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9 Luxurious Bedroom Ideas That Feel Cozy Like in Five-Star Hotel

Olidhomes.comThe bedroom is a very important place. The place you need to get your spirits back. This is where you will calm and rest yourself. As a place to disappear for a moment from the tiring activities. Therefore, it is very important to make the bedroom feel comfortable. A luxurious bedroom is a right idea to create a comfortable bedroom like in a five-star hotel.

There are plenty of luxurious bedroom ideas that you can choose from. And in this article, we have summarized it under the title “9 Luxurious Bedroom Ideas That Look So Pretty and Cozy You Will Love”. So, let’s check it out!

Minimalist Luxurious Bedroom

minimalist luxurious bedroom

Creating an expensive bedroom does not mean filling the bedroom with expensive items. Sometimes, things that are expensive are not necessarily able to make a room look attractive. Therefore, instead of focusing on the items used, it is better to focus on the appearance of the room.

In fact, in making a luxurious bedroom you can still apply the minimalist concept to the bedroom. Even though the items used tend to be small, the impression of luxury is still present in the bedroom.

The marble floor with a beautiful black motif makes the bedroom look luxurious and attractive. The appearance of the bedroom also looks so soft by playing with neutral colors. The wooden elements on the ceiling give a warm feel to the room so that the room feels comfortable. You can see an attractive appearance from the application of neutral pink color to the velvet on the wall and bed.

Look Little Feminine with Pink Neutral

beautiful classy bedroom

In creating a luxurious bedroom, not only the bedroom must be decorated in black and brown. In fact, on this one idea, black and brown were eliminated with pink which was so charming.

This one idea is perfect for those of you who like bedrooms with a more feminine look. The pink color on the walls and bed makes pink appear more dominant. The pink bedroom looks so beautiful with pink wooden walls. The texture of the wood gives a different look to the bedroom.

To give an expensive impression to a pink bedroom, this one idea adds silver touches to the decor. Silver pendant lamps are hung on the right and left of the bed, as well as silver chandeliers that look so charming.

Touches of darker pink give a bold effect to the room. So, the room seems cooler and more assertive, creating a classy and luxurious look that is perfect for the bedroom.

Warm Luxurious Bedroom

warm luxurious bedroom

The bedroom is better for a warm and calm atmosphere. That way, the bedroom will be the perfect place to relax and calm down. In this room, you can let go of all the burdens on your shoulders and enjoy your free time by relaxing on the soft bed.

Marble accents on the wooden walls give the bedroom a soft and luxurious effect at the same time. Plus an LED light on each side of the marble on the wall makes it look outstanding. LED lighting with warm lighting gives a warm impression to the room. Warm lighting will directly hit the wooden wall and make the wood color give warmth to the bedroom as a whole.

The luxury look is also clearly seen in the warm luxurious bedroom with touches of gold in the bedroom. The gold color is present in the iron element which will shine when exposed to light from a lamp.

Bright and Fresh That is So Cozy

luxury and fresh interior ideas

For those of you who still think that luxurious bedrooms are dominant with a dark and bold concept, you better get rid of that thought. A luxurious bedroom that is dark and bold to refute this one idea.

In this one idea, the bedroom can still look luxurious with a bright and fresh concept. Large windows are used to maximize natural lighting in the bedroom. That way, the bedroom will be naturally bright.

On the side of the wall facing the window, a slightly bolder color is given to reduce the effect that is too glare on the wall. A round mirror with a gold frame was also hung on this wall. That way, the natural lighting that enters the bedroom will directly hit the mirror surface and bounce back into the room. This method is perfect for making the room look brighter.

To give a more fresh impression to the bedroom, medium-sized plants are placed in the corner of the room.

Dark Luxury Bedroom

dark luxurious bedroom

This one idea is for those of you who like a dark and masculine look. The room lighting only relies on a chandelier hanging in the middle of the bedroom. The large chandelier brings a luxurious look to the bedroom.

The gray color on the walls gives a cool effect to the room. However, the brown color seemed to withstand the cold gray color on the walls. The combination of these two colors is very compact to give a classy and cozy effect in a luxurious bedroom.

The European-style carved ceiling is also very instrumental in making the bedroom look as expensive as in a five-star hotel. The presence of red color on the right side of the bedroom makes the dark luxury bedroom look sexy and beautiful.

Bright and Modern Luxurious Bedroom

luxury and modern interior ideas

Teenagers may prefer a bedroom with a brighter appearance. A bright and modern luxurious bedroom can be the right idea for you to choose.

Glass faced is chosen to maximize natural lighting in the bedroom. For the glass-faced wall, the wall bookshelf is made black. The black color that is exposed to direct sunlight will show a charming, calm, and natural side. This is what makes the bedroom look expensive and also modern.

The impression of being expensive in this bedroom idea is also obtained from the attractive wall art that is hung right in the middle of the wall of the room. This wall art is placed right in the middle of the bed. That way this spot will be more dominant.

On the right side of the bedroom is given a refresher with green on the walls and artificial plants. The green color is also applied to the pendant lamp with a unique shape that is hung in the middle of the room.

Mauve Luxurious Bedroom

beautiful mauve bedroom ideas

Mauve colors are in vogue lately. If you want to make your bedroom look more contemporary, you can make the mauve color your bedroom base color. The mauve luxurious bedroom is an interesting idea for ladies.

Mauve colors tend to be bold so that they can be applied to points that are the focus in the bedroom. The mauve curtain, which is hung near the ceiling, gives a higher effect so that the bedroom feels more spacious. The curtain is deliberately chosen in mauve color so that it looks beautiful when exposed to sunlight.

The next focal point that affects the look of the bedroom is the bed. Mauve bedding looks so charming on the white bed frame.

The wall behind the bed is made of glass so that the room appears wider. This will make the room look expensive and elegant. On the wall just above the bed hung printed canvas to fill the space in the bedroom.

Granite floors are chosen to give a luster effect that makes the room appear luxurious and beautiful.

Dark and Warm Luxurious Bedroom

dark and warm luxurious bedroom

The dark concept bedroom usually tends to feel cold. If you prefer a dark-concept bedroom to appear warmer, you can try this one idea.

To create a luxurious bedroom with a dark concept, black is chosen as the basic color of the room. The gray color is here to make this bedroom appear livelier and less stiff. The warm lighting used in the bedroom presents a warm atmosphere. Black also looks calmer when exposed to warm lighting.

In the wardrobe, you should choose a glass door to reflect light in the bedroom. That way the dark concept bedroom still looks a little light and warm. Not only that, the glass door will show the beauty of your wardrobe which is a very attractive bedroom decoration.

Red Luxurious Bedroom

red luxurious bedroom

The red color is identical to a sexy impression. So, for those of you who want to have a luxurious bedroom with a sexy look, this idea is perfect for you.

Red is applied to the bedding and curtains, which are the focal points of the bedroom. That way, a sexy red impression will be more dominant in this room.

Black is presented to give a bold effect to the bedroom. That way, the bedroom will seem expensive. Black and red are the perfect mixes to create a bold effect in a room. On the ceiling, pink was applied as a neutralizer from black and red. That way, the bedroom will not look stiff.


Creating a comfortable bed is something you have to do. As a place to relax and unwind, bedroom comfort is very important. Creating a luxurious bedroom is an interesting idea to create a comfortable relaxing place. Having a luxurious bedroom is like relaxing in a five-star hotel. The expensive look and the serene atmosphere make for the perfect mix. There are many luxurious ideas that you can find. And here, we have summarized it in 9 Luxurious Bedroom Ideas That Feel Cozy Like in Five-Star Hotel.

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