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Stunning Small Studio Apartment with Industrial Modern Design – Small studio apartment is notoriously difficult to decorate. Limited space makes it more challenging. How do we have to make a small dwelling look beautiful? Even if you only rely on decorations to taste.

Choosing and determining the interior design is the first step. With this, you will find it easier to choose furniture and decorations for the apartment.

For now, it is better to choose a modern concept. So that the residence will look more up to date. In addition, modern concepts also tend to focus on the functionality of the room. In this way, a small room will be free from cramped and stuffy feeling.

Modern industrial design is an interior design that is suitable for small studio apartments. The firm natural hues and natural elements will give a more masculine and mature effect. And if you think applying the dark colors, which is become the industrial colors, will make the apartment look dark, or even feel cramped and stuffy, you are wrong. In fact, these colors make the apartment will look stunning. Interesting, right?

So, do you already interest in it? If you do, here, we have provided Stunning Small Studio Apartment with Industrial Modern Design that can be your reference. So, let’s check it out!

Enticing Exposed Brick Walls

In applying industrial design to apartments, you must first know the characteristics of industrial design. The most familiar feature is the exposed brick walls.

No need to worry about applying an exposed brick wall to the studio apartment. Because the red or orange color of the brick will give a more attractive impression to your apartment.

modern industrial design
Cc: Houzz

In a small studio apartment, you may prefer to paint the walls with white paint. This is not a problem. Instead, painting the walls with white paint can make a small apartment look bright. It’s just that, you can tuck an exposed brick wall on one side of the apartment wall. Choose the wall that you will make as the focal point.

Applying an exposed brick wall to an apartment may be difficult. Plus, the walls in the apartment have been patented. However, don’t be sad. Currently, there are 3D exposed brick wallpapers that you can find in online stores. The prices offered also vary. However, the price certainly does not lie to the quality. For a relatively higher price, it usually has a good foam as well as quality colors and textures.

Natural Lighting and Industrial Spotlight

Modern concept rooms rely more on natural lighting as the main lighting. Therefore, modern concept houses have many large windows.

In apartments, of course you can’t add windows according to what you want. Because the apartment has been designed from the start. Therefore, make the best use of the windows in the small studio apartment.

It is feared that large windows can interfere with privacy in the apartment. So, the only way to deal with it is to use curtains. However, the curtains used are also not arbitrary. Because, this can block the light that enters the apartment.

small studio apartment
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Net curtain is the most appropriate type of curtain. It is the best solution as window decoration. By using a net curtain, light can still enter the apartment. So the apartment will still look naturally bright.

Even though the apartment looks bright with natural lighting, that doesn’t mean you don’t use lights. Be it natural lighting or artificial lighting, both must be present in every residence.

There are many types of lamps that can be used. However, the most appropriate to choose is the industrial spotlight. This one lamp will emphasize the industrial design in the apartment. In addition, industrial spotlights can work well in focusing on spots in the apartment. Especially when the light hits the mirror surface, making the small studio apartment look more dramatic.

Small Dining Area

Although narrow, this one dining area looks very attractive. The combination of wood and iron material reflects a very industrial design. Not only that, the wood brown and black colors also make the industrial style look thicker in this small studio apartment.

Because the industrial apartment has a modern concept, the designs chosen for the dining table and dining chair are also adjusted. This apartment chooses minimalist design dining furniture. Dining table decorations are also made as simple as possible. There are only flower vases with fresh green plants.

small studio apartment design
Cc: Houzz

Right above the dining table, there is a hanging pendant lamp. Usually, in an industrial design room, a pendant lamp made of iron is used. However, apartment one. This chose a pendant lamp made of glass. Three pendant lamps are installed with different heights. Gives a more attractive appearance effect for this small dining area.

For the wall area, we can see the wood elements make this one area look even more beautiful. A clock made of wood gives a slightly natural feel to the apartment. The texture of this wooden clock is also chosen rough to give a more attractive appearance to the wall. So, the walls do not look monotonous. The rough wood texture does give a bit of an old look to this modern apartment. However, due to its simple design, this wooden clock fits perfectly with modern industrial design.

Open Plan Apartment Kitchen

The kitchen area is made simpler. With a white base color, the kitchen looks more minimalist, bright, but still looks natural. The selection of wooden drawers for wall kitchen cabinets makes this area look attractive. The mature natural look is also clearly visible from the color selection for the backsplash. The concrete on the backsplash gives a natural gray effect to the kitchen. So that the kitchen looks more filled and not stiff.

open plan minimalist kitchen
Cc: Houzz

Lighting for the kitchen is also kept to a minimum. Recessed lighting fixtures make white look bright. Not only that, the backsplash is also provided with LED lighting. So, the kitchen area looks more beautiful by relying on artificial lighting.

For decoration, there are no interesting and specific decorations. Only rely on kitchen equipment that is hung on the backsplash. That way, this modern industrial kitchen is not too monotonous.

The Bahtroom That Look So Minimalist

In promoting a modern look on a small studio apartment, the interior is indeed made more minimalist. Including the bathroom. This minimalist concept is indeed the most appropriate way to make a narrow room feel comfortable.

In the bathroom there are no decorations that fill the room. However, to make this one room not look monotonous, gray tiles with natural stone motifs were chosen for the bathroom walls. Textures, motifs, and colors do play an important role in making a minimalist room look attractive.

studio apartment bathroom
Cc: Houzz

For the mirror, this bathroom chose to use an oval bathroom mirror with frame. The black mirror frame blends well with the gray walls in the bathroom. So that the minimalist bathroom looks more harmonious.

The minimalist concept in the bathroom is also clearly seen from the selection of the floating vanity bathroom. With this, there is still space left right under the vanity. Additional LED lighting makes it look clearer there.

For the material, this bathroom has wooden elements. Wood is chosen with a darker color. In accordance with the characteristics of industrial design. So, with this, even though the bathroom looks more modern and minimalist, the industrial design is still present perfectly.

Final Words

If you want to have an attractive small studio apartment with the mature look, we recommend you to choose modern industrial as the apartment interior design. The natural dark hues that becomes the characteristic of industrial, will make the apartment look firm and masculine. The modern concept also makes the small studio apartment a comfortable place to live. Tend to prioritize functionality, of course the room will feel more calm and spacious. There will be a lot of free space available. So, you won’t feel cramped or stuffy in this small apartment. Interesting to try right?

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