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Wanna Have A Workspace Next to The Kitchen? Hare are Great Ideas for Your References – Indeed, there is nothing better than making one room have several functions. Like the workspace next to the kitchen. Where you can cook and eat your delicious food while doing work from home. Not only will it feel good, but it’s also good for boosting your mood.

Because the kitchen is no longer used only for cooking, so you certainly can’t leave the kitchen looking messy. In order to increase concentration and make you comfortable there, the kitchen must be made into an attractive and certainly calming space. Also, make sure the beauty of the kitchen is maintained.

So, have you interested in having a workspace next to the window? If the answer is yes, you are very fortunate to read this article. Here, we have provided Great Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Pretty Work Space with Pink Desk

This one idea does look more feminine. Relying on a bright, soft, rosy red makes the workspace feel calmer. White is another color chosen to make this room look bright.

pink workspace next to the kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The workspace next to the kitchen is also equipped with a white ghost chair. The simple shape makes the workspace look cuter. You can also make it the most by adding some interesting decorations. Adding a touch of black can make this room look a little bold.

The awning window was chosen to bring natural lighting to the workspace. It becomes a great window type to choose from because it can save space on the wall.

Bright Small Kitchen

Who says having a workspace in the kitchen must have ample space? Even though it is narrow, you can make this area a place for cooking as well as a comfortable workspace.

small workspace next to the kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

White was chosen as the base color to make the room look naturally bright. The exposed brick wall applied to the kitchen wall gives a texture that makes this small space look so attractive.

To save more space, you should choose a floating table and small chairs. And kitchen wall cabinets can also be a practical storage area.

Small Office Nooks

The office nook is the next workspace next to the window idea that you can choose. The idea this time relies on the corner of the room to be a comfortable area to work. The application of vertical decoration will provide a lot of room without taking up any space that can make the kitchen feel cramped.

nook workspace next to the kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Timber installed vertically gives an attractive look to this small space. The wood is also painted black to make it appear more defined. So, even though it is fairly minimalist, this small workspace still dominates the kitchen.

A floating wall shelf is an alternative way to provide more storage. The few displays placed there also make this small area look attractive. At the top, the floating wall shelf is installed close to the ceiling to give the illusion of height to the wall.

Computer Station in The Kitchen

Even though it’s quite limited, you can still create a computer station in your kitchen. You can give a higher table to distinguish which place to work and which place to cook. Don’t forget to choose a bench with a comfortable back.

computer station in the kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

In creating a computer station in the kitchen, there are several things you need to pay attention to.

  1. Choose a spot that gets good lighting, be it natural lighting or artificial lighting.
  2. Make sure the spot you choose is close to a power source.
  3. Make sure the spot you choose is right and doesn’t disturb other people who are there.

Lovely Kitchen Bar Workspace

There is no provision for what kind of table or what kind of place to work in. You can determine which spots you think are comfortable and that you can use for work. For example a kitchen bar.

lovely spot for work
Cc: Pinterest

A table that is parallel to the body equipped with a comfortable bench is enough to make the kitchen bar a reliable area for work. The large space in the kitchen bar table makes you work more freely. Maybe you can use the mouse or open files that take up more space.

White Workspace Nuances

This one idea is no less interesting. Even though it only relies on white, the workspace looks great in the kitchen. What’s more interesting is that this work area is equipped with open shelving and closed storage. So you can choose a suitable storage area for your belongings.

white room nuances
Cc: Pinterest

This workspace looks so pretty with white wall tiles. The glossy look gives a different effect to this room. Coupled with natural lighting that makes the walls look so pretty during the day.

Pretty Work Space for Two Persons

Home is a place to live with the family. We won’t know when kids will whine or ask our help to help them with assignments. By creating a workspace for two persons in the kitchen, you and your children can be together at the same time.

workspace for two persons
Cc: Pinterest

Here you can cook and your kids do their activities. Every now and then you can sit beside him and give him more knowledge.

This one idea is also suitable for those of you who work with colleagues. By providing space for two people, you no longer need to give in and vice versa.

Do Your Work Comfortably in Kitchen Island

This one idea is not in the next of the kitchen, but in the middle. Kitchen island is often more space for cooking. That way, cooking will become more comfortable.

However, for now the kitchen island can also be used as a comfortable spot to work. There will be lots of space available so you can work freely.

pretty kitchen island
Cc: Pinterest

For benches, maybe the bench used is not so wide and comfortable to sit on for a long time. However, it doesn’t matter because you can replace it with another bench.

Try to choose a bench with soft foam. Guaranteed, no matter how long you sit, it will not make you feel sore bones and aches.


The current pandemic does require us to work from home. So, for those of you who don’t have more room to make a home office, you can take advantage of the extra space in the kitchen. Or you can also take advantage of the large spots in your kitchen. Having a workspace next to the kitchen is also suitable for those of you who feel bored being in the home office.

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