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Backyard Tips and Tricks: Improving The Comfy of Backyard for Welcoming Summer – Have you decided on a place to relax and enjoy the summer atmosphere? If there is no COVID-19, maybe you will choose the beach as your main destination in summer. However, because of a pandemic, it would be better to stay home. Enjoying summer vibes by relaxing in the comfy backyard is the right idea.

The backyard may often be used as a garden or green spot in the house. In fact, the backyard function is much more than that. It’s a shame not to take advantage of this spot as a place to relax and enjoy leisure time. The fresh air and green color of the plants are very good for making you relax again.

So, isn’t it interesting to make the backyard a place to relax in the summer? You can sunbathe and relax without the need to leave home. And now is the time for you to improve the comfy of your backyard. In this article, we have provided the best tips and tricks you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

Build Patio or Deck

Since the backyard is often used as a planting area, it is not surprising that almost all of the land in the backyard is planted with grass. The natural green color of the plant is always good for enhancing a fresh feel.

So, if you want to make your backyard a place to relax during the summer, you don’t need to remove the grass in the garden. Let them keep growing well and show a fresh green color for your backyard.comfy

comfy backyard for summer
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In this tip and trick, you can build a patio or deck. You can make this place not only a relaxing place for yourself, but also for your family.

The hanging lanterns give a very attractive appearance. The lights from the lanterns are enough to both illuminate and liven up the atmosphere in the backyard. At night, you can make this place a comfortable gathering place with your family. The fabric that is stretched out is a great place to watch movies. Coupled with soft pillows that make this place feel even more comfortable.

Placing Sofa and Tables Right Under The Tree

Relaxing and enjoying time during the day is the most enjoyable activity. Especially if the atmosphere is so supportive. Like the breeze in the back garden.

During the summer, it is better to spend time outdoors. Some people will choose to bask in the sea of sunshine. However, sometimes the heat from the summer sun is so extreme. And in this tip and trick, you can take advantage of the shady spots as a relaxing place to rest and relax.

cozy backyard
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For those of you who have shade trees in the backyard, do not try to prune them. Because, you can take advantage of the spot under the tree as a cool place to relax during the day.

Try to place the cozy sofa there. Also add a few pillows to make it more comfy. To make it easier for you to put food and drinks, also use a coffee table. You can place it in the middle to make it more practical.

Turn Back on The Swimming Pool in The Backyard

There is nothing more enjoyable than a summer party in the swimming pool. The hot air feels refreshing when playing with water. Therefore, for those of you who have the swimming pool in the backyard, try to turn back it on.

Maybe you can put some balloons in there or some other water toy. Don’t forget to decorate the side of the swimming pool with comfortable chairs or sofas. With this the backyard will be a comfortable place to hang out and spend summer time.

cozy backyard tips
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Maybe the swimming pool will be the spot in the house that is most often used. And chances are the swimming pool water will get dirty faster. So, so that the comfort and beauty of the swimming pool are maintained, make sure you clean it regularly. And the most important thing is don’t use too much chlorine in your swimming pool.

Hang The Hammock

Which activities make you feel good? Relaxing on the fluffy couches in the backyard or lying on a hammock?

In making the backyard a nice and cool place for summer, make sure you know what you like. That way, you can decorate it to your liking.

comfy backyard tips
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To improve the comfy of you backyard, you can choose a hammock. Hang the hammock on the two trees in the backyard. If there are no trees nearby, you can take advantage of the backyard wall. Make sure you tie the hammock tightly to avoid unwanted things.

beautiful backyard
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To create an atmosphere in the backyard, you can also decorate your backyard with some lighting. There are many outdoor lamps that can enhance the beauty as well as the comfort of the backyard.

For lighting around the tree, you can choose string lights with warm lighting. Hang the string light slightly away from the hammock. Besides that, you can also use candles to provide beautiful lighting at night.

Add Kid Playhouse to The Backyard

In improving a comfy backyard applies not only to adults, but children as well. For them, the backyard is a place where they can play and express their creativity. Therefore, make sure you decorate the backyard fairly.

Don’t just focus on the comfort of the adults, but try to pay attention to the things the kids enjoy as well. For example the playhouse.

comfy backyard
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The next tip and trick to improve the comfy of the backyard is to create a children’s play area, one of which is the kid playhouse. This is also the best idea to create a garden kid-friendly at home.

You can make a kid tiny house out of wood. Add some decorations that can make it look attractive, such as pillows with beautiful colors and motifs, and also lights that provide illumination at night. Some soft pillows and extra rugs can make this playhouse a comfortable play area for your child.

Utilize The Firepit for Barbeque

In winter, firepit is essential for eliminating cold temperatures in the backyard. With the firepit, you can still relax and enjoy the backyard atmosphere. However, in the summer, firepit is often not used.

So, in this tip and trick, you can make a firepit for barbecue. Hang the grill or place the grill directly on top of the firepit. And enjoy delicious and delicious grilled meat.

backyard firepit
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Put Up A Pergola

Eating barbecue meat is less delicious if there is no place to sit and eat in the backyard. Therefore, the pergola is very important. Put up a pergola to the backyard is the next tip to improve a comfy backyard.

There are many designs of the pergola that you can choose from and match your back garden. There is something above that is left open. And there is also a pergola whose top is covered with glass so that it can be used when it’s raining.

pergola for backyard
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In this pergola you can create an outdoor dining room. With the dining table and chair, you can make the pergola a fun gathering place during the summer.

To make this spot look attractive, especially at night, add some lighting there.

Do Not Forget to Create a Pathway

As we all know that the backyard is the right location to serve as a park. The existence of green plants and grass there makes the house feel fresh and more alive.

However, when it rains the ground will become soft and make our feet dirty. To solve this problem, you can create a pathway in your backyard.

comfy backyard tips
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The pathway of natural stone or wood is not a problem. You can choose a pathway that suits your back garden.

Pathway is also said to be a link between home and outside the house. Like connecting from the back garden door to the swimming pool or pergola.


Summer is the most anticipated season. In this season, people will prefer to leave the house and get vitamin D which can make skin healthy. Not only that, summer is also the perfect time to hold parties, such as pool parties and so on. And during the summer, the backyard is the spot in the house that will be used the most. So, for welcoming summer, it would be better if you set up a comfortable backyard in your house. And in this article, we have provided backyard tips and tricks for those of you who want to improve the comfy of your backyard for summer.

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