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Halloween Bedroom Decor Ideas That will Inspire You – Halloween is coming soon! And this is the right time to update your house look. And as the main room, of course, the bedroom is the first room that needs to be decorated. Here, you are required to create a spooky concept bedroom with comfort that is well maintained. Therefore, it will be very helpful if you have some references for the Halloween bedroom. And in this article, we have provided Halloween Bedroom Decor Ideas That will Inspire You also help you a lot. So, let’s check it out!

1. A Touch of Dazzling Pink

halloween bedroom decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Halloween is not always black and orange. As in the picture above, a touch of dazzling pink makes the bedroom appearance looks awesome. This one Halloween bedroom decor idea is perfect for women who want to make their bedroom still look girly in spooky concept.

Pink LED lighting on the wall makes the pink feel bolder. Plus, some pink colors also decorate the bed.

2. Jet Black on The Bed

best halloween bedroom decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

As the main item in the bedroom, of course, the bed has a big influence on the appearance of this room. And for those of you who want to present a Halloween concept, you can choose bedding in jet black. The ghost and pumpkin motifs on the bedding will give a fuller effect to the room. So, this decor idea is perfect to apply to the minimalist bedroom.

3. Orange Tapestry for Wall Decor

Cc: Pinterest

The wall is the main spot that you should decorate as best you can. If you are confused about choosing different decorations for the walls, you can choose tapestry to cover some of the walls in the bedroom.

Orange tapestry is perfect for decorating a Halloween bedroom. The orange color seems to describe the calming nuances of autumn. So, even though there is a spooky decoration in the bedroom, it will not reduce the comfort and tranquility of your bedroom.

4. Feel Calm in Black Nuances

halloween bedroom black nuances
Cc: Pinterest

Black is indeed an alternative color in creating a Halloween feel in the room. Although fairly dark, black is quite effective in creating a calming atmosphere.

To make the bedroom look attractive, you can decorate the bed with white bedding that has a Halloween motif. Some Halloween-themed dolls can also be added decorations. And most importantly, attractive wall decor to make the walls not look empty and stiff.

5. Halloween Doll on The Bed

Halloween dool
Cc: Pinterest

The next of Halloween Bedroom Decor Ideas That will Inspire You is Halloween doll. The doll on the bed is indeed the most important part in giving an attractive impression to the room. The various shapes and colors on the dolls are the easiest way to present the Halloween concept to the bedroom. In addition, several dolls with a larger size and softer can add to the comfort of the bed.

6. White Nuances Halloween Bedroom

Cc: Pinterest

White is indeed a popular color. This color can make the room look brighter and calmer. Not only that, but white can also make a small room look wider.

Probably, the color white is not too seen to be used in welcoming Halloween day. However, if you are too lazy to change the look of your bedroom, you can create white nuances for the Halloween bedroom.

The most important thing here is the decorations used to decorate the bedroom. You can use pillows with Halloween pumpkins and other pumpkin decorations.

7. Simple Halloween Bedroom

simple halloween bedroom decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The ideas above use a variety of Halloween decorations that make the bedroom look attractive and full. So it will not be suitable for those of you who like simple and minimalist decorations. Therefore, this idea is special for those of you who want to make a Halloween bedroom with a simpler appearance.

The white walls just need to be decorated with the words “Happy Halloween”. And on the bed, keep using white for simpler results. Here you only need to use a blanket with a Halloween Pumpkin motif. And do not forget some orange leaves on the headboard. Give LED lighting to make the headboard look more attractive at night.

8. Halloween in Bright Concept

bright halloween bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

It should be noted that in presenting the Halloween-themed it is not always necessary to make the room look dark. As in the picture above, where the Halloween theme is wrapped with a bright appearance.

The whitewashed walls and white bedding are kept. And maximized natural lighting makes the bedroom look so bright. Even so, you can still feel the Halloween feel from some of the decorations, such as blankets with Halloween pumpkin motifs and also some pillows with an interesting Halloween look.

9. Bat Wall Decor

bat wall decor
Cc: Pinterest

As the main focal point, you can take advantage of the wall in bringing a Halloween atmosphere to the bedroom. And in this idea, a black bat sticker was chosen to decorate the whitewashed wall.

Stickers are deliberately installed randomly for more interesting results. This can also make a small and simple bedroom look more full and beautiful.

10. Polkadot Bedding Motifs

polkadot motifs
Cc: Pinterest

The next of Halloween Bedroom Decor Ideas That will Inspire You is polka dot bedding motifs.

Black and white is a very interesting combination of colors. Plus round motifs make bedding look so full. So, using it will make the bedroom look more gorgeous.

The polka dot motif is perfect for those of you who have a bedroom with a simple look. This will make the room feel cloudless and also comfortable.

11. Beautiful Standing Mirror

beautiful standing mirror
Cc: Pinterest

Not only walls and beds, but some other furniture in the bedroom also needs to be decorated. You can use orange leaves to decorate the mirror edge. Also, hang some other Halloween decorations on the mirror to make it look more interesting. For a more perfect result, you can add a warm string light on the edge of the mirror. With this, the mirror will look more charming at night.

12. Floating Wall Self Filled with Halloween Decoration

Cc: Pinterest

Not all decorations can be hung on the wall. Therefore, you need to use a floating wall shelf to put these decorations.

You can also use a floating wall shelf to add more storage in the bedroom. On it, you can put some of your books and other stuff. And do not forget the original purpose of using a floating wall shelf, which is to put some Halloween decorations that could not hang on the wall.

13. Cozy Corner of The Bedroom

Cc: Pinterest

The corner of the room is probably seeing abandoned. However, it would be better to make this corner a comfortable place to relax and release stress. You can place a comfortable bench accompanied by soft pillows there. Also, present a bookshelf there so you can use it as a cozy reading nook.

In presenting the Halloween theme to the corner of the bedroom, you can use some pumpkins as decorations. You can also choose other Halloween-themed displays to decorate the bookshelf.

Add some plants there will make the corner of the room feel more fresh and comfortable. In addition, plants are also one of the decorations that can add to the beauty of the spot in the room.

14. Simple but Beautiful

simple halloween decors
Cc: Pinterest

This one decor idea is perfect for those of you who like a simple look or you who are very lazy to decorate the bedroom.

Starting from the wall, you can decorate it with letter balloons. The color you choose must match the wall paint. For example, for a whitewashed wall, you can use black letter balloons.

In autumn, the air is getting cold. Therefore, you can use a blanket with a Halloween motif to decorate the bed. Besides making the bedroom look beautiful, it can also make the bed feel warm and comfortable.

15. Kid Halloween Bedroom Decor

kid halloween bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Not only adult bedrooms you can present a Halloween theme, but children’s bedrooms can also be.

However, there are some things you need to pay attention to when presenting the Halloween-themed to the kid room, such as:

  1. Does not make the bedroom look dark,
  2. Avoid some decorations that are considered scary,
  3. Keep maximizing natural lighting to make the bedroom feel comfortable,
  4. Choosing soft colors for a quiet bedroom atmosphere, and
  5. Presenting small plants to give a fresh taste to the bedroom.

Final Words

Halloween is very near. And this is the right time to update your bedroom look. Present the Halloween theme well in the bedroom. And the 15 points above are Halloween Bedroom Decor Ideas That will Inspire You. You can choose one or more of the ideas above to make the bedroom look attractive yet comfortable. Make the bedroom as attractive as possible in welcoming Halloween day. So, good luck guys!

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