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Right Tips and Decors to Have a Relax and Comfortable 3×4 Bedroom – Decorating a small room tends to be more difficult. We cannot use the things that we want, for example for a 3×4 bedroom. Limited space makes us have to be careful in decorating this bedroom. Because mistake in decoration will cause the bedroom to be uncomfortable and even look unattractive. However, it does not mean you could not have a comfortable 3×4 bedroom.

For those of you who have a 3×4 bedroom, you no longer need to be confused and worried about decorating your bedroom. Because in this article we have summarized the Right Tips and Decors to Have A Relax and Comfortable 3×4 Bedroom you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

Choose White As The Base Color of The Room

A small room will feel more cramped and stuffy. So, one way to create a comfortable 3×4 bedroom for resting and relaxing, you have to make this small room feel spacious.

bright small bedroom
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Choosing white as the base color for a 3×4 bedroom is the first tip you can follow. The walls and ceiling are painted white will make the bedroom look natural bright. The white color will also create a broad effect in the bedroom. That way, a 3×4 bedroom will no longer feel cramped and stuffy.

Let The Sunlight Come to Bedroom Freely

The next tip in having a comfortable 3×4 bedroom is that you have to let the sunlight come to the bedroom freely. A small bedroom is easy to feel stuffy and cramped. Therefore, take advantage of natural lighting as the main bedroom lighting.

Large windows or long-designed windows are highly recommended for 3×4 bedrooms. The bigger the window used, the more sunlight will enter the room.

bright 2x3 bedroom
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There are many benefits of making natural light as the main lighting of the room, such as:

  1. The room will feel naturally bright.
  2. The corners of the room will be maximally illuminated.
  3. There are no shadows from the furniture which makes a small bedroom feel wider.
  4. Reach out to the sides where the light cannot be illuminated.
  5. Presenting warm nuances into the room.
  6. The room will feel more comfortable.
  7. Can make you relax.
  8. Can boost your mood in the morning.
  9. The room looks more alive.

Hang The Curtain Near to The Ceiling

The use of large windows is indeed a great tip to make the 3×4 bedroom feel comfortable. Unfortunately, it can greatly interfere with your privacy. Therefore, curtains are needed.

Instead of using curtains to keep you private in the bedroom, how about using curtains to give the illusion of space to the room?

cozy 3x4 bedroom decor tips
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Typically, the curtains will hang to the height of the window. However, to make the 3×4 bedroom feel wider, hang the curtains near to the ceiling. In this way, the bedroom walls will look higher.

Wooden Platform Pallet Bed

As the main item in the bedroom, the bed is very important. Either the design or size itself.

The next tip in having a relaxed and comfortable 3×4 bedroom, you should use a low-profile bed. That way, the bedroom walls will look taller and wider.

wooden platform pallet bed
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A wooden platform pallet bed can be used as an option to fill your 3×4 bedroom. You can let the wood texture decorate the room or you can paint it white. The cavities of the wooden platform pallet bed can be used to make the bedroom appear even more attractive, such as putting a string light into it. In this way, your bedroom not only feels relaxed and comfortable but also looks aesthetic, especially at night.

Bedframe with Drawer

The use of large furniture is strictly prohibited in decorating small bedrooms. So, instead of using a cupboard which takes up a lot of space in the bedroom, it would be better if you use a bed frame with drawers. Making one piece of furniture for two functions is the right tip for a small bedroom.

bedframe with drawers
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Fold your clothes and tuck them in the drawer neatly. Because clothes that are organized will provide a lot of space in the drawer. That way, you can store more items. Really save space, right?

Placing The Bed to The Side of The Bedroom

After you determine the type of bed frame that will be used for your bedroom, it’s time for you to assign a spot.

Don’t try to put the bed frame in the middle of the bedroom. This will only take up a lot of space and make the bedroom narrower. So, try placing a bed to the side of the bedroom.

bed side of the room
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Placing the bed next to the window is the right way to make a 3×4 bedroom feel cozy. You can enjoy the view from the bedroom. And when it is morning, the sunlight will hit you right away. This is great for your mood as well as the health of your skin. If you feel saturated in the bedroom, you only need to open the window a little and feel the cool also relaxing air.

Place The Small Table-Side Beside The Bed

The table-side is an important item for the bedroom. Because, there will be some items that you need besides your bed, such as an alarm clock and so on. You can also use the table-side to put your other things, such as books and smartphones.

The table-side can also be used as a place to put a table lamp. That way, when you want to turn off the light, you don’t have to get out of bed.

small side-table for 3x4 bedroom
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Because here what is needed is a function from the table side, so choose a small size. That way, using the table-side will not take up a lot of space in the bedroom.

Table-side with three drawers can also be an option. This item can be used as a storage area for small items. That way, the 3×4 bedroom will look more neat and minimalist without any small items scattered about.

Minim Wall Decorations

To create an attractive room, the decoration is necessary. And as the main focal point, the walls have an important role in the appearance and comfort of the room.

There are a lot of wall decorations that can be used. It’s just that, you might be fooled and want to use lots of decorations. This is not very good for your 3×4 bedroom.


Especially for small bedrooms, try to decorate the walls of the room to a minimum. The use of one framed painting/photo is enough to give an attractive appearance.

In creating a comfortable 3×4 bedroom, it is really more to apply the minimalist concept. That way, the bedroom will not feel full.

Add full-length mirror

The use of mirrors in the bedroom has become mainstream. Generally, mirrors are used in bedrooms and bathrooms. The function of this item is to help you in doing activities, such as make-up, and so on. However, there are various kinds of mirror designs that are being presented today, which can be used as decorations to make the room look attractive.

For a tiny bedroom, a full-length mirror is the right mirror design to use. Not only does it make it easier for you to make-up and see your clothes, but it can also make a 3×4 bedroom look more spacious.

full-length mirror
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In addition, mirrors have the property of reflecting light. So, sunlight that enters the room and hits the mirror surface will reflect back into the room. In this way, the small room will look bright. You no longer feel cramped and stuffy in your 3×4 bedroom.

Floating Shelves

Don’t use too much storage in the bedroom, like a table with drawers or the like. Because this will only make the bedroom narrow.

Take advantage of the wall as a storage area. You can use the floating wall shelf to put some of your items there. A floating wall shelf can also be used as decoration to make the 3×4 bedroom look more beautiful. For those of you who are lazy to nail down photos or paintings, you can put all of this on the floating wall shelf. Very simple, right?

3x4 bedroom with floating wall shelf decor
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A floating wall shelf can also be used to create the illusion of a large 3×4 bedroom. You just need to hang it close to the ceiling. In this way, the bedroom walls will look a little taller.

Add Warm Lighting to The Room

Indeed, it would be great if the bedroom was given natural lighting. However, that does not mean you do not need lights. Lights remain a very important item to illuminate the bedroom at night.

For the main lights, use bright lights, which can illuminate the bedroom to the maximum. Remember the key: to have a comfortable 3×4 bedroom, you have to make this room bright.

comfortable 3x4 bedroom with warm lighting
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After that, if you feel like want to give warm lighting touches to the bedroom, you can add decorative lights. There are many types of lamps that will make the bedroom appear more aesthetically pleasing, such as string lights, table lamps, floor lamps, and swing arm lighting.

Add A Rug to Make It Looks Perfect

There is nothing better than using items that can make a room look attractive as well as feel more spacious. One such item is the rug.

Although simple, the use of a rug is very important for the appearance of a small bedroom. The rug can create the illusion of space in a small bedroom. Not only that, but the bedroom atmosphere will also feel warmer. That way, a 3×4 bedroom can feel comfortable.

tiny bedroom decor tips
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Because a small bedroom should be kept to a minimum so that it feels comfortable, then choose a rug with bright colors and minimal motifs. For those of you who want a plain appearance, it doesn’t matter. Also, make sure that the size of the bed fits the size of your bedroom. Do not choose a large-size rug because it just makes your room look weird/

Fresh Bedroom with Plants Decors

The last decoration to create a comfortable 3×4 bedroom is to decorate it with fresh plants. There are two types of plants that can be used: native plants and artificial plants. Both types of plants can be used as decorations to give fresh green color to the bedroom.

fresh and comfortable 3x4 bedroom
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The green color of the plant is believed to help reduce stress. That way, you will feel more relaxed and calm when in the bedroom.

The use of plants can also make the air in the bedroom clean and healthy. This is because some types of plants have the ability to absorb harmful substances in the air. Clean air can improve the quality of your sleep.


Having a 3×4 room is not a problem. Even though it is small, a 3×4 bedroom can still be made comfortable and attractive. It’s just that you have to know the right decorations for your bedroom. Be carefully decorating a small room. Because decoration errors can be fatal for this room. And in this article, we have provided the Right Tips and Decors to Have A Comfortable and Relax 3×4 Bedroom.

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