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Boho Bedroom Pictures & Ideas: Create Your Beautiful Dream Bedroom – Tiring activities sometimes make us imagine how nice it is to rest in a comfortable bedroom. Therefore, making the bedroom feel comfortable is something you have to do. There are plenty of ways to create a comfortable bedroom. One of them is to make the bedroom look attractive and also beautiful.

Choosing a design interior is the main thing you have to do to make your bedroom look beautiful. That way, you will know what decorations and ideas you will apply to your bedroom.

Boho design is the right interior design you can apply to your bedroom. And in this article, we have provided Boho Bedroom Pictures & Ideas in Creating Your Beautiful Dream Bedroom. So, let’s check it out!

Cozy and Fresh Boho Bedroom

In creating your beautiful dream bedroom there are many decorations that you can use. However, if you want to make the bedroom feel cozy and fresh, you can take advantage of fresh green plants.

Placing plants around the bed will provide fresh nuances in this spot. The fresh greenery works well in helping you to fresh and relaxes again. Besides that, some plants also have the ability to absorb harmful substances in the bedroom. That way, the air in the bedroom will be fresh and healthy.

To emphasize boho in the bedroom, you can use pots made of rattan. Rattan pots will give a soft and calm impression to the bedroom. And for small plants, you can use white pots so that the bedroom does not look full.

fresh bohemian bedroom

boho bedroom ideas

Pallet Bed Frame

In fact, boho is a loose and cluttered design. However, of course, each design has its own characteristics. And for boho, wood elements are the main elements.

As the main item in the bedroom, the bed really represents the appearance of the room. Therefore, using a pallet bed frame is the right idea to apply to a boho bedroom.

For more space on the pallet bed frame, you can put the table side to placing your stuff. You can also put plants on it as a decoration.

The pallet bed frame looks so beautiful with the pink color combination of bedding. This method can also be an alternative to having a pink bedroom that is not too striking. Some pink pillows on the bed make the bedroom look more attractive.

pallet bed frame

Boho Bedroom Feels So Warm and Soothing

There is nothing more pleasant than having a bedroom that is warm and soothing. This bedroom will really help you to calm down and enjoy your alone time.

There are several ideas that might inspire you to have a bedroom boho that feels so warm and soothing.

  • Using the string light as an additional lighting

Decorating a boho bedroom, it’s actually not difficult. You can use several items that can make the bedroom look attractive. No need to worry about the bedroom looking weird. Because Boho design is free and irregular.

There are many types of lamps that you can use to beautify and also make the bedroom feel comfortable. One of them is a string light. Warm lighting from the string light brings the warm nuances into the bedroom, which makes the bedroom feel soothing and cozy.

String light on the ceiling, bed frame, or on the wall also makes the bedroom look so attractive.

warm boho bedroom

  • Add the candles to the bedroom

To make your boho bedroom feel soothing and warm, you can also add candles to the bedroom. The light from the candles will give different nuances into the bedroom. In addition, the scattered candles is the right decoration that will make the bedroom look beautiful.

Using aromatherapy candles is an interesting idea to apply to the bedroom. The aroma of aromatherapy candles makes your bedroom smell good and also calm. It is very suitable to be used as a room to rest.

scattered candles bedroom decoration

  • Wool blanket on the bed

In making a boho bedroom feel warm, we can take a peek at rustic designs. Blankets made of wool play an important role in the atmosphere. The bedroom feels so warm and cozy with the wool blanket on the bed. It is a suitable idea to apply when winter is coming.

warm bohemian bedroom

Hammock Swing Chair

Creating a cozy spot in the bedroom is very important. Sometimes, bedrooms are not just made for sleeping and resting. Often we have activities in the bedroom, such as working, playing social media, reading books, watching Netflix, and so on.

It is an interesting idea to use a hammock swing chair in the bedroom. The hammock swing chair that is hung in the corner of the room will make the corner of the room the coziest spot in the bedroom.

A hammock swing chair with a boho design will emphasize the boho look in the bedroom. Add pillows and a soft chair mattress on top. That way, sitting on a hammock swing chair for a long time will feel so comfortable.

hammock swing chair indoors

Boho Bedroom Ethnic Appearance with Basket Wall

The basket wall is an attractive wall decor to emphasize the boho design in the bedroom. Boho design itself is a design that has an ethnic, vintage, and hippie look. The combination of these moments is what makes a Boho design look attractive and unique.

The bedroom wall looks unique with the basket wall hanging on the wall. The different sizes of basket walls give off an uncluttered impression, which is the very nature of a Boho design.

The advantage of decorating a wall with a boho bedroom is that you can hang it however you want. You can create any shape you want from some of the basket walls.

basket wall decor basket wall art

Attractive Boho Bedroom with Ethnic and Colorful Rug

As already explained, Boho design has a very thick ethnic element. There are several items with an ethnic appearance that can make a bedroom look attractive, such as ethnic and colorful rugs.

The bedroom appears more colorful by using an ethnic and colorful rug. The use of this item is also an alternative way to create a cheerful atmosphere in the bedroom.

There are several benefits that you can feel from using a rug as a bedroom decoration:

  1. Give the spacious illusion of a small bedroom.
  2. The bedroom will feel warmer.
  3. The bedroom will feel more comfortable.
  4. The bedroom looks more attractive
  5. Can be a spot to lie down.

bohemian rug

Ethnic Bedding for Beautiful Boho Bedroom

Ethnic bedding is the next idea that can make a boho bedroom look beautiful. Ethnic motifs with beautiful colors will make your bedroom look more colorful. The bedroom will seem more cheerful.

Because there are already many colors used in the bedding, make sure the walls in the bedroom are given a neutral color. White is an alternative color that can be applied. No need to worry about the bedroom looking quirky and tacky. Because white will look beautiful with any color.

ethnic bedding motifs colorful bedding

Boho Table Lamp Design

With the table lamp on the table side it will be very easy for you. You can comfortably read a book on the bed. And also you do not have to get out of bed to turn off the light.

Table lamps can also be used to emphasize the boho design in the bedroom. The hood of the table lamp made of rattan is an interesting idea to choose from.

boho table lamp

Wall Mural Makes Boho Bedroom Look Different

If the bedroom looks so simple and minimalist, try to apply a wall mural. The wall mural itself will give a significant change to the bedroom. There is no need to apply a wall mural to the entire bedroom wall. You just have to choose one side of the wall that will be applied to the wall mural. The wall where the headboard is located is the right one to apply a wall mural to.

bohemian wall mural


The bedroom is the main room we go to when we feel tired. Resting in the bedroom can make us calmer. Especially if the bedroom atmosphere is so supportive. Therefore, making the bedroom feel comfortable is the main thing you have to do. Besides that, as the room that is most often used, the bedroom must also be made attractive. That way, the bedroom will not be boring. To have a bedroom that is both comfortable and attractive, applying Boho Design is an interesting idea to choose from. And in this article, we have provided Boho Bedroom Pictures & Ideas you can follow in Creating Your Beautiful Dream Bedroom. So, happy trying!

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