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Decors & Tips to Make Your Minimalist House Feel Comfortable – Minimalist houses are trendy these days. Affordable prices and also a warmer home atmosphere are strong reasons why people turn to minimalist houses. Unfortunately, the space in the minimalist house is very limited. And to make the house feel comfortable and also look beautiful, you have to decors your minimalist house as great as possible.

Decorating a house with limited space is indeed more challenging. You are required to resist the urge to use some items that you may find interesting. Keep in mind that interesting items may not necessarily provide comfort for your home. What you need to pay attention to is the right decorations and items for each room.

This article will help you to have your dream tiny house. Here, we have provided Decors & Tips to Make Your Minimalist House Feel Comfortable. So, let’s check it out!

1. Choose White As The Main Colors

minimalist house
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Color selection is the first step in decorating the interior of the house. The color you choose greatly affects the appearance and comfort of your home. Therefore, make sure you choose the right main color.

In making the minimalist concept home feel comfortable, make sure you choose white as the main color of the house. This color is able to give a natural bright effect. Not only that, the white color is also able to make the house feel wider so you no longer feel the cramped and stuffy feel in a minimalist house.

2. Maximizing Natural Lighting

natural lighting
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An affordable price may be the advantage you get from choosing a minimalist house. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of a minimalist home is that it easily feels cramped and stuffy. However, you don’t have to worry. There are some decors and tips that can make a minimalist house feel comfortable. One of them is maximizing natural lighting.

Minimalist homes need more lighting to make the room feel more alive. Therefore, it is not surprising that in this house there are several large windows that are left exposed. In addition, this house also relies on glass doors to maximize the light that enters the room.

3. Net Curtain

minimalist home decors
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Leaving windows without decorations is the right way to make the interior of a minimalist house look brighter. However, some of you may find this method very disturbing your privacy. If so, then you should close your windows with net curtains.

The use of net curtains on windows will not hinder light from entering the room. Also, this will work well in maintaining your privacy in the room. So, you will still feel comfortable and the room will still look bright.

4. Wooden Furniture for Soothing Nuances

minimalist home furniture decors
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Next, we move on to filling the room. The furniture used for a minimalist house is certainly not arbitrary. You also have to choose the right furniture and suitable for the interior of the house.

For those of you who want to make your minimalist house feel cozy, you should choose wooden furniture. The natural color of the wood will work together with the white in the room to produce a soothing feel. The atmosphere of the house also will feel warmer.

Avoid choosing furniture that has intricate carvings. Furniture with a minimalist design is much better in making your home look simple but sweet.

5. Utilize Floating Wall Shelf

minimalist home decors tips
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Walls are an important part that greatly affects the beauty of the room. So, make sure you make the most of the walls.

There are many wall decorations that you can choose to make the room look attractive. And in a minimalist house, utilize the floating wall shelf is the right decor and tip. Here, you can put some displays that can increase the value of the interior of your home. In addition, floating wall shelves can also provide more storage in the room. So, you can put some of your stuff there.

6. Decorating Floor with Rug

minimalist room decors
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In making the interior of the house feel comfortable yet look beautiful, make sure you pay attention to every detail in the room. Walls are not the only part that you can decorate. You also have to decorate your floor so that the room looks prettier.

Decorating the floor with a rug is the next tip that you can follow. This includes easy ways to make a room look attractive. A white rug will give a bright and calm effect to the room. In addition, the rug also gives the illusion of a wide area that can eliminate the cramped and stuffy feeling in the room.

7. Make Use of The Room Corner

minimalist room tips
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The corner of the room may be a spot that is often neglected and left empty. In fact, the corner of the room can be a comfortable place to relax and also gather.

In a minimalist house, you are indeed required to pay attention to every detail in the room, including the corner of the room. So, if you want to make your minimalist feel comfortable, you have to decors your room corner. You can make this spot a dining area.

Soft seats and a few pillows there will make the corner of the room feel so comfortable. You can not only use this spot as a place to eat but also as a place to relax and work.

8. Open-Plan Concept

open-plan concept
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One of the right decorations for a minimalist home is to apply the open-plan concept. So, if usually every room is blocked by a wall, but in this concept, the room is left open without any barriers. With this, a minimalist house will feel more spacious and comfortable. No more cramped feeling that you will feel in your small house.

Applying the open-plan concept might make it difficult for you to emphasize the function of the room. Therefore, we recommend you use a different rug or pendant lamp.

9. Make Your Interior Feel Fresh with Plants

fresh minimalist house
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Plants are the next decoration that you can apply to the interior of your home. The natural green color of the plant can make the room feel fresher. Besides that, the room also feels more alive. This is very good for making a minimalist house feel more comfortable and relaxed.

There are many plants that you can use. Make sure you choose plants that can live indoors or indoor plants.

For large plants, you can place them in the corner of the room. Putting it in a spot that is exposed to natural light is much better to keep the plant growing well even though it is indoors. And for small plants, you can put them in various spots, such as coffee tables, floating wall shelves, TV tables, and so on.

10. Utilize Kitchen Cabinet

minimalist kitchen decors
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A kitchen is a place that has so many things. Imagine if the kitchen is narrow and filled with so many things, of course, the kitchen will look dirty, messy, and uncomfortable. So, the right way to make the kitchen look minimalist is to use the kitchen cabinet.

You can store kitchen stuff in the kitchen cabinet. This makes for good storage and hiding places. Make sure you organize the kitchen stuff so that it’s easier for you to find what you’re looking for later.

11. Beautiful Marble Backsplash

kitchen backsplash
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A small kitchen with a minimalist concept may look ordinary or tend to be boring. So, to make the kitchen in a minimalist house feel comfortable, you can provide a style that can make the kitchen look attractive.

Applying marble to the backsplash is a great way to make the kitchen look pretty yet minimalist. The color and pattern of marble are perfect for a white minimalist kitchen. You can also decorate it with LED lighting to make the marble backsplash look more striking and stand out.

12. Kitchen Bar As Dining Area

kitchen bar
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Utilizing the spot as best as possible is indeed a very important thing in a minimalist home. As in this one decoration where the kitchen bar is used as a dining area. With this, you no longer need a dining table. This will be very good in utilizing space at home. The house will feel wider and more comfortable.

13. Using Large Mirror

minimalist bathroom
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Being the smallest room in the house, you are required to decorate your bathroom as well as possible. Maybe the bathroom becomes a closed and unexposed room. However, the comfort and beauty of this room are also very important.

One of the best decors and tips for a small bathroom in a minimalist house is using a large mirror. With this, the image of the bathroom will be reflected in the mirror so that the bathroom will look wider. You can also add some recessed lighting to make the bathroom look brighter. The light reflected in the mirror will give an attractive and beautiful look to the room.

14. Glass Shower Partitions

bathroom bariers
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Instead of a bathtub, it would be much better to use a shower in the small bathroom. In the middle, give a glass shower partition. It will be very helpful to separate the wet and dry parts in the bathroom. In addition, it gives a spacious and attractive effect to the bathroom. With this, the bathroom will remain clean, tidy, and also comfortable.

15. Make Wall As A Storage Area

minimalist bedroom decors
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Limited space sometimes makes it difficult to use furniture or add storage to the room. If this is the case, then the best solution is to use the wall.

You can use a floating shelf to put some things in the room, such as books, bottles, and more. You can also put some displays that can give an interesting impression to the room. Placing a small plant on the shelf is also an attractive decoration to give a fresh impression that makes the room feel more comfortable.

Final Words

Knowing the tips and decors for a minimalist house is a must. The limited space does make some people have difficulty in decorating a minimalist house. In fact, mistakes in decorating make a minimalist home feel even more cramped and uncomfortable. Therefore, we created this article to help you in having a comfortable minimalist house with the right decors and tips. So, happy trying and good luck guys!

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