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25 Minimalist Concept Room Ideas with A Soothing Touch of Nature – The minimalist concept is indeed the best in making the room feel calm. However, what if we give a touch of nature into it? The freshness of nature will add tranquility and add comfort to the room.

It is not difficult to bring the impression of nature to the room. You only need to depend on a few things related to nature, such as plants, for example.

So, for those of you who want to have a comfortable room that has a serenity with a touch of nature, here we have provided 25 Minimalist Concept Room Ideas with A Soothing Touch of Nature that can be your references. Let’s check it out!

1. Warm Atmosphere Full of Serenity

Minimalist Concept Room Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

If we look at the picture id above, the color of the wood on the floor and coffee table looks so faint. With this, the coffee table and floor look similar. So that the wooden elements in the room seem more dominant.

Wood elements in the room create a warmer atmosphere. Moreover, the selection of colors that fill the room also adds to the warmth of the room.

Natural lighting is intentionally maximized to make the wood elements show their true color and texture. So you can feel a more natural impression here. And also, in the corner of the room, there are medium plants as decorations that provide freshness.

2. Bringing Fresh Feel with Large Plant

fresh room
Cc: Pinterest

If you are confused about how to bring natural nuances into the room, then depending on plants is the solution. As we know, every room needs decoration in order to look attractive. And, plants are the right decoration for you to choose.

So that the minimalist concept in the room is maintained, try to use plants in small quantities. One or two plants is enough to create a natural feel in the room.

The corner of the room is the right location for you to place plants. Choose a plant with large size as in the picture above to make it look stand out in the room. And then, let the natural green color of the plants work there.

3. Green Sofa in The Living Room

green sofa
Cc: Pinterest

A room with a minimalist concept where wood is dominant here is actually enough to make the room feel calm. Plus, maximized natural lighting makes the natural feel in the room feel thicker. However, it would be much better to make the room feel refreshing too.

Besides plants, green is also an interesting idea that you can try. Like the picture above, we chose a large olive green sofa to be placed in the middle of the room. Its very strategic location can immediately attract the eye. So that you can feel the freshness immediately when you enter the living room area.

4. Dominant Broken White

broken white minimalist room
Cc: Pinterest

Never be afraid to apply white almost all parts of the interior. Starting from the walls, ceiling, to furniture. Because white is a neutral color that can make a room look bright. Illuminating it with natural light will make the white color look even brighter. Which is great for the comfort and quietness of the room.

Broken white is a white shade that you can choose if you want a softer and calmer atmosphere. Adding warm lighting as an additional light can provide warmth that makes the room feel more comfortable.

To get rid of the stiff impression in the room, give a touch of black and some plants there. Because white is a neutral color, the black and natural greens of plants can be seen immediately, even if they are few in number.

5. Feel The Freshness in An Elegant Room

elegant room
Cc: Pinterest

Want to have a fresh room with a natural touch but looks elegant? If so, then this one idea is an interesting idea that you can try.

Green color and wood material is the perfect combination in creating a fresh and calm room with a natural touch. Especially if you can illuminate the room with natural light.

The minimalist concept is indeed the most able to make the room look elegant. Here, you only need to rely on marble to be applied to the walls. You can also choose a coffee table made of marble to make it even more perfect.

6. Bright Living Room with Beige for Warming

warm room
Cc: Pinterest

This minimalist room is deliberately made bright naturally. It can be seen from the dominant bright white color. Moreover, natural lighting is also maximized by installing glass doors and large windows that connect the room to the garden.

What’s interesting about this idea is the spot living room with the same tone. Beige is the color of choice to make the atmosphere in the room feel warm. A little touch of brown decor also adds warmth and serenity to the room.

You can get freshness in the room from the green garden that is clearly displayed from the windows and glass doors. And in the room area, there is a medium-sized plant located next to the sofa.

7. Combination of Japanese and Contemporary

minimalist japanese room design
Cc: Pinterest

Combining Japanese and contemporary styles is an interesting idea that you can try. Starting from low-legged or legless furniture with a minimalist design that looks contemporary. The appearance of the room looks neat, simple, but still attractive.

On the side of the room there are beautiful flowers in large vases. This one decoration really beautifies and refines the appearance of the room. Not only that, but the curved lines on the sofa, coffee table, and also lights also soften the appearance of the room. This is the best way to get rid of the lines or stiff impression that is often present in a minimalist concept room.

8. Shady Room That Has Maximum Tranquility and Freshness

shady and fresh room
Cc: Pinterest

The room in the image above has the serenity of its shady appearance. Warm lighting as room lighting makes the room feel warm too. Another warmth also comes from the earthy-tone that fills the room. With this, the room feels very comfortable.

Several green plants are placed in one place to form a refreshing spot in a minimalist room. Starting from large, medium, to small plants.

9. Monochrome Room Style with Plants as Decoration

minimalist monochrome room
Cc: Pinterest

Decoration is the most important and mandatory part of the room. The existence of decorations can add to the aesthetic value and also the beauty of the room.

There are various decorations that you can choose to decorate your room. And if you want to bring freshness to your minimalist room, then plants are the decorations that you must choose.

In maintaining a minimalist look in the room, try to use small amounts of plants. For example, you can choose large plants to fill the corner of the room and small plants to enhance the appearance of the table in the room.

10. Glass Door and Large Window to Show Beautiful Garden

fresh room with garden
Cc: Pinterest

The beautiful garden at home will be very dear to miss. You can also use the beauty of the garden to add beauty and comfort to the room. Here, you just need to show off the beautiful green garden in your home by installing glass doors and large windows.

You can enjoy the freshness in the garden from inside the room. The green of the garden also makes the room feel fresher. Moreover, glass doors and large windows allow sunlight to enter the room freely.

11. Dark Nuances Room

dark nuances room
Cc: Pinterest

It doesn’t only have to be white and earthy-tone, for those of you who like a room with dark shades, you can also make it feel calm with a touch of nature. Like in this idea where black is the main color in the room. Ceiling and black walls make the room seem dark.

However, you don’t have to worry about the room feeling cramped or stuffy. The room still feels comfortable with maximized natural lighting. Glass doors and large windows allow natural light to enter the room freely. Moreover, on the glass door or window there is also no curtain that blocks the passage of light into the room.

Black color gives a firm side to the room. However, the black color exposed to natural lighting creates a calmer atmosphere in the room.

12. Wood with Rough Surface for Ceiling

rough wood
Cc: Pinterest

Want to impress the interior and look more natural? One way is by not smoothing the surface of the wood. Let the wood show its rough texture and true color to the room.

Indeed, it is impossible to use wood with a rough surface on the walls as well as the floor. Therefore, installing it on the ceiling is a very good idea.

Here, you only need to perfect the natural feel in the room by adding plants and also using furniture made of wood or metal. And the last, do not forget to maximize natural lighting. You can install a net curtain if you don’t want the masked sunlight in the room to dazzle your eyes.

13. Minimalist Reading Nook That Feels so Cozy

Minimalist Reading Nook
Cc: Pinterest

Reading nook is the most comfortable spot for you to relax and spend your free time. This is where you will feel more relaxed and calm. Therefore, the convenience of reading nook is an important thing that you must pay attention to.

Applying a minimalist concept to the reading nook and also giving a natural touch there is one of the right ideas that can make this spot feel comfortable. Starting with the color selection. Try to choose warm neutral colors like broken white and beige. And lastly, don’t forget to add plants to give freshness. Very simple isn’t it?

14. Japanese Style That is Simple but Still Modern

modern japanese room
Cc: Pinterest

Japanese design is indeed very attached to the concept of minimalism and serenity. Relying on natural elements is the hallmark of this one design.

Wood is the material most Japanese designs use for interiors. Starting from walls, doors, ceilings, floors, to furniture. For a more modern look, you can also combine it with concrete.

Brown and gray are the main colors of Japanese design. These two neutral colors also affect the creation of handiness in the room. Maximum natural lighting makes brown and gray colors look more alive and beautiful.

15. The Dominant Wood Elements in The Room

warm room nuances
Cc: Pinterest

Wood is one of the natural materials that can make a room feel warm and calm. Therefore, do not be surprised if this one material is often chosen to fill the interior of the house.

Never worry about making the wood in the room look dominant. Like the picture above where wood is applied to the walls and ceiling. The darker wood color changes the mood drastically. The atmosphere in the room feels much calmer and warmer. Moreover, maximum natural lighting makes the color and texture of the wood look clearer which makes the room feel more alive.

16. Combination of Natural Stone and Wood

natural stone and wood
Cc: Pinterest

Besides wood, natural stone wall is also one of the most popular natural materials. Having a strong structure makes natural stone walls very appropriate to be used as walls, or better known as natural stone walls.

The natural gray color and texture of the natural stone wall gives a calm and slightly cool side to the room. However, if you combine it with a wooden ceiling like the picture above, then the wall and the warm side of the room will balance.

So that the colors and textures of natural stone and wood look clearer and livelier in the room, try to maximize natural lighting. Here, you can install glass doors or large windows. Make sure you don’t provide decorations that can block light into the room.

17. Luxurious Bathroom with A Thick Natural Feel

Luxurious Bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

You can also wrap the luxurious appearance of the room with a natural atmosphere that is full of calm and warmth. You can make wood material dominant by installing it on the ceiling, there are several wall spots. You can also install vanities and use a small table made of wood.

Plants are the most fitting decoration for the bathroom. The green color of the plants not only brings a natural feel but also makes the room feel refreshing.

The luxurious appearance of the room comes from the granite material on the floor and marble on the walls. Glossy surfaces when exposed to light add to the beauty and aesthetics of the bathroom.

18. Farmhouse Bathroom Style with Garden as A View

Farmhouse Bathroom Style
Cc: Pinterest

Incorporating a minimalist concept into the farmhouse design is an interesting idea that you can try. The farmhouse design has a natural look that is so thick. Which will make the bathroom full of serenity and comfort.

The walls that are left rough provide a texture that adds to the aesthetic value of the bathroom. However, there is a floor area that is made smooth so that it shows a neat and attractive appearance.

Some natural elements are present to strengthen the natural feel in the bathroom, such as the use of stone as decoration and also some items made of wood. The area facing the plant is left exposed. You can slide the wooden sliding door and show a beautiful and refreshing green plant. With this, soaking in the bathtub while enjoying the freshness of the garden will be an activity that will be very enjoyable.

19. Minimalist Contemporary Bathroom Design to Unwind

Minimalist Contemporary Bathroom Design
Cc: Pinterest

Take a break from tiring activities by soaking in warm water in the bathtub while enjoying the soothing natural atmosphere. Wood material is made more dominant here to create a room with a warm atmosphere. The walls were also replaced with large windows without grills so that they gave a refreshing green view.

The minimalist concept in the bathroom makes more space which makes it feel much calmer. With this, the bathroom will become your favorite room when you want to release stress and fatigue.

20. Luxurious Modern Bathroom

Luxurious Modern Bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

With a minimalist concept, you can make your bathroom look luxurious. White as a mainstay color will really help to create a bright bathroom. Modern design items with lights that look expensive will give the impression of luxury to the bathroom.

Make the bathroom connect with nature by exposing the garden. Here, you can use the sliding door. A fresh and beautiful garden will make the nuances you can feel more clear.

You can also install wood material in the shower area. Choose waterproof wood so that it has long durability. Because the wood will be exposed to water for a long time.

21. Private Small Garden Behind The Bedroom

fresh bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

A private small garden behind the bedroom is an interesting idea that you can try. Different from garden gardens in general, you can make this small garden look simpler. in the wall area use natural stone to give a more natural look. And on the side give green plants as a refresher.

Glass doors and large windows without grilles are the best link between the bedroom to the garden. With this, the beauty and freshness of the garden can be clearly seen in the bedroom. Which of course will be very helpful to make a minimalist bedroom look more beautiful and more comfortable.

22. Small Garden in The Middle of Walk-in Closet

small garden in the room
Cc: Pinterest

The walk-in closet is often a favorite area. So, making it look beautiful is very important. Here, you can present something refreshing. And made a small garden in the middle of the walk-in closet is an interesting idea.

So that trees and other plants can grow well, then in a special area of this small garden leave it exposed. That way, sunlight can directly hit the plants. Besides that, sunlight will also make the walk-in closet look brighter naturally so that it will make this room feel comfortable.

23. Casual Bedroom Featuring Natural Elements

casual bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Minimalist bedrooms with a casual look are indeed in great demand by people. The simple impression makes it feel more comfortable and more pleasing to the eye. It would be better if you could incorporate natural elements into it. Natural nuances will be very helpful to add to the comfort of the bedroom.

Gray, brown, and white are the colors you can rely on. These three neutral colors will make the room look soft and calm. You can also add wood material there to give it a little warm feel. And don’t forget to make natural lighting the main lighting to make the natural elements feel and look clearer.

24. Rhythms of Nature in The Bedroom

Rhythms of Nature in The Bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Concrete and wood are the perfect combination for a minimalist bedroom with a touch of nature. Concrete walls and ceilings give a neat and simple impression to the room. However, concrete gives a cold side to the room. However, this is not something you need to worry about. Because the wood material that creates a warm atmosphere in the room will make it a balance.

The use of colors that match the interior makes the bedroom look so harmonious. A simple bed and coffee table give a very minimalist impression. The bedroom looks so beautiful with decorations in the form of plants, additional lights, and also a rug.

25. Balinese Style Kitchen

balinese kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

You can choose a Balinese style that is never separated from natural elements for a minimalist interior in your home. Wood and rattan are the main materials used in Balinese style. This is why Balinese style usually has a warm atmosphere. In addition, natural lighting as the main lighting can also add warmth to the interior of the house.

It doesn’t matter if you want to make the room look shady. Here you can rely on concrete to give a natural color to the room.

Final Words

The minimalist concept room has a simpler appearance. Lots of free space can make the room feel wider and quieter. The room will be far from the cramped and stuffy feeling that is so annoying. It would be even better if you could incorporate natural nuances into it. A touch of nature can add to the comfort of a minimalist concept room. In addition, some natural elements can make the room feel calm and warm.

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