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20 Best Window Decoration Ideas: Beautify The Side of The House – Windows, which are the link between indoors and outdoors, function to illuminate the room. It is through this window that natural light can enter and illuminate the room. The more windows or the bigger the windows used, the brighter the room will be. And, natural lighting is an important part that determines the beauty and comfort of a room. However, sometimes the presence of windows is often ignored. The windows are only decorated with curtains so that privacy in the house can be maintained properly. In fact, the appearance of the window also affects the beauty of the room. Windows are also part of the room that needs to be decorated properly and correctly. There are plenty of window decoration ideas that you can follow. However, we have summarized them in 20 Best Window Decoration Ideas. So, let’s check it out!

1. Christmas Ornaments

window decoration
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December is the right time to change the atmosphere of your home. Welcome a Christmas Day with Christmas decorations. Bringing Christmas vibes into the home interior can change the ambiance into cloudless, warm, and calm. It is just that you need to decorate the interior of your house consistently, including the window area.

So, the first of the 20 Best Window Decoration Ideas is by using Christmas ornaments. Garlands can decorate the area above the window. The green color makes the window look fresher. You can also make the freshness of the windows bolder by using Christmas tree ornaments. Make the green color appear clear by relying on a string light with yellow lighting. And, lastly, enhance the window by placing a fairy ornament in the middle of the Christmas tree ornaments. Also, hang Christmas balls at different heights.

2. Warm Lighting

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If you are confused about what displays can make the window area look stunning, then this idea is for you. This is the simplest and easiest decoration that you can follow. You only need to play in yellow lighting. This light can bring warmth to the window area and also the room. So, not only does it increase the aesthetic value but also provides more comfort to your room.

If there are twigs in your yard, take them and hang them on the window. Wrap the string light there. And for the area under the window, put several candles in different containers. So, when all of this is turned on, the light will immediately focus on the room.

3. Hanging Wreath on The Window

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Hanging the wreath on the window is the next of 20 Best Window Decoration Ideas you can follow. This decoration is suitable for welcoming Christmas. Because it does not take up space in the room, you can use the wreath to decorate a room full of items, such as a kitchen.

Installing spotlights at the top of the window is a good idea. Lighting that shines towards the wreath will make it more focused and stand out in the room. So, even though the room is filled with various kinds of items, the presence of the wreath will be unrivaled.

4. Indoor Plants

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There is nothing more refreshing than plants. So, if you want to bring freshness into your room, then decorate it with plants. Considering that plants need sunlight to grow, the window area is the most appropriate place to place indoor plants.

Adjust the size of the plant to the size of your window. It does not need much, one or two plants are enough to freshen up the window area and rooms in the house. Make this plant a beautiful decoration by using a vase or pot with an attractive design. For the white room shades, a black pot is the right choice.

5. LED Lights

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The next of the 20 Best Window Decoration Ideas is an LED light. This decoration only focuses on the sides of the window. The LED light is installed on all four sides of the window. Indeed, when seen during the day, there is nothing different from the window. However, at night, everything changes. Starting from the appearance to the atmosphere. The light that emerges from the LED light makes the lines on the window clearer. The yellow lighting makes the window area look especially beautiful at night. Not to mention the reflection of light on the window glass which is truly enchanting.

6. String Light

string light
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Playing with lighting is an effective way to make windows look beautiful. No need for complicated decorations. You only need to rely on light to beautify the window area, especially at night. Like this idea which uses string lights as window decoration. String lights are installed vertically. This method gives a height effect to the window so that the walls look taller too. This is a great decoration to do for a small room.

If you want to enhance the window, add additional decorations such as hanging snowflakes between the string lights. Choose a silver color that looks shiny and lights up when the string light is turned on.

7. Bird Sticker

simple window decoration ideas
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Bring an attractive impression to your window with a colorful look. Use stickers to make it easier for you to decorate. Using bird stickers is an interesting idea that you can try. This is the next of 20 Best Window Decoration Ideas.

Choose bird stickers with different colors. Here, you need to express your creativity. Look for ways to make the window display look attractive by just relying on stickers. For example, for each frame, attach a bird sticker in a different position. Try to do it in a minimalist way. Three to four bird stickers are enough for one window frame. With this, the beauty of the window area can be well maintained.

8. Utilize Your Stuff

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Decorating the window area and making it an attractive spot in the room is not difficult. No need to buy special displays. This is just a waste of your money. It would be better to use items that are already in the room. You can take advantage of your stuff.

This is the perfect time to explore your walk-in closet. Find shoes with a design that you think is beautiful. Make these shoes an icon. Stack some books and place shoes on top. That way, your shoes can look clearer and more aesthetic.

If you feel there is still empty space in the window, fill it with your other stuff. Use your favorite miniature as a display. You can also put plants that can give a more lively impression in this spot.

9. Black and White Pictures

black and white window decoration ideas
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Usually, pictures are used as wall decorations. However, in this idea, pictures are used in a different spot, that is the window. The pictures are no longer hung, but only propped against the window. Besides giving a more aesthetic impression, this also makes it easier for you to decorate the windows in the room.

Black and white pictures are the right option to choose for the white room nuances. The black frame provides a clear separation between the color of the room and the color of the pictures. Also, the black color exposed to sunlight entering through the window creates a natural calm that can increase the comfort of the room.

10. Head Statue Display

artsy window decoration ideas
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Bring an artsy touch to your window with a head statue. Usually, this display is always displayed in an area that looks like a table cabinet in the living room or workspace in the home office room. However, in this idea, the head statue is actually placed in the window, making it look more different and interesting.

Placing the head statue in the window area is indeed the right choice. Natural light coming in through the window will hit the head statue. It is very good at making the texture on the head statue look clearer. The artsy impression displayed in the room is bolder. And, this becomes the next of the 20 Best Window Decoration Ideas you can follow.

11. Pampas Grass

pampas grass
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For rooms with a natural and calm concept, usually white and brown are the color combinations chosen for the interior. And, of course, these two colors must be made consistent down to the side area of the room, that is the window.

No need to worry, there are lots of brown displays that you can use as window decoration. One of them is pampas grass. It looks great when placed in a clear vase. The sprigs of pampas grass are more clearly visible in the room. Also, the brown color of pampas grass looks more vivid and vibrant with natural lighting.

12. Books

books window decoration ideas
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No need for expensive displays just to beautify the window area. Better to save your money. And, to beautify the window area, you can use items that are already in your house, such as books. Choose books with colors that match the interior of the room. However, it would be better to use a book with a neutral-colored cover. This is the safest to use. Books with black and white covers are the best to choose. However, if you want to present another color of the book cover, then beige or brown can be an option.

13. Table Lamp

table lamp
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The next of the 20 Best Window Decoration Ideas is a table lamp. Do not just focus on the name. “Table” lamp does not mean it can only be used for tables. You can also use it as decoration for the window area in your room. During the day, the design of the table lamp can be seen and beautifies the window area. However, at night, it is the light from the table lamp that makes the window area charming.

The table lamp with the black cup is the right choice for the white room shades. The bold black color makes the table lamp immediately catch the eye. And, silver or gold-colored iron gives a slightly elegant impression there. Maintain this impression by making simple decorations such as a white flower in a white pot and two candles in a glass.

14. Magazines

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Do not throw away unused magazines in your house. Use these magazines as a decoration that can add value to the beauty of the room in your home. You can use it as a window decoration.

Grow the magazines neatly. At the top, place several displays that can enhance the window area such as small plants and aromatherapy candles.

Different from books, magazines have interesting pictures. So, you can take advantage of it. Images in magazines will add beauty and aesthetic value to the window area.

15. Fresh Flowers

fresh window decoration ideas
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Bring something natural to this window area. it is really good to present a natural yet fresh ambiance to the room. And, instead of just using green plants, it would be better to use flowers. Beautiful colors play an important role in beautifying the appearance of the room.

You can put these flowers in a white vase. It really matches the white windows and walls. Also, with this, the beautiful colors in the flowers look more vivid and lively in the room.

However, using flowers as decoration is somewhat troublesome. Flowers cannot survive for a long time because they will wilt. So, you have to replace it periodically. However, it all pays off with its beauty.

16. Hanging Bottles with Flowers

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If you want to hit a different and more interesting look, this idea is suitable for you. Usually, the flowers are placed in a vase. However, the idea this time is different. The flowers are placed into a small bottle. These bottles are hung at different heights, resulting in a more attractive appearance. The colors on the flowers look so beautiful there.

Before hanging the bottle, fill the bottle with water first. This will really help to keep the flowers fresh. With this, the flowers can last for a longer time.

17. Hanging Small Plants

hanging small plants
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Just like the previous idea, this decoration does not use flowers but rather different types of green plants. These plants are hung at different heights so that none of them overlap. Apart from that, this method also creates a more aesthetic impression for the window area.

If flowers use clear bottles filled with water, green plants cannot. Green plants should be planted in small pots filled with soil. And, you can use this pot as additional decoration to beautify the window area. The pastel-colored pot is great for softening the look of a room.

18. Pine Cones

pine cones
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The next of the 20 Best Window Decoration Ideas is pine cones. This decoration is actually a decoration to welcome Christmas. However, there is nothing wrong if you want to use pine cones other than Christmas. The tools needed to make pine cones as wall decorations are very simple and easy to find. You only need a thread here. Take pine cones in your yard and hang them with twine. Then, hang the thread on the window. The pine cones create a pretty look with a more natural impression.

19. Halloween Pumpkins

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The Halloween pumpkins are the next of 20 Best Window Decoration Ideas you can follow. The natural orange color of the Pumpkins brings a more cloudy yet calm impression to the room. It is good for the white room nuances. The natural orange color of the pumpkins will appear more clearly there. And, if you want to make it stand out, then use string lights. Put the string light inside the pumpkin.

If you want other displays so that the window area does not seem stiff and very simple, use additional decorations with a natural impression such as flowers. Choose flowers with the same color, namely orange. This is the right way to maintain a minimalist impression in the room. So, there are no new colors present in the room which can also interfere with the orange color of the Pumpkins themselves.

20. Origami Birds

origami birds
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The last of the 20 Best Window Decoration Ideas is origami birds. This idea is quite effortful, where you have to make quite a lot of origami birds. Hang these oringamis using thread. Make sure the distance between the origami birds is the same.

The origami birds really enhance the window area very well. It looks aesthetically pleasing when exposed to the rays of the setting sun.

Maintain a soft impression in the room by choosing soft colors for origami such as soft pink. Choose just one color to maintain a simpler impression because here you only focus on the shape of the bird itself.

Final Words

Even though it is on the side of the room, the window is an important part that also influences the beauty and aesthetic value of the room itself. Curtains alone are not enough to make the window area aesthetic. With this, additional decoration is needed. The points above are 20 Best Window Decoration Ideas you can choose, follow, and apply on. And, in choosing decorations for the window, pay attention to the interior, concept, design and size of the window. So, happy trying!

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