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Let’s Preparing Your Bedroom for Welcoming Summer – Just counting the days, we will welcome a delightful summer. And this is the perfect time for preparing your bedroom for welcoming summer. Save the thick blankets used in winter. And create a bedroom that will feel comfortable in a hot climate.

In changing the bedroom decor, it is actually not difficult. Provided you know the right decorations. With this, you will find it easier to decorate your bedroom.

So, let’s move on to interesting decorations that you can follow. Let’s Preparing Your Bedroom for Welcoming Summer!

Remove Back The Curtain on The Windows

In summer, you will get perfect sun lighting. So, it would be a pity you don’t make good use of this.

summer bedroom tips
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You can take advantage of natural lighting to illuminate the bedroom. So, in preparing your bedroom for welcoming summer, you can start by removing back the curtain on the windows. And let the windows look free without any decorations.

This one tip also saves more electrical energy. Because during the summer, the sun will be longer so the bedroom will be bright for a long time too. Very useful, right?

Pretty Leaf Wallpaper

In preparing your bedroom in welcoming summer, you can apply the leaf wallpaper to the bedroom. It is great for presenting a pleasant atmosphere into the room. Fresh colors from the bedroom wallpaper are also great for boosting your mood every day.

summer bedroom wallpaper
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The use of wallpaper might make the bedroom look a little fuller. So, if you don’t want to make your bedroom look too striking, you can apply it to one side of the wall only. And the wall behind the headboard is the right choice. This one wall is indeed the main spot we see when entering the room.

Save Back Your Thick Blanket

As the main item in the bedroom, the bed must be considered. The bed will greatly affect the beauty and comfort of this room.

bedroom for welcoming summer tips
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So, if you want to prepare your bedroom in welcoming summer, you can save back your thick blanket. You can fold neatly wool blankets or others and keep them neatly in the cupboard.

Install Thin Bedding

Layered bedding is great for making a bedroom feel comfortable in winter. However, not for the summer. The use of layered bedding will only make the bedroom feel hot and uncomfortable. So, the next tip in preparing the bedroom for summer is to use thin bedding.

tips preparing bedroom for summer
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For the bedsheet, you can choose cool fabrics like cotton. This type of fabric is also good for absorbing your sweat while sleeping.

And if you want to decorate your bed to make it look attractive, the layered bedding may still be maintained. However, pay attention to the thickness of the fabric you will use. It is better to use cool cloth. In this way, the bedroom will feel cozy in summer.

Applying A Bright Hues to The Room

The colors that are applied to the bedroom greatly affect the appearance and atmosphere of the bedroom. So, if you wanna make your bedroom feel fun and fresh in summer, you can choose bright colors and apply them appropriately to your bedroom.

bright summer bedroom
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You can choose white as the main color for your room. It would be great to make the bedroom look bright naturally. White has the ability to reflect light that comes in through a window. Therefore, a white room will feel brighter and fresher.

The next colors that are suitable for use in the bedroom are green, blue, pink, yellow, and peach. These colors can present a fun atmosphere and look at the bedroom perfectly. In this way, you can feel happy when in the room.

Change The Bedroom Displays

In preparing your bedroom for welcoming summer, the next tip you can follow is to change the bedroom displays.

As we know that every room needs displays to make it look attractive and not stiff. And so it is with the bedroom.

summer bedroom decorations
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Usually, in winter, soft and calm decorations will be chosen to make the atmosphere in the bedroom feel calm and soothing. So, you can hibernate comfortably. But, in summer, you certainly have to change the displays in the bedroom to adjusting the summer vibes.

There are some displays that are perfect to bring the fun nuances into the bedroom:

  1. Coastal decoration.
  2. Various handicrafts from rattan.
  3. Plant paintings.
  4. Beautiful landscape painting, and so on.

Features It with Cooling System

During the summer, what is most needed is a cooling system. The hot air will certainly make the bedroom feel stifling. And if the bedroom is not equipped with a cooling system, then just get ready to prepare a pack of tissue to wipe your sweat.

In preparing the bedroom for a welcoming system, you can install a cooling system in the room. There are two options that you can apply to make your room feel cool in summer:

  • Fan Ceiling

fan ceiling
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Fan ceiling is the first choice that you can use. Installing a ceiling fan will make the bedroom cool at night. Being on top of the room will give this room more reach.

So, if you wanna make your bedroom feel comfortable every day, you can install the fan ceiling right above your bed. With this, you can sleep soundly.

Air Conditioner

air conditioner
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The second option is the air conditioner. This is the best cooling system that can make you feel cold during the summer, even if the heat is very extreme.

Even so, the air conditioner consumes more electrical energy. In contrast to the ceiling fan, which actually saves electrical energy. So, if you use it 24 hours every day during the summer, then you only need to prepare more budget.

Placing The Bed Next to The Window

Summer is a great time to get more vitamin D for the body. You can take advantage of the hot sunshine to make your skin look exotic and beautiful.

For sunbathing, sometimes people will go to the beach or provide chairs in the backyard for sunbathing. However, this will be very inconvenient for those of you who feel at home. Therefore, placing the bed next to the window is the next tip you can follow in preparing your bedroom for welcoming summer.

preparing summer bedroom
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By placing the bed next to the window, you will get direct natural lighting in the morning without having to get out of bed. So, in this tip,  make sure you choose a spot that gets direct sunlight in the morning.

Change Large Carpet with Rug

To make the bedroom feel cool during the summer, try to reduce the use of fabrics. One of them is the use of carpet in the bedroom.

If you feel that the presence of carpet can make this room look more beautiful and aesthetic, there is no need to remove the carpet as a whole from the bedroom. You just simply replace it with a rug.

bedroom carpet
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Make sure to choose rugs in bright colors. White and ivory are highly recommended. These two colors are neutral colors that can make a bedroom look beautiful without looking striking.

Greenery The Bedroom with Fresh Plants

The last tip you can follow in preparing your bedroom for welcoming summer is to greenery the bedroom with fresh plants.

Plants are indeed the best choice for bedroom decoration. The green color of the plants can give a more perfect fresh and relaxed impression. Which of course will have an impact on the comfort of this room.

fresh summer bedroom
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There are two types of plants you can use: native plants and artificial plants.

The two uses of this plant are indeed the same, that is to give a fresh green impression to the interior. It’s just that, when viewed from their function, these two plants are very different.

In native plants, there are some plants that can absorb harmful substances in the room so that the room will be healthier, some can give a fragrant aroma that makes the bedroom calm, there are even types of plants that can eat the insect in the bedroom. Meanwhile, artificial plants can only be used to give fresh green color to the bedroom.

preparing bedroom for welcoming summer tips
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If you wanna have an attractive yet comfortable bedroom, you can choose the bedroom plants. Do not need to choose the large plants because it only takes up space in the room. But, it will be okay if you have more space. And if you want to greenery the small place, hanging plants are highly recommended.


A summer filled with excitement would be a pity to miss. At least you can utilize the summer vibes to make your interior feel cozy and aesthetic differently. The bright colors will really help to make the bedroom look pretty. It is also great for boosting your mood every morning. So, it can be concluded that preparing the bedroom for welcoming summer is important. And in this article, we have provided the best and easy ways that you can follow to have a cozy yet aesthetic bedroom in summer. So, happy trying!

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