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Great Ideas Maximizing Natural Lighting to The Minimalist Modern House, Create A Bright Comfortable Home – Do you know why houses with minimalist design feel so comfortable? Besides the concept that is made simple, the minimalist house design also applies natural structures into the house, such as the use of wood elements and maximizing natural lighting. These natural elements make a minimalist home feel soothing.

If we look at 2020, the minimalist house design is the most popular residence for people. The simple concept is very easy to make to appear modern. That way, the house not only feels comfortable but also looks attractive and not be out of date.

It is very important to make a minimalist modern house look naturally bright. And, for those of you who want to Create A Bright Comfortable Home, here we have provided Great Ideas Maximizing Natural Lighting to The Minimalist Modern House. So, let’s check it out!

Glass Facade Makes House Look Bright Perfectly

Have you ever been in a tall building? Imagine if the building did not have natural lighting. Of course, the building will feel so crowded and uncomfortable. Therefore, the glass facade is used to make tall buildings in cities comfortable.

minimalist modern house glass facade
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Currently, glass facades are no longer used in buildings, but also restaurants, cafes, and even homes. You will find glass facades in houses with modern minimalist concepts.

The use of a glass facade not only affects the room in the house but also the outside appearance of the house. So, you do not need to go inside the house to find out a house with a minimalist modern concept. Because from the front of the house it looks so attractive to the eye.

glass facade for maximizing natural lighting
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Unfortunately, every advantage has a drawback. Likewise with the glass facade. To apply a glass facade to a house, you need to prepare quite a lot of money. The price of the glass facade itself is quite expensive. Not only that but cleaning the glass facade is also difficult. Wind and rain are very easy to get dirty. And to keep your home clean and beautiful, you have to clean it regularly. Using a glass facade also interferes with your privacy. Your activities in the house may be visible from the outside. So, cover the glass facade with curtains at night.

Open-Concept Garden for Fresh and Bright House

Maximizing natural lighting in a minimalist modern house is not a difficult thing. As the most important part of a minimalist modern house, the garden can be utilized in creating a bright comfortable home. The open-concept garden is the right idea that will give you a fresh impression that blends with your home.

maximizing natural lighting to the dining room
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Being the most comfortable place to gather with family, the room wall can be placed at the back of the house which is connected to the side garden. There is no divider between the garden and the dining room, making the air in the dining room fresh and cool. The green colors in the garden make the dining room atmosphere relaxed and calm. Natural lighting also freely illuminates the dining room. Natural stone as a footrest makes the dining room appear more dominant even though the dining room is located at the back of the house.

minimalist modern house open-concept garden
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If usually between the interior of the house and the garden a wall will be made as a barrier. However, the minimalist modern house only contains natural lighting which is blocked from entering the house. Therefore, in maximizing natural lighting in the house, the use of glass doors and large windows is much better.

The living room is located right next to the glass door and large windows. The goal is of course to make homeowners and guests comfortable when chatting. The green color of the garden will make the people there more relaxed. The garden atmosphere will greatly affect the comfort of the living room. To get fresh air from the garden in the morning, you only need to slide the glass door. Besides letting natural light into the house, it is also great for air circulation.

beautiful open-concept garden
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Between the garden and the glass door is a granite floor for a sparkling finish. So, when it rains the garden might get dirty. And you can walk through the floor. Not only that, granite floors have reflective properties. So, natural light hitting the floor surface will reflect back and make the living room brighter.

Maximizing Natural Lighting with Skylight Window Idea

The way the earthworks around the sun causes all sides of the house not to be illuminated by sunlight. There will be some parts that will get less light. And of course, this is very influential on the interior lighting of the house. Therefore, in maximizing natural lighting to the house is, you can use skylights. The use of skylights can be said to be the most appropriate idea for a minimalist modern house.

minimalist modern house skylight
Cc: Pinterest

Initially, skylights were indeed applied to houses with a modern concept, which made sunlight the main lighting of the house. However, due to the great interest of people with modern concept houses, companies are aware of skylights of various types, such as:

  1. Permanent skylight, in which you cannot tamper with the skylight. So the skylight function is only a tool for maximizing natural lighting.
  2. Sliding skylights, which can be opened and can circulate air in the house properly.
  3. Canopy skylight, which is used on the outside of the house, such as car garages, parks, and so on.
skylight window modern design
Cc: Pinterest

There are several benefits that you will get from using skylights in your minimalist modern house:

1. Can emit natural light.

The main purpose of using skylights is to make the house get the maximum natural light. Compared to using lighting from lamps, skylights are much better for making the house appear overall bright. That way, the house will be a comfortable, pleasant, and quiet place to live. Sunlight is also great to boost your everyday mood.

2. Save electricity.

To make the house look optimally bright, of course, you do not just use one lamp. It is necessary to use some lights in the house so that the house looks bright. Of course, this will make your electricity bill soar. So, with the use of skylights, you only need to turn on the lights at the right times.

3. Make the air circulation in the house going well.

The sliding door is a type of skylight that can be opened and closed. You can make skylights in the morning to bring fresh air into the house. Dirty air will be replaced with fresh and healthy air. With this, the house will feel more comfortable.

4. Make the house look more spacious

A bright house will naturally look more spacious. This is because the rooms in the house will be seen clearly (from end to end). In addition, natural lighting can illuminate the corner of the room which makes the room seem wider. Some of the shaded spots will also get illumination from the skylights. And of course, you will not get all of this from using lighting.

The Bedroom Leads to The Backyard

The next idea in maximizing natural lighting is to lead the bedroom to the backyard. As a place to rest, the bedroom should be made as comfortable as possible. And one way is to make natural lighting the main bedroom lighting. Besides that, natural lighting is also very good for making the bedroom feel warm and calm. For the appearance of the bedroom, it also looks more alive and beautiful. The colors in the bedroom will appear more real and clear.

There are several ideas that you can apply in maximizing natural lighting in the bedroom.

  • Second-floor bedroom with balcony leads to the garden

Having a room on the second floor is an advantage to create the most comfortable spot in the room, namely the balcony. The size is indeed very small, but this will be the right place for you to calm down. Plus, if the balcony overlooks an all-green view.

The second-floor bedroom with a balcony overlooking the garden is an interesting idea to apply. Natural lighting that illuminates the garden can also light up the bedroom. Therefore, compared to using wooden doors, glass doors are far more appropriate to be used as a barrier between the bedroom and the balcony.

bright minimalist modern bedroom
Cc: Pinterest
  • Large windows to the side facing the garden

In maximizing natural lighting in the bedroom, using one large window is much better. Do not use a large number of windows. This will only make the bedroom look full.

Apply the window on the side of the bedroom wall facing the back garden. If there is a beautiful view such as mountains or sea, this is a bonus for you. You can enjoy the serenity of the greenery in the garden and also the beautiful scenery outside the house. And even better, you can enjoy it while resting in the bedroom.

maximizing natural lighting to minimalist bedroom
Cc: Pinterest
  • Long window bench for enjoying the view

Instead of using large windows as a means of maximizing natural lighting, how about using a window as a place to calm the mind? A long window bench is a right idea to be applied in the bedroom. Both the second-floor and first-floor bedrooms.

Having a seat right next to the window will be the coziest spot in the bedroom. You can also put on a thin mattress so that it feels comfortable. Also, add some pillows with interesting colors as decoration.

So that natural lighting can enter freely into the bedroom, make sure you do not use any window decorations, such as curtains. A long window bench is different from other windows. This type of window does not require curtains.

long window bench for maximizing natural lighting
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In 2021, it is estimated that the minimalist modern house will be the place most people like to live in. The simple concept with touches of natural elements makes it feel comfortable and calm. Besides that, for lighting, the minimalist modern house also relies more on natural lighting. That way, the home atmosphere will feel much more comfortable. The feel of the house will also feel warmer. One of the advantages of maximizing natural lighting in the house is that it makes the house feel wider. And this article we made for you who want to create a bright comfortable home. In this article, we have provided Great Ideas Maximizing Natural Lighting to The Minimalist Modern House.

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