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18 Coffee Tables with Storage for Living Room and How to Choose the Functional One – Coffee tables currently have a variety of designs. The design of the coffee table is no longer just a circle or rectangle made of wood or iron. Besides that, the number of various designs also makes the function of the coffee table increase. Like a coffee table with drawers that can be used as storage. With this, the room will be free of clutter.

The coffee table is a low table that is often used in the living room. As the main room that is explored when entering the room, of course, the coffee table has an important influence both for beauty and comfort.

In this article, we have provided 18 Coffee Tables with Storage for Living Room and How to Choose the Functional One. So, let’s check it out!

1. White and Walnut Round Nesting Table

This is the first idea. The coffee table has two tables. The white marble table is the big one. It has a clean and elegant impression. This table looks catchy with a golden frame and round feet. Also, it is a compatible pair for the wooden table.

The smaller table is made of walnut wood. It has a natural brown color. Besides, the timber patterns will create an aesthetic impression in the living room. This table has a small drawer on the side. It looks interesting to have a half-rounded drawer. Thus, you can save small books inside it.

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2. Square Drum Coffee Table from Woods

This coffee table has a unique shape. An upside-down trapezium is an attractive design for a coffee table. It creates a larger impression on the top side. Meanwhile, the feet will not take up lots of space. This coffee table has an elegant color. The dark grey color will enliven the luxurious impression.

Also, this square drum coffee table has little storage. The minimalist drawer will hide beneath the table. So, it will keep the design neat and clean. Moreover, this table has no feet. It stands directly on the floor. This coffee table is stunning to decorate a large living room because it brings a narrower impression to the room.

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3. An Ordinary Table with Two Drawers

Having an ordinary coffee table is not bad. It brings simplicity to the living room. This coffee table uses wooden material. The natural brown color is the best part of this table. It will enliven the natural accent in your living room.

This ordinary table has two small drawers. The storage is useful to save the things inside it. Even though it uses knobs, it will not declutter its simple design. Besides, this table looks like a mini workspace table. You can use this table as the main table in the living room if you want to create a simple atmosphere.

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4. Rustic Style and Wood Textured Surface

The Rustic design offers wooden furniture. The rustic coffee table is one of the interesting pieces of furniture. It uses dark wood as the main material. The natural timber patterns will enliven the rustic atmosphere. This material is stunning to combine with a metal frame.

Besides, this table is multifunctional. You can move it to any room because it has wheel feet. This table has a low plank. So, you can put some things on it. Even though the storage is exposed, this table will not declutter the living room design. You can take this table to bring a traditional accent to your room.

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5. Wood Coffee Table with Real Textures

Some people like the striking design. This wood coffee table is one of the unique designs. It is made of a giant tree or a combination of wooden pieces. This table has a raw impression. It even has no additional paint. It looks fine to get a transparent varnish.

Furthermore, this table is interesting to decorate a rustic or traditional living room. It offers doorless storage on the side. This storage is simple and looks stunning. Also, this coffee table will fill the main area in the living room beautifully. You can add this table to your living room if you want to create a striking accent.

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6. White Marble for A Rectangle Coffee Table

A pair of tables are cute. It has a distinct design that leads you to a certain impression. This white marble table is one of the elegant pieces of furniture. It is a pair of white tables beside the sofa. Both tables have the same design in a different size.

The main coffee table has rectangular in size. It uses white marble as the top board. This coffee table offers two drawers. It has golden accents on the knobs and table frame. This striking accent will bring a luxurious atmosphere. You can use this coffee table to create a clear design in the living room.

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7. Rectangular Table with Multi Storage

This is another rectangular table. It uses a traditional brown color. Also, it offers timber-like patterns. This coffee table has geometrical feet. So, it brings a full design table in the living room.

Besides, it provides multiple storages. It has two shelves inside the main table. Also, it has a slim drawer on the side. Moreover, this coffee table has a simple tray, so you can load the drink and snacks on it. This coffee table is perfect to decorate a large living room. It will take up lots of space, especially when you open all the storage.

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8. Tray Modern Coffee Table

This is a modern Industrial coffee table. It offers a light grey color with dark shades. This coffee table has grey feet as well. It looks stunning to put on the grey carpet in the living room. Moreover, this coffee table has a low design, so it will not declutter the room design.

That modern coffee table has few storages. It uses the small tray beneath the table. The tray is made of brown timber. It is useful to decorate the table by pulling out the tray. Also, you can put the tray in the place where you need it.

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9. Half-Rounded Storage for A Paired Table

It is a nice pair of coffee tables. This coffee table has a white and olive green top board. The green table uses a golden frame. It creates a nice pair with the golden, white, and olive green colors. This table will tie the look in the living room.

Meanwhile, the white table has a slimline board. The clear color will look out the point. Also, the white table offers a small drawer. It will be useful to load small items in your living room. Both tables could not create a simple design and they can take up more space. Besides, it is a nice option to add gorgeous furniture to the living room.

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10. A Simple Wooden Table with Drawers

Wood is a common material to create a table. This idea is one of the interesting tables. It has a rectangular shape. The ordinary shape will bring simplicity to the living room. Also, the wood table has a raw impression because it offers a natural timber look.

Moreover, this coffee table has two drawers. The drawers use minimalist knobs. It looks catchy to complete the wooden material. Also, this table does not need any color. It is okay to use transparent varnish for protection. Then, let the natural color decorates the living room.

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11. Modern Round Loft-Top Nesting Table

The round-tip table has storage. Look at this idea. It uses a wooden table to create a lifted surface. So, you can use it as a small table. Also, the lifted surface will provide a small shelf. It is useful to save small items inside.

Besides, the white table has an elegant design. It adds a breath of fresh air to the living room. Also, it has two drawers on both sides. Thus, you can save more things on the table. Beyond this all, the loft-top nesting table has a simple design. You can put the small table beneath the larger table.

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12. Coffee Table with Minimalist Design

This is a pair of coffee tables. It offers a simple shape with a minimalist design. This coffee table has a clean surface. It offers wooden patterns and neutral brown color. Also, this table has a nice combination of golden feet.

Meanwhile, the smaller table has a clean white color. It looks simple to pair with the wooden table. The white table will fit any room design. Thus, you can use both tables to complete your living room. You can save a slim book on the smaller table. It will create simple storage when put beneath the larger table.

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13. Modern Retractable Nesting Table

The eccentric table will change the impression of a room. It has an elegant design with multiple designs. This nesting table offers a small table beneath the larger table. The lower table is useful as the table feet and extra storage. It uses the white plank as a table.

Moreover, the larger table has an interesting design. It consists of white material and wooden material. The natural wooden pattern will bring an outdoor accent. Both tables have small storage on the sides. Every storage will complete the table design.

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14. An Elegant Coffee Table with Minimum Drawers

The shabby chic color always brings a calm impression. This coffee table will bring a soothing accent to your living room. The soft pink color can tie the look of the room. It looks stunning to fulfill the shabby chic living room. The neutral color is perfect to match the white marble. Also, the oval shape will bring a larger impression.

This elegant coffee table has a drawer. The minimalist drawer is useful to keep the small item. Also, the minimalist design will not declutter the design of this table. Even, you can add ornamental plants to the table. It will beautify this table and make it more stunning.

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15. Square Coffee Table with Many Storage

A big table will provide larger storage. This coffee table has a low and larger shape. The square table has golden glossy feet. It looks stunning to decorate the neutral table. The golden accent will bring a luxurious impression. It can tie the look in your living room.

Furthermore, the large table has big storage. It offers a few drawers on both sides. It can load more things that you need in the living room. Then, you can decorate the table with a few ornaments. Maybe, you can put an ornamental plant on it. Besides, you can put other ornaments to complete the design.

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16. Cubical Table and Curvy Points

This is another geometrical table. This coffee table has low feet. It offers cubical storage as it has a geometrical shape. Despite this, the cubical coffee table has curvy edges. This curvy accent with create a larger impression. It even uses white marble and golden feet.

The cubical table has a smaller table. You can choose this table to get a unique accent in the living room. Also, this table is compatible with any room size. You can make it as a small table or a larger table. This table offers an alternative design to adjust your need.

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17. Timber Coffee Table with A Geometrical Shape

The soft wooden color will bring an elegant impression. It has a clean design and fits any room. This timber coffee table is a perfect choice to decorate a large living room. It has a big size and the design looks full. Also, it has a dark scheme that brings a full perspective to a room.

Besides, this coffee table has a low size. It even has geometrical feet and brings a full design. This coffee table is compatible with a large living room that needs a dark accent. It has a few storages that will adjust your storing need. You can decorate it with green plants or other darker accents on the surface.

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18. Modern Marble Low Coffee Table

The marble material brings an elegant pattern. It has identical abstract patterns with various colors. This coffee table uses marble patterns. It offers a luxurious design with a tray-like surface on the table. The marble tray is multifunctional. You can lift the tray to open the storage beneath it.

This coffee table has dark storage. It is the main table. Meanwhile, the tray design is a unique accent to this table. You can use this table to bring an elegant accent to your living room. Also, it will complete the luxurious living room with its marble patterns.

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Final Words

A coffee table with storage is indeed a profitable piece of furniture. The attractive design adds value to the beauty of the room. Also, there is a storage area to put some items so that the room looks tidier. The points above are 18 Coffee Tables with Storage for Living Room and How to Choose the Functional One. Choose one coffee table that you like. However, also pay attention to the area of the room and the color combinations in your living room. So, happy decoration all!

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