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23 Colorful Interior Ideas: It’s Time to Present A Cloudless Ambiance to Your House – Bringing a different atmosphere into the house can make the house a comfortable and not boring place to live. Here, you can create a cloudless ambiance for your home interior. It’s quite easy, you only need to rely on some bright colors like yellow, green, pink, red, and so on. However, pay attention also to the color composition. And also, not all colors can be mixed and matched. Therefore, to avoid clashes between colors, you need to get some references for colorful interior ideas. And, in this article, we have provided 23 Colorful Interior Ideas for those of you who want to Present A Cloudless Ambiance to Your Home. So, let’s check it out!

1. The Combination of Vibrant Colors

colorful interior ideas
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Be brave in applying some vibrant colors to the room. That way, a cloudless ambiance can present very well in the room. Like in this living room idea where the impression of being colorful is not only for the living room furniture but also on the walls and ceiling. So, it looks more beautiful and attractive.

Place an orange chair in the corner of the room. Decorate it with neutral colors such as black throw pillows. The large yellow pendant lamps that hang in the room really enliven the living room.

The colors applied to the living room are quite a lot. There are orange, blue, pink, yellow, black, and white. Even so, all colors can balance very well. Plus, there is also a natural green color from several plants that decorate the living room. So, the room felt a little fresh and cozy.

2. Colorful but Still Look Natural

natural colorful interior ideas
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With white as the main color, this living room looks neutral. Even so, the presence of several bright colors in the room changes the appearance to be colorful. Therefore, even though it appears neutral, you can see the colorful perfectly in the living room.

The yellow chair really drastically changes the look of the room. It enlivens the living room and brings a cloudless atmosphere there. The simple design is perfect for this natural minimalist living room. Besides that, the chair is also accompanied by a minimalist coffee table design. The combination of black and white on the coffee table makes it look stand out in the room.

The decoration in the living room is also made colorful. You can see how the sideboard looks stand out at the edge of the room. The dark green color really looks like it blends with the yellow color from the chair and the pink from the painting that hanging on the wall.

3. Look Pretty in Feminine

feminine colorful interior ideas
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You can also make the colorful living room look feminine like the billow picture. Make it white for the walls and also the ceiling. This will really help to make the display of the room neutral so that other colors will stand out more and live.

The navy sofa and chair gave a fresh and a little firmness to the living room. It is so pretty with the pink throw pillows in various shapes. On the side, there is a pink sofa that makes the living room look feminine. If we turn to the floor, we can see a rug with a very beautiful pattern. The dark pink color looks dazzling even though it is covered by a round chair.

The wall area is made lively with some pink paintings. For the small painting, it is given a frame so that it can be seen more clearly on the wall.

4. Bright Yellow and Pink for The Living Room

pink living room
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The pink color applied to the large sofa makes this color look more stand out in the room. The wall area is decorated with a large painting with a yellow background. Also, the window area has a yellow curtain which makes this area look beautiful. With this, even though pink is applied to the main item in the living room, this does not cover the yellow color in decorating the room. That way, the pink and yellow colors look balanced in the room.

The room looks so pretty with a floral patterned rug. Also, there is a large plant that fills the corner of the room. These two decorations make the living room not only feel cloudless but also fresh.

5. Feel Fresh with Natural Touch

fresh colorful interior ideas
Cc: Pinterest

With some bright colors like blue, yellow, green, cream, red, and pink, this area for relaxing feels more comfortable. Here, you can feel a cloudless ambiance very clearly. Moreover, natural lighting that enters freely through the windows makes the colors look more vibrant. It really helps in making the look of the room more beautiful.

The white color which remains the dominant color makes the room look more natural and neutral. The indoor plants which are the decorations for this room bring a natural green color that blends very well with the interior. It also brings a freshness that makes this relaxing area feel more comfortable.

6. Soft Colorful Living Room

soft colorful interior ideas
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For those of you who want to have a colorful living room but avoid quirky colors, this idea is perfect for you. Start by applying soft green on one side of the wall of the room. And, let the other walls remain white to make the room still bright. A touch of green brings freshness. Moreover, if you can decorate the room with some plants, the freshness can present well in the room.

Stay consistent with a cloudless atmosphere by using a white and brown plaid rug. It will look great on the pale pink couch. And the last, bring a little more alive impression by choosing a vibrant pink for the corner of the room.

7. Cloudless Corner Dining Room

cloudless dining room
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Although small and cramped, this cloudless dining room feels comfortable with vibrant color combinations. With white as the main color, the appearance of the dining room still looks bright. Maximized natural lighting makes the room bright naturally so that you can feel comfortable here. But, so that the incoming light is not dazzling, you can close the window a little with orange bamboo blinds.

The wallpaper really changes the look of a room very drastically. Choosing yellow and blue pastel colors for the bench and cushion walls is a very appropriate idea. Present a dark color there so that the appearance is not too pale. You can put a red chair there. That way, this dining room will be perfect. And, it is become the next of 23 Colorful Interior Ideas you can choose from.

8. Colorful Wall Decor

colorful wall decor
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 23 Colorful Interior Ideas is colorful wall decor. Thanks to the whitewashed wall, the bright colors in the portrait on the look stand out in the room. Here, you do not give a frame for the portrait. Just paste a few portraits neatly on the wall. That way, it will look more natural and you will get a more artistic impression.

Make this area the main focus of the room by making it an attractive area. You can put the sideboard there. Decorate it with small action figures, colorful candles, a camera, and so on. You can also put a plant on each side of the sideboard to give freshness to the room.

9. Tropical Scandinavian Living Room

scandinavian living room
Cc: Pinterest

If usually Scandinavian designs are only filled with neutral colors, this time is different. This Scandinavian living room design manages to look attractive with an eccentric appearance with several bright colors. Even so, white remains the main color so that the appearance of the room remains neutral. With this, the impression of Scandinavian itself can still hold well in the living room.

The yellow sofa brings a cloudless ambiance and also makes the room feel alive. The other colorful side is visible on the wall. The colorful paintings with light wood frames hang beautifully on the whitewashed wall. With maximum natural light, these colors look more alive and stand out.

10. Pink Pastel Touches Make The Room Look Soft yet Feminine

pink pastel room
Cc: Pinterest

This living room is made as natural as possible to keep it feeling fresh. It can be seen from the maximized natural lighting, white as the main color of the room, and also an exposed brick wall on one side of the wall. There are also several plants such as cactus and others as decorations that add freshness to the living room.

A touch of pink really changes the look drastically. This color delivers. a more feminine effect on the room. The light pink is perfect for this bright living room. Indeed, the color pink is not too dominant in the room. However, its scattered application makes this color look stand out in the living room. And also, light pink is applied to the main items in the living room such as chairs and coffee tables.

11. Rainbow Rug Matches The Sofa

rainbow rug
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 23 Colorful Interior Ideas is a rainbow rug. This one living room is actually very simple. There is only a sofa, a small coffee table, a rug, and also two wall decorations. However, because of the presence of a variety of vibrant colors, the living room really looks very alive. There is no simple or stiff impression that can make you feel bored there.

The rainbow rug looks so beautiful and matches the yellow sofa. Throw pillows with various motifs enliven the room. There are also decorations that add beauty and freshness to the room, such as flowers in the vase and a plant next to the sofa.

There is a floor lamp placed on the other side of the sofa. The yellow color which is the same as the color of the sofa makes the look so harmonious. And, with lights, you can turn this living room into a reading nook. Reading your book in a colorful room will really boost your mood.

12. Modern Colorful Living Room Design

modern colorful interior ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The yellow sofa in the living room really gives a different effect both in appearance and atmosphere. The presence of white right in the middle of the room brings cloudless and freshness at the same time. You just need to make the room look busier by presenting abstract motifs on the walls and couch area. With white as the main color, the other colors in the living room will look livelier. And also, the help of natural light makes these colors look more real and bright. This one idea presents a modern living room with a different style. And, this is the next of 23 Colorful Interior Ideas you can apply to your home.

13. Boost Your Mood in Colorful Reading Nook

colorful reading nook
Cc: Pinterest

Reading your favorite book in the reading nook will really boost your mood and make your mood well. Keep the reading nook look simple by choosing white as the main color. So, if you want to bring a colorful look to this area, you can play with the main item which is the chair.

The colorful chair with transparent legs makes it look like it is flying. This really gives an interesting impression of the reading nook. The presence of a bit of pink that can be seen on the chair gives a slightly more feminine impression to the reading nook.

14. Colorful Teenage Bedroom Design

teenage bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 23 Colorful Interior Ideas is a colorful teenage bedroom design. The combination of bright colors really reflects the teenage spirit that is still burning. The bright look is great for your daily mood. Also, it removes the dull impression of the room. That way, you can spend your weekend by resting and playing with your social media in the bedroom.

White is the main color and also natural lighting makes the look of the bedroom naturally bright. It really helps to get rid of the stuffy impression that often appears when you are in a room for a long time.

The yellow and white rug brings a cloudless atmosphere very well to the bedroom. Other yellow can be seen on the bedding. There is also a green touch on the bedding which brings freshness to the teenage bedroom. And, what makes this room very suitable for the teenager is the colorful wall decoration that looks full.

15. Make Your Kid’s Room Feel Alive with Vibrant Colors

colorful kids room
Cc: Pinterest

Beauty and comfort in the kid’s room must be balanced. And, you can rely on a colorful interior. Various color variations in the room will be great to boost their mood. A cloudless ambiance that is well present in the bedroom can make your kid feel happy and fun in the room.

Start by choosing colorful bedding with beautiful motifs such as flowers or animals. Choose a rainbow rug and put it on the bed. And, doing the same way to the rug for the room. You can use two rugs with the same color but different motifs.

For the wall, apply a mural wall. Choose motifs that can evoke the child’s mood. For the daughter, flowers are the most appropriate. But, you can choose animals or an outer space mural wall for your son’s bedroom.

16. Colorful Korean Bedroom Style

korean bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 23 Colorful Interior Ideas is a colorful Korean bedroom style. The Korean bedroom does have its own character. Usually, this style will be filled with pastel colors that make the appearance soft. This idea is perfect for girls. Bright colors like purple, pink, and blue will make the bedroom a beautiful space.

Enliven the bedroom by presenting several motifs. However, make sure you present a simple motif. So, even though there are several colors in the room, you have to make the look of the room still simple. That way, peace in the room can be maintained and the bedroom will remain comfortable.

Use some cute items as decorations. You can rely on the bear doll. Put it on the floor and also on the bed.

17. Bring a Colorful Look to Your Bathroom with Terrazzo

colorful interior ideas with terrazzo
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who want to bring a colorful look to your bathroom in a simple way, you can rely on terrazzo. Apply it to the wall and also the floor. That way, the harmony in the appearance of the bathroom will be maintained properly.

The hanging vanity makes this small bathroom feel wider. The yellow color that matches the mirror frame brings a cloudless look to the bathroom. However, this does not at all interfere with the minimalist impression in the bathroom. There are also orange shelves along the wall which give the illusion of a higher wall. It really helps in making small bathrooms feel more spacious.

18. Pretty Wallpaper for The Tiny Bathroom

tiny bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

This tiny bathroom is perfect for your guests. Make the atmosphere in the room feel alive and cloudless by presenting some vibrant colors. You can also apply wallpaper that has beautiful motifs and colors. Choose wallpaper with a white base color so that the room remains bright. White also removes dark corners in the room, making the tiny bathroom feel bigger.

Give a little decoration to add some color and also add to the aesthetic value of the tiny bathroom. You can hang the picture on the wall and put a small rug. Create a colorful impression from outside the bathroom by choosing a light blue door.

19. Do Mural Wall to The Bathroom Wall

mural wall
Cc: Pinterest

Another way to bring a colorful look to the bathroom is to apply a wall mural. And, this becomes the next of 23 Colorful Interior Ideas that you can choose and apply to your bathroom.

Choose the area that is the main focus in the bathroom which is the vanity area. Create a mural wall on one side of this wall. Try to choose images that can bring a cloudless and fresh atmosphere to your bathroom, such as images of flowers, leaves, and so on.

20. Beautiful Colorful Sideboard

Cc: Pinterest

It is okay if you want to keep your walls and ceiling clean by only applying white paint. That way, a more minimalist and simple appearance can be seen very clearly. However, if you want to bring a cloudless atmosphere to the room by presenting various colors, then try decorating your room with colorful sideboards. It will look stand out and pretty in a white room.

Because the motifs and various colors are enough to decorate and enliven the room, make this spot look simple. You only need to provide decorations in the form of small plants placed on a thick book.

21. Decor The Empty Wall with Colorful Mirror Framed

colorful mirror framed
Cc: Pinterest

There will be empty walls that need decoration. As in this one idea where the wall in the corner of the room is given a mirror which becomes an attractive decoration and adds to the aesthetic value of the room. The rainbow frame makes the mirror look beautiful and stand out even though it is in the corner of the room. There are also additional decorations that accompany the mirror so it doesn’t look stiff. The ornamental plant in pink and blue looks very beautiful in the blue vase. These colors match the mirror and make the look of the corner of the room harmonious.

22. Colorful Kitchen Cabinet Enliven The Kitchen

colorful kitchen cabinet
Cc: Pinterest

Make the kitchen into an authentic room by presenting various color variations there. If you are confused about where to make the kitchen look colorful, try to choose the main spot in this room which is the cabinet. Here, you can choose colorful cabinets. Dare to choose a variety of bright and quirky colors. Don’t worry about color collisions. When you apply it, it will look balanced and beautify the kitchen like in the picture above.

With white as the main color, the appearance of the kitchen is still bright. It also makes the various colors in the kitchen stand out and vivid.

23. Install Wallpaper to The Ceiling

ceiling wallpaper
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 23 Colorful Interior Ideas is to install wallpaper to the ceiling. This one idea is perfect for those of you who still want your dining room to look simple and elegant.

Select the wallpaper for the ceiling the background is white. It can help make the room still look neutral. And also, choose wallpaper with colors that match the interior. That way, the minimalist impression on the walls of the room can last. And, it helps to avoid clashes between colors too.

Final Words

Those are the 23 Colorful Interior Ideas. There are various kinds of displays that are daily, starting from an eccentric appearance but still comfortable on the eyes, colorful but still looking simple and elegant, colorful rooms with a natural appearance, and so on. Choose the ideas above that suit your characteristics. However, still pay attention to the concept and interior of the room. So, good luck!

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