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13 Green Living Room Ideas: Feel The Freshness and Serenity Wrapped in Greenery  – Green living room ideas, are interesting ways in making guests feel comfortable in your house. In addition, some people also often use the living room as a place to relax or gather with family and friends. So, having a green living room is the right idea to choose.

Green is synonymous with nature. Therefore, this color has often been dubbed the color that is full of freshness and serenity. Don’t be afraid the room will look weird. By adding some colors, the green living room will look attractive.

So, for those of you who want to feel the freshness and serenity wrapped in greenery, here we have provided 13 Green Living Room Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out

1. Dark Green and Earth-Tone Hues

calm green living room ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Never hesitate to apply dark green to your living room. Maybe you will feel this color can make the living room look dark. However, believe me, if decorated properly, the living room will look stunning.

As in the image above, where the dark green blends with the earth-tone hues. So that the atmosphere of the living room feels more calming.

The white color is still chosen to make the living room look bright. Assisted by natural lighting that enters freely through unadorned windows. Furthermore, there is an ivory color which gives a softer effect to the room. And some beige colors that make it look more calm.

2. Green Living Room with Feminine Look Ideas

sweet green living room ideas
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In having a green living room, not only the walls must be painted in green. An example is the image above. Homeowners put more emphasis on green in the main items in the living room. And others are pink for a more feminine and sweet result.

The dark green sofa makes it look more standout in the room. In addition, velvet fabric gives an attractive shimmer effect when exposed to natural light.

Some of the pinks in the room work well to balance the fresh tones of green. Unexpectedly, combining green with pink can produce a room that is fresh, sweet, feminine, and calm.

3. Fresh and Bright Green Living Room Ideas

fresh and bright interior
Cc: Pinterest

In having a green living room does not mean you apply green to the whole room. This is wrong thinking. To have a green living room, you can choose important spots in the room.

Green walls are actually enough to make the room look fresh. However, the rest of the walls are painted white for a naturally brighter room.

You can also feel a fresh impression more clearly with the presence of indoor plants in several spots in the living room. The presence of plants in this room is very important. Because the green color is only found on one side of the wall of the room. So, plants are decorations that make a green living room look perfect.

4. Minimalist Green Living Room Ideas

minimalist fresh interior
Cc: Pinterest

The minimalist concept is indeed trendy these days. Usually, the colors used in the minimalist concept are neutral colors such as white, beige, brown, and so on. But in fact, applying the minimalist concept to the green living room is an interesting idea.

Green painted walls and a few plants are enough to give a fresh feel to the living room. In eliminating the stiff impression on the walls, white floating wall shelves are used to put some interesting displays.

Minimalist design furniture is perfect for making the room feel calmer. In addition, a slightly gray sofa gives a more calming natural effect. Assisted by a white wooden table as if to emphasize the fresh and calm natural feel.

5. Beautiful Black and White Wall Decorations

black and white wall decoration
Cc: Pinterest

Black and white may seem old and not contemporary. However, who would have thought the combination of black and white with olive color can produce a charming appearance.

This living room utilizes olive painted walls to bring a black and white feel to the room. No old look. Instead, the room looks more mature. The impression given is more classy but simple.

Black and white wall decoration with white and black frames looks stand out when exposed to natural lighting. So, the right choice is not to give any decoration to the window.

6. Hanging Plants Bring More Natural Nuances

hanging plants ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The use of plants in large quantities will indeed take up more space in the living room. So, it will disturb the comfort of the room. Especially the small living room.

However, plants are indeed the best conductors in presenting the nuances of nature. Therefore, choosing hanging plants to decorate a green living room is a great idea.

The beam in the living room is really being used. Some green plants hang there so you feel like entering the houseplant. This is an interesting way of welcoming guests. This idea will give a different impression to people who set foot in your living room.

7. Fresh Small Green Living Room Ideas

fresh small living room
Cc: Pinterest

This idea is quite interesting to apply in your small living room. As usual, the walls are deliberately painted white to give a spacious effect in a small room. And also maximized natural lighting so as to make a small room far from feeling cramped and stuffy.

In giving a fresh and green look to the living room, the sofa is the right choice. As the main item, the sofa will determine what the living room will look like.

The olive colored sofa makes the living room look fresher. Plus some indoor plants on each side of the living room. You will feel the fresh atmosphere of these plants. Besides that, the living room will also feel more comfortable and relax because the cleanliness of the air in the living room is well maintained.

8. Feel More Nature with Natural Stone Wall

natural room look
Cc: Pinterest

The color green and plants are indeed very synonymous with nature. So, there is nothing wrong with creating a thicker natural atmosphere in the living room. This is not something bad. Quite the opposite. The thick natural nuance will make anyone in the room feel comfortable.

Natural stone wall is an interesting idea. The colors given to the room look more natural. And right at the top of the wall hung some green plants as decorations. Besides looking attractive, this is also an interesting way to add a natural feel and freshness to the living room.

Chesterfield green sofa is deliberately placed on the side of a natural stone wall. It’s great to emphasize the natural feel of the room. This one spot will indeed be much better for relaxing. Because the thick natural nuances will provide perfect serenity.

9. Minimalist Green Living Room with Beautiful Wall Accent Ideas

beautiful wall accent
Cc: Pinterest

The minimalist concept room only uses makeshift furniture or items. Because the goal is a calmer atmosphere with a simple appearance.

However, sometimes the minimalist concept actually makes the room look stiff and boring. Therefore, a beautiful accent wall is an interesting idea and solution for a minimalist living room.

Vertical wood wall accent gives texture to the walls. So, the walls do not look too plain. Paint it with white paint to make the walls look natural and bright naturally. So that small plants hanging on the wall will be seen clearly.

10. Green Living Room with Classy Look

green living room ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This idea is really interesting for those of you who want to have a fresh and slightly classy living room. A white room will make the deep green color on the sofa look more striking. The expensive impression can also be seen from the gold color placed in several spots.

This one living room does seem simple. There is only a coffee table, sofa, floor lamp, and mirror. However, this is precisely what makes the living room feel calmer. The jet-green sofa is enough to bring fresh nuances to the room. So, the room no longer needs green plants.

11. Fresh and Sweet Green Living Room Ideas

pink and green living room
Cc: Pinterest

This living room idea does look interesting and different. The pastel pink color looks dominant so that it makes the living room look sweet. However, this does not eliminate the fresh atmosphere in the room. This is because the green color is applied to the main item and also to some scattered spots. So, even though this is a pink room, you can still call it a green living room.

Large plants are very helpful in emphasizing the natural ambiance in the living room. Besides that, the coffee table also has pink flowers and green leaves. So, the pink and green colors look more united.

A little touch of gold in the room gives a more classy and mature effect. So, even though the living room is pink, it doesn’t make the room look girly.

12. Green Living Room in Classic Look

classic living room
Cc: Pinterest

Classic design never fades. Until now, there are still many people who like classic designs. And if you are one of them, this green living room is the right idea for you.

Green curves sofa looks really charming. The design on the sofa does look more minimalist so the room looks more modern. However, the classic design still looks thick with two chairs with a classic design.

The use of curved sofas helps to provide empty space in the corner of the room. And homeowners don’t want to waste it. With large plants in the corner of the room, this living room looks more fresh and attractive. No decorations are too crowded so the room will still feel more calm.

13. Feel Fresh and Calm with Natural Look

brown and green living room ideas
Cc: Pinterest

It is often a room to relax, so it’s not surprising that many people prioritize natural nuances for the living room. Like in the picture above. Green walls make the room look fresher. Wooden tables and sofas in matching colors give a calmer and more natural effect. Several white decorations were chosen to give a natural bright look to the living room. That way, the room will still feel comfortable.


Green living room is indeed an interesting idea to impress guests. Not only that, the green color also creates a fresh and natural atmosphere. So, the living room not only looks attractive but also feels comfortable. And for those of you who are interested in having a green living room, the article entitled “13 Green Living Room Ideas: Feel The Freshness and Serenity Wrapped in Greenery” will really help you. This article provides some references that you can match with your characteristics. So, good luck!

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