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25 Small House Decor Ideas That is Aesthetic and Instagramable – Home comfort is very important. However, the beauty of the house is another important part that should not be forgotten. Having a beautiful and comfortable home is everyone’s desire. Therefore, it is not surprising that some people will spend a lot of budget to have their dream home. And, to have a comfortable and beautiful home does not always have to be a big house. In fact, a small house can also be a comfortable and aesthetic residence. And in this article, we have provided 25 Small House Decor Ideas That are Aesthetic and Instagramable that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

1. Warm and Cozy Scandinavian Small Living Room

small house decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The first of 25 Small House Decor Ideas warm and cozy Scandinavian design small living room.

Scandinavian design is one of the most popular interior designs. With neutral colors and wood elements, the interior will feel so warm and calm.

As in the picture above, even though the room has limited space, the white color manages to make the room look brighter and wider. Plus, recessed lighting fixtures that give light evenly.

The wooden elements on the TV table, coffee table, and floating shelf bring warmth that makes this room feel very comfortable. The room also feels fresh with small plants placed on the TV table and cabinet.

2. Open-Plan Concept Make It Spacious

small house ideas
Cc: Pinterest

It is appropriate to apply the open-plan concept to a small house. Removing the wall as a room divider will make the interior of the house feel more spacious.

Even though there are no walls in the room, you can still visually divide the room. Like the use of carpet for the living room area. Or, you can use different lights in the living room and dining room.

The use of a net curtain will still make the room look bright during the day while maintaining your privacy in the house. Decorating a room with some small plants can make it feel fresher and more comfortable.

3. Make It Fresh with Small Plants

small house decor
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There are several home decorations that you can use to make the interior of the house look attractive. One of them is plants.

Indeed, it is impossible to use a large plant in a small house. Because this will take up space and make it feel more cramped. It would be better to decorate the small house with some small plants. You can place them on floating wall shelves, cabinets, and also the kitchen area.

4. Corner Dining Area

corner dining area
Cc: Pinterest

Some people have difficulty in decorating the corner of the room. So, often the corner of the room is left empty or decorated with one large plant. In fact, you can make the corner of the room as a comfortable area.

If we look at the picture above, the corner of the room has been transformed into a cozy dining area. A small table, bench with cushion seat, and two chairs managed to make the corner of the room look attractive. You can also add a throw pillow to make it look prettier.

Present small plants on the table to make this small area feel fresh. Also provide pendant lighting that leads to the table to make it look bright and beautiful.

5. Unique and Attractive Partition

attractive small house decor
Cc: Pinterest

It is better to remove the walls in the small house. That way, the small house will feel more spacious. You can also replace the wall with a unique and interesting partition like the picture above. And this is becomes the next of 25 Small House Decor Ideas That is Aesthetic and Instagramable.

You can make a partition with a model like this as an additional storage area in the kitchen. Or, you can also decorate it with some decorations to make the kitchen-dining area look not boring.

6. Cozy with Soft and Warm Tones

soft small house decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who want a comfortable, quiet, and warm room, applying soft-tones is indeed the right choice. There are several colors that you can choose to decorate the interior of a small house, such as gray, beige, and brown.

To make the room look bright, you can maximize natural lighting by using large windows. And for artificial lights, recessed lighting is the right choice. This lamp will illuminate the house evenly.

7. Using Sliding Door for Bathroom

small bathroom decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The bathroom is the smallest room among the other rooms. So, for a small house, of course the size of the bathroom will be tiny. Therefore, it would be better to choose a sliding door for the tiny bathroom.

The use of a sliding door will provide more space which makes the tiny bathroom feel more spacious and comfortable. You can also choose a sliding door with mirror like in the picture above. This will really help to make the room look brighter and also spacious.

8. Terrazo Flooring for Cheerful Atmosphere

terrazo flooring
Cc: Pinterest

Although small or tiny, the comfort and beauty of the bathroom must still be considered. To make it feel comfortable, you can present a cheerful atmosphere there.

In this decoration and idea, you can rely on terrazo flooring. The colors of the terrazzo will make a minimalist bathroom look so beautiful.

9. Natural Nuances Make It Cozy

natural nuances small house decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Natural nuances make it cozy is the next of 25 Small House Decor Ideas That is Aesthetic and Instagramable.

For those of you who want a small comfortable home, you can bring a natural feel to your home. Here, you need to use a window with a large size. And also, replace the wooden door with a glass door. Do not decorate windows and glass door so that natural light can enter the house freely.

For the interior of the house, you can rely on white. The white color when exposed to sunlight will look brighter. Presents wood elements to provide natural warmth to the house. And lastly, interior decoration with some small plants to make it fresh.

10. Pretty Corner of The Room

pretty small house decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

To make the room look attractive, you can rely on the corner of the room. You can turn an empty corner of a room into a very beautiful spot. And this is becomes the next of 25 Small House Decor Ideas That is Aesthetic and Instagramable.

As in the picture above, the corner of the room that is exposed to natural lighting is given a mirror with a very interesting abstract shape. In the corner of the room is also decorated with dry plants that look very aesthetic. With this, you can make the corner of the room as a spot for you to take pictures.

11. Aesthetic Bedroom with Plant Decor

aesthetic small house
Cc: Pinterest

There are many decorations that you can choose to make the room look attractive. And among these many decorations, plants are decorations that you must choose.

You can make a circle on the wall and paint it with a soft color like in the image above. Then, install some floating wall shelves. This is where you can put some interesting displays such as pictures or paintings and also some small plants. Besides being an instagramable spot, the bedroom will also look so fresh and comfortable.

12. Modern Industrial Design

modern industrial design
Cc: Pinterest

Never hesitate to apply industrial design to a small house. Indeed, the white color will make the interior look dark. However, you can rely on white and maximum natural lighting.

The exposed brick wall, which is a characteristic of industrial design, has succeeded in making the small house look so attractive. The red and orange colors of the bricks make the room look more fun.

You can also apply cement flooring to your industrial small house design. Natural light coming from large windows will make cement flooring look glossy and attractive.

13. Beautiful and Warm in Modern Rustic Design

modern rustic design
Cc: Pinterest

Rustic design is indeed famous for its warm atmosphere. Because this design relies on natural elements such as wood and natural stones.

If we look at the picture above, the small house applies an open-plan concept to make it spacious. White color and natural lighting are relied on to make the interior look bright. Some plants are applied randomly to bring a fresh and calm natural feel.

What makes this small house look attractive is the wood in the ceiling and also some rustic-style pendant lamps.

14. Minimalist, Warm, and Bright at Once

minimalist small house decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This one house may be fairly tiny. Even so, this house feels very comfortable. Not only that, but the minimalist and modern concept has succeeded in making this tiny house look aesthetic and instagramable.

This tiny house relies on white and lighting to make it look naturally bright. Not only that, this is also a trick that can get rid of the cramped and stuffy feeling in a tiny house.

This tiny house chose wooden elements to bring a warm and calm feeling which makes this house feel very comfortable.

15. Cactus Plants Make It Great

cactus plants decor
Cc: Pinterest

This small house relies on neutral colors such as white and brown to bring a warmer and calmer atmosphere. Some green plants look so pretty to decorate the room and make it feel fresh. What is interesting in this room are the two cactus plants that are neatly lined up. Cactus plants make the room look so fresh and minimalist. Not only that, but you also get several benefits from using cactus plants, such as one of which is to make the air in the room clean.

16. Modern and Minimal Living – Kitchen

modern small house
Cc: Pinterest

Modern and minimal living-kitchen is the next of 25 Small House Decor Ideas That is Aesthetic and Instagramable. The modern and minimalist concept is indeed very appropriate to be applied to a small house. White as the main color makes the interior look wider and also naturally bright. Plus some minimalist design furniture makes it look clean and tidy. Even so, this small house is far from stiff. This is because, this small house relies on wood elements to decorate its white interior.

17. Minimalist and Fresh

fresh small house decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This small house relies on minimalist design furniture to make the room look clean and tidy. To make the room look bright and far from cramped and stuffy, the room is decorated in ivory and beige colors. A small house also feels more spacious by using only the necessary furniture. Some plant decorations give a fresh effect and make a small house feel comfortable.

18. Monochrome Interior Concept

monochrome small house ideas
Cc: Pinterest

To make a small room feel wider, you can rely on just two colors to decorate the room, or you can call it the monochrome concept. The most popular colors are black and white.

White was chosen as the main color to make the small house look bright. And white as a decoration to make it look attractive while removing the stiff impression of a white room.

Here, you only need to illuminate the room with natural lighting. And also, decorate the room with some plants to make it feel fresh and more comfortable.

19. Having Soothing House with Japandi Design

japandi small house design
Cc: Pinterest

The Japandi design is indeed fairly new. Even so, this design is very popular. The combination of calm Japanese Design and minimalist and bright Scandinavian Design will make the interior feel very comfortable.

If we look at the picture above, white is still used as the main color to make the room look naturally bright and also feel wider. Natural lighting that enters through the large windows brings a comfortable natural feel.

The interior is decorated with brightly colored wood as is often used in Japanese houses. And the minimalist concept makes the house look so clean and tidy. Do not forget to add a ceiling fan to keep the air circulation in the room running well.

20. Aesthetic Small Dining Area

small dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Aesthetic small dining area is the next of 25 Small House Decor Ideas That is Aesthetic and Instagramable. The white room with a dark green color combination makes it look attractive. Not only that, the interior also feels fresher.

Although small, the dining area looks so attractive. The round rug with neutral colors and beautiful simple motifs seems to be a spacious dining room. The selection of a minimalist small table and two chairs puts forward a minimalist concept that makes it look cleaner and neater.

21. Industrial Small Kitchen Design

industrial small kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The black color in industrial designs is a thing that makes people consider applying it to a small room. In fact, industrial design can turn a small boring room into a very attractive and comfortable room.

As in the picture above where the kitchen is still applied white color to make it bright and more spacious. And recessed lighting provides even lighting in the room.

The black color was applied scatteredly to make it look a little firm and mature. What makes the room look attractive is the exposed brick on some walls and also the backsplash.

22. Cozy Reading Nook

cozy reading nook
Cc: Pinterest

Reading nook is made as comfortable as possible to serve as a reading area. However, there is nothing wrong with making the reading nook area a place for you to take pictures.

You can make it look instagrammable with a pretty throw pillow. And do not forget the large window to make the small reading nook look bright and comfortable.

23. Aesthetic Monochrome Workspace

monochrome concept
Cc: Pinterest

Aesthetic monochrome workspace is the next 25 Aesthetic & Instagramable Small House Decor Ideas. With white as the main color, the workspace will look brighter and feel wider. And you can use black as a decoration to make the workspace look attractive and a little more assertive.

Because the area is very small, the wall is the most appropriate spot for you to decorate. Here, you can use floating wall shelves. And then decoration with some decorations such as picture or painting with black frame, small black clock, and other black decorations that are attractive.

24. Black Board and Batten for Bedroom

board and batten
Cc: Pinterest

A small room is better to be kept to a minimum. As much as possible, use as few decorations as possible.

Usually, a minimalist room without decorations will look boring. And here, you can apply board and batten as the wall accent to make the room look pretty. You can choose black color to be applied to the board and batten. With this, the room will look more attractive with a clean and tidy minimalist concept.

25. Fresh and Minimalist Small Bedroom

minimalist small bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 25 Aesthetic & Instagramable Small House Decor Ideas is a fresh and minimalist small bedroom. Even though the room looks minimalist, the timber manages to make the walls of an empty room look attractive. The timber area is also decorated with small plants and pendant lights of different lengths which make the timber look more stand out in the room.

Decorations such as painting are only leaned on a floating shelf to make the room look more minimalist. And what makes this room look aesthetic is the bed and also some dark green velvet fabric.

Final Words

Decorating a small house is indeed more challenging. Here, you have to make the room look beautiful by relying on minimal decorations. Therefore, through this article we will help you by providing some interesting references. The points above are 25 Aesthetic & Instagramable Small House Decor Ideas that can be your references. Make sure you choose an idea that fits your character and the size of your house. So, happy trying and good luck all!

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