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17 Hosta Variety, Interesting Green Foliages for Home Decor – Hosta or Plaintain Lily is an attractive leafy plant. It has various varieties with various foliage. All Hosta plants tolerate shade. They grow well in any environment. You will love this plant to decorate your garden. It offers attractive foliage for home decoration. There are many types of Hosta Variety that you can choose to fill your garden. And, in this article, we have provided 17 Hosta Variety, Interesting Green Foliages for Home Decor. So, let’s check it out!

1. Hosta ‘Devon Green

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Hosta ‘Devon Green’ is an interesting plant. This plant offers very thick dark green foliage. These glossy leaves have an attractive heart-shaped appearance. It can grow well in any type of soil, except soggy soil.

This plant is easy to care for. It grows well with regular watering, especially during the summer season. They need constant moisture, thus ensuring they get enough water. If you plant them in a pot, they will dry quickly. Besides, this plant loves nutrient-rich soil to produce flowers.

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2. Hosta Warpaint

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Hosta Warpaint is a clump-forming perennial. This plant is 90 cm high and offers heart-shaped leaves. Their rippled edges are stunning to grow as a house plant. You can plant them as a border in the garden. Their leaves will show a light green color.

Meanwhile, the mature Hosta Warpaint will turn cream to pale green leaves. It has a bit of dark green lines. Moreover, their leaves will grow darker if they get enough sunlight. Hosta Warpaint will produce pale lavender flowers in the summer season.

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3. Hosta Whirlwind

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Hosta Whirlwind is a popular variety. It is easy to grow in any climate. Most Hosta plants love sunlight, so they prefer to grow under sunlight. Despite this, Hosta Whirlwind tolerates a shady place. Thus, it is an adorable plant for decoration.

Moreover, Hosta Whirlwind can grow with minimum maintenance. They need more water if the topsoil is fully dry. Their leaves will grow upright during their growth. Also, the leaves will be darker and change a bit throughout the seasons. As a specialty, Hosta Whirlwind grows lavender funnel-shaped flowers in mid to late summer.

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4. Hosta Crispula

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Hosta Crispula is a green leafy plant. It offers dark green leaves with cream marks. Their wavy leaves are stunning to grow as a border or ground cover. Exposure to sunlight is important to determine their growth. The more they get sunlight, their leaves will grow upright.

Besides, sunlight is essential for their color as well. Hosta Crispula offers darker leaves when they get enough sunlight. You can add some fertilizer to stimulate their growth. Then, water them regularly. Hosta Crispula will produce pale lavender flowers in the early summer season.

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5. Hosta ‘Paradise Island

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Hosta ‘Paradise Island’ is a striking leafy plant. This plant has an upright habit and follows the sun. Hosta ‘Paradise Island’ offers beautiful golden yellow leaves. It has a thin green edge. If you look at the stems, you will see the deep red veins.

This plant is attractive to decorate a house. Their color will catch the attention of the toom. Besides, it is not difficult to thrive on them. Hosta ‘Paradise Island’ can live with minimum needs. It requires enough water and sunlight. Hosta ‘Paradise Island’ will deliver pale purple flowers in the summer season.

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6. Hosta Hyacinthine

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Hosta Hyacinthine is another pale plant. It offers blue-green leaves with large surfaces. The color of leaves will turn gray-green when growing mature. Also, exposure to sunlight will affect their shade. Thus, you can grow this plant in a sunny place, if you want to get a darker appearance.

Hosta Hyacinthine has stunning foliage. Every leaf has creamy edges. Like most Hosta plants, it needs more water during the summer season. Ensure that their leaves stay hydrated. If they grow well, you will see lavender flowers from the mid to late summer season.

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7. Hosta Halcyon

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Hosta Halcyon has heart-shaped leaves. Their blue-green foliage will decorate your environment. It looks attractive to plant some Hosta Halcyon as a garden border. This plant is easy to plant in almost any type of soil. Even they grow well in rocky places.

Hosta Halcyon will change the color of foliage if gets direct sunlight every day. Otherwise, the foliages will stay in their color, if growing in shade places. Even though this plant is a slow grower, it is slug-resistant. The mature plant has good protection to avoid the slug. In addition, Hosta Halcyon will deliver pale lavender flowers in the late summer season.

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8. Hosta Geisha

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Hosta Geisha is a unique variety. It forms an upright mound of elongated leaves. This plant offers glossy leaves that attract attention to your home. Hosta Geisha is interesting to grow in the pot. They need enough water if growing in a container.

Besides, Hosta Geisha loves water. The underwatering will damage their leaves. They will grow well in moist soil with rich nutrients. If they grow well, they can bloom violet flowers star-shaped. After flowering, you need to prune them and promote new growth.

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9. Hosta American Halo

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Hosta American Halo can fill an empty garden with one plant. They can expand in fertile and well-draining soil. Hosta American Halo will create a small bush with large foliage. They promote the large blue-green foliage with a cream-white border.

Moreover, Hosta American Halo is easy to care for. They thrive well in full sun. Also, it needs fertilizer every three months. When growing in a good environment, they can bloom white flowers in the summer season. Also, you can treat them as a groundcover, if they grow quickly in your garden.

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10. Hosta Autumn Frost

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Hosta Autumn Frost is a nice plant to grow indoors or outdoors. It looks like the Hosta Whirlwind, but they have a bit of difference. Hosta Autumn Frost has blue-green leaves with bright yellow borders. Like some Hosta plants, Hosta Autumn Frost can change their foliages.

The yellow part will turn into a creamy white. The mature plant can grow more stunningly under full sun. Moreover, Hosta Autumn Frost is useful to grow as a garden margin. They create a short scape to support lavender flowers. Thus, you can plant them as a ground cover.

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11. Hosta First Mate

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Hosta First Mate can decorate your dense garden. This leafy plant has a smaller appearance than other varieties. Hosta First Mate grows cream-yellow leaves with blue-green lines. It creates an attractive point in the garden. You can grow them both in pot or garden soil.

Hosta First Mate is a low-maintenance plant. It grows healthy with minimum maintenance. Like most plants, it needs enough water. Hosta First Mate requires exposure to sunlight at least 6-8 hours per day. Despite this, Hosta First Mate tolerates partial to full shade.

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12. Hosta Frances Williams

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Hosta Frances Williams is one of the popular Hosta varieties. This plant is identical to green foliage with yellow-green margins. The mature plant will turn dark blue-green with strong veins. It looks stunning to decorate a jungle-like garden or grow as a garden border.

Besides, Hosta Frances Williams is easy to care for. This plant blooms pale lilac flowers in the early summer season. The fragrant flowers will attract pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds. Moreover, Hosta Frances Williams fits any environment. It even grows easily in a big container. You will need a large space for this invasive plant.

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13. Hosta Guacamole

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Hosta Guacamole has a nice fragrant and interesting appearance. It offers oval leaves with a yellow-green color. The mature plant has a bit of golden shade on its leaves. These elements are interesting for Hosta Guacamole as a houseplant. Thus, this plant will attract attention to the garden.

Besides, Hosta Guacamole is easy to care for. They can grow in the mounds. It makes them look like a bush. This plant can grow invasively in your garden. Besides, it needs enough water and sunlight to bloom in the summer season.

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14. Hosta Blue Angel

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Hosta Blue Angel is a textural plant. It has thick leaves with a blue-green color. Their leaves have textures that make them interesting. So, it is a nice choice as a house plant. You can grow them in the front yard or planting in a big container.

Hosta Blue Angel is a low-growing plant. It tolerates dry soil but prefers moist and rich soil. This leafy plant loves partial to full shade. Besides, Hosta Blue Angel could not live under hot weather in the summer season. So, it is fine to grow as indoor plants.

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15. Hosta August Moon

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Hosta August Moon is an interesting plant. This Hosta variety has asymmetrical mounds. They have fresh green leaves that follow the sun. Hosta August Moon can turn bright yellow when getting exposure sunlight. It grows better in the summer season.

Moreover, Hosta August Moon is easy to grow outdoors. The natural environment provides a fresh atmosphere to grow. This plant can bloom lavender-white flowers bell-shaped. Hosta August Moon is a sun lover. So, they grow upright to follow the sun and up to 32 inches.

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16. Hosta Royal Standard

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Hosta Royal Standard is a rare variety of Hosta. It has no margins, like most Hosta plants. This plant has bright green leaves. It is catchy to grow as a garden margin or put indoors as a green accent. Hosta Royal Standard can bloom waxy white flowers, which makes them beautiful.

Besides, Hosta Royal Standard spreads a nice fragrance during blooming. So, it makes them best to grow indoors or near living areas. Even some people grow them in a pot on patios or balconies. Also, a sunny place is best for their growth. It will change its leaves to yellow-green.

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17. Hosta June

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Hosta June is a blue-green plant. It grows in a dense mound. This Hosta variety is catchy to grow like a small bush. Their attractive leaves grow in the center plant with green-yellow color. This mid-part will grow lavender flowers in the late summer season.

Hosta June can grow in almost any area but prefers the sunny place. It survives in full sun to partial shade. Some plants need partial shade to balance the heat around them. Also, it loves moist and well-draining soil. Hosta June can be your garden plant to grow indoors or outdoor.

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Final Words

These are Hosta varieties to grow as a house plant. All of them are stunning to green your home. Most Hosta plants are partially-shade tolerant. They grow easily in moist and well-draining soil. Also, they need a bit of fertilizer to support the first growth. Besides, some Hosta plants can survive in extreme heat or their leaves will burn. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to find the best Hosta variety for home decor. Happy gardening!

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