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15 Beautiful Garden Design Ideas You Can Follow – There are many ideas that you may come across in creating a beautiful and comfortable garden. And of course, this will make you even more in a dilemma in choosing which idea is the best. Therefore, to get rid of your dilemma, we created an article entitled “15 Beautiful Garden Design Ideas You Can Follow” which will make it easier for you to choose which ideas are suitable for your home garden.

A garden is a place at home that you can rely on as a place to relax and calm your mind. Green plants, soothing floral fragrances, and fresh breezes will make the garden your favorite place in your spare time.

So, here are “15 Beautiful Garden Design Ideas You Can Follow”. Let’s check it out!

1. Beautiful Garden with Industrial Design

beautiful garden design ideas
Cc: Pinterest

You can apply industrial style not only to the interior. You can also bring industrial designs to your home exterior. Exposed brick wall with a dull appearance will give more aesthetic value to your exterior. The texture and color of the exposed brick wall makes you no longer need to think about what wall decorations can make your garden look attractive.

Not only on the walls, but you can also apply exposed brick to some of the garden floors as seen in the picture above. So, exposed brick looks like a carpet that is being held. For the benefit, this will make your small garden look more spacious.

Green plants in the garden will give an impressive impression. You can add something more natural there like wood material. Beams in the garden will give an older and more attractive appearance.

Do not forget about decorations such as additional lights. The string light on the plant will make it look beautiful at night. In the beam area, you can also install industrial bulb lights. And final, a candle in a lantern is optional which can make your garden look beautiful at night.

2. Stylish and Comfy Small Garden

small beautiful garden design ideas
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Even though it is small, you can make your garden a beautiful and comfortable area to relax. Besides refreshing plants, you also need other things to make relaxing in the garden even more fun.

Here, you can make a concrete bench and decorate it with some throw pillows. Adding the soft seat cushion will also add to the comfort of the bench. Besides that, you can also bring some comfortable garden chairs to sit on. Do not forget a table for you to put some hot drinks to complement your free time.

3. Calm and Simple Garden

simple beautiful garden design ideas
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The view of a calm garden will be much more winning. What you need to pay attention to here is the color selection. We highly recommend choosing neutral or earth-tone colors.

White as the main color will make the garden appear more neutral and bright. To bring a thicker natural feel, use garden furniture made of wood. Let the color and texture of the wood stand out clearly there.

In order to make the garden feel more comfortable, make the garden a shady area. Shade trees are the main thing that is important here. However, you can also add an umbrella tent for the table area where which is your area to relax in the garden. The existence of an umbrella tent is also a decoration that adds to the beauty of your garden.

4. Modern Garden Design

modern garden design
Cc: Pinterest

A modern garden has a more minimalist concept which will make the garden feel comfortable. The modern design also makes the garden look more attractive and more beautiful.

Walls made of wood give a more natural feel to the garden. On the side of the wall planted some plants to eliminate the dividing lines. This is one trick that you can follow in making your small garden look and feel more spacious.

Make the color and texture of the wood look even more beautiful on the plants by installing some warm lighting there. Warm lighting can also add warmth to the garden which makes it feel more comfortable.

5. Japanese Garden Design

japanese garden design
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 15 Beautiful Garden Design Ideas You Can Follow is a Japanese garden design. As we know, Japanese design is always related to nature. This design has maximum serenity which can make the garden feel comfortable as a place to relax.

Besides refreshing plants, some natural materials are also present in the garden. With natural stone and bamboo, a simple small garden looks so beautiful. In the corner of the garden area, there is also a Japanese water spout design that adds to the beauty of the garden.

Natural materials, fresh greenery, and the sound of water splashing from the water spout make the garden feel so natural. These three things also make the garden a place of serenity. So, relaxing and calming the mind here will be much more fun.

6. Jacuzzi in The Corner of The Garden

Cc: Pinterest

A Garden is not only a place where you grow some fresh plants. You can also make the garden a place for you to relax. Therefore, leave some space for you to use as a place for you to relax here.

Tables and chairs are already very mainstream to be presented in the garden. If you want something comfortable and fun, and most importantly anti-mainstream, then the Jacuzzi is the choice.

The corner of the garden is an area where you can make a Jacuzzi. Also, add some natural stones to add a natural impression to the garden. And if you want to make this cozy spot look more attractive, take advantage of the fenced area. You can hang some displays there.

7. Hammock as A Place to Relax

garden hammock
Cc: Pinterest

Not only the jacuzzi, but you can also choose a hammock as a cool place to relax in the garden. What you need here, of course, are two big, strong trees for you to hang your hammock on. Adding throw pillows and blankets there can add comfort. Besides that, throw pillows with beautiful motifs and colors are decorations that can add to the beauty of the garden.

In the area around the hammock, you make it even fresher by planting some fresh green plants here. Also, take advantage of the wall area to be used as a vertical garden. And on one of the trees, hang lanterns for lighting at night.

8. Lush Garden for Outdoor Living Space

lush garden
Cc: Pinterest

Lush garden for outdoor living space is the next of 15 Beautiful Garden Design Ideas You Can Follow. Lush does not mean the park has large shady trees. One tree is enough. What you need here is a variety of plants to present in the garden.

Take advantage of the wall area as a vertical garden. And also, placing plants on the sides of the garden. And for the middle area, here you can use it as a place to relax as well as an outdoor living room.

Instead of using a fabric sofa, it would be better to use a wooden sofa. And to make it feel comfortable, put a soft cushion seat on it. So, when it rains, you only need to insert a seat cushion into the house. Wood material will be much stronger and exposed to sunlight and rain so it will last longer.

9. Bohemian Style Garden

bohemian Beautiful Garden Design Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Want to create a beautiful garden with a cloudless atmosphere? If it is, then you can apply a bohemian style to the garden. A variety of beautiful and unique motifs will make the garden look more attractive. The bright colors in the Boho style also make the garden look and feel more alive.

Green plants around the sofa will give freshness to this area. You can also plant some pretty flowers to add color to the garden. And for the table area, you can decorate it with small cactus plants.

The most important thing in the Boho style is the ethnic décor. On a wall or fence, you can hang some Boho-style displays. Add a string light to make it look pretty at night.

10. Beautiful Garden for Outdoor Dining Space

Beautiful Garden Design Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 15 Beautiful Garden Design Ideas You Can Follow is a beautiful garden for outdoor dining space. If in the previous idea the garden was made as an outdoor living space to welcome guests, this time the garden was changed as a place to eat with a thick and relaxing natural feel.

Dining table and chairs/bench are furniture that should be present in this idea. You can make this dining area a very romantic place by installing a string light and a lantern containing candles. Warm lights also provide warmth to the garden atmosphere.

Having a foundation made of wood or iron allows you to grow vines. This plant will later make the outdoor dining space shady during the day and romantic in the afternoon.

11. Simple Garden Design

simple garden
Cc: Pinterest

A simple garden can also look beautiful and feel comfortable if you decorate it properly. You have to pay close attention to every corner of the garden. Starting from the corner of the garden that you can use as an area to plant some plants. Shady and refreshing area.

In the area next to the plant, you can put a bench to relax. You do not need a large bench, you can also choose a small bench with the right design.

To add a natural feel to the garden, make a path of natural stones. This is also a trick that you can apply to make it easier for you to walk in the park. So, when it rains, there are still clean roads that you can use. And most importantly, the stone is far from slippery which will make you and your family injured.

12. Garden Pizza Oven Make for an Attractive and Unique Look

garden pizza oven
Cc: Pinterest

Garden pizza oven is actually a traditional tool for baking pizza where at the bottom to put firewood and the top as a grill. Indeed, pizza ovens like this are very rarely used. However, because the shape is so unique and attractive, you can make a garden pizza oven as a decoration for your garden.

Make the garden pizza oven an attractive spot in the garden. You can make it appear more stand out and immediately grab the attention of the eye by putting some plants there. Try to use small plants so they don’t cover the pizza oven.

Additional lights are additional decorations that can beautify the garden while making the pizza oven look more stand out. Additional lights that you can use here are string lights. Hanging it directly above the pizza oven will make the light immediately catch the eye and display the pizza oven on the side of the garden.

13. Beautiful Garden with Rattan Lampshade Decor

Cc: Pinterest

Lighting lamps are needed in the garden. That way, the garden will remain comfortable and can display its beauty at night.

There are many outdoor lamps that you can choose to illuminate and decorate your garden. And string light is one of them. Hanging string lights from tree to tree in the garden gives the garden a better light at night.

You are also allowed to add additional light that can make the garden look even more beautiful. You can place candles shaped like candles on lanterns and also rattan lampshades.

Hanging several rattan lampshades with different designs on several trees in the garden will add to the aesthetic value of the garden. Rattan material, which is a natural material, will also make the nuances of nature present more clearly here.

14. Greenery Your Outdoor with Tropical Garden Themed

tropical garden design
Cc: Pinterest

Tropical gardens are already very famous. The use of large trees will make the garden look so shady. You can feel the freshness that is thicker here. The presence of large trees will make the atmosphere of your home seem more natural.

Another characteristic of a tropical garden is the floor and stone walls. The stone floor will be far from slippery when it rains and keep you safe walking in the park after it rains.

Another material that you must present in a tropical garden is wood. Use outdoor furniture or pergolas made of wood.

As a complement, also present the water element in the tropical garden. You can make fish ponds, small ponds, small artificial waterfalls, and so on. The sound of water will add calm to the garden.

15. Beautiful Cottage Garden

cottage garden
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 15 Beautiful Garden Design Ideas You Can Follow is a beautiful cottage garden. This garden does not use large trees at all. So, it is perfect for your small garden.

The cottage garden uses various types of flowers with beautiful colors. So, when you step at the garden it will be like being in a flower field.

Instead of grass, natural stones are perfect for garden floors. Natural stone which is a natural material will add a more natural impression to the garden. The color of natural stone will also look more unified and balanced with a variety of flowers and beautiful colors.

Final Words

A Garden is an area where you plant various types of plants that you like there. The natural green of plants makes the atmosphere in your home area feel so fresh. Besides that, you can also use a beautiful and comfortable garden as a place for you to relax and calm your mind. And the points above are 15 Beautiful Garden Design Ideas You Can Follow.

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