers. The beautiful colors can indeed make your eyes fresh. Therefore, flowers can be used as decoration in having a comfy bedroom for welcoming summer 2021.

beautiful summer bedroom
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Choose the flowers that you like. Beautiful colors will make the bedroom look so pretty.

Beautiful flowers in the vase are perfect for placing on the bedside table. With this, the flowers will be seen and become a focal point in the bedroom.

Move The Bed Slightly Away From The Window

Hot sunlight can be unpredictable at times. Often there is extremely hot weather that can burn the skin. So, placing the bed next to the window is not quite right for summer. When the sun is scorching hot, you can wake up with burnt skin. Therefore, try to move your bed slightly away from the window.

cozy summer bedroom decors
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No need to move it to the edge of the bedroom. Here, you still have to take advantage of the sun’s rays to boost your mood. So, make sure the bed is still exposed to the sun even a little.

Replace Thick Blankets with Thin Ones

It’s time to neatly fold the thick blanket and put it in the closet. In summer, a thick blanket is no longer needed. Using a thick blanket in the bedroom will only make it feel hotter. As a result, the bedroom becomes uncomfortable.

summer bedroom decors
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In having a comfy bedroom for welcoming summer 2021, make sure you replace the thick blankets with thin ones. This one tip also applies to bedding.

Declutter The Bedroom

In order for the bedroom to feel cool, make sure there are not many items in the bedroom. Get rid of things you no longer need, such as rugs. If in winter, a rug is needed to make this room warm, but in summer it is very different.

cozy summer bedroom
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In the summer, eliminate the use of rugs in the bedroom. Rollback the rug and place it in another place. Besides making the room cool, the room also seems neat and clean.

Take Off The Curtains on The Windows

In summer it will be unfortunate if you do not maximize natural lighting. Use natural lighting as the main lighting of the bedroom.

In order for the natural lighting can enter freely into the bedroom, you have to take off the curtains on the windows.

A bedroom that gets the maximum natural light will feel much more comfortable. Not only that, but the bedroom will also feel more alive and look more attractive.

Make Sure The Windows Can be Opened Properly

In other seasons the air was not too hot, so the windows were rarely or even never opened. Meanwhile, in the summer the air in the bedroom will feel hot and stifling. This certainly makes the bedroom uncomfortable.

So, in having a comfy bedroom for welcoming summer 2021, make sure you have checked the window in your bedroom. Make sure the windows can be opened properly.

cool summer bedroom
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During the summer, try to open the bedroom windows every morning. The morning air is much cooler and healthier. Let the morning air into the bedroom freely. That way, the air circulation will run well and the bedroom will feel comfortable.

If you have a door that connects to a balcony or garden, you can also try opening the door in the morning to make the bedroom feel cool in the summer.

Expand The Details in The Room

In the summer it’s time for you to make the bedroom atmosphere cheerful. This season is not the time for you to minimize details. On the contrary, try to increase the detail in the room.

Use a variety of motifs to decorate the bedroom. And for women who want to decorate your bedroom, flower bedding motifs can be an option. The flower bedding will make the bedroom look beautiful and feminine too.

cheerful summer bedroom
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Besides using motifs, you can also apply several colors to the bedroom, such as yellow, blue, pink, and green. The combination of these four colors will create a pretty look as well as a cheerful atmosphere. That way, you not only have a comfy bedroom but also a beautiful bedroom for welcoming summer 2021.


It does not feel like summer will soon be entering. As a private room, the bedroom is a space that needs attention to comfort and appearance. In summer, the vibes and the air change greatly. In order for the bedroom to feel comfortable, you need to decorate this room according to summer. And in this article, we have provided Easy Tips and Decors in Having A Comfy Bedroom for Welcoming Summer 2021 you can follow. So, good luck guys!

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