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Tips Make The Large Living Room Look Stylish and Not Empty – Being the front room, the living room is often used as a room that presents the beauty of the house. The appearance of the living room is also considered a reflection of the personality of the homeowner. Therefore, make sure you make the living room appear as attractive as possible.

You might think that decorating a large living room is very easy. Because you can use whatever items you want into it. In fact, decorating a large living room is not as easy as imagined. The mistake of decorations will only make this room seem empty and empty.

There are plenty of ways you can choose in decorating your large living room. And here, we have summarized it in “Tips to Make The Large Living Room Look Stylish and Not Empty”. So, let’s check it out!

Bright and Stylish Living Room by Maximizing Natural Lighting

Large living rooms really need excess lighting to make them look bright. Besides that, excess lighting also helps to overcome the impression of emptiness which is a disease of large rooms.

So that the large living room doesn’t look empty and empty, you can maximize the natural lighting into the room. The sunlight that enters the living room will make the colors in this room come alive. That way, the large living room will look more stylish.

There are several ways of maximizing natural lighting that you can apply to the living room:

  • Applying glass faced

Glass faced is usually used in tall buildings and offices. However, it is okay to apply glass faced to the house. By applying glass faced, sunlight can enter freely into the room. Besides providing maximum lighting, the glass faced is also very influential on the outside appearance of the house. Glass faced will make the outside of the house look more modern. This is one of the reasons why glass faced is often applied to minimalist modern houses.

bright large living room




  • Using the large window

A window is an item that connects the exterior and indoor. With windows, sunlight can easily enter the house. To maximize natural lighting in the living room, you can use a large window. The bigger the window, the more light will enter the living room.

modern and stylish large living room

  • Change the wood door with glass door

For those of you who still use wooden doors, it is time to replace your wooden doors with glass doors. The wooden door can only block the light from entering the room. By using a glass door, a large living room will get more light from nature.

The use of glass doors is also a tip that you can apply to make a living room look more modern and stylish.

bright large living room

  • Applying skylight

Sunlight is not only present within 24 hours. When the sun rises from the east, the western part of the house will not get maximum natural light. And vice versa when the sun sets in the west, the eastern part of the house gets less natural light. Then how do you maximize natural lighting?

To make the most of the large living room, you can apply skylights to the living room. Light will illuminate the room from above. That way, you don’t need to worry about a large living room only getting lighting for certain times.

large living room skylight decor

Applying Neutral Colors to The Room

The colors that are applied greatly affect the appearance and beauty of the living room. So, to make the large living room look stylish, try applying neutral colors. Neutral colors will make a large living room appear softer, more modern, and classy.

There are several neutral colors to choose from:

Black is indeed a taboo for small rooms. However, not for large rooms. The application of black color will actually make the large living room appear more modern and luxurious. The black color when exposed to the sun will make a large living room look very attractive. The living room will also not feel empty by making black the basic color of the room.

modern large room decor

  • Gray for cool large living room nuances

Do you want to have a large living room with a cool and mature atmosphere? The gray color is the next neutral color you can choose. Making gray as the base color of the large living room will make this room appear a little brighter.

modern and cool nuances

  • Brown for a calm look

Not only the large living room looks cold. In fact, a large living room can also be made calm and soft. By making brown the basic color of the room, you can create a very comfortable large living room. The combination of black and brown will make a large living room so pleasing to the eye.

luxury and soothing interior decor

Stylish Large White Living Room with Beautiful Accent

Applying white color to the large living room will only make this room look bigger. The feeling of emptiness might have come more easily. However, if you decorate properly. The large living room will look beautiful and stylish.

White color is often chosen to make the room appear naturally bright. It’s just that you need to give accents to the floor and walls of the room. You can use marble material on the walls. Because the price is very expensive, just apply marble to the middle of the wall.

Also, use several other colors in the large white living room. Black is an alternative color to choose from. Give it a little black touch by choosing some black furniture.

With these tips, a large living room will be far from being stiff and empty.

beautiful white large living room

Use Large Carpet to Decorate The Floor

Decorating the room is not only on the walls. The floor also needs attention. So that the large living room looks stylish and not empty, you can take advantage of the carpet. Use large rugs in neutral colors. Carpet without motive or simple motif is the right choice.

With the carpet in the large living room, this room will look more filled. The use of carpets also creates an illusion in the living room. Even though the room is large, we only focus on the spots that have the carpet. That way, the large living room will look a little smaller.

The use of carpets also affects the beauty of the room. The use of carpets can make the room look prettier.

stylish room decor large living room decoration

Hanging The Large Chandelier on The Ceiling

Natural light cannot illuminate the room 24 hours. At night, you have to turn on the lights to keep the room looking bright.

A large room certainly needs more lighting. In order for the large living room to look stylish, shine a light on the large living room appropriately.

Chandeliers are the most appropriate type of lamp to be used in large living rooms. Instead of just being used as a means of lighting at night, how about providing a chandelier to make the living room look more stylish?

Choose a large chandelier that hangs from the ceiling to the center of the room. This will make the living room look more filled. That way, the living room will not look empty.

There are many forms of chandeliers that you can choose from. Make sure you choose the right chandelier and fit the design of your large living room. Use a chandelier with a unique shape to make it look more attractive.

beautiful big chandelier large chandelier

Using Furniture with Large Size

The advantage of having a large living room is that you can choose furniture with large size. But unfortunately, large furniture has a higher price. However, you are not allowed to choose furniture in a small size. Filling a large living room with small furniture will leave a lot of space in the living room. As a result, the living room will look empty and unattractive.

Therefore, take advantage of the advantages of a large living room. Choose furniture with large size to fill this room. The use of a large sofa will also make you feel comfortable when sitting on it.

Furniture with large sizes has more attractive designs. Choose a furniture design that fits the interior of the living room. That way, the large living room will look harmonious.

beautiful large size furniture

Stylish and Perfect Large Living Room with Giant Wall Art Decor

All rooms need decorations to make them look attractive and not empty. Likewise with the large living room. Even though large living rooms are recommended to be simple and minimalist, the decoration is still something that is needed so that the room does not seem stiff and mediocre.

A large living room wall that is so high may be difficult to decorate with small decorations. Therefore, the decoration used in a large living room must be the giant wall art. With so a large living room will look perfect.

Choose a large painting. Give a frame to make it look attractive when hung on the living room wall. Make sure you choose a frame with beautiful neutral colors. Gold color can also be chosen to give it a slightly classy look and luxury.

giant wall decor

Apply Glossy Floor to The Large Living Room

A large room cannot be made to appear ordinary. In order to appear more stylish and attractive, give something extraordinary which cannot be applied to a small room. One of them is applying a glossy floor.

Besides the walls, the floor also affects the appearance of the room. To make the large living room look stylish and not empty you can choose granite or marble floors. These two floors will reflect the light that enters the room and make the room look radiant. Not only that, but the light will also reflect on the granite and marble floors and make the large living room look so beautiful and luxurious at night.

beautiful large living room


Large Living Room with Timber Ceiling Horizontally or Vertically

Who prefers a room with a minimalist modern look? If you are one of them, this tip is perfect for you to apply to your large living room.

The large living room with white walls makes the room look bright and feels natural. However, this can also make the room look stiff. Therefore, use wood material in a large living room.

Besides floors, wood materials can also be applied to the ceiling. Timber can be mounted on a large ceiling living room horizontally or vertically. The appearance of timber is arranged to make a large living room look more stylish and filled. That way, a large living room is far from empty and empty.

The use of wood materials can bring a warm and calm atmosphere to the living room. So, in this way the living room will not look stylish but also feel comfortable and soothing.

minimalist modern large living room


As the main room, the living room should be made as comfortable and attractive as possible. Some people even make the living room a benchmark for the beauty of your home. In fact, your personality can also be seen from how the appearance of your living room looks. Maybe the large living room looks so easy to decorate. However, it is not that easy. Mistakes in decorating will only make the living room seem empty, unattractive, and even uncomfortable. To overcome things like this, you must first know the tips for decorating a large living room. And in this article, we have provided the best Tips to Make The Large Living Room Look Stylish and Not Empty. So, happy trying and good luck all!

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