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22 Dining Table Decor Ideas for A Stand Out Dining Space – Your dining room may have an interesting design. However, it won’t look perfect if it is not adorned by decorations. And, talking about decoration, maybe you will immediately imagine a painting by someone perched sweetly on the empty wall of your room. Indeed, this can beautify the room. However, have you ever thought about decorating the dining table area? Dining table decor is also an important part. It can enhance your room well and make it perfect.

The large number of dining table decorations that you can find is an advantage for you. You can choose several dining table decorations that you like. And, in this article, we have provided 22 Dining Table Decor Ideas for A Stand Out Dining Space. So, let’s check it out!

1. Greenery Your Dining Space

fresh dining table decor
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For a dining room with a natural concept, plants are the most appropriate to decorate the dining table. It can expand and emphasize the natural look in the dining room. The natural green color of the plants also brings freshness into this area.

Using two or three plants of the same type is enough to fill your long dining table. With its small size, there is still more space for you to eat. So, it can decorate your natural dining room without disturbing the comfort of the room itself.

2. Look Sweet and Fresh with Flowers

pretty dining table decor
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Want something refreshing but sweet-looking? With this, flowers are the decoration that you can choose for your dining table. Using one flower, but of a fairly large size, is enough to decorate the table area. The beautiful flower colors add to the beauty of the dining room.

It is most appropriate to choose a black vase for the flowers. The black color looks sharper so it will immediately attract the eye’s attention. With this, when entering the room, the beauty of the flowers will immediately be seen.

3. Matches Your Dining Table

dining table decor ideas
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If you want to maintain the minimalist design of your dining room, then matching the dining table decor with the table is the most appropriate idea. You can sweeten the centerpiece table with a wooden bowl. This looks unified and harmonious with a wooden table and chairs. There are no additional materials and no other colors present in the room with just decoration.

4. Pampas Grass

pampas grass
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White and brown are a color combination that can create a calm and warm atmosphere in the room. There is no harm in maintaining these two colors by not adding other colors to the dining room. With this, instead of using green plants or colorful flowers, pampas grass is the most appropriate to choose. The pampas grass looks so great in the white vase.  With its medium size, the pampas grass stands out on the table. The brown color of pampas grass can match the interior and create a balanced appearance.

5. Candle Light Present Warmth

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Bring a warm feel to the room with a simple dining table decor. Here, you can rely on the candles. Use the candle stick to make it look more attractive. In addition, candle sticks can help the candle stand up straight. So, you don’t need to worry about the candle falling and burning the table or the table runner.

When candles are lit, they can bring warmth to your dining room. Which, this can also make the dining room more comfortable. Not only that but the candlelight can also create a romantic atmosphere. So, this is a great decoration if you want to have a romantic dinner with your lovely one.

6. Make Use Your Favorite Books

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There is nothing wrong with making the dining room a reading area. You can take advantage of the tranquility of the dining room by making it a place to read or work.

Your favorite books can be used as dining table decor. It can bring a different look to the room. Arrange books neatly to create a comfortable dining area. Stacked books can also be used as a base to make another small decor look clearer.

7. Different Vases

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Flowers are the easiest decoration to use to enhance the dining room’s appearance. The beauty of the flowers will certainly be more perfect by using a beautiful vase too. It would be better to put two types of flowers in different vases than to put them in just one vase.

Using two vases with different designs for two different types of flowers will give a more attractive impression. This is like separating the colors on the table and making the appearance look neater.

8. Show Your Serving Ware

wooden fruit bowl
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If there is no more space in your kitchen to store the serveware, then move it to the dining area. It can entertain your room well. The serveware is tableware which can still fit into the concept of the dining room.

A few bowls and wooden fruit bowls can be placed in the middle of the table. Take advantage of the fruit bowl by filling it with fresh fruit. It also becomes an easy decoration that will enliven your dining room.

9. Make It Minimalist

minimalist dining table decor
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Decorating the minimalist dining room is not a hassle. However, resisting the urge to use cute aesthetic decorations is difficult. Apart from that, the design of the decorations you use to fill the table area must also be considered very carefully. The decoration must still look attractive but not disturb the minimalist concept itself.

You can use a white fruit bowl that is not too big as an option. White, which is a neutral color, can blend in with the interior of the room. Leave a bowl empty without filling it with fruit to maintain a minimalist design in the room.

10. Matches The Display with a Hanging Lamp

best dining table decor
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Not only the walls and tables, the decoration is also extended to the upper area of the dining room for a more perfect attractive appearance by using hanging lamps. Using this lamp can be an advantage for you in determining displays to fill the table area. Match the color of the dining table decor with the hanging lamp. Even though it does not look like it blends with the color of the table, the decoration you use is acceptable for the room. And most importantly, it can add to the aesthetic value of your dining room.

11. Beautiful Blue Flowers

blue flowers
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The white dining room nuances feel more lively and fresh with the presence of the beautiful blue color in the flowers. The blue flower placed in the middle of the table is so eye-catching. The leaves on the flowers are also included which adds freshness to the room.

The blue flowers look more beautiful in a clear vase. Filling the vase with water will really help the flowers stay fresh. So, it can look beautiful for a longer time.

12. Rise a Christmas Vibe

christmas dining table decor
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When winter arrives, this is the right time to raise a Christmas vibe to your rooms, including the dining room. Do not bother yourself with complicated decorations. Also, keep in mind that you can only decorate the middle area of the table. So, by keeping it simple you will be able to provide more space that will not interfere with your eating activities.

Garland is a decoration that you can make as an option. Besides being easy to apply, the green color of the garland can bring freshness to the dining space. Add some other decorations to accompany the garland in bringing a Christmas vibe to the room such as candlesticks.

13. Don’t Rely on 1 Option

dining room
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The difficulty in decorating a room is choosing one of the many attractive decorations. So, if you can’t, then there is no need to force it. You can use several options that you like to fill your dining table. You can place a plant, candle stick, and pretty glass on the table. Placing it parallel to the center area of the table can give a neater impression. However, if you want something different and more attractive, you can spread them out across it.

14. Colorful Dining Table

colorful dining table decor
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Maintain the colorful appearance of the dining room by choosing matching dining table decor. Use table trays with different vibrant colors. It can adorn your colorful dining room very well.

Take advantage of table trays to give a dramatic effect to the table area by placing them separately. There, you can put several other displays such as snack plates, books, plates, and so on that will enliven your dining room and make it seem prettier.

15. A Few Small Flowers Look So Cute

small flowers
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Small colorful flowers really look cute and adorable. And, this often makes it difficult for us to choose which one can be used as dining table decor. In fact, you do not need to fight with your own thoughts. Because, with its small size, you can choose all the flowers you want. The colorful look of the small flowers can liven up the appearance and atmosphere of the room.

Put these beautiful flowers in a small clear vase. It can show green branches which make it look so cute on the table. And, do not forget to fill the vase with water so the flowers can stay fresh for a long time.

16. Try on A Table Runner

table runner
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The easiest dining table decor to use is the table runner. You just need to place it in the middle of the table. Applying it horizontally to a long table can give the illusion of a longer table. However, if you want to create a different look for this room, applying it vertically is also a great way.

One of the advantages of using a table runner is the many colors and patterns you can choose from. Not only that, the materials used to make table runners also vary. So, adjust it to the interior of the room to create a harmonious appearance.

17. Rely on Fresh Fruit

fruit decor
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Decorating a dining table is actually not difficult. If you are confused about choosing decorations to adorn your table, then relying on fruit is the shortcut. As we know, the dining room is not far from the food. And, fruit is still included in the food category. So, this can be included in the concept of the room.

There are no specifics as to which fruit is suitable for the dining room. You can use all kinds of fruit here. And, use a container to store the fruit such as a fruit bowl or a plate. It really helps to maintain the neatness of the table area.

18. Invest in Vases

stone vases
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Flowers or plants are safe decorations to adorn the dining table. However, flowers or plants cannot be placed on the table without a container in the form of a vase. The vase is not only a container to hold plants or flowers but also makes the flowers and plants look perfect. So, it can also be said that the vase is the key.

You can choose from various vase designs and colors. However, natural ones, such as stone vases and clay vases, will be much safer to use. This can blend with any design and concept of the room.

19. Functional Decoration

functional decors
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Do not just look at it from an aesthetic perspective, but also look at it from a usability or function perspective. It would be better to use dining table decor that can also be used, such as a table tray. You can put a small plate on the table tray for snacks. Or, placing some cutlery such as plates, spoons, and forks is also an interesting idea to try. It can make the table tray look more filled and more attractive on the table.

20. Make The Most of Your Candles

dining table candles
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Candles are decorations that are easy to use but can also change the look and atmosphere dramatically. The candlelight can bring warmth to the dining space. Besides that, it can also create a romantic vibe in the dining room.

Take advantage of the use of candles to increase the aesthetic value of the dining room. Here, you can use a few candle holders. It can look pretty and simple yet. Using a lantern is a great way too. It can make the table look more dramatic. Place the lantern containing candles right in the middle of the table, which really beautifies the appearance of the room.

21. Adjust to The Size of The Room

small dining table decor
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Decorations are used to beautify a room, not the other way around. So, make sure the dining table decor you choose blends with the concept and fits the size of your room. Do not let the decorations you use be too big for a small room. It can make your small dining room seem cramped. So, for the small dining room, the small and simple decoration is the most appropriate. If you are confused about choosing what decoration is suitable for your small dining room, then choose a small plant. Besides adding to the beauty of the room, it also brings freshness which can make the dining room feel more comfortable.

22. Set The Dining Table

dining table set
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If you want to make your dining table decorated and also look neat, then try to set your table. This is the time for you to show off the antique plates in your cabinet. Use a placemat that can make the plates look prettier on the table. Make the dining set look like in a hotel by putting a napkin on the plate.

For the center area of the table, put a table runner. Complete it with a plant, fruit bowl, and candles. And done, the dining table is ready to be used. It is time to think about what party you will throw in your dining room!

Final Words

Besides the walls, the dining table is also an area that must be decorated. That way, the dining room can appear more perfect. The dining table decor chosen is also not arbitrary. There are several aspects that must be considered, starting from the material, design, color, and size. That way, the dining table can be integrated with the concept and interior of the dining room. Apart from that, harmony and harmony in the appearance of the room is also well maintained. So, happy trying everyone!

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