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15 DIY Coastal Home Decor Ideas: Bringing Beach Nuances Into Your House – Want to feel a warm and calm beach atmosphere? To get a soothing beach atmosphere, you do not need to go to the beach. With DIY coastal home decor ideas, you can create a comfortable beach feel into your home.

In order for the interior appearance of the house to look attractive, decorations are needed to fill every room in the house. And for those of you who want to create a beach atmosphere into your home, try to apply decorations with a coastal theme.

There plenty of coastal decorations that can be used. And here, we have provided 13 DIY Coastal Home Decor Ideas for Bringing Beach Nuances into Your House. So, let’s check it out!

Coastal Wall Art Decor

The wall becomes the main focal point in the room. Therefore, the appearance of the walls greatly affects the atmosphere and appearance of the room itself. There are many decorations that can be used to make a room look attractive. However, to bringing beach nuances into your house, try to decorate the room walls with DIY coastal home decor ideas.

Beach Printed Canvas Art Set Panel

Want to have a canvas with beach images no longer takes a long time. With technology, you can print the beach image you want on the canvas. And the results will be very interesting.

This 4-panel beach printed canvas art set is the perfect wall decor to go with. Compared to using one canvas with a large size, 4 canvases with a small size will make the walls look fuller and more attractive. You can also choose several different images so that the walls will look really pretty.

beack printed canvas wall art
Cc: Pinterest

4 Panel Abstract Beach Ocean

For those of you who like to paint, this one painting is quite simple. Abstract beach ocean will give a blue color to the walls of the room. Its simple appearance is very fitting to be applied to a room with a minimalist concept.

4-panel abstract beach ocean is perfect for hanging on the wall just above the cabinet table. This one wall decoration is most suitable for use in living rooms and dining rooms.

beach painting
Cc: Pinterest

Coastal Printed Framed for Bedroom Decors

The decoration for the bedroom should be paid more attention. As a place to rest, the bedroom should be made as comfortable as possible.

The bedroom wall will look so attractive with hanging the coastal printed. Giving the framed blue will make it look stand out on the wall. Beautiful blue and gold are the perfect combination for the look fresh and a little classy.

coastal bedroom decors
Cc: Pinterest

DIY Coastal Book Case Styling Home Decor Idea

Want to have a room that looks creative? You can make DIY this one as an option.

Bookcase does not only have to be used as a place to put books. As in this one idea, the bookcase is used as a decoration that can make the room appear so attractive.

DIY coastal home decor idea
Cc: Pinterest

Try to move the books that are in the bookcase. Then, fill in the bookcase with shells, corals, or other coastal decorations. To make it look more natural, paint the bookcase white. That way, the coastal decoration with attractive colors will look more alive and stand out when placed in the bookcase.

The last step is to add glass to the front of the bookcase so that the trinkets do not fall and break easily. Besides that, every trinket will also be protected from dust which can make it look dirty and unattractive. Make sure you wipe the bookcase glass regularly to avoid dust sticking to the glass.

Beach Bucket Shell Table Lamp

The many types of lamps make the lamps not only used to illuminate the room but also as room decoration. There are several additional lights that can make the room look pretty, such as floor lamps, arm lamps, table lamps, and so on.

A table lamp is a type of lamp that is most often used to decorate a room. If you want the table lamp to look aesthetically pleasing, give the table lamp decorations, such as the beach bucket shell table lamp.

coastal table lamp decor
Cc: Pinterest

DIY beach bucket shell table lamp is quite easy and simple. All you need is a bucket and shell. You can paint the bucket in sea blue to bring a coastal look to the room. And next, put the table lamp in the bucket. Then, fill the bucket with the shell to the brim. That way, this coastal home decor idea is ready to use.

DIY Coastal Candle Holder Home Decor Idea

One way to make a room feel soothing is to make the atmosphere of the room feel warm. The use of string light and candlelight will give warm lighting into the room, which will make the room feel calm and warm.

So that the room feels more comfortable and relaxed, using aromatherapy candles is the most appropriate way. Instead of just bringing a warm and relaxed atmosphere to the room, what if candles are used to make the room look aesthetically pleasing?

coastal candle holder
Cc: Pinterest

DIY Coastal candle holder home decor is a suitable idea for you to try. Prepare a clean, clear glass. Then fill with beach sand to ¼ of the glass. Put the aromatherapy candle into the glass. Then decorate it with small shells and starfish to make it look more attractive.

In order for this decoration to look stand out, put it on the spot that is often seen, such as on the TV table, side-table, cabinet table, and so on.

DIY Coastal Key Holder Home Decor

Do you always forget to put your keys in? You can try to make a key holder in your house and hang all your keys here. That way, it will be much easier to find the keys you want to use.

coastal key holder home decor
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who want to bring beach nuances into the room, a keyholder is an item that can be utilized. DIY coastal key holder home decor is an interesting idea to choose from.

Get a wooden plank and then paint it blue or some other beach color. To make it appear more interesting, stick some shells on the board. Then, provide hooks for you to hang your keys. The last step, tie the board with rope so that it can be hung on the wall of the room.

Coastal Lantern Home Decor DIY

Lantern may rarely be used as room lighting. However, believe that the use of lanterns will make the room look more attractive. The impression of the 90s will be felt in the house. Not only that, the warm lighting from the lantern will make the room feel so calm and warm.

For those of you who want to bring beach nuances into the room, coastal lantern home decor DIY is a great way you can choose.

coastal lantern home decor DIY
Cc: Pinterest

The steps to make coastal lantern home decor is similar to a coastal candle holder. First, fill the lantern with beach sand, then tare the candle as a light source. And finally, do not forget to provide some coastal decorations such as shells, starfish, and so on.

Coastal Photo Frame DIY

Photos become displays that are always at home. Instead of just making it a memory, what if the photo is used to bring the coastal look to the room?

coastal photo framed DIY
Cc: Pinterest

No need to buy new frames. Because, you can be creative with existing photo frames, such as pasting them with shells and other coastal decorations. Besides bringing a coastal look to the room, this DIY will also make your photos look more attractive when placed on the table.

DIY Sailboats Home Decor Idea

The ideas above cannot be separated from the use of shells. If you feel bored, this one idea might be tried, DIY sailboats home decor.

In bringing the feel of the beach into the house, everything related to the beach and the sea can be used as decorations, one of which is a miniature boat.

attractive coastal home decor DIY
Cc: Pinterest

Making sailboats may be quite difficult. You must have skills first. Chisel the wood into a boat. You can also be creative as you are. To emphasize the coastal look, paint bot in blue and white. Adding starfish to be an option that you can apply or not to your liking.

DIY Coastal Wreath Beach for Door Decoration

Not only the walls, sometimes the door to the room that looks so plain makes the room look like something is missing. So, try to decorate the door too. Coastal wreath beach is an interesting idea that can make the door look more aesthetic.

Usually, the wreath we often encounter is made of garland, which is used as a decoration in welcoming Christmas. However, this one idea is very interesting and anti-mainstream. Wreaths are made from glued shells.

coastal door decor
Cc: Pinterest

It is not difficult to make a coastal wreath beach. You only need to attach the shells one by one to form a circle. When the thickness of the wreath is sufficient, clam sticking can be stopped.

Mini Hoop Sea Shell Wall Hanging DIY

Dream catchers are usually used to make bedrooms appear aesthetically pleasing. Not only that, but dream catchers are also believed to be able to filter out the nightmares that will come to us while sleeping. However, in fact this is just a myth. The dream catcher is more used as a bedroom decoration to make it look beautiful.

coastal wall decor DIY
Cc: Pinterest

And for those of you who want to bring beach nuances into your bedroom, you can replace the dream catcher with a mini hoop seashell. What you need, of course, is a rattan that is formed in a circle. Then in the middle of the mini hoop hangs a beautiful seashell. To make it more interesting, tie some rope and let it hang loose. That way, the mini seashell hoop is ready to be hung on the bedroom wall.

Sea Shell Mirror Framed DIY

One of the wall decorations that are never absent is a mirror. Mirrors were used only in bedrooms and bathrooms. Its function is only to help our various activities. However, nowadays there are many mirror designs so that the mirror also functions as a room decoration. In addition, the use of a mirror also great for the small room. It will make the small room feel more spacious.

coastal mirror DIY
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who want to bring beach nuances into the room, you can DIY your mirror. Like the picture above, the mirror looks so stand out on the wall. The seashell stuck to the framed mirror makes the room look so attractive.


Shades of the beach are very comfortable. The calm and warm atmosphere makes us relax and refreshed. Therefore, presenting beach nuances to the house is a great idea. That way the house will be a comfortable place to live. It is not difficult bringing beach nuances into the house interior. You only need to use some coastal decorations which you can make yourself. And in this article, we have provided 13 DIY Coastal Home Decor Ideas you can follow.

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