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Feel Comfortable in Your Bedroom with Pink Bedroom Decor Ideas

Olidhomes.comFor ladies, pink is certainly the most favorite color. However, some of them are still hesitant to apply pink to their bedroom interior. Pink is considered to be able to make a room look striking and tacky. In fact, the pink bedroom can be a room that looks so attractive and anti-mainstream. There are plenty of pink bedroom decor ideas which is you can apply in having a beautiful and comfortable bedroom.

As a place to rest and unwind, the comfort of the bedroom must be considered. Actually, it is not difficult to make the bedroom feel comfortable. The important thing is that you decorate your bedroom properly.

For the pink bedroom, maybe there are still many who grumble and are confused about decorating this bedroom so that it feels comfortable. And this article entitled “Feel comfortable in Your Bedroom with Pink Bedroom Decor Ideas” will really help you in creating your dream bedroom. So, let’s check it out!

French Linen Pink Bedroom

Paris buildings are so authentic and distinctive. Not only that, but the interior of the Paris building also feels so comfortable and soothing. So, if you want to have a comfortable pink bedroom, presenting the French linen is a great idea.

The bedroom ceiling is made of wood. Shown a little of the ceiling foundation to emphasize the French linen in the room. The wood is also painted white so that the bedroom looks bright.

french pink bedroom ideas
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The soft pink color was chosen for the bedroom wall. The soft pink color is indeed the right color in order to the bedroom does not look too firm. Because here, the bedroom must be made as soft as possible. That way, a calm atmosphere will be created in this room.

Like bedrooms in Paris, the curtains used to decorate the windows are long white curtains. Leave the curtains untied to the floor. Black curtain poles make this spot look perfect.

Modern Pink Bedroom

The second of pink bedroom decor ideas is a modern pink bedroom.

What you need to remember is that not always pink interiors look feminine and girly. In fact, if given the right decoration, a pink bedroom can look modern and more mature.

Minimalist bed design takes control over the modern look of the pink bedroom. Gray has also been chosen to create a cool look to the room.

modern pink bedroom
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The bedroom walls are painted soft pink to give a soft effect to this room. The bedroom wall also looks attractive and modern with a touch of gold on the side of the bedroom wall.

For bedroom lighting, pendant lamps are used with a minimalist and modern design. Gold pendant lamps make it look more classy. In the ceiling line, LED lighting is also installed with warm lighting. As a result, the bedroom looks so modern and classy. The atmosphere of the bedroom will also feel warmer and more comfortable.

Boho Pink Bedroom

The next of pink bedroom decor ideas is a boho pink bedroom. For teenagers, this one idea is perfect for you to apply to your bedroom. What is interesting about the boho-style bedroom are the motifs that make the bedroom feel cheerful. You will feel happy when you are in this room.

bohemian bedroom decors
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The bedroom is decorated with a rug pink with boho-style motifs. For a bedroom with wooden floors, you can use carpet in neutral colors, such as beige or white. And then, put a rug on it. In this way, the beautiful motifs of the rug will be more visible in the room.

wall art gallery
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Even though the theme is the pink bedroom, the bedroom is still made white so that it looks more natural and fresh. For pink, it is applied to several decorations in the bedroom, such as pillowcases and bedding. On the side of the wall, you will also find a wall gallery with beautiful pink colors.

Fresh Pink Bedroom for Welcoming Christmas

Christmas day may be identical in color to green, red, and white. However, if you want to have a pink bedroom for welcoming Christmas, this idea is appropriate for you.

Walls that are painted pink are a sign that pink is the basic color of the bedroom. The pink color is also increasingly visible with the presence of pink on the bed. Some pink knick-knacks also emphasize the pink look in this room.

christmas bedroom ideas
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A pink bedroom looks so fresh with garland decorations on the canopy bed frame and also a fireplace in the bedroom. The green garland color looks so beautiful when combined with the pink in the bedroom.

Industrial Pink Bedroom

Want to have a bedroom that is attractive and different from the others? An industrial pink bedroom is the next of comfortable pink bedroom decor ideas.

The exposed brick walls, which are characteristic of industrial design, were painted white to give the room a bright look. The texture of exposed brick walls makes the bedroom look attractive. On the side of the bed, a wall mural with a picture of a rose in a pretty pink color was made. Gives a girly side to the industrial bedroom.

rose wall mural
Cc: Pinterest

The bed with pink bedding makes it look iconic. Plus it is put on a wooden platform pallet bed. To fill in the blanks, a few books are placed that make them appear so attractive. This decoration is perfect for those of you who like to read when you want to sleep. You can take and put books without having to get out of bed.

industrial pink bedroom
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At the top of the bedroom, we are stunned with exposed pipes which are one of the hallmarks of industrial design. These exposed popes are used to hang the string light. That way, the industrial pink bedroom atmosphere will feel so warm and comfortable.

Korean Pink Bedroom

Korea is currently a trend, both music, drama, and even interior rooms. Korean bedrooms that look cute and comfortable make people interested, especially girls. Actually, it is quite easy to make your bedroom look like a Korean bedroom. Korean bedrooms tend to prefer simple furniture. To make the bedroom look interesting and funny, they play on bedroom knick-knacks.

Being the main item in the bedroom, the bed becomes a focal point, which affects the appearance of the room. In applying the pink Korean bedroom, pink bedding is the right decoration to apply. The white plaid bedding makes it look even more beautiful. Some of the dolls are pink emphasize the pink theme to the bedroom.

beautiful girl korean bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

To make the Korean bedroom feel comfortable, decorate it with the side-table placed right beside the bed. With this, you can do assignments or even watch Netflix on the bed.

For the location of the bed itself is chosen on the side of the room near the window. The morning sunshine will immediately hit you and make you feel the pleasant morning freshness. And at night you can easily enjoy the outdoors while sitting on the bed. Looking at the scenery will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Small Pink Bedroom

Who has a small bedroom and is confused about how to make it appear attractive and comfortable? Small pink bedroom decor ideas might be an option.

To make the small bedroom feel comfortable, the bedroom walls are still painted white. That way, you do not have to worry about the bedroom appearing too quirky with pink. With whitewashed walls, your bedroom will feel more spacious and away from feeling cramped or stuffy.

small pink bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Pink is applied to the bed. Pink bedding and pink pillows with beautiful motifs make for the right decoration.

You can feel a warm nuance from the wooden elements used. Wooden floor greatly affects the appearance and atmosphere of the bedroom. Some other wooden decorations such as floating wall shelves make white walls look cute. Do not forget the creative decorations, the wooden basket which is used as a side-table. The warm and comfortable atmosphere also comes from warm lighting which is used as additional lighting for the bedroom. A few candles and string lights are a decoration that makes the small pink bedroom look perfect.


No need to hesitate anymore to apply pink to your bedroom. There are a plentiful of pink ideas that will make the pink bedroom an attractive and anti-mainstream space. The pink bedroom will also be a comfortable and quiet room if decorated properly. And we have summarized all of this in an article entitled “Feel Comfortable in Your Bedroom with Pink Bedroom Decor Ideas”. So, let’s create a comfortable and attractive bedroom right now. Happy trying!

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