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Let’s Make Your Living Room Look Wonderful with Rustic Design – Rustic living rooms may rarely be applied to modern concept houses in cities. Because rustic design is often applied as the main interior design for a mountain home. However, if you want the interior of your home to be full of warmth and serenity, then don’t hesitate to have a rustic living room in your house.

Rustic design may look outdated. This is because this design is still very thick with natural looks, such as wood with rough surfaces, neutral colors, natural stone elements on the walls, and so on. Even though it looks outdated, the rustic design is able to make your interior look so attractive.

There are many tips and tricks that you can choose from and follow to make your rustic living room look so pretty. And in this article, we have provided the best tips. And it’s time to turn the living room into a comfortable space to hang out and relax. So, Let’s Make Your Living Room Look Wonderful with Rustic Design!

Maximizing Natural Lighting to The Room

As previously explained, rustic designs are very thick with natural elements. Therefore, to make your rustic living room look wonderful, it would be better to make the natural lighting the main lighting of this room.

Maximizing natural lighting can be done by choosing large windows. So that natural lighting can enter freely into the room, make sure you don’t block the windows with any decorations.

comfortable rustic living room
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There are several other benefits that you can get from making natural lighting the main lighting of your living room:

1. Show of the beautiful view from the outside.

For those of you who have a beautiful view outside the house, tips are the best way to make a living room look attractive and beautiful by relying on the beautiful scenery outside the house. The big window seems to be framed the beautiful view and increases the beauty of the living room dramatically.

2. Make the living room feel alive

Natural lighting is indeed the best lighting in making the colors in the room look more alive. The natural colors used in rustic designs will look more attractive when exposed to direct natural light. With this, the room will also feel softer and calmer.

3. Make the small living room look more spacious

For those of you who have a small living room, have fun because making natural lighting as the main lighting of the room can make your small room feel more spacious.

Natural lighting can indeed illuminate the room perfectly, even to the corner of the room which cannot be reached by light from the lamp. With this, there are no more shadows of objects and the room will be far from being cramped and stuffy.

Using The Natural Ornaments

In deciding to make rustic as an interior design for a living room, it means that you already know what furniture and ornaments you will use to decorate this room. It would be better to decorate a rustic living room with ornaments made of natural materials, such as wood, iron, and so on.

rustic living room tips
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As the main item, the sofa has complete control over the comfort and appearance of the living room. However, if you decide to use a sofa made of wood, this will be a fatal mistake. Because, as a place to relax, you must choose a soft and comfortable sofa.

Compared to a sofa, it would be better to take advantage of other furniture such as a coffee table. You can use a coffee table made of wood with an interesting shape. This will really help to make the living room look more aesthetic. Besides that, you can also choose a wooden and iron shelf as the foundation.

Applying Vinyl Flooring

Wood is indeed a material that can provide perfect warmth to the house. With this, applying vinyl flooring to the living room is the next tip that you can follow to make your rustic living room look wonderful.

When viewed in terms of appearance, the use of vinyl flooring can make the living room look softer and calmer. So that the living room will be a comfortable room.

best rustic living room tip decors
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The texture of the wood itself gives an interesting impression of the room. Even though rustic design uses natural colors that tend to be neutral, the room will not look stiff. You can also add other floor accessories to make this room look more aesthetic. The white and gray sheepskin rug is the right decoration for this room.

Choosing Natural Colors for The Living Room

To emphasize the natural nuances in the living room, try to choose natural colors for the living room. The combination of these colors will create a calm atmosphere, making the living room a place to relax.

There are several natural colors that you can apply to a rustic living room:

1. White

white rustic living room
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White is a natural color that you can choose to make a living room look brighter. This color has the ability to reflect the natural light that enters the living room. If you want the living room to appear brighter and more neutral, you can make white the main color of this room.

2. Brown

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This has become the most popular color for rustic designs. The brown color is usually represented through the wood. With this, natural brown can make a living room look perfect. Slightly making the living room look darker actually gives this room greater serenity.

3. Black

warm rustic living room tips
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This color is actually never applied too much to rustic designs. The application of black is only to remove the stiff impression and the appearance that is too soft from the brown and white colors in the room. With the black color, the rustic living room will look more attractive.

Natural Stone Walls

It feels like something is missing if the interior rustic design does not have natural stone walls. The natural gray color of the natural stone can convey a soothing wall feel. So, you can say that the natural stone wall is a combination of the wooden elements in the room.

natural stone walls
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In a rustic living room, there is no need to apply natural stone to all parts of the wall. You can determine which spot you will make as the main focus of the living room. For example, the place where the fireplace is located. You can install natural stone until it touches the ceiling or only applies it to half the wall.

What is taken from the natural stone wall is not only the natural impression or the gray color. But the texture of the natural stone wall has an important role in the beauty and attractiveness of the rustic living room itself.

Add Fireplace As The Main Focal Point

The comfortable feeling of warm tones makes the rustic design more popular in highland homes. This is why the fireplace seems to be an important element of this design.

People in the highlands will prefer to stay in the living room and gather with their beloved family while warming themselves by the fireplace. Therefore, in a rustic design, the fireplace becomes the main focal point where the sofas are faced with the fireplace.

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Currently, there are two types of fireplaces to choose from to decorate a rustic living room:

  • Electric fireplace

Just as the name suggests, this fireplace uses electrical energy to light a fire. The electric fireplace is designed to be more minimalist, so it is very suitable for use in modern rustic interiors. Besides that, the black color of the fireplace can also give a firm effect to the room.

  • Traditional fireplace

Traditional still uses the old method, which is still using wood as the main material to light a fire. For traditional fireplaces, there are usually many designs that look more outdated so it is perfect for those of you who want an original rustic look for your living room.

Provide Warm Lighting to The Room

Natural lighting is indeed the main lighting of the room. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t use lights at all. Lighting is still needed to keep the room bright at night.

Currently, there are many types of lamps that you can choose to decorate a rustic living room. However, the most important thing is that you have to choose warm lighting for this room.

warm lighting
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The rustic living room is rich in warm nuances that make it feel comfortable. With the help of warm lighting, the warm nuances of the living room will be perfectly formed.

Besides that, warm lighting is also able to make wood colors and natural stones in the living room look more alive. A calm atmosphere will also be present and make this room very comfortable to relax or gather.


Rustic design is very appropriate to be applied to living rooms. Soothing natural nuances will really support this room as a place to gather or even relax and calm down. For those of you who want a rustic living room that is comfortable and also looks beautiful, the points above are tips that you can choose and follow to make your living room look wonderful.

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