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13 Effective Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Bright – As a private room and a place to rest, comfort is an important point for you to pay attention to. There are many ways that you can choose to make a room feel comfortable, such as bringing natural nuances into the room, making it look bright, and so on. And, this article will discuss how to make the bedroom a comfortable room by making it look bright. And, here are 13 Effective Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Bright that you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Choose White as The Main Color of The Room

Color selection is an important step that can affect the atmosphere and appearance of your bedroom. Therefore, try to choose the main color of the room carefully.

For those of you who want to have a bright bedroom, white is the color you can rely on. This color is indeed a popular color for interiors because it can make a room look naturally bright. Besides that, white can also disguise dark corners which makes the room feel more spacious.

white room
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Make white the main color of the room. Besides applying it to the walls, you can apply it to the ceiling and also the interior of the room.

Never worry that the room will look cramped. Some furniture or natural materials in the bedroom will make it look attractive. Besides that, you can also play with textures such as installing a wooden wall or exposed brick wall and then painting it white.

2. Maximizing Natural Lighting

Not only color, but the lighting in the room also affects the atmosphere and appearance. There are two lightings that you can bring into your bedroom:

  1. Natural lighting, and
  2. Artificial lighting
natural lighting
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If you want to make your bedroom look naturally bright, you can make natural lighting the main lighting. Maximize natural lighting by installing large windows. The bigger the window used, the more light enters the room. And, if you want to make the most of natural lighting, you can also install skylight windows. This kind of window is the best in making a room look bright. Light from above will spread the room better and eliminate shadows on objects in the bedroom.

3. Open The Curtain in The Morning

Installing large windows can indeed allow more sunlight to enter the room. However, large windows are often considered to disturb privacy in the bedroom. Therefore, it needs a cover that can make privacy safe. And, a curtain is the most appropriate item to use.

You can open the curtains when night falls. And, in the morning, we recommend that you open the curtains and let the morning light into the room.


bright bedroom
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Speaking of curtains, the color of the curtains also affects the room. If you want your bedroom to look bright, then choose curtains with bright colors. Here, you can choose curtains in white, light gray, beige, light blue, and so on.

4. Using Net Curtain

The use of curtains can indeed make your privacy in the bedroom well-maintained. However, the use of curtains can block the entry of light so that the bedroom becomes dark.

Therefore, we recommend that you use two-layer curtains. The first layer is a net curtain and the second layer is a curtain with a thick material.

bright bedroom tips
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In the morning, you only need to open the second layer on the window, which is a curtain with a thick material. And, for the net curtain, let it still decorate the window. A net curtain is an item that can keep light in the room while maintaining your privacy in the bedroom.

5. Choose Light Furniture

light furniture
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Next, we move on to filling the interior of the room. To make the bedroom bright, choose large furniture with bright colors too. There is the main item in the bedroom that is the bed. And you can choose a bed with a bright color like white. Or, if you choose a bed frame made of wood, then choose a light wood bed frame. Likewise for the cupboard, desk, and other furniture in the bedroom.

6. Choose Light Rug

The floor is also an area that you need to decorate. You can lay down a rug on the floor in your bedroom. The use of rugs can also make your bedroom feel more spacious. That way, the bedroom will feel comfortable.

light rug
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In choosing a rug, pay attention to the color and motif of the rug itself. For those of you who want to have a bright bedroom, you can choose white, light gray, or beige rugs. If you want to make the room look attractive with a rug, you can choose a beautiful pattern with a darker color. For example, black stripes on a white rug.

7. Maintain The Tidiness of Your Bedroom

The more items in the room, the more cramped and stuffy the room will feel. The number of items in the room can be a barrier to light in illuminating the room properly. Therefore, you have to maintain the tidiness of your bedroom.

tidy bedroom
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Put things in drawers and let the display be free of clutter. That way, the bedroom will feel spacious. And, an airy bedroom will look brighter.

8. Using Natural Materials

Using natural materials is the next of 13 Effective Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Bright. Choose natural materials that have bright colors. For example, you can apply a white exposed brick wall. Or, you can also apply natural stone to one side of the wall.

natural materials
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Natural materials can also be present in the furniture. Furniture made of light wood is the most appropriate for you to choose for your bedroom. This will make the bedroom a bright, serene, and warm space.

9. Change The Wooden Door with Glass Door

For bedrooms facing a garden or backyard, never use a wooden door. This is because you can use a garden or backyard to make your bedroom bright. And using a wooden door will only block the entry of light. Therefore, replace the wooden door with a glass door. With this door, light can enter the bedroom to the fullest.

glass door
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Just like a glass door window, it also requires a curtain. You can use two curtains. The first layer is a net curtain and the second layer is a curtain with a thick material. However, for glass doors, you can make these two curtains so that light can enter to the maximum. Besides that, the backyard or garden view will also look clearer and beautify and make the bedroom more comfortable.

10. Use a Mirror in Your Bedroom

The mirror is an item to make it easier for you to do several activities such as make-up and so on. Or, you can also use a mirror to look at your outfit of the day. However, the function of the mirror is not only that. But more than that.

bedroom mirror
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Mirrors have the property of reflecting light. So, when light enters through a window, skylight, or glass door, it hits the mirror surface and reflects it back into the room. And, this is what makes the room brighter.

You can place a mirror in an area adjacent to the light or directly across from the light. That way, the light that enters the room will directly hit the mirror.

11. Apply a Minimalist Concept to Your Room

The next of 13 Effective Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Bright is to apply a minimalist concept to your bedroom. With a minimalist concept, the bedroom will look neat. This one point is indeed related to point 7 in this article where the tidiness of the bedroom must be maintained. However, the minimalist concept still pays attention to the aesthetic value of the room. So, the room is not completely empty without decoration.

minimalist bedroom
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For walls, simply select two or three white and black pictures. Or, you can also replace it with floating wall shelves. There, you can put small plants that can make the room feel fresh. So, besides looking attractive, the room still feels comfortable.

12. Add Additional Lamps to The Bedroom

Lighting the bedroom with natural light does not mean you do not use lights in your room. As we know, the sun does not illuminate the earth for 24 hours. Therefore, you still use lights so that the bedroom remains bright at night.

The main light for the bedroom is usually in the middle of the room. And, for those of you who want to make your bedroom look brighter, you can add additional lights such as table lamps, wall lamps, or string lights.

string light
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You can put table lamps on the bedside table. And you can install wall lamps on the right and left sides of the bed wall. Meanwhile, string light, you can apply anywhere. You can apply it to a standing mirror to make it look bright and pretty at once. Or, you can install it in the bed area to make it look more attractive.

For additional lamps, use yellow or warm lighting. This light can bring warm and calm nuances that can make the bedroom feel comfortable.

13. Choose Light Colors

White is the best color to make a room look bright. But only using one color for the room is also not good. This can make the bedroom seem cramped and boring. Therefore, it is necessary to present other colors. And it is not a problem to bring other colors into the room as long as the colors you choose are light colors. Besides making the room bright, the presence of other colors will also have an interesting effect on the appearance of the room.

light colors
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You can apply other colors as decorations so that white remains dominant there. For example, you use pink for the armchair in the corner of the room, you can also choose pink bedding and a pink rug. The soft pink color will make the appearance soft too and give a calm effect to the atmosphere.

Final Words

Comfort is an important point for the bedroom. As a room to relax and relax yourself, the bedroom must be made as comfortable as possible. And, one way is to make it appear bright. The points above are 3 Effective Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Bright that you can follow. So, happy trying guys!

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