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15 Luxury Living Room Ideas You Will Love – The living room is the first room that is stepped on when entering the house. Therefore, the appearance of this room is the main thing that must be considered carefully. To bring a different impression to the living room, you can create a luxurious look. The combination of classic and contemporary concepts will bring an attractive impression and appearance to your home. And, for those of you who are interested in it, it’s important to know luxury living room ideas. The more references, the more ideas you can pour into your living room.

In this article, we have provided 15 Luxury Living Room Ideas You Will Love. So, let’s check it out!

1. Brown Luxury Living Room Shades

luxury living room ideas
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Not only appearance, comfort in the living room is also the most important part. Beauty isn’t the only thing you should pay attention to here. You also need to make your expensive living room feel comfortable. And one way is to make a warm atmosphere present well there.

In creating a warm feeling in a room, you can depend on brown. And, this becomes the first of 15 Luxury Living Room Ideas You Will Love. Choose beige or soft white as the main color so that the room looks bright. And, decorating the room in brown. Start with brown throw pillows, brown curtains, and several other brown displays.

If you want to make the warm ambiance present clearly in the luxurious living room, you can add wood elements there. You can make wood a beautiful accent wall. The natural brown color of the wood also makes the atmosphere feel more alive.

2. Simple Luxury Living Room

simple luxury living room ideas
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In fact, to make a living room look expensive, you do not only have to over-decorate it, such as marble accent walls, large sparkling pendant lights, and so on. For those of you who want to keep it simple, you can make the living room look luxurious with a simple design.

First, choose beige as the main color to soften the look. Choose brown as a decoration to make a more calm but elegant impression. Finally, provide decorations in the form of pendant lights with an attractive design and matching colors. That way the appearance will be more harmonious.

In making a simple living room look luxurious, you need to make it feel more spacious. Starting from hanging the curtain from the ceiling to touching the floor. This one method is very effective for making walls look taller. Decoration also living room with a rug. And finally, make sure the lighting in the living room is perfect.

3. White and Gray Luxury Living Room

white and gray luxury living room ideas
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Do not stop at beige and brown, you can also use other neutral colors to make the living room look luxurious. For example, like this one idea that uses white and gray to decorate the living room. And, this is the next of 15 Luxury Living Room Ideas you can follow.

With white as the main color, the living room looks bright. The help of natural light also makes white bring out its brightness in a room by making it look more alive. That way, the room feels more spacious.

The gray color as a decoration brings a cooler but calming impression. No need to worry, by decorating the living room with rug, warmth will be present and balance the atmosphere.

Using a large sofa can indeed have a more expensive effect on the room. However, try to choose a legless sofa as seen in the picture above. That way, the walls will appear taller and the room feels wider. This will really help make the room look expensive.

4. Look Beautiful with A Touch of Soft Pink

soft pink decors
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The next of 15 Luxury Living Room Ideas is to look beautiful with a touch of soft pink. Never be afraid to bring pink into the room. A room with pink color will look more feminine, soft, and calm. That way, the color pink not only brings beauty to the room but also brings comfort.

To make the luxurious living room look pretty, you can decorate this room in pink. Choose a soft pink to make the look soft and calm.

Start with a soft pink blanket for the sofa or lounge. You can also make the white color more dominant by choosing a throw pillow of the same color. And finally, give a decoration in the form of roses with a beautiful pink color. Place the flowers in a clear vase filled with water and place them on the coffee table.

5. Large Luxury Living Room

large luxury living room ideas
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Large rooms are indeed easier to make appear luxurious. Here, you do not need to choose white as the main color because the room already looks spacious. You can replace white with gray to bring a dining and elegant impression to the room. Give a bold color like black to make the appearance far from being stiff and boring. Black will give a firmer yet calming effect.

To adjust the size of a large room, also choose a sofa with a large size. L-shaped sofa is perfect for large rooms. Choose a legless sofa to give the effect of a taller wall. Also choose a rectangle sofa to provide straight lines that help make the room more elegant. And finally, decorate the living room with a large rug and a large, charming pendant light.

6. Modern Pendant Light

modern pendant light
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In addition to natural lighting that must be maximized, you also need lights to make the room look bright. Do not use small lamps for large living rooms. Adjust the lights to the size of the room. If the room is large, then also use a large lamp. This becomes the next of 15 Luxury Living Room Ideas you can choose from.

Currently, there are many lamp designs presented that make lamps not only to illuminate a room but also become accessories that can make a room look beautiful. Like this one idea that uses a large pendant light with a modern design. The curved lines of the pendant light disguise the smooth lines of a modern designed room. Curved lines provide a soft effect for appearance and eliminate the impression of stiffness in a modern luxury living room.

7. Marble as Wall Accent

wall accent
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Actually, in making a living room look luxurious, the method is quite easy. No need to decorate the living room with expensive items or decorations. Here, you only need to bring marble material to the living room. And, done! The look of the living room will change drastically.

Choose white marble to make the living room look bright. For patterns, you can choose gray for a more calm look, or black for a more assertive look. Insall marble in the TV area because this is the main area that is directly seen by the eye. Install marble up to the top to give the effect of a taller wall and make the room feel wider. It would be better to install LED light on the ceiling area to make the marble material look glossy and pretty at night.

8. Give A Sexy Look with Dark Red

dark red
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For a luxurious living room, it is better to use neutral colors. However, using only neutral colors sometimes brings a feeling of boredom that makes the room uncomfortable. Therefore, the living room needs to be decorated with other, bolder and more attractive colors.

For those of you who want to make your luxurious living room a little sexy, you can present a dark red color there. You can use a dark red armchair. Choose velvet material so that the display looks glossy when exposed to natural light or light.

To make the red color look more dominant, you can also insert a throw pillow of the same color as the armchair. This will make the red color present more evenly in the luxurious living room.

9. Black and White Luxury Living Room

black and white luxury living room ideas
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For a small room but high walls, you can choose white as the main color. This one color can eliminate dark corners and make a room feel more spacious. Besides that, maximum natural light that enters the room will hit the white color and make it look brighter and livelier.

It’s just that, the use of one color is not recommended because it will make the room stiff and boring. You need to fill the room with another color. And, the color that goes well with white is black.

You can apply black in an scattered manner to make it dominant in the room. However, try not to make it look too much white. Try starting from throw pillows, coffee table legs, and also wall accents. Even though the amount is small, because the application is spread out, the black color will stand out in the luxurious living room.

10. Beautiful Gold Birds Wall Display

wall displays
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Marble is indeed a material that can drastically change the appearance of a room. The room will look elegant and expensive with marble. However, that is not all. In making the room look expensive, you can also apply gold color there.

Try not to make the gold color predominate because it will make the appearance look weird. And, in this one idea, golden birds make a beautiful decoration for the wall. You can apply these bird displays on white marble areas to make the gold color look stand out in the living room.

11. Modern Living Room with Luxurious Look

modern living room
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The next of the 15 Luxury Living Room Ideas you can follow is a modern living room with a luxurious look. Modern design is most suitable for large rooms. This one design does apply a minimalist concept that can make the room feel more comfortable. However, this one design also pays attention to the aesthetics of the room.

The large sofas look so beautiful filling the room. Neutral colors decorate the room and make it look more calm. The atmosphere also becomes warmer and full of calm.

Natural light is maximized in the room to bring warmth and make the colors in the room come alive. Can be seen from the window that was left without a single cloth there.

Actually, this one idea applies an open plan concept which makes it feel wider. However, between rooms there is a transparent barrier that separates the rooms but doesn’t make the room cramped.

12. Greenery in The Living Room

fresh luxury living room ideas
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Who said that to make the living room expensive, you have to decorate it with expensive items too. You can keep it simple on a low budget. Like this one idea that decorates a luxurious living room with refreshing green plants.

The most appropriate large plants to decorate the corner of the room. You can choose a corner of the room that gets sunlight to put plants. Remembering plants still need sunlight for them to grow. That way, the plants will stay fresh and not easily wither.

What makes this one idea look interesting is the use of vines. Vines are planted on the second floor so that they appear to hang from the first floor. The natural green color of the plants makes the room feel fresher and livelier.

13. Look Bright with Natural Lighting

bright room
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In a large living room it is most appropriate to decorate with colors that tend to be dark to give a firm effect and reduce the impression of being stiff and boring in the room. However, also give it white to give a slightly brighter effect to the room.

Applying dark colors can indeed give a cold and firm effect. However, this can make a room look dark and uncomfortable. Therefore, the room needs to be illuminated with maximum natural lighting. And, this becomes the next of 15 Luxury Living Room Ideas you can follow.

You can use large windows and leave it without any decorations. Or, you can also install a skylight window like in this one idea. Lighting from above is much better at illuminating a room.

14. Modern Fireplace as Room Divider

modern fireplace
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Besides a beautiful appearance, you also need to make a luxurious living room feel comfortable. One of the factors that makes a room uncomfortable is cold air that enters through cracks in doors or windows. Therefore, a fireplace is needed to keep the air in the living room warm.

For the luxurious living room, the most appropriate fireplace to choose is the modern fireplace. You can make the fireplace a barrier between the living room and the dining room.

You can use the fireplace to make the most comfortable spot in the living room. Here, you can use the lounge and place it right beside the living room. This one spot can be a comfortable reading nook or a place to calm and relax yourself and your mind.

15. Pretty Concrete Wall

concrete wall
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 15 Luxury Living Room Ideas You Will Love is a pretty concrete wall. This one idea brings industrial design to a modern luxurious living room. The concrete wall features a natural gray color and is an interesting accent to the room. With maximum natural lighting, the concrete wall looks so beautiful. You can apply black there to give a bold effect to a luxurious living room. For example, you can install a modern living room on a concrete wall. Besides making the room look attractive, a long fireplace can also make the air in the living room feel warm. Thus, the room also feels more comfortable.

Final Words

A living room with an expensive appearance does seem more attractive. And, for those of you who are interested in creating a luxurious living room in your home, the points above are 15 Luxury Living Room Ideas You Will Love. Choose an idea that suits your room layout. Also pay attention to the elements and materials you use. Choose an idea that suits your character. So, good luck guys!

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