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Improve Your Performance at Home with These 20 Cozy Workspace Ideas – Having a workspace at home will really help you to focus on your work. In this place, you will be free from distractions such as TV, snacks, or other household distractions. That way, your performance will remain well maintained even if you work from home. And, in this article, we have provided 20 Cozy Workspace Ideas that you can use as a reference.

Whether you create your own workspace yourself or hire an interior designer, the workspace must still be adapted to your characteristics. Instead of prioritizing aesthetic values, it would be better to focus and prioritize comfort. The workspace atmosphere must be made as calm as possible so that you can focus on completing the latest work.

1. Something Refreshing

cozy workspace
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Something refreshing does feel more comfortable. Therefore, something refreshing becomes the first of 20 Cozy Workspace Ideas. Several plants become the main decoration of the workspace. And, with white as the main color, the green color of the plants manages to stand out in this area. Scattered applications starting from spots close to the window, next to the desk, and on the floating wall shelf make freshness evenly present in the workspace.

The presence of plants also has other functions which are good for your comfort. For example, you can look away for a moment at the plants to get rid of the dizziness while doing your work. Some plants, such as cacti, have the ability to remove radiation arising from your PC.

2. Get A Piece of Mind While Working

cozy workspace ideas
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This idea carries more of a shady concept to create a perfectly calm atmosphere. Besides bringing calm to the workspace, the Japandi design also creates a warmth that makes it feel very comfortable.

Lighting is minimized by decorating the windows with curtains. Also, gray and brown are the main colors for the workplace. The warm nuance comes from the wood material.

The wooden furniture has a smooth surface so it will look beautiful when exposed to light. And, the globe table lamp with yellow lighting helps the wood to radiate more calm and warmth in the workspace.

3. A Simple Industrial Style

industrial workspace design
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Industrial design can change the workspace drastically. Dark colors such as black and gray change the feel of the workspace to be cooler. However, do not worry, with white and wooden materials, the cold and warm nuances are balanced. If you want to dominate the warm feel in the workspace, install LED lights with yellow lighting. This can also be a mainstay decoration to fill the wall and desk area.

Even though it looks dark and simple, the industrial design does not seem stiff because of the several plants present. Even though they are small, the two plants on the floating shelves manage to provide a fresh feel and add to the coziness of the workspace.

4. A Soft, Calm, and Warm Touch

best cozy workspace ideas
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White, which is the main color, produces a workspace with a bright appearance. Maximum assistance from natural light makes the appearance of this work area naturally bright. Wooden laptop stand and brown mouse pad are decorations that bring another color there.

Indeed, this idea carries more of a minimalist concept and only plays with color to make the appearance attractive. And, the light brown color brings the appearance to soft, calm, and warm. This is the next of 20 Cozy Workspace Ideas that you can try on.

5. Makes Great Use of Wall

wall decors
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Makes great use of walls is the next of 20 Cozy Workspace Ideas. To create a comfortable workspace, this idea further expands the empty area on the desk. That way, you can work more comfortably. Using a mouse pad gives you more freedom in moving the mouse.

The small items that should be on the table are stored very neatly on the wall area. This is also a wall decoration that makes the workspace look more attractive. So, with this, you can add some additional displays or decorations to add to the aesthetic value of the workspace such as plants, glasses, and so on.

6. Minimalist Workspace Design

minimalist cozy workspace ideas
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The next of 20 Cozy Workspace Ideas is a minimalist workspace design. This idea shows that beauty and comfort can be balanced. And, beauty does not need to be anything excessive. With simple decorations that are minimized, the workspace can also look charming. The minimalist concept and use of natural colors actually bring calm which makes the workspace feel more comfortable.

It does not always have to be white as the main color, you can choose light gray as an alternate. With proper natural lighting, the workspace will still look bright. And, there is no need to worry about the appearance becoming stiff because of minimal decoration. A touch of black in several spots is the savior. This color gives a calm, firm side.

7. Thick Natural Feel

natural feel
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Creating comfort in your workspace by relying on natural elements is an interesting idea and an effective method that you can try. White as the main color not only brightens up the workspace but also neutralizes the appearance. That way, it is easier for other colors to enter and be seen there.

Natural lighting is of course the main lighting here. The window area is left alone without any decorations that interfere with the entry of light. And, plants are the main decoration. The green color refreshes the appearance. Meanwhile, on the other hand, warmth and calm come from the wooden material for the desk, chair, and laptop stand.

8. Black Workspace Concept

black cozy workspace ideas
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For a man, something masculine will be much more attractive. And, if you are one of them, then this idea will really suit your taste or maybe your character. The black workspace concept can look good and stunning.

Gray can be an alternative for those of you who want to make the appearance of the workspace brighter. And, black as decoration. By applying it scatteredly, black manages to stand out in the workspace.

So that the impression of the workspace is not stiff or boring, other colors are presented in a very safe way. Desks made from dark wood present a dark brown color which softens the appearance and gives a little warmth to the workspace.

9. Scandinavian Workspace Design

scandinavian workspace
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Scandinavian design makes the workspace look natural. The bright display is very comfortable for the eyes. Also, the minimalist concept creates a calm atmosphere. Neutral colors are very calming. With small plants decorating the desk and the shelf, the workspace feels fresher both in terms of appearance and atmosphere.

Simple table decoration creates more free space so that working can be more comfortable. Simplicity also extends to the wall area. A picture that says “dream” on a white background blends with the wall. Even so, the light wooden frame manages to be a good divider while providing a soft impression to the workspace. Right beside it is a wire grid as an attractive decoration. You can also hang a list of your tasks, photos, glasses, and so on.

10. Look Simple with a Monochrome Concept

monochrome workspace
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The workspace looks so simple with the monochrome concept where white becomes the main color and black as an accent. However, because the application is scattered, the black can stand out in the workspace.

White turns the workspace into bright. Almost all parts are white, starting from windows, desks, chairs, rugs, walls, shelves, and chests. Even so, the looks is far from stiff because of the black. This color creates a calm, firm effect. The black wire grid, picture frame, and pendant lamps decorate the workspace so well.

Due to white already brighten up the room, so maximum lighting is no longer needed. Therefore, the window area is covered with blinds. So, only some light enters the workspace area.

11. Small but Feel So Comfortable

small workspace ideas
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Even though the workspace is small, it cannot be denied that this workspace feels very comfortable. This is the next of 20 Cozy Workspace Ideas you can choose from. Using a floating table makes the under area empty. It gives a spacious feel to this small area. Also, maximum natural lighting really helps eliminate the cramped and stuffy feeling that often disturbs small rooms.

There are no excessive special decorations. There is only a plant with an old-style black vase that attracts attention. Also, there is a head statue which creates a slightly artsy impression into the workspace area.

12. Relax on The Window Bench in Between Hours

window bench
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No matter how workaholic you are, you have to take an hour to rest, whether it is checking your social media, enjoying a cup of coffee, or just sitting down on the bench and enjoying the beautiful view through the window. Especially when it snows. It would be much more fun to see the falling snow while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in your workspace.

No need for extra effort to make the window bench. Just a bench and two throw pillows to make it cozier. However, it will be good if you can make use of a bench as additional storage. The custom bench with the drawers is a good option.

13. A Quiet and Comfortable Corner of The Room

best cozy workspace ideas
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An empty corner of the room can be turned into a cozy workspace. Calm colors such as beige and soft white can bring tranquility. LED light with yellow lighting is a very suitable decoration for the workspace. It can present a warm and soothing feeling that emphasizes the coziness of the workspace itself.

The floating wall shelves that connect to the side walls are a surefire way to cover the stiff line in the corner of the room. That way, the room will feel more spacious. And, the floating wall shelves are the right storage place for your books. Besides the books, there are also several small plants that freshen up and enhance the workspace.

14. Small Workspace for Two People

small workspace
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Even though it is small, the workspace is really utilized very well. The long side is filled with a connecting long desk so that it can be used by two people. A chair design that does not cover or block the view is the right option because it will not make the workspace feel cramped.

Due to the large furniture used in the room, decoration is kept minimal. This idea really makes use of the wall area to enhance the workspace. The black sconces hang on the right side and the board on the other side. In the corner of the room, there is just something simple but refreshing and beautiful.

Even though it is small, the workspace does not feel cramped or stuffy at all. The small workspace manages to feel comfortable by maximizing sunlight. Also, the consistent application of white comes into play here.

15. Stunning Textured Walls

stunning cozy workspace ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This one workspace is deliberately kept simple to create a perfectly calm atmosphere. There is only a long wooden desk for two people. On the wall, hanging floating wall shelves with the same length as the desk. It really works in making the room look wider.

The floating wall shelves are the only decorative area. Some decorations were placed there. However, even though it looks very simple, the workspace does not look stiff and boring at all. This is because this one idea plays with the texture. The exposed brick wall is painted white to match the other walls. So, it only leaves a texture that looks alive with the help of LED lighting installed under the floating wall shelf.

16. White Workspace Design

white cozy workspace ideas
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The next of 20 Cozy Workspace Ideas is a white workspace design. The white color almost fills all parts of the workspace starting from the walls, chairs, desks, window frames, and wall decors. If there are other colors present in the workspace, they come from something natural such as green from the plant and brown from the wood.

To maintain the white concept of the room, the desk even uses very light wood. So, the color of the wood and the white will look the same. So, the light appearance of the workspace is really maintained and focused very well.

Due to white is good enough to light up the workspace, it doesn’t need maximum lighting. So, covering the window with a white sheer curtain is the right choice.

17. The Mirror Looks So Well on The Wall

mirror decors
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Mirrors might be used to facilitate some activities that require you to see your own reflection. However, in this idea, the function of mirrors is very misleading. The mirror is only a decoration to enhance the workspace. The walls are only decorated with floating wall shelves with small plants on them. So, to maintain the simplicity and freshness of the workspace, another empty spot on the wall is filled with the mirror. The curved lines on the mirror soften the look of this workspace. Also, mirrors have the property of reflecting light so that the sunlight entering through the window and then hitting the mirror can reflect back into the room. This is one of the reasons why this workspace idea looks bright.

18. Generate A Pleasant Atmosphere in The Work Area

pleasant and cozy workspace ideas
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This workspace idea is different than before. It is far from the calm look. The workspace presents something more interesting, more alive, and cloudless. The bright hues are chosen. They enhance the workspace very well. However, in this idea, white is still the main color. It neutralizes the workspace so that the bright hues can be present and stand out there.

The mural wall with an abstract pattern turns the ordinary wall into an attractive one. The combination of yellow, green, soft pink, red, and blue enlivens the workspace. The yellow color is also extended to the work chair. And, with the maximum natural lighting, these hues look so alive in the workspace. This is the next of 20 Cozy Workspace Ideas.

19. Get Out of Neutral Colors

cheerful cozy workspace ideas
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If you want to create a new breakthrough, then you can try this idea. This is the next of 20 Cozy Workspace ideas where neutral colors are completely abandoned. The walls are made full of bright colors which are quite eccentric. However, pink becomes the dominant color so that the look of the workspace tends to be feminine. So, this idea is perfect for women. Enhance the wall with other bright hues such as yellow, green, blue, purple, and so on. The abstract pattern gives a  more interesting and slightly artsy look into the workspace.

Due to the wall already being full and is enough to enhance the workspace, no need for more decoration to make it more attractive. Just left the workspace minimalism. Add simple decorations such as a table lamp and a few small plants on the desk.

20. Modern Concept with A Strong Natural Feel

modern design
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 20 Cozy Workspace ideas is a modern concept with a strong natural feel. This idea is more reminiscent of Japandi design. The dominant Japanese design brings warmth and tranquility to the workspace. Moreover, it is just illuminated with natural lighting and table lamps with yellow lighting.

The natural elements are so thick. Wood is the dominant material. The floor, desk, bookshelf, and ceiling use the same wood so that the look becomes harmonious. Another natural touch is on the wall which is made from concrete. The gray color makes the appearance appear shadier. And, lastly, small plants become the decoration that enhances, enlivens, and freshens up the workspace. Minimalist-designed furniture with refined materials looks very beautiful, especially when exposed to light.

Final Words

The beauty of your workspace is important, indeed. However, pay attention too to the comfort. Workspace is an area for working so comfort must be the main point. That way, your performance whether you are at the office or at home is the same, or maybe can improve. You can get all this if your workspace gets the right decoration. Also, pay attention to design and color. All of this must be based on your characteristics. That way, the workspace can feel more comfortable and working all day in this area will feel enjoyable.

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