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18 Japanese Living Rooms Ideas: Welcome Family and Friends with Warmth and Serenity¬†– Want to make your living room feel comfortable with full tranquility? Applying Japanese design to your living room is the most appropriate idea. Japanese design has a natural feel that can provide comfort for the people who are there. And, through an article entitled “18 Japanese Living Rooms Ideas: Welcome Family and Friends with Warmth and Serenity”, we will help you to have a living room that can make your home a comfortable place to live. So, let’s check it out!

1. White Shades with Dominan Wood Element

Japanese Living Rooms Ideas
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One characteristic of Japanese design is having neutral colors. And, one of them is white.

By making white the main color, the living room will look naturally bright. The white color also neutralizes the appearance of the living room. So, when you present wood elements there, the color and texture of the wood will be seen very clearly.

The texture and natural brown color of the wood is very effective in changing the atmosphere to be calm and warm. Plus, with natural lighting as the main lighting of the room, wood elements look more alive.

2. Make It Minimalist with Motorize Wall Screen

motorize wall screen
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One of the things that makes Japanese design has a calm atmosphere is the minimalist concept which makes it free of clutter. There are only decorations that add to the beauty of the room on the surface. For example, a vase filled with simple green plants, aromatherapy candles on the coffee table, and so on.

To make it look more minimalist, you can change the Television with a motorized wall screen. So, when you do not use it, you can close it and let the living room wall be plain without any decorations.

3. Small but Far from Cramped and Stuffy

small Japanese Living Rooms Ideas
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Never be discouraged for those of you who have a small room. By applying Japanese design, this small room can be turned into a comfortable and peaceful room.

Focus on white in the room. This will give a bright effect and also a wider impression of the room. That way, the living room will be far from the cramped and stuffy feel that is very disturbing.

If you want to bring some colors to the living room in order to make it far from a boring and ordinary look, you can rely on wood materials. Dominantly apply this natural material, starting from glass door frames, window frames, furniture, coffee tables, and so on. You can also bring something natural like small green plants there.

4. Lower-profile Living Room Furniture

lower-profile furniture
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Lower-profile furniture is also one of the characteristics of Japanese design. With a low-profile sofa and coffee table, the walls look taller. And, this is one thing that makes a Japanese-style room feel wider. Also, when equipped with a minimalist concept, the room will be so calming.

Try to rely on natural things as a room decoration. For example, you can use a vase with an attractive design and fill it with green plants or beautiful flowers. That way, natural nuances will present well in the living room.

5. Feel Fresh and Natural with Plants

plants decor
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One of the factors that make Japanese design have a calming atmosphere is the thick natural nuance. Not only white, wood material, and natural lighting. The decorations used in this room also make the natural feel present better. This design usually uses plants as decorations.

We can see from the picture above that plants are used to fill the corners of the room. In one corner of the room, a medium size green plant is placed which also gives a fresh effect. And on the other side, there is a small plant that gives a natural brown color that adds warmth to the living room.

6. Small Corner Living Room

corner Japanese Living Rooms Ideas
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7. Tatami Cushion Natural Straw for Living Room Chairs

tatami cushion
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It feels less if the Japanese-style living room is not designed with tatami. Therefore, the next of 18 Japanese Living Rooms Ideas is to use tatami cushion natural straw. Straw material gives a natural brown color to the living room which has an impact on the atmosphere and comfort. The natural brown color gives warmth and serenity.

Make this living room comfortable with a low-profile coffee table. Choose a rectangle-shaped coffee table and place it in the middle of the tatami. This will really help in balancing the delicate curves of the natural straw tatami.

8. Modern Japanese Living Room Design

modern Japanese Living Rooms Ideas
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Combining Japanese design with modern design is an interesting idea that can give a different look. Make the Japanese design more dominant with wooden walls and also timber as an acceptable wall. In the timber section, you can provide LED light with yellow lighting to add warmth.

Present a modern design by choosing furniture that has smooth surfaces and curved lines, such as sofas, chairs, and coffee tables. Curved lines are very helpful in balancing the stiff lines that exist in the room.

9. Minimalist White Japanese Living Room

minimalist Japanese Living Rooms Ideas
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White color is the best color for the room. With this color, you can make the look neutral. That way, when you bring other colors or natural materials into the room you can see it more clearly.

Painting walls white can get rid of sharp and stiff corners. And this is the reason why a white room feels more spacious.

For furniture, you can choose a seat cushion with the same color as your living room wall. Also, use carpet as a barrier between rooms and also complement the appearance of the living room.

10. Natural Tones Build A Soothing Atmosphere

natural tones
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If you want to focus on “calmness”, you can rely on natural colors or natural tones. White, gray, black, and beige. You can bring all these colors into the room at once.

The white color for the walls and also the ceiling makes this color dominant in the room. Apply concrete flooring to bring out a natural gray color. The rest, for other colors such as black and beige, you can present it in living room furniture.

Do not forget to bring wood material to sweeten as well as warm the atmosphere of the living room. Also, illuminate the living room with natural lighting to make the material and the colors there come alive.

11. Open-Plant Concept for Spacious Feel

open plan concept
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It is actually very easy to make a small house feel comfortable. You only need to apply the open-plan concept to the interior of the house. The loss of a wall as a barrier can help a Japanese-style room feel wider.

However, if you want to make a barrier between rooms, you can depend on the rug and use a different pendant light. Also, you can rely on timber as a room divider by installing it vertically. Also, give the distance between one timber and another timber. And, this is the next of 18 Japanese Living Rooms Ideas you can follow.

12. All Goes Wood

wooden living room
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Never hesitate to apply wood predominantly. Like the picture above where the room is full of wood. Starting from the walls, floors, and furniture, to the ceiling. The cushion seat in beige for the chair makes the look softer. On the left side of the room is decorated with medium-sized green plants. And, on the right side of the room is decorated with a floor lamp with a simple design. You can also decorate this Japanese living room design with a gray rug. That way, you will not only get comfort but the beauty of the room as well.

13. Simple Japanese Living Room With A Contemporary Touch

contemporary Japanese Living Rooms Ideas
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In contemporary design there are no specific characteristics because this design always follows the current trend. And this year, that is 2022, contemporary designs appear simpler and more minimalist. So, the room is made as simple as possible. Therefore, it is suitable for you to combine it with Japanese designs. And, this one idea is the next of 18 Japanese Living Rooms Ideas.

The walls are left plain without any decorations to give a simple effect to the room. In this room, you can see Japanese design from the use of low-profile furniture. Japanese design is also more dominant with the presence of two tatami on the floor covered by carpet.

14. Concrete Wall and Floor

concrete wall and floor
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In Japanese design, white is the mainstay color to make the room look neutral. And, if you want to bring other colors to the room, you can depend on natural materials such as wood. To bring gray to the living room, you can apply concrete walls and floors. Some of the walls that are applied to concrete walls are interesting accents but still look simple.

The combination of the brown color -wood and straw- and the gray color of the concrete makes the natural feel present well here. You only need to perfect it with plants for the corners of the room.

15. Simple, Minimalist, and Cozy

simple Japanese Living Rooms Ideas
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Simple, minimalist, and cozy living room is the next of 18 Japanese Living Room Ideas you can follow. With white as the base color, the yellow color of the carpet is clearly visible and makes the room beautiful. White tatami cushion with a smooth surface simplifies the living room interior. Simplicity is also increasing from the simple decorations on the low-profile coffee table.

Even though it’s simple, this one room feels comfortable thanks to the inclusion of natural light that enters through the shoji, which makes the room seem traditional.

16. Living Room yet Home Mini Library

mini library
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Have a hobby of reading? If so, having a library at home is very important. You do not need to provide a special room as a library because you can make it in your living room. The existence of a mini library makes the Japanese living room design look more attractive. Books in large cubbies as decorations that add aesthetic value. You can put a chair right in front of the cubies as a reading area. Giving it a cushion, throw pillow, or blanket can make it comfortable.

17. Look Traditional with Rectangle Table and Tatami Mat

tatami mat
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A Japanese-style living room with a more traditional look has a warm and calm impression. Make the living room area higher and the other room. This is a barrier between the living area and other areas in the house.

Make it look traditional by filling the living room with a rectangle coffee table and tatami cushions. On the wall area, you can add the small cabinet as an attractive spot in the living room. There you can put books, pictures as decoration, and also plants to freshen up the atmosphere of the living room. And, do not forget to light it with natural light.

18. Simple and Full of Tranquility

soothing Japanese Living Rooms Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 18 Japanese Living Rooms Ideas is a simple and fully of tranquility. This Japanese living room has a traditional look with a simple concept. There are only tatami and also a rectangle coffee table. The flower decoration on the table is a decoration that makes this simple room sweet and beautiful.

The use of shoji windows allows sunlight to enter the room without dazzling it. So that anyone who is there will feel comfortable.

Floors that are made higher become the living room area in the house. The wooden flooring is also decorated with a rug with a smooth surface. So you will feel comfortable to sit in the living room.

Final Words

The calm Japanese style is perfect for you to apply to the living room. This is also one way to make the living room a comfortable room at home. And the points above are 18 Japanese Living Room Ideas you can follow. These ideas will bring warmth and serenity that will make you, your family and friends feel comfortable there.

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