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Get to Know More About Rustic Design – The rustic style has an old look and feel. Even so, this one style is still popular today. The natural nuance that is very thick in the rustic style provides calm and warmth that makes the interior feel comfortable.

Initially, the rustic style was present in the United States. Buildings with contrasting natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal. The surface of the material used is also left rough to give a thicker natural effect in the room.

The rustic style was first created by Europeans living in rural areas. The cold air makes them have to create a warm place to live to be comfortable. Besides the dominant use of natural materials, this one design also uses other interesting ornaments and of course adds to the warmth of the interior. Usually, a rustic design room is equipped with a blanket or rug made of sheepskin, and so on.

So, for those of you who are still curious about the rustic style, here we describe the characteristics and also a more detailed explanation of the rustic style. So, let’s check it out!

The Texture of the Building Has a So Strong Impression

As previously explained, rustic designs use natural materials for buildings. Starting from the roof, and walls, to the floor. And interestingly, these natural materials are left with a rough texture to give a natural impression.

The roof of a rustic design house is usually made of wood. The roof of the house is also left open with beams that look stand out.

rustic design
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Not only the roof, but this design also chooses wood material for the floor of the house. So that the view of the ceiing and floor looks harmonious. The more dominant wood material makes the atmosphere in the house feel so warm.

For walls, rustic designs usually choose natural stone as a material. The appearance and texture of the stone walls also strengthen the impression of nature in the room.

Use of Warm Neutral Colors

Besides materials, the color selection also greatly affects the appearance and atmosphere of the interior of the house. To make the atmosphere and the impression of nature in the room thicker, the rustic design chooses warm neutral colors.

rustic interior deisgn
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The following are very popular colors used by rustic designs:

  • White

white interior shades
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White is the most popular color. Interior shades of white will look bright naturally. Besides that, white is a neutral color that will make other colors stand out in the room.

Besides bringing a natural atmosphere to the room, there are several benefits of making white the main color:

  1. The room feels warmer,
  2. Make a small room feel more spacious,
  3. Gives a fresh effect to the atmosphere in the room,
  4. Easy decoration,
  5. Easy to repaint, and so on.

There are several shades of white that you can choose from. If you want the room to look bright, then choose white with a light shade. And, if you want to make the room look a little shadier, you can make broken white, soft white, and ivory white as an option.

  • Grey

cozy rustic design
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The second color that is usually chosen for a rustic design room is gray. This color includes neutral colors that give a cool and calm effect to the room. So, when combined with natural materials, the room will look more harmonious and full of tranquility.

  • Green

fresh rustic room design
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In making the natural atmosphere in the room feel clearer, it is necessary to bring refreshing touches. Therefore, green is the next color of rustic design.

You can choose several pieces of furniture or interesting displays in green. Or, you can also bring plants to the room to give it a natural green color to the room. Indoor plants will also make the air in the room feel fresher and cooler.

  • Beige

warm room
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The next color is beige. This color will give a calm and warm effect to a rustic design room. If wood brings a dark brown color to the room, then beige is the lighter version. With this, the beige color is the right color to combine with wood materials.

Prefer to Use Second-Hand Items

“Environmentally friendly” is also the main focus of the rustic design. So, instead of using new items, this design prefers to use second-hand items.

What is interesting about second-hand items is that they look obsolete. Besides that, second-hand items also have more attractive textures and colors. And of course, this will be very integrated with the natural look and feel of the rustic design.

rustic item design
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You can take advantage of various things around you. For example, used boards that are no longer used to be used as cabinets, tables, or house doors. This piece of wood without finishing is what will give texture to the room.

Natural Light as Main Light

Lighting in the room is an important aspect that will affect the atmosphere and appearance of the room itself. And, in a rustic design, natural lighting is the main lighting for room lighting. This is why rustic-style houses often use large windows. The windows are also left exposed freely without any decorations that can block light from entering the room.

bright room ideas
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If you want to use a curtain to protect your privacy, you can choose a soft white curtain. The white color will still make the room look bright even at night.

Warm Lighting for Night

Given that the sun does not shine 24 hours, then we also need artificial light or lamps to keep the house bright at night. There are several types and also light bulbs that are present today. And of course this will make the heart hesitate to choose which one is suitable for the interior of the house.

warm rustic design
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However, you do not need to worry about feeling indecisive when choosing a lamp for a rustic design house. This design chooses warm lighting as lighting for the night. Warm lighting will give a warm and calm effect to the room.

Wood and natural stone materials will look more alive and show their calm side when exposed to warm lighting from lamps. With this, the room not only looks more beautiful but also feels comfortable.

rustic lighting
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For the design of the lamp, choose a lamp made of metal that is still textured. A simple lamp design with an old look is the most appropriate for a rustic-style house.

Attractive Ethnic Furniture

The selection of furniture for a rustic-style house is also not arbitrary. There are several things you need to pay attention to in order to make the interior look harmonious. With this, there will be no crashes that can make the interior look bad and even uncomfortable.

ethnic furniture
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The important point of rustic design is the appearance of using. So, from this, we can conclude that the furniture used in the rustic design tends to have an old look.

Usually, furniture made of wood is more often chosen. The rough textures and colors of the wood give the room a warm and worn look. Not only that, the furniture usually has a vintage design. So the rustic-style interior will take you back to the 70s.

Final Words

The outdated look in the rustic style does not make it forgotten by people. Precisely, this outdated look is the hallmark that makes this one design favored by many people to this day. A warm, calm, comfortable atmosphere with a 70s look will give a different feel to your home. So, by knowing the characteristics of the rustic style, have you started to be interested in applying it as your home interior design?

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